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Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright (HV322) vacuum

FANTASTIC!! Finally ... a small upright that has the power of a big canister. EASIER to use than a canister in small areas. I live in a motor home which has it's cleaning challenges. This cleaned the kitchen floor mat so well that it looked like it had been washed. And get this... hubby started cleaning the screen on the roof vent and ended up doing the ceiling because it was so easy to use. The light on the powerhead is great for floors but the light on the motor end was perfect for doing the ceilings. That's right... ceilings. The light on the motor end is fantastic when you are using the TRUE PET attachment for the ceiling. PICTURES Right now... the Shark Rocket is lower priced than the others and includes the TRUE PET attachment. Amazon link I looked at another Shark unit (I think that was a HV301) at Home Depot but didn't like the way the dust/dirt container dumped. You had to take the entire power head outside to dump it...cord and all. What a bad design. The Shark Rocket's dirt container is a much better design... and pops out of the motor end so the motor and the electrical cord is not in the way when you are emptying the dirt. When we first started out on the road in 2005 I had my old renaissance electrolux from the house but replaced that with a Kona Miele two years ago because I thought it would be smaller and easier to tug around stuff... but it was not easy enough to make once a week cleaning an easy or quick task. So there's my 2 cents worth... I've bought four cordless vacuums for my Class A and Truck Camper... cordless has it's worth but this $200 Shark is in a class of it's own.
louiskathy 01/11/16 11:12pm General RVing Issues
what vacuum do you use

TT had only linoleum. 5er has carpet. not sure what to use. wife sees little vacuums, I thought maybe a small shop-vac. I have not figured how to post in All forums, just a single forum. am I doing right
bbaker2001 01/03/16 03:38pm Fifth-Wheels
vacuum toilet flusher

Just bought a new 2016 Bounder and WOW!, thought I was in an airplane when first went to the 'privy'. What a noise it makes as it works to produce a vacuum-sometimes it 'cycles' in the middle of the night and wakes us up. Anyone else have "airplane shock"?
jeeperdude10 01/03/16 03:14pm Tech Issues
Splicing Plastic vacuum Lines Dash AC Unit

I have a Evans Tempcon Dash AC Unit. Most newer RV's have this. The Vacuum lines are small 1/8th inch dia, and are made of a plastic like material. They are way to long and Thor (Four Winds) chose to fold them up and secure to the outer firewall with nylon ties. After time they will kink cutting off the Vacuum to the Dash AC. They are almost 3 to 4 feet to long. Does anyone know how to cut and splice them. I am sure this is what is causing my Dash AC Problems and lack of vacuum. Mel UPDATE Thanks everyone for the suggestions I used rubber tubing and slid the two ends into a 4 inch piece after cutting out all of the excess plastic tubing. THanks again everyone. Mel
mhbell 10/16/15 09:10am Class A Motorhomes
vacuum Cleaner Frustration ARRRGGGHHH!!!

I've been searching to no avail. A hundred twenty volt AC power small vacuum cleaner than has a hose. And powerful enough to clean carpets in the toad. In which it will be packed. A Wurlitzer organ size vacuum is out of the question. But it has to be small and POWERFUL. I don't need or want a rotary brush, Quicksilver has all hardwood floors. 12-volt cleaners have proven to be more than pathetic. So unless a miracle has happened, I will forget that. POWER POWER POWER! And able to jam in with the rest of my junk when I go to move. Thanks in advance Gracias en Adelante
MEXICOWANDERER 09/18/15 01:58pm Tech Issues
vacuum Breaker/Check Valve replacement question

My JR Products Vacuum Breaker/Check Valve for my black tank flush is leaking. JR Product I can replace with the same from Amazon, but I was wondering if anyone has used the version from San-T-Flush. It is 1/3 the price. San-T-Flush version They both seem to use the same arraignment and fittings. I can reach the item in question under my bathroom sink. Any reason I shouldn't go with the cheaper version? Oh, and one final note. I have a compressor with adjustable pressure regulator. What pressure should I set to, for blowing out this black flush line in the future?
Winged One 07/21/15 12:04pm Tech Issues
Onan Stalling Issue - Gas Tank vacuum?

