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Sure Start + Honda EU2000 = 13,000 btu Coleman Mach

I recently purchased a Lance 915 to replace our Squire Lite. The 915 came with a Coleman Mach 13,000 btu AC unit. Having already been through this previously we went with a 9000BTU on our Squire Lite. The Honda would start it in eco mode but it would almost stall out each time on restart. Several years ago when I researched this before I found Dometic Marine division was selling a soft start device called the Smart Start for 16,000btu marine ac units. Cheapest I could find it for was $450.00 at that time. this time I found that the start device was made by Hyper Engineering out of Australia. I guess their agreement with Dometic has expired. They call their same device a "sure start". They listed several various US distributers and being an HVAC Contractor I placed an order through Johnstone Supply (Texas). The price was $250.00 including tax and shipping. Four days later it arrived from their main warehouse. Today I picked it up and installed it into a 2004 Coleman Mach 13,000 btu unit that operates on R22 freon. Much to my suprise it worked flawlessly even at 95+ heat. The installation is pretty straight forward. First you remove the factory start kit then install the "sure start" according to their instructions. The unit does indeed fit inside the electrical compartment along with the factory run capacitors. I'm very pleased even though I wish it were a bit cheaper. I had considered swapping the Polar Cub AC unit from our older camper but I remember there were some days when the 9000 btu's would struggle keeping up especially if the wife was cooking or the kids were running in and out. When the compressors fires up the generator picks up speed nice and smootly unlike the polar cub where is sounded like it was desperate, banging the rev limiter to keep it out of overload. For those interested the Hyper Engineering Model#SS0A12-20SN
LanceDuyen 06/27/16 09:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Portable Generators

Had a Yamaha 2000 and now have a Honda 2000. Same camper. Really miss the fuel gauge on the Yamaha. Can't get a fuel gauge on the Honda. Honda doesn't seem to need to rev as high running the 9200 polar cub AC unit when you put it on eco. Only switched because my buddy accidently bought 2 Honda's so I thought I would give it a try.
smooth1 06/20/16 05:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Portable Generators

A honda 2000 will run a Polar Cub 9200 it will not run a 13500 AC.
Buzzcut1 06/18/16 09:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Coleman AC?

I replaced my AC and it literally took less than an hour. And it runs easily with my Honda 2000. Mine us a Polar Cub. 9200 BTU.
Wagonqueen Truckster 05/16/16 05:58am Truck Campers
RE: New to me 2000 Lance 1130...needs a generator

that older Lance may have a polar cub 9200 which will run on a Honda 2000 generator. if its a 13500 you will need either an on board or a bigger Honda ( or two 2000s) or Yamaha generator to run it. I use a single Honda 2000 and 200 watts of solar panels. I don't feel the need to have an onboard with its noise and vibration plus propane consumption.
Buzzcut1 04/05/16 10:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Moving from TT to TC - need input

... NL 10-2 CD SE (maybe dry bath RR)- immediately struck us as tight, sleek, simple, love windows, no slide, decent insulation, lighter, big neg is lack of sleeping space for 4 and perhaps storage, worries about reports of delam problems under cab, lack of furnace ducting?I have a 1988 Bigfoot, which has the same construction as the NL. My BF is 11.5 feet. Personally, do not think there is a better construction method, and the delam you are concerned with is extremely rare. Do not overreact to the recent NL that had construction issues. Do a search. The other TCs you are considering are most likely Filon, which is very prone to delam. Again, do a search. With your boys being adult size, I think are correct that it will be really tight. In my opinion, that is the only downside I see in the NL. I have a Polar Cub A/C, and run it with my Honda 2000. Wayne
Reddog1 04/05/16 10:06am Truck Campers
RE: Lance 1055

I have the 08 1055 and dak on the mountain has the 07 Mine doesn't have the on board generator. It is pre wired from the factory for solar. It is heavy if you hve a dually no issues if you have and SRW you will need 19.5 wheels and tires plus some suspension upgrades. It will weigh between 4500 and 5000 loaded with water, two propane bottles two batteries, and all your gear. the door sticker is not even close. As for the TC, inspect the roof edges for tree rubs, walk up there to feel for soft spots. look inside all cabinets and external compartments for discoloration of the wood ( leaks) use a flash light. I love mine and have taken it on trips year round from zero degrees to 118*. the AC is a polar cub 9200 nd will run nicely on a single honda 2000 Yes it has a Lance specific plug. it allows for using an 8ga charging wire from the alternator to the TC get the lance plug $35.00 installed at the front of the bed with the proper gauge wire don't use the trailer plug,
Buzzcut1 02/24/16 12:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Considering a used Lance, questions...

