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RE: Converting PC laptop to Android tablet

I would find out make/model of the built-in(?) WiFi card installed in your laptop, and search for specific drivers for the Android x86 version you installed.
1492 04/20/22 07:38am Technology Corner
RE: No more photo posting... huh?

Your browser cache may be corrupt. Try clearing the cache, close and restart. Or use a different browser.
1492 04/18/22 11:07am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Temporary Cell Service

I second the suggestions made earlier to look at Visible phone service. We have been using them for about two years for both of our phones and have been very pleased with never had a problem. They are owned by Verizon and can be used as hotspots. I use mine as a hotspot almost all summer as we spend it in the woods in upper Michigan. Unlimited everything with no throttling. They have some inexpensive phones available, or you can bring your own. Barney Barney and I are on the same Visible Party Pay Group. The hotspot feature is supposed to be limited to 5Mbps up/down 5G/4G mobile data for one connected device. But a check of my Visible hotspot speed indicated that I was getting this on the National Mall in DC from a MacPro:
1492 04/13/22 10:46am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 11 compatibility Check up for your PC or laptop

Yeah, maybe. But I believe a lot of the successful ransomware attacks have been on Windows 10 machines ... That's not quite the complete story. Those recent ransomware attacks were the result of social engineering malware, where the end user allowed the malware to run by falling for phishing emails. Good luck running Window XP/7 on the internet, as hackers only need to exploit an unpatched vulnerability and install malware without you knowing it. Even kill/disable any security software you have running. To expand on this, Kaspersky data suggested 98% of the WannaCry ransomware infections involved unpatched WIN 7 machines. Not WIN 10 PCs. One of the biggest reasons to keep your OS and software updated. Notably bad for unsupported systems. You need to take ransomeware seriously as new more dangerous variants are popping up in the wild. Many evolving into extortionware, were hackers threaten to post or sell sensitive info. such as financial, medical, etc. on the Net without payment. There is also a variant of ransomware as a service, where hackers license their cloud service or software to other bad actors in exchange for a percent of the ransom payment.
1492 04/12/22 01:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 11 compatibility Check up for your PC or laptop

5-6 year old hardware with some exceptions is generally the cut off line for being able to upgrade to W-11. Hardware needs to support UEFI and be secure boot capable along with TPM 2.0. After taking 2 recent webinars given by Microsoft to our IT dept for MS to develop training for our general staff, WIN 11 is primarily an interface/security upgrade. Otherwise, not much different from WIN 10 feature wise. You may be able to install WIN 11 on older non-supported PC by modifying the registry to bypass install checks . You'll have to see how stable your particular PC is running under WIN 11 in that case. Though MS is not preventing you from doing so, they don't guarantee support for devices with ongoing updates using this method. MS might not be able to in instances where a security patch involves a vulnerability specific to hardware/bios your older PC does not support.
1492 04/12/22 12:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 11 compatibility Check up for your PC or laptop

Like how they turned MS Office, sorry, Microsoft 365, into a subscription software "service"? You can still get a lifetime license if you desire. Popular Science has a limited deal for Microsoft Office Professional 2021 license for $50 (ends 4/16/2022). It's only good for 1 PC, but you can transfer to another computer by deactivating the previous one. I'd be tempted getting a license for personal use. Though our enterprise Office 365 licensing allows employees to install up to 20 copies of Office 2021 standalone on our personal PC/MAC devices.
1492 04/12/22 11:38am Technology Corner
RE: Wierd Email

Without a style sheet such as CSS, a site would display differently in your browser. Which do you prefer? (w/no styling)
1492 04/03/22 03:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Wierd Email

The CSS text you posted is not malicious, just styling the display. Either the person who sent the email messed up, or your browser cache is corrupted and should be cleared out.
1492 04/03/22 03:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Wierd Email

I'm sure there are members who have worked with CSS. As I prefer to work with CSS and not WYSIWYG editors in building HTML sites, I recognize it immediately. An example being: .appstore { width:100% !important; Use 100% of container width - i.e. display full width. float: left !important; Element should be set to the left - i.e. display photo on left with text on right. padding: 10px 0 10px 0 !important; Sets space 'within' a container - i.e. white-space 10px top, 0px right, 10px bottom, 0px left. display: block !important; Tells to display text or graphics on separate line - i.e. display photo on separate line. margin:0 auto !important; Tells to use 100% of container width and height; auto centers block not the elements within container - i.e. no white space outside the border area. You would generally use this within <div> container tag which would format the elements with the above mentioned: <div class="appstore"> ...some text or graphics... </div> My guess is that since you're seeing CSS text, the <style> tags were placed in the wrong place or missing in the HTML email.
1492 04/03/22 02:42pm Technology Corner
RE: Wierd Email