I own an '08/09 RT170 with Onan 2800 Microlite and had my first repeating stall episode while doing my monthly exercise routine. I *think* it may have been due to a gas tank pressure vacuum, as I had just topped the tank off. While I was doing the monthly exercise using the Cool Cat AC, my the genset would cut out after 5-10 mins. The engine initially runs smoothly but after few minutes it would start hunting and then quit, sounding much lIke my lawn mower does when I turn the fuel line off. The motor would have a hard time restarting immediately from stall, but wait a few minutes and it was easy to restart. This cycle repeated 6-8x, before I gave up for the day. The next day, I thought about the potential vacuum issue and opened the RT's gas cap to test it. Genset ran perfectly for the 2hr exercise. Interestingly, I closed the cap at the end of the exercise to see if I could get it stall, but it did not - although to be fair, I didn't wait very long (8-10mins?). Perhaps the gallon of so fuel usage was enough to break the vacuum issue? Just wondering if anyone else has run into this behavior, or is this a symptom of my Onan fuel pump going bad?
reppans 07/17/15 04:03pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
vacuum toilet

The manual for my vacuum toilet in a 2013 35k Bounder says that occasional vacuum leakage is normal. After hearing the pump run every 15 minutes all night, the dealer said that was normal. How often does yours run? There is a kit to check the system for leaks. Has anyone used this kit and how does it work? I appreciate any advice or stories of experience with this system. Dick G.
golfergo 07/09/15 10:47am Class A Motorhomes
vacuum Panel Insulation For Refrigerator Freezer

Expensive - needs to be custom built - only sensible in chest no upright configuration but oh god does it ever kick the daylights out of the energy bill! An eighteen cubic foot freezer can keep temps at -25c in 40c ambient temps for 90 amp hours worth of 12-volts. The chest freezer part is a drag but baskets could be used.
MEXICOWANDERER 06/30/15 09:00am Tech Issues
2002 E450 A/C vacuum Loss

As in title, 2002 E450 under Class C. A/C blows out of Defrost Vents Only. Vehicles are set up to use the Defrost Vents IF Vacuum or the Mode Selector fails. I've found I have vacuum where the line to the controls connects under the hood. And NO vacuum at the Selector vacuum source connection. Had to take the entire dashboard "bezel" off to do this. It seems Ford has buried the Vacuum Check Valve and Reserve Canister somewhere tricky inside the Dashboard/HVAC cabinet area. Anybody been in there and found that stuff? Behind an Air Bag, by the way...
j-d 06/25/15 08:29pm Class C Motorhomes
vacuum Sweeper - Neato Robotics

I'm not one to advertise, but when I find a good product, I don't mind sharing. And I found one. My wife has been wanting a robotic vacuum sweeper for some now now. They are a little pricey, which is why we hesitated so long. But a short while ago she went ahead an ordered one and had it shipped to the house. Our house has a footprint of 2800 square feet on 2 levels. The upper half is a traditional 3 bedroom ranch style, then the lower side has an addition, that's just ... well ... huge. Five steps lead from one level to the other. (kind of like by-level) So she ordered the neato XV Signature robot and ... oh my gosh! is it great! It sweeps all the rooms all by itself and then knows to go dock itself to recharge it's battery. It's scheduled to kick off every day and "wow" does it pick up dirt. The lower level has no carpet any more, and the floor is now dust free. It worked so well, we bought another one for the upper level, and it navigates from hardwood floor to ceramic tile to carpet with no problems at all. And boy! does it pull the dirt too. It's amazing how much dirt gets accumulated in a 24 hour time period! So, we took one of them camping with us and set it up in the trailer. This last week-end it ran on time 3 days in a row and .... "wow" did it pull the dirt and dust from the camper! Most of the camper is carpet, and even the 3rd day, the dust container collector was packed full. This thing is simply amazing. We named the first one Fido, and the second one Scarlet. So next time we go camping, we're taking Fido with us again. Here's the link to the web site. Click here. It's really nice not to have to lug around a clunky vacuum sweeper any more! It's worth every penny. Made me a believer! Something to think about for yourself too! Kind of like the gas vs diesel debate...once you've tried diesel, you won't go back to gas! Well, once you've tried the robot, you'll never push one again! The most important this is ... the wife is happy! You know what they say, "If the wife is happy, everyone is happy!"
DutchmenSport 06/11/15 02:13pm RV Lifestyle
Seafoam and F-53 V-10: Trying to find a vacuum line

I'm planning of doing a Seafoam treatment on my Ford F-53 V-10 motorhome (2005 chassis). Since I have hydraulic brakes there's no convenient vacuum line that I'm aware of. Does anyone know where to locate a vacuum line that feeds all the cylinders on a F-53? Thanks! Mike
Mike Schriber 05/30/15 05:47pm Class A Motorhomes
vacuum hoses failing on SCS AC systems (Winnie etc)

