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Anybody install a vacuum System in 2014 Challenger 37KT

If so , can you share pictures of the install and placement of everything? I also want to install the VACpan add on. Thanks Bigdaddy51200
bigdaddy51200 07/27/14 12:40pm Class A Motorhomes
Foodsaver/vacuum Sealers

Could anyone chime in about these? I am looking at one and wondering about the speed of operation. We get lots of ground beef and chicken breast in bulk and have found the beef tends to get freezer burn before we can get through it all. Reviews at Costco and Amazon seem positive.
RedRollingRoadblock 07/13/14 10:18pm Around the Campfire
vacuum noise or ? 1994 Ford 460 28 ft Bounder

Our motorhome started making this awful noise shortly after we bought it and we have no clue as to what it might be. Most of the time it doesn't happen til we have been driving it over an hour or so. I posted a video with sound on youtube so you could hear it. Help, it is really loud when you are inside, even happens when you are at a complete stop! If anyone has a clue we would appreciate your input. Thanks
tickermarie 06/28/14 01:13pm Class A Motorhomes
vacuum not working...

Hot here..had the A/C on high and wasn't thinking and I hooked up the in-house vacuum. Ran for quite a while then stopped. A/C is still running. Lifting the flap for the vacuum results in no sound now. Checked the fuses on the panel and they all have juice. Not sure what to do next.
cannesdo 05/13/14 04:46pm Tech Issues
vacuum for RV

Need to get a new vacuum for the trailer. We have a dog that is medium hair and will leave hair behind for sure. The trailer is mostly linoleum floor with carpet under the dinette. We are looking for the best, and smallest vacuum. All prices considered. What does everyone recommend?
joedekock 04/27/14 05:03pm RV Lifestyle
New vacuum

I've seen lots of posts on here asking about different vacuums for RVs. I've been a big fan of the Dyson vacuums. I have one of the Dyson Digital Slim vacs and it has been really good in my RV. However, I recently purchased a Shark Rocket vacuum and to tell the truth it kicks the Dyson's butt. In fact I used in it my home and it does every bit as good as the Dyson DC41. It is a corded vacuum, so if you're looking for cordless, this isn't for you. However, corded is way more powerful. This vacuum is a perfect solution for the RV.
GrumpyGator 04/15/14 04:33am General RVing Issues
vacuum gauge

I have located a bolt on top of the intake manifold on the drivers side on my 454.I would like to install a vacuum gauge their.I know i would have to unscrew this bolt and attach some kind of fitting.I have no idea how or what to use in the place of the bolt as a fitting.May it be rubber or metal.Can someone give me an idea of how to go about this?
joe0508 04/11/14 10:47pm Tech Issues
How should I plug in my vacuum cleaner? Newbie ???

I would have asked this in the newbie forum but it pertains to a MH. I brought my 97 Allegro Bus home last Thursday and plugged it into the house 110. It's still so cold here in Wisconsin that I haven't really done anything else. I set the clock on the convection oven and that's it. I'd like to get out there tomorrow and give it a good once over with my Dyson upright vac but I'm not sure how I should plug it in. Should I just unplug the bus and use that extension cord or can I plug it into one of the sockets at the front passenger seat which I imagine is 12v as long as nothing else is running on them? If i use 12v do I run a risk of blowing a fuse in the house? I've got a cordless vac on my shopping list. Thanks.
dayakster 04/08/14 11:11am Class A Motorhomes
vacuum port

When hooking up a vacuum gauge on a 454 tbi engine can you hook to any port on the throttle body or does it have to go straight into the intake manifold?
joe0508 04/02/14 01:14pm Tech Issues
Tell me about your vacuum!!!

What vacuum model do you have in your RV? I want to hear them all - central vacs, "regular" vacs, stick vacs, handheld vacs! Do you love it/hate it? Does it pick up dog hair? Does it work well on carpet? Does it work well on hard floors?
kelly94942 03/13/14 11:17am General RVing Issues
Central vacuum problem

We have the Dust Devil central vacuum system and here of late have been have an issue with it. It will only run for about 15-30 seconds and then start going on and off, but not completely. And then it shuts down. At first I thought is was because the bag was full. But it's still doing it with a new bag. Any suggestions?
RVTravler 02/21/14 01:52pm General RVing Issues
vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump that operates the dash air vents etc has failed. In my search for another I found a lookalike on Amazon. Dorman 904-214 Mechanical Vacuum Pump for Ford Truck : : Automotive Ordered it and found that the connectors were not compatible. The old pump uses Stak-ons and the new one has a connector. I searched around and couldn't find a connector so I called Ford, they didn't really know what I wanted so I went back on and ordered another pump with a wiring harness with it. APDTY 015325-Kit Electric Vacuum Pump w/ Wiring Harness, Multiple Custom Uses For 12 Volt Applications, HVAC, Cruise Control, 4WD Systems : : Automotive Notice the almost doubling of price for the pump and connector, When I got the pump/connector I found a number on the connector box, S805, distributed by standard and found it here. If I'd known what to order I could have saved a chunk of money. Also there is a link to the Standard catalog that has all this stuff listed. Ron __________________ 2004 HR Imperial
pusherpilot 02/05/14 12:28pm Class A Motorhomes
Toilet Leak from vacuum break Valve

I have a traveler toilet Model 910. I recently discovered a leak at the rear of the toilet. I thought it was the sprayer hose but come to find out it was the vacuum break valve. I replaced the valve and it still leaks from the top of the valve (out of the vent) when water is being released into the the toilet bowl. Any ideas or suggestions
humptydumpty 02/04/14 09:24pm Tech Issues
05 Tropical LX vacuum Pump location.