I installed my Polar Cub (9200 btu) A/C in 2005. Not at all difficult, and took me just over two hours as I recall. The hardest part was getting the A/C on the roof. Mine weighed just under 100 pounds, and I used a tractor with a front bucket. If as you posted, it the junction box in the ceiling with the label about 120 VAC, My bet is it has the circuit breaker as well. Is there a vent near the center of the roof from the junction box? If so, remove the vent and set the A/C on the hole. The A/Cs use the same size opening. If it does not have a vent, it is probably framed for it. Mine was framed, but I had to cut it out. In my opinion, the biggest concern is getting the proper size A/C. A 9000 to 1200 btu unit is more than big enough. An A/C this size typically will run with a Honda 2000 or equal. A larger unit will cycle more often, and from what I understand will be less efficient in removing the moister in the air. I will not say much more on the size of the A/Cs other than to my knowledge there are no advantages with an A/C larger than the 9000 to 1200 btu, but there are disadvantages. Wayne
Reddog1 02/13/16 10:17am Truck Campers
RE: What would You Order?

Keep the Microwave and delete the Gen set. Add the Polar Cub 8.5K btu air conditioner. Pick up a Honda 2k for boondocking. That is what I am planning. Scott
Scott16 11/15/15 11:30pm Truck Campers
RE: What would You Order?

Skip the built in gen and just buy a Honda 2K for less then $1k. If possible get the Polar Cub 8.5K btu air conditioner. It will cycle less then a 13.5K and draw less power. Even out here in the desert the Polar Cub cools my soft-walled Outfitter just fine. Personally I would skip the usually POS factory microwave and just buy one somewhere else for a better price.X2 I would not even consider an A/C at time of purchase, if it was any bigger than 10,000 BTU or could not be ran on a Honda 2000. I would order without the A/C, and have the appropriate A/C installed. $650 - Coleman-Mach 8 Cub Air Conditioner 9200 BTU $500 Dometic DUOTHERM BRISK AIR CONDITIONER 11000 BTU About $100 to $200 labor for the install.
Reddog1 11/15/15 06:44pm Truck Campers
RE: What would You Order?

Skip the built in gen and just buy a Honda 2K for less then $1k. If possible get the Polar Cub 8.5K btu air conditioner. It will cycle less then a 13.5K and draw less power. Even out here in the desert the Polar Cub cools my soft-walled Outfitter just fine. Personally I would skip the usually POS factory microwave and just buy one somewhere else for a better price.
Steve_in_29 11/15/15 04:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Hey Mr. Mark.........You can park next to my coach anytime.

We had the opportunity and pleasure to spend last weekend with Mr. Mark and about 20 other Prevost owners, and to borrow a old advertising phrase from Honda; You meet the nicest people in a Prevost! Seeing as how so many previously owned Prevosts sell quickly, I believe more RVers are getting to appreciate the solidity and ride of Prevosts. We're getting ours about as soon as we sell our current coach. Hope our tracks cross again on the future. We want to see your new set of wheels when you get them! Safe travels. MM. PS. Your wife seem to really like the 'how do you catch the polar bear joke'. LOL! MM.
Mr.Mark 11/01/15 07:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: So would you go with a built in propane generator today?

I replaced my 13.5 ac unit with a polar cub. I also installed a hard start capacitor. I have a honda 2000 generator that I installed a propane adapter on. It runs my ac unit without a problem. It fits in my Lance 1130 generator compartment. I never carry gasoline and it seems to sip the propane.
Makojoe238 10/28/15 06:32pm Truck Campers
RE: 13,500 A/C AND "hard start" capacitors AND genny's