It's part of a CSS style sheet, class selectors followed by declarations. How HTML website's design is layed out is result of CSS which is read by the browser. Without it, a site would just appear as text. Why you're seeing this in your emails is another question? Perhaps your emails are not set to read HTML format.
1492 04/02/22 11:16pm Technology Corner
RE: $2.00/litre for diesel - Time to use the wife’s vehicle height=260 Wouldn't be surprised if Reese already had a 5th Wheel Hitch for it? :B
1492 03/31/22 03:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: iPad as a GPS device

You never mentioned what version of the iPad you acquired? A more straightforward solution may be to just sell your present iPad on Ebay, and get a used WiFi/Cellular model? A list of iPads compatible with latest iPadOS is available here. Some available under $200. If you're using it primarily as GPS, and don't need the current features supported in the most recent iPadOS, then a few are available for less than $100. that support version 12. Check the GPS app you want to use, though many popular ones still support iOS/iPadOS 12 and up.
1492 03/21/22 01:01pm Technology Corner
RE: New Mac Studio with M1 Max Ultra CPU !

Was that record top speed from the race or from the Mac Studio? :B
1492 03/21/22 12:15pm Technology Corner
RE: iPad as a GPS device

I don't think the WiFi iPad has a built-in GPS chip. Instead, search how to mirror (or cast) your iPhone to your iPad. There's too much to explain here. Basically, you use your iPhone w/GPS app and wirelessly mirror the screen to your iPad.
1492 03/17/22 02:14pm Technology Corner
RE: New Mac Studio with M1 Max Ultra CPU !

Discovered three Mac Pro (Late 2013) 8-core Xenon cans in my office that were dropped off for IT to surplus. They hadn't been used for years, replaced with iMac Pros. Pulled one can aside today, cleaned it out and did a fresh install of 'Big Sur', though does support the most recent version 'Monterey' as previously noted. Was surprised that these Mac Pros 2013 are still as fast as my office Dell Xenon Workstation, and supports 3-5K displays. Though my Dell has faster M.2 SSD and more powerful nVidia GeForce GTX card I added. So has some advantages in media rendering speeds. But the Mac Pros 2013 are still highly usable and wondering if I should have a conversation with our property manager whether we should hold onto these. Not just dispose them. In any case, keeping at least one can as another development box. Bonus, you don't need a separate desk heater in the winter months.
1492 03/16/22 09:28pm Technology Corner
RE: New Mac Studio with M1 Max Ultra CPU !

The M1 Max Ultra looked really interesting. I'm sure our design studio at work would be interested as they do a lot of 3D visualization work. And the cost is close to what they were spending for MacPro and iMacPro. Assuming their software is written for Apple silicon to really take advantage of the power. What interested me was 64G+ dedicated GPU memory which would go a long way for complex Adobe real-time previews. The one aspect I do not like about M1 is you can't add memory as its integrated in the silicon.
1492 03/10/22 01:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Verizon $50 unlimited internet

Verizon's Visible service is a better deal. Unlimited 4G/5G data speeds with no throttling. Though can only connect one device at a time with hotspot. Requires an approved smartphone. Anyone should qualify to get it for $25. month with Party Pay.
1492 03/06/22 02:36pm Technology Corner
RE: Streaming versus Broadcast TV

Still primarily a theater person myself, average 50-60 year, most by subscription. Or by an occasional invite to advance screenings. Of which Apple's theater screening for 'CODA' still gets my vote for best picture of the year. Having seen all this year's nominees except 'Drive My Car' - HBOMax on March 2. Some movies including my personal favorite 'DUNE' are best experienced in a theater, twice in IMAX Laser and once in Dolby Cinema for me. You can't get the full impact of what the filmmaker intended on streaming services.
1492 02/22/22 08:31pm Technology Corner
RE: My Mobley still working today

Please post responses to Mobely / 3G shut down????
1492 02/22/22 08:09pm Technology Corner
RE: Streaming versus Broadcast TV

As particularly interested documentaries, I do pay for Netflix and HBO Max. With HBO Max extending their 50% off pricing. Can recommend 'Downfall: The Case Against Boeing' on Netflix if interested in the B737-Max investigation, and the engaging yet to be scheduled on CNN 'Navalny', which won two recent awards. Watched the premieres of both of these docs in January with 'Downfall' leaving me disturbed if not infuriated, and the 'Navalny' premiere screening a mystery. It wasn't announced in advance, and screened literally at the last minute. This is usually due to licensing issues. Though have to wonder if this was done on purpose due to a fear of possible cyber attacks to prevent this virtual premiere being seen worldwide. :E
1492 02/22/22 05:04pm Technology Corner
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