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RE: Does have a policy forbidding the discussion of EVs?

This thread was specifically about forum policies regarding EV posts. Not about EV themselves. Please start a new EV thread in the appropriate RV.NET forum. Thread closed as now off-topic.
1492 11/29/22 09:20am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Does have a policy forbidding the discussion of EVs?

There's no policy forbidding EV related threads. As mentioned, most closures of threads are caused by incivility of member posts.
1492 11/23/22 01:38pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: uBlock Origin ad blocker

Not just trash talking but many movies today don't have a semblance of a story. More just a series of events. One reason I don't go to see super hero movies which IMO, are just basically a video game on a big screen. What Martin Scorsese referred to as an amusement park ride. Mindless junk that can't keep my attention. I've dozed off multiple times in a theater. I tend to gravitate toward independent movies. Those which most moviegoers likely don't even know exist. My favorite last year being CODA, which I told everyone was going to win the Oscar for best picture. And when it did win, I doubt most had any idea about the film in the first place. Was just fortunate to catch an Apple TV screening in a theater with an actual audience, though quickly disappeared relegating it to online streaming. Though still powerful. Some movies are ideally suited to be first experienced in a theater. Denis Villeneuve's DUNE was a perfect example. You couldn't appreciate the full impact of the movie from online streaming that you could from IMAX Laser or Dolby Cinema presentation - saw it 4 times in theater. Kept my attention for all 2hrs 40mins+. AMPAS members must have also highly regarded the movie, as it won more Oscars than any other last year. Though 'Denis Villeneuve', one of my favorite current filmmakers, was conspicuously not nominated. Neither was CODA's Sian Heder. Oscar voters must have mistakenly thought these movies directed themselves? :S
1492 11/21/22 12:29pm Technology Corner
RE: uBlock Origin ad blocker

I think that ad blockers don't work on Popcornflix because they are serving the ads, not a third party ad service. Ad blockers are not able to distinguish between the main content and ads on the same service. They're designed to block known URL links to online ad services. TubiTV is one of my favorite free streaming services. They have some content that you need to pay, or otherwise, not available on other streamers. Never see any ads using browsers.
1492 11/20/22 12:53pm Technology Corner
RE: This net is dying!

The Photo Posting app is using an approved API developed by Unlike other free photo hosting sites, IMGUR presently does not delete photos. So your older posts won't get the photo/image not found as time goes on. You can create an account on IMGUR to host your photos, though involves more steps in order to post your photos to the forums. You also need to make sure your photos do not exceed forum's photo posting dimensions. The app does all this for you with essentially one step.
1492 11/08/22 08:30am Around the Campfire
RE: Data Caps Starlink

Monthly data allowance of 1TB sounds more than enough for most subscribers. I've never exceeding even close to 500GB in a month. Even-though, my wireless plan has no data caps.
1492 11/08/22 08:12am Technology Corner
RE: The [Star] Trek Thread width=740 Supposedly, Paramount Studios was considering a project to build a full-scale USS Enterprise as part of a project to revitalize downtown Las Vegas. When they decided not to go forward, the Fremont Street Experience was built in its place. Would have been an awesome sight! :E Read The Hollywood Reporter article How the Starship Enterprise Almost Landed in Las Vegas.
1492 11/07/22 09:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: Move all files with .txt anywhere inside current folder

WIN10 has everything you need to do this built-in. Start Powershell (right-click Start icon), and use the command: PS F:\> Get-ChildItem -Path ".\*.txt" -Recurse | Move-Item -Destination "F:\TextFiles" This should move all .txt extension files in your F: directory, and all sub-directories to whatever directory (folder) you specify such as 'TextFiles'.
1492 11/05/22 09:49pm Technology Corner
RE: How to Find Drafts? width=400 Click the folder icon, and open the saved draft by clicking "Load" link.
1492 11/05/22 09:28pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Washington DC Advice Needed

OP has apparently secured a motel close proximity to Old Town Alexandria. Actually, didn't asked for RV parks.
1492 11/02/22 10:18pm Roads and Routes
RE: Washington DC Advice Needed

Note that Metro Silver Line to Dulles International Airport is opening to public on November 15. It will take close to an hour to go from the airport in Chantilly, VA to downtown DC Metro Center Station. But should cost only around $6. And just two stops further to the National Mall. I've payed between $30.-$45. for a Lyft or Dulles Taxi to get to the airport in the past. You will now have access to both Washington, DC airports by Metro.
1492 11/02/22 03:57pm Roads and Routes
RE: Washington DC Advice Needed

Try Bull Run County Park just off Bull Run Battlefield. Metro station just short up the road. We always used this for sightseeing or ball games in the DC area. Metro is so easy to use. OP is staying at a motel, not RV. As Metro does not run directly from Bull Run Battlefield, you could alternatively take the Virginia Railway Express (VRE), a commuter train one can catch in Manassas city. From there, you could transfer to Metro Blue Line at Crystal City (Amazon HQ2). Or continue to L'Enfant Plaza station and walk a few blocks to the National Mall. Or finally at Union Station which is closest to the U.S. Capitol.
1492 11/02/22 03:42pm Roads and Routes
RE: Visible Phone Hotspot

Reviewed the latest Visible TOS (08/2022) and there is no mention of hotspot or limits to one device. Their FAQs state "All Visible members have mobile hotspot included with their service with unlimited data at a speed that’s perfect for streaming, up to 5 Mbps." No mention of the one device limit anymore.
1492 10/27/22 11:23am Technology Corner
RE: Visible Phone Hotspot