One Honda Eu2000i running 13.5k BTU AC, if it starts it at all, will have a pretty annoying "bark" to the pitch of the exhaust tone, the motor is laboring mighty hard. And it's not good for the longevity of the single motor. Better to split the load with a paired set of Eu2000i's, or get an Eu3000i instead. In eco mode, the Eu3000i is the quietest unit, by far, of any gen set I have camped around. It is noticeable.You're making the assumption that ALL 13.5k BTU a/c units have the same power requirements. They don't. very good point. the coleman MachIII version that is low current is very close to the same inrush and running current as my coleman power cub 9000BTU unit on my 2nd trailer. the honda 2000 will easily start and run the polar cub even in eco mode under almost all conditions. the only time I need to turn off eco mode is at altitudes above about 6,000ft on a day in the 90's. not real common. On the other hand it's ALMOST enough to start the regular coleman Mach III I have. not reliably, if it could hang on for another second it would probably start it. Remember "barely adequate" and "almost adequate" are NOT the same!! unfortunetly for the standard coleman machIII the honda 2000 IMHO is in the "almost adequate" category for that AC unit
ktmrfs 09/27/15 04:02pm Tech Issues
RE: DC Air conditioner worth it?

FYI. You don't say what size RV you have but a Coleman Mach 3 PS 13.5 BTU or a Polar Cub 9200 BTU will run on a Honda 2000.
Big Katuna 09/02/15 05:39pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Coleman Cub 9200btu

Have a Polar Cub 9200 and it works great on my 1055 with a honda 2000 Towpro you are correct I have the new version, and it starts and runs on my Honda 2000. Even after I installed a relay and remote thermostat that turns on and off the complete unit when AC is called for.
towpro 08/17/15 08:15am Truck Campers
RE: Coleman Cub 9200btu

Have a Polar Cub 9200 and it works great on my 1055 with a honda 2000 Towpro you are correct
Buzzcut1 08/17/15 07:55am Truck Campers
RE: Coleman Mach 8 Low Profile 9,200 BTU Review

we're very happy w/ our polar cub 9200 in our eagle cap 960 as well. used it up to 107 degree weather just last week and it got it down to low 70's in no time. Are you sure your unit is the 9,000btu? I thought eagle cap was putting the 13,500btu unit.., (And it is a lie the 13.5 btu will run off a honda 2000 generator) From TCM. Clicky TCM: Eagle Cap is changing to low-profile 13,500 BTU air conditioners for 2015. Will the new air conditioners run off a portable 2,000 watt generator like a Honda EU2000i? Greg: Yes, they will, although they will not run on a portable 2,000 watt generator at high elevations. This is another customer driven request that we have heard. The lower profile air conditioners are more money, but we can order in volume so the price comes down. 2015-Eagle-Cap-Low-Profile-AC Above: The Coleman Mach 8, a 13,500 BTU high-efficiency low profile air conditioner TCM: What air conditioner are you using? Greg: It’s a Coleman Mach 8 which is a 13,500 BTU high-efficiency air conditioner. You gain more BTUs and it draws less power. Plus, our campers are well insulated, further increasing efficiency. Low profile is the bigger request, especially on the taller 1160 and 1165 models.I have a lance with a 13,500 easy start and my honda 2000 runs it just fine.
Pwrstrok 07/08/15 06:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Coleman Mach 8 Low Profile 9,200 BTU Review

Looks like Airxcel doesn't make a smaller unit anymore, at least I couldn't find it on the web site. Here is some information on their Polar Cub: Polar Cub product sheet Comparing the maximum current draw of the existing units with this one you can see why it can run at on a 15 amp circuit or with a single Honda 2000 generator
brholt 07/07/15 04:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Coleman Mach 8 Low Profile 9,200 BTU Review

When I got ordered my AF 1150 I tried to get the Polar Cub. Northwood refused, the dealer believed they order mass quantities of airconditioners to get discounts and put the same airconditioners in everything. I wanted the Polar Cub both for the smaller size (older threads here suggested it would be sufficient) and the lower profile. To get around Northwood we ordered it without the AC and the dealer installed the Polar Cub. So far I haven't run into any temperatures it could not handle. Being smaller it may have to run "more" than the 13,500 units they normally install but cycling less means better dehumidification. What year model AF? My 08 990 came from the factory with the Dometic 11K AC. It worked great with the Honda 2000. I thought Arctic Fox used the 11K on all truck campers. It would be a shame if they indeed went to the 13.5 as I think the 11K is perfectly sized, Brad
JacintoKid 07/07/15 02:35pm Truck Campers
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