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Topic: Change booth for a freestanding table

Posted By: BENT ARROW on 04/05/11 09:54am

We see a lot of floor plans we like, several we are interested in while shopping for a used DP but the 1 problem is the lack of a table and chairs, most have a booth. With my wifes past operations she has a problem sliding out of a booth and a chair is much easier.
I was wondering if anyone has pulled the booth out and added a table and chairs, did they find continuous carpet under the seats, were the seats attached to the side wall. With some we would lose the 2 drawers under the seats but adding chairs would make a few we have seen ideal for us. We have talked about adding a folding chair at the end of the booth table or having the cloth seats reupholstered with ultra leather so there are other options if the table is impossible.

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Posted By: bldrbuck on 04/05/11 10:11am

Yes it can be done. You will need to look at each unit to determine the answers to your questions. In many cases the carpet does do under the benches and table of a booth. The spacing of those components may be such that a table and chairs will not fit.

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Posted By: grandpalarry on 04/05/11 10:16am

There are a number of threads, try this one or try googeling the same entry;
"replacing 'booth' dining area with table and chairs" in the above search area of RVNet.

Good Luck

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Posted By: slickest1 on 04/05/11 10:37am

I have done it in a fifth wheel and the carpet was right through underneath. I looked at a D.P. I think it was a Revolution, and it had been changed to a table and chairs and it had hardwood under the table and the rest of the area was ceramic tile. It looked ok but could have been done better. It all comes down to what is more usable. Most booths if you look inside the storage under them you can see what is on the floor. Good luck.

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Posted By: Rich D. on 04/05/11 11:26am

You can be pretty sure that the carpet and wall covering are "OK" if the manufacturer offered the unit with the option of either a booth or table and chairs. If the unit was made in a booth model only, you will need to check. Either way, 100% safe is to check.

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Posted By: chastho on 04/05/11 11:27am

I think the carpet or tile is the first thing to go on the floor, before the walls and cabinets so there should be carpet under the booth. I saw a table and cabinet for sale on the site. That would make the change out pretty simple.

Posted By: craftyfox on 04/05/11 11:37am

You may have done this already but just in case....turn over the seat cushions, some already have vinyl on the flip side making it easier to slide into the booth. We've had 7 rv units and every one of them had the vinyl on the flip side.

Posted By: randco on 04/05/11 12:09pm

Lift the booth seat up an look inside. If it's carpeted you will be able to see it.

Posted By: joelbaker on 04/05/11 12:15pm

For a simpler solution, just get a chair and have her sit at the head of the table.

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Posted By: ronfisherman on 04/05/11 12:23pm

I did mine and helped with others. Carpeting was under all of them.

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Posted By: randallb on 04/05/11 02:06pm

We did not want to give up the under seat storage but hated the fact that the booth back that sat on the front side of the table made the living area seem small. I removed the front portion of the booth and cut it down to the depth of the sofa that it backed up to and cut down the back. I then used the booth back and existing seat bottom to construct a new finished cover for the now shortened unbacked booth. We took the bottom cushion and shortened it to fit. With the cushion on it functions as a seat at the table and with the cushion off you now have an end table for the sofa. This alleviates sliding into the booth on the front side. You just sit down facing the curb side of the RV and rotate to the right. It to us was the best of both worlds because we kept 3/4s of the original storage but did away with the ugly, confining booth back and gained an end table at the same time.
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Posted By: booty51 on 04/05/11 02:30pm

I agree with joelbaker just put a chair at the head of the table. we have two small box type stools that we use for that same reason, also have storage inside stools. Sometimes it's a little close but thats part of the fun. If you still want the table , you may be giving up a single /double bed as well. Ours has carpet underneath the Booth . I am a big guy so getting in and out is a pain and I like the look of a table and would prefer a chair with a back as well. but need to sleep 4-6 when we use the RV.

Posted By: wny_pat on 04/05/11 02:44pm

How many Tiffins have you looked at? Many of their models have the table and chairs.

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Posted By: BENT ARROW on 04/05/11 03:35pm

I have looked at about every Tiffin on RV Trader, Ebay and this sites sales link in the last 2 months that meet our requirements. Have never seen a Tiffin at a dealer here used or new. Love the Tiffins and saw 2 we thought about with the chairs and upholstery pattern the wife and I liked.
Never thought about looking inside the storage area under the seat to check for carpet.
Thanks for the replies.

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