As mentioned, per their terms of service, Verizon Visible only allows one device connected to hotspot at a time. Some have taken the Visible SIM card and placed it in a mobile hotspot. The problem with doing so is if Verizon detects that you're using Visible on a hotspot device, they will disable and cancel your account. This has been documented on other forums.
1492 10/26/22 12:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Washington DC Advice Needed

Some Tips! As someone who has lived in the VA/DC area most my life, and who works on the National Mall, my advice is to avoid driving into DC to visit museums and landmarks. But instead take the Metro (WMATA) subway. I’d advise buying a plastic ‘SmarTrip’ card at any station and avoid using the SmartPhone app which can be buggy. A good central location is to catch the Blue, Silver, or Orange lines and get off at the ‘Smithsonian’ station. This will put you right on the National Mall, with reasonable walking distance to museums, Washington Monument, U.S. Capitol, and National Archives. Smithsonian opens from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM daily. The National Gallery of Art (NGA) 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. All these are free as they are U.S. government funded. Check out their websites for specifics. Of note, is that the National Air & Space museum on the Mall has re-opened with their first phase of renovations and new exhibits. Though you may need to get free timed entry ticket due to popularity. Why not drive into DC? It literally takes me 15-minutes to drive from VA to my office on the Mall, and I can also get reserved office parking. Yet, I rarely do so and take Metro instead. As a visitor, you’ll have to deal with traffic, confusing road patterns, and compete to find street parking near the National Mall which is no longer free in most cases. DC also limits the time you can park in one spot without being ticketed. Also, you need to pay close attention to “rush” hour parking restrictions as DC “will” tow your vehicle. Instead, park at one of Metro parking facilities, free on weekends, and $5. all day on weekdays. You’ll need to get a Metro SmarTrip card to exit parking. Where to eat All the museums have Café/Cafeterias though expect to pay premium prices. If you choose to do so, I’d recommend the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) which has some of the best food based on historic recipes (~ $30. average per person). Otherwise, not many options open nearby without a hike. Lunch trucks tend to congregate on the Mall across from Washington Monument. There is also a food court located in the Reagan building behind EPA, across Constitution Ave from American History museum. You’ll need to go through airport type security. Where to stay I don’t have any specific recommendations, though Virginia motels are close to the Mall and other landmark attractions. I’d avoid staying at motels in DC due to possible higher area crime rates. Hotels are generally fine. For free parking, there are a number of motels located along Richmond Hwy in Alexandria, VA. Hotels in Arlington/Alexandria may offer competitive rates this time of year, but many charge daily parking which can run on average $30. to $40.+ per day. Alexandria area also tends to offer some advantages as you’re minutes by car to Old Town Alexandria, Mount Vernon, National Harbor, MGM Casino, and outlet stores. In Alexandria, you can also park at the Huntington Metro facility, though train service is temporarily suspended due to station maintenance. You’ll have to catch regular shuttle buses at Huntington to the nearest Metro station where you can take the Blue line train, which also stops at Arlington National Cemetery, directly to the National Mall. SmartTrip cards work on all area Metro and local bus lines. Be sure to take the Blue line train back as the Silver/Orange lines do not go to Alexandria. On a side note Metro Silver line to Dulles International Airport is scheduled to open any day now. You can catch a shuttle from Dulles to Udvar Hazy Air & Space Museum, which houses the Space Shuttle Discovery, Blackbird SR-71, Concorde, and B-29 Enola Gay. There is also a full-scale Star Wars X-Wing in restoration hanger, though not sure if it’s on display. Admission is also free, though there is a $15. parking fee. If you drive, be aware of the toll roads and rush hour fees on popular routes to Chantilly, VA for Udvar Hazy. It can easily add double the parking costs to your visit depending on time of day. Some routes requiring SmartTrip cards. Also, if you have a smartphone, you may want to download the MetroHero app. This gives real-time location and service updates for all Metro train lines. There is also a website version.
1492 10/24/22 01:39pm Roads and Routes
RE: internet router use

Sounds like a cable modem/router. Most likely not. It would have to be compatible with your new internet service provider. Most concerning issue with any router is if updated security firmware is available. If not, it can be a security risk that can compromise your home network and all computers that connect to it.
1492 10/17/22 06:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Streaming with an iPhone

If using your iPhone hotspot, stick with the top streaming devices you mentioned. Most of the large paid services will not support 'no name' players typically sold on For instance, see Netflix approved streaming devices.
1492 10/03/22 06:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Paulj's Google Maps bike route trick: kudos!

Found some old threads Vertical Elevation Profile using Google Maps and Looking for a road map with grades and elevation.
1492 09/03/22 12:51pm Roads and Routes
RE: Tow vehicle parts shortage

A co-worker of mine had his Nissan SUV in for repair which would normally be completed within a week. They needed to order a part to finish. It took over 6-months before the part finally arrived due to supply chain shortages. He didn't have use of his SUV during this period, but got it back in a day after the part was installed. This supply chain issue is what worries me when traveling. Especially, for vehicles that not all mechanics can work on. The nightmare scenario is breaking down, and having to leave the vehicle for weeks or months before being able to retrieve it. :E
1492 08/23/22 07:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: "My Forums" link takes forever

'My Forums' has now been slow or not responding for days.
1492 08/22/22 10:01am Forum Posting Help and Support
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