Upon his return from Quartsite AZ my brother-in-law tells me none of the vents open/close on his has air. I suggested he try & locate the vacuum pump. Problem is, he has no idea where it's located. 05 Tropical LX Freightliner chasss with 350 Cat Any body care to take a stab at this question? Thanks all
mchero 01/31/14 11:01am Tech Issues
My vote for best vacuum

We're out for the winter. Wife was watching the CBS morning show when they interviewed Sir Dyson. He was talking about his new Beast 56 which was coming out the next week. I've heard about Dyson vacs for years. So, we went to Best Buy and bought one. I have to say that I'm the eternal skeptic. Well I have to say I've got to eat a big helping of crow. Our MH has a Dirt Devil central vac which I use a couple times a week when we are out. When we get home, I use the wife's Bosh on the carpets and then use the carpet cleaner. Thought I was doing a good job over the last six years. Well, the Dyson really embarrassed me. I couldn't believe the dirt and pet hair that came out of the carpet the first four or five times I used it. YUCK! Wonder what I will come out of the rugs at home. The Beast is all plastic but seems to be well made. It does come with two year warranty. Only time will tell. But so far, I'm totally blown away.
Thunder Mountain 01/29/14 07:19pm General RVing Issues
Best vacuum Cleaner Ever

We have a small travel trailer with just a couple of scatter rugs. But we also have one black dog and a white dog who both shed like crazy. In an effort to go small and light, I foolishly thought a small shop vac was all I needed for a couple months of Snowbirding. Silly me, not what shop vacs are made for and it picked up NO dog hair. Months ago I had seen an infomercial for a Shark Rocket, and after reading reviews, I bought one locally. I love it so much that I use it every day. It's so light, compact to use and store, and picks up a huge wad of hair every time. Lookng forward to using it at home too. I got exhausted dragging around my heavy cannister vac, so I would put off vacuuming for way too long. Lots of people who own Dysons say they actually like the Rocket better. My friends and family are sick of hearing how much I love my vacuum, so now I have to tell strangers, LOL!
Lakelady48 01/28/14 05:34pm General RVing Issues
vacuum Step

Anyone ever seen one of these? My '84 Allegro project (bad engine)has one. The step itself was missing but I found it in a storage compartment. Since it's designed to automatically extend itself when the engine is shut off, I suspect it was removed when the engine failed and it was towed. Without engine vacuum, it can't retract. I'm picking up a "new" engine this weekend and really want to see this thing work. Seems to me that an electrically-operated version would be better, but in 1984 someone thought vacuum was a better idea. The previous owner saved the manuals for EVERYTHING - even the Tupperware that was in it (I guess sealing those lids can be tricky). I am glad he saved everything, though. I've been able to get everything functioning as designed after a nearly 6-year-long nap. Just gotta pop that 454 back in it.
turbojimmy 01/01/14 11:21am Class A Motorhomes
vacuum leak on gas Allegro??

Hi Folk.... We have a 2005 Allegro on a workhorse platform and have noticed a hissing sound coming from the rear of the RV. Seems to be a constant vacuum leak or air pressure leak sound but everything works fine and could find no source while snooping around underneath. Its a gas rig so shouldn't be any vacuum lines or air pressure. Any thoughts on what it might be and should I be worried ??? As Always.. Thanks Guys Don Ashley
beany 12/18/13 01:50pm Class A Motorhomes
vacuum Cleaners

Looking for the best vac to use in the class A...Was using an orick handheld but don not like the cords and a little bigger than I like...Is there some good cordless hand vacs that has the enough power ??What do you use???
Budsmith 11/13/13 09:26am General RVing Issues
vacuum sealer tips for camping

We just purchased a FoodSaver and have been enjoying it. We know about packing individual items and even a whole meal and freezing it that way, but want to hear about some tips of your own that would work good for camping. One idea I just camp up with is taking part of a roll that you buy to cut off of in sections and cutting off smaller sections. Make sure it is sealed on three sides and then put in how ever many scoops of coffee you use to make a pot of coffee and then vacuum and seal the fourth side. Now you will have little individual pot servings that can be stored about anywhere. Don't have to worry about having a coffee can that could be popped open during transport. All you need to do is cut one end and then dump. Nice idea for when you are tired in the morning and not having to count or miscounted scoops. Lol
wbwood 10/28/13 06:22am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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