If your AC isn't blowing as cold as it used to, inspect the plastic hoses in the engine compartment. The plastic doesn't hold up to underhood temps and breaks down. The walls crumbled on the light blue hose going to the external dashpot on the ac box. The green hose to the water heater hose valve is not far behind. (The condition of these hoses inside in the dash is fine.) I bought 5' of 1/8" ID fuel/vapor hose and it fit snugly on the good stub of the plastic hose and the dashpot. Many RV'ers will be paying a lot of money to have a shp fix their AC as these hoses fail, as they did on my 2008 Itasca 30B w/50k miles. P.S. The ac drain was plugged up too - worth checking this too.
spotrot 05/24/15 12:38pm Class A Motorhomes
vacuum pump for Unified Tow Brake

I have been using the US Gear Unified Tow Brake in my last two tow vehicles, and now want to install it in a third. Unfortunately, it seems as if the vacuum pump has failed: testing the system before removing it resulted in only a small movement of the brake pedal (suggesting low vacuum), and testing the pump after removal showed virtually no air movement and no appreciable vacuum (although the motor still runs). My motorhome brakes are also showing evidence of overheating, again suggesting that the dingy brakes are not all that effective. I have emailed US Gear to see about a replacement pump, but have had no reply. I have also researched availability on the internet, and find that it will set me back over $500 even assuming that the advertisers have stock. So I am considering using a generic vacuum pump as a replacement, as I can get one for a quarter of the price. But before I do, I want to be sure there are likely to be no technical issues. The way the pump and the electric solenoid are wired to the same terminal on the power module leads me to question whether there is something I need to be aware of, as the pump continues running well after the solenoid has become idle. Has anyone tried using a non-US-Gear vacuum pump with this system? Does anyone have any technical insight as to how the pump and solenoid work together? I am electrically savvy enough to be able to work around whatever issues there might be, as long as I know what they are. For example, I may use a relay for such a generic pump to be sure I don't overload the Power Module, etc. Any thoughts on this would be most welcome. Thanks.
CanadianEmbassy 04/24/15 09:51am Dinghy Towing
Cordless Upright vacuum Cleaner

Hi, Would like members opinion on what brand of cordless upright vacuum cleaner they like best. :h Thanks
Papermaker 04/21/15 10:32pm Class A Motorhomes
vacuum test

Can someone tell me what it means when setting idle and you punch the gas and the needle on the vacuum gauge doesnt go all the way to 0.What does this mean?I have reved it as high as 3000rpms and it doesnt move to 0.It will move to like i5 or between 10 and 15.
joe0508 04/08/15 09:59pm Tech Issues
Sealand vacuum Toilet problem

We have a 2012 Bounder. It's been at the dealer having a repair to the roof and we just got it back. We have no power to the vacuum flush switch and the water stays in the toilet (both toilets) and simply won't flush. Holding Tanks are empty. We don't even know where the vacuum pump or generator is located. We have checked circuit breaker and fuses. All seem OK. Hubby is diesel mechanic so is pretty savy but this is new for us. Any help appreciated. Dealer is 5 hours away, don't want to go back again!
janerusl 03/22/15 12:07pm Class A Motorhomes
1997 Tiffin Allegro Ford F53 vacuum Hose break

Hi, We currently own a 1997 28 ft Tiffin Allegro with a Ford 460 and have a broken vacuum hose, it's hanging from the heater valve and I can't find where the other end connected. Somehow there was another line broken at the top of the engine bay and I'm thinking there was a T or connection somehow to it, there is no evidence anywhere of another connection point. Can someone provide a picture of their same engine or advice as to where this hose connects? Can it connect to the vacuum system anywhere? Thanks for any help.
RudolphA 03/16/15 05:06pm Class A Motorhomes
vacuum line Leak 2003 Born Free E- 450 dash removal

I have a 2003 E-450 Ford class "C" Born Free and I have a vacuum line leaking under the dash that controls the front air conditioner vents open and shut control and I can't seem to as of yet get the dash to come off to get to the problem, does anyone have a schematic they could post or a video as to how to remove the dash? I have been searching on line and can't seem to find anything on this. The line is leaking some where on the passengers side.where it leaves the out side firewall under the hood and goes down into the fender well area, I have routed a bi pass to get it to work and it works when I do that, so I just have to figure out how to get to the old line and replace it. Thanks Jim
Shade Tree Mechanic 03/04/15 04:14pm Class C Motorhomes
A/C door vacuum motor.

I may need to replace the vacuum motor on my 1989 Southwind. Can someone please tell me where I can find them?
Buster52 02/08/15 10:55pm Class A Motorhomes
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