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RE: How to watch netflix, hulu, etc on tv in rv

You do realize the person that resurrected this 5 year old thread is A TROLL. I have not determined why they do this though. This forum gets 2 or 3 a week
2112 08/04/22 07:20am Technology Corner
RE: Slide Electrical Issues

My kitchen slide was doing the exact same thing when new. Sometimes it would open, sometimes it would just make the ratcheting sound as if it was fully extended. The service tech adjusted this slightly towards the frame and that corrected the problem. You may find this under your slide when extended. He said it was driving too far in and jamming the gears, or something like that. Serious Warning: This bell stop assembly adjusts how much the slide closes. If yours has this you can try slightly adjusting it towards the frame a quarter turn at a time. Count your turns. Put a mark on it before you start turning. If you adjust it too far towards the frame the slide Will Leak. IIRC, he turned mine 3/4 turn to get it to work properly and still seal properly. Hopefully someone here more knowledgeable will chime in on this. I hope this helps
2112 08/03/22 04:58pm Tech Issues
RE: We knew it was coming...

I didn't say Fox is bad. I'm sitting here watching John as I type this. They all have their agenda. What I was saying is the link provided above was NOT the Federal Reserve report link. Here is the complete report FRBNY Household Report I should have said lack of completeness or statements omitted rather than out of context. I was also saying there are circumstances and situations that affect the data. My credit card balance being one of them.
2112 08/03/22 11:47am Truck Campers
RE: We knew it was coming...

LOL, so, what am I missing? ding bat comment How can this be a ding bat comment? PButler provided a link. JimK called it click bait. PButler questions if the Federal Reserve's quarterly report is clickbait. He never provided a link to the Federal Reserve's quarterly report. He provided a link to a news group that extracted a single quote out of context from 1 of the 12 federal reserve banks, just as you did. For some context, we buy practically EVERYTHING on our discover card and pay one bill a month. As an example, every other Friday we buy $50 of can goods and take it to our local pantry. A few months ago we had to up it to $60 to buy a similar amount. That's A 20% increase. Depending on which column this falls in the spreadsheet it can be identified as a 20% increase in debt.
2112 08/03/22 08:38am Truck Campers
RE: We knew it was coming...

Ok, the Federal Reserve's quarterly report is clickbait This is all Fox Business context. Nowhere did I find a link to the actual Federal Reserve's quarterly report. They are all Fox's alternate reality links
2112 08/03/22 07:43am Truck Campers
RE: Black Water Tank Leak

ABS tanks can be easily, successfully, HF plastic wielder and inexpensively plastic welded. I've had several repaired by a professional. I see Harbor Freight offers a plastic welder, but I don't know if it is a worthwhile tool or how much skill is involved. I used the HF plastic wielder with good success. I first melted the wire screening over the cleaned area to be repaired, then added repair plastic over it.I used one of these to repair an old lawnmower fuel tank a few years ago. It's still holding up.
2112 08/03/22 03:19am Tech Issues
RE: Your Opinion On Air Bags

Replacing the P tires with LT tires helps with stability as well. THAT makes a HUGE difference !Yea, I was surprised how much changing truck tires made on truck wiggle while towing a 35' long TT.
2112 08/02/22 04:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing a fiver with a 9' flatbed

This will be interesting to see the different numbers. My pin to ground is 40" measured to the bottom of the pin. From pin center to front of the trailer is 74". This is my 30' FW
2112 08/02/22 04:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Roving Manager Couple Self Storage

This seems like a 24hr/day job. What does this pay? Do I get gas mileage reimbursement for running your errands with my vehicle and relocation mileage? Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Manage day-to-day operations of the facilityMaintain an exceptionally clean facility, including outside maintenanceGreet customers and others in a professional mannerShow, rent and clean unitsPerform market surveysAnswer the telephone in a professional mannerMake collection calls and process liens to late tenantsPerform daily lock check and patrol facility on a continual basis dailyCommunicate facility issues with Corporate Office in timely mannerClean public restroom and stock with supplies as neededClean facility, including sweeping, picking up trash and cigarette butts, using the blower, mop, etc.Rent trucks, move trucks, clean trucks, maintain trucks
2112 08/02/22 04:01am Workamping Forum
RE: A few more questions about solar panels...

You can turn off the converter at the circuit breaker panel and continue evaluating your solar panels with shore power plugged in. Run the fridge on propane to better simulate boondocking if you wish.
2112 08/01/22 01:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Norcold 12cu Drains Battery on LP

Need the model number to answer that.
2112 08/01/22 01:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Norcold 12cu Drains Battery on LP

Do you have the door condensation heater on? Maybe a light left on in a storage compartment?
2112 08/01/22 01:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Your Opinion On Air Bags

I bought a pair of Timbrens for my 1997 F150 and it made a world of difference. More stable and no sag. I pulled them from that truck and now have them installed on my 2011 F150 in my sig. Consider Timbrens or Sumo Springs. Replacing the P tires with LT tires helps with stability as well. This is my truck with 4200lbs on the 4000lb rear axle using Timbrens
2112 08/01/22 12:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: WIFI Light Switch

You will need the ground to connect to the black Input wire of the controller for it to work.
2112 08/01/22 12:21pm Technology Corner
RE: WIFI Light Switch

That will work. I keep harping on the ground because I wanted to install a dimmer on the bedroom light. There wasn't a ground available and pulling one would have been difficult.
2112 08/01/22 09:09am Technology Corner
RE: WIFI Light Switch

I just found this one. Thinking of getting some of these since they are 2 channels and using them. Will they work with my 12v lighting? should work. Do you know if a ground is available at the switch? You'll have to pull one if not. Otherwise you'll be better off with the singles and and install them at the light fixtures
2112 08/01/22 08:25am Technology Corner
RE: WIFI Light Switch Would these work by any chance?I believe this is just a wiring adapter to the actual smart relay device
2112 08/01/22 08:24am Technology Corner
RE: Ground material falling into lower storage compartment

Yea, that was hard on the eyes. Let's see if this helps ~ For a few months (and before this season's extreme heat) a ground material, beige colored, has been accumulating on the floor in the exterior front lower storage compartment. I need help determining what it is and its source. I seem to recall that a "dimple" along the front exterior top appeared at about the same time, but that is not a given. We have had several weeks of over 100 deg temps in Waco and the more obvious fiberglass bubbles have emerged very recently. A seam separation appeared in the last few days at the curve of the front cap and trailer side. It might have been present for a heavy rain in Branson about 5 days ago. Would the bubbles appear that quickly if we had a leak at that seam that recently? I don't know much about fiberglass construction, but could the particles be something from the material to which a fiberglass skin was attached? If so, I am not sure a simple re-glue and press is going to work. Obviously, the seam separation has to be fixed. Other than the appearance is it likely that the trailer can continue to be used, or does the ground material indicate an ongoing problem that will cause ultimate destruction of the front cap area? In general, is a tarp cover on an a trailer stored outside and uncovered in Texas going to help much? The trailer is a 2015 Rockwood 2304DS. Thanks!
2112 08/01/22 06:41am Travel Trailers
RE: WIFI Light Switch

I pointed this one out to my wife and she says She Wants That. So I'll be the guinea pig and let you know how well they work. I'm ordering the 10 module package i use a 6 switch rf remote with 3 remotes in my rv ..... This same model from the same manufacturer? 8 years is a good track record.
2112 07/31/22 05:13pm Technology Corner
RE: WIFI Light Switch

or these rf remote switchesLOL I pointed this one out to my wife and she says She Wants That. So I'll be the guinea pig and let you know how well they work. I'm ordering the 10 module package
2112 07/31/22 01:51pm Technology Corner
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