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RE: A different take on the popular ‘Carbon Dioxide Narrative’

LOL we're not being cancelled. She certainly wouldn't cancel her 94 yr old grandma. Her point was the older generation debating and arguing over future technologies that may benefit her in her golden years will be dead and gone by the time it may become reality. Do you really think Millennials believe they can survive without oil? They know they need oil to manufacture products, and whatever they dream up. My son works for Chevron. He's not going to vote himself out of his job. As for my DD that said we should lose our right to vote and drive, she was being sarcastic. She doesn't want to move back home to become our chauffeur.
2112 12/08/21 05:25pm Tech Issues
RE: A different take on the popular ‘Carbon Dioxide Narrative’

I’d appropriately dismiss such as merely ‘popular-by-group-consensus’ notions, or an analysis of import, not of one’s own innate effortsAll my children are very open minded, grounded adults. All professionals in their fields. They're not going to follow the herd. But you can dismiss whatever you please. As to ‘boomers’ (retrospectively…), where might one go to find all these ‘of a common thought persuasion’ Boomers- (lol)?? That is a laughable question. There are no 'common thought persuasion' individuals in any generation group. What does that have to do with younger generations ideas of the world 30 years from now? They don't agree, but let them work it out. It's their world now. I think you missed the whole point.
2112 12/08/21 01:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Taos or Santa Fe, New Mexico

We haven't been to Taos in many years but we go to Santa Fe every few years. So much history and things to do and see there. Take in the history. A quick Google search will help. THIS will give you an idea of hiking trails in the area. Visit the farmers market if it still exist, the plaza in old downtown, and try some excellent New Mexican food at The Blue Corn Cafe a few blocks from the plaza.
2112 12/08/21 12:09pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: A different take on the popular ‘Carbon Dioxide Narrative’

I'll follow up with a discussion I recently had with my 36 year old daughter which somewhat opened my eyes. Her opinion is us boomers should leave politics relating to the direction of our nations future to the people who will be living in it. We should stop trying to dictate what the world should be after we are all dead. We had our years of control and moments that matter. Technology changes with the seasons and it's not our place to say where it should be applied in regards to their future. We should now enjoy our golden years we planned for all those years and not worry about THEIR future and the world THEY will live in. That's their job now. If they want to go green, let them. It's their mistake to make. Only the future will tell and we won't be alive to see the outcome. I couldn't argue with her. I realized as long as my DW and I can live out our last 20 years or so in comfort why should we try to define what takes place after that. Just don't burn down the house in the meantime. A few days after that discussion I talked to my 33 yr old daughter about this. She point blank said we have messed things up enough already. Leave the world to them to clean up. Anyone over 65 should lose their right to drive and vote. We're in their way. I always admired her sharp directness but I felt I took that one between the eyes. Maybe we should all just chill out, not be so divided as a nation and let the next generation plan their future. Now, what you say? Think this post will last an hour?
2112 12/08/21 11:04am Tech Issues
RE: A different take on the popular ‘Carbon Dioxide Narrative’

A cogent construct worthy of serious consideration! (e.g. an anecdote to ‘outcome based’ modeling)… 3 tons WOW, this it is an old one. Isn't Matt Ridley that conspiracy theory book peddler who still collects coal royalties? Got it!…..(don’t like the message, shoot the messenger!!) 3 tons Firstly, this message has been floating around the internet for years. It's been the topic of many discussions over the years. Secondly, if calling peoples attention to the messengers well documented actions and history "shooting" him, I plead guilty.
2112 12/08/21 09:56am Tech Issues
RE: A different take on the popular ‘Carbon Dioxide Narrative’

A cogent construct worthy of serious consideration! (e.g. an anecdote to ‘outcome based’ modeling)… 3 tons WOW, this it is an old one. Isn't Matt Ridley that conspiracy theory book peddler who still collects coal royalties?
2112 12/08/21 08:50am Tech Issues
RE: A different take on the popular ‘Carbon Dioxide Narrative’

And another viewpoint. video dissects Peters presentation of the data
2112 12/08/21 08:42am Tech Issues
RE: House Battery

First I appreciate all the input every body is giving me. The Battery from O'Reilly is a Super Start Group Size 27 Part Number 27DCM Line SSB Amp hr. 80 AH The NAPA battery is a NAPA Specialty/Golf Car GC12 650 Deep Cycle Part Number 8141.Amp hrs 150 AH.Thanks, this helps. The 27DCM is a Johnson Controls hybrid battery identical to the Wal-Mart 27DC I use. Same battery rebranded. I've had real good luck with these. The NAPA is the East Penn equivalent to the Trojan T1275 I mentioned above. This guy is a beast that should last you many years if you take care if it. You can get 3X the Ah out of this between charges compared to the 27DC. Make sure it fits where you are going to mount it. It's too tall for my battery compartment by 2". Plus it weighs 85lbs. See my whiny story above.
2112 12/06/21 03:01am General RVing Issues
RE: House Battery

For me, carrying it means getting it in and out of the battery well in my basement. I'm stooped over in an awkward position with my arms extended to get my hands on it. It's all arm muscle and hard on my back to lift it up and out of the well and basement. Think of it as my battery is in a 6" deep hole inside the cloths dryer. I have to get half my body in there, reach in and lift it straight up 6" to get if out. Checking the water is impossible when it's installed.
2112 12/06/21 02:17am General RVing Issues
RE: House Battery

These are all 12V Deep Cycle Batteries, not Marine STARTING Batteries. The Group 27 battery I found at O'Reilly's and the Group 31 at NAPA.I'm not finding a true deep cycle battery on O'Reilly's website. What model number are you considering? Keep in mind an AGM may require a different charge profile than a flooded lead acid. You want to match your battery to your charger or vice versa. On Edit: You might consider a 150Ah Trojan T-1275 true deep cycle battery as a compromise to two 6V GC2. There's a better chance of it being a drop in replacement for your existing battery. It can be heavily discharged the same as the GC2 in a smaller footprint of two GC2s. Just another option to consider. Call your local golf cart dealer for pricing if interested. Shipping can be expensive if you buy them online. Maybe he can order yours with a larger battery order to minimize shipping.
2112 12/05/21 04:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Two months in Texas

Not much available. You might look in the Baycliff, League City or San Leon area. Quintana is closed due to hurricane damage
2112 12/04/21 05:07am Full-time RVing
RE: Lost a cooking bet

Thick cut bone-in ribeye steak and a baked potato
2112 12/04/21 04:58am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Half ton towing

Looking at these numbers and forums for towing and it is very annoying. Most of these trailers say micro or light but have 900 to 1,000 lb tongue weights. Basically, you need a 2500 to tow anything but a pop-up camper."1/2 Ton Towable" FWs are even worse. Most have an empty pin weight of 1400lbs or more. Loaded pin weights are at our over 2000lbs. Most 1/2 ton trucks rear axles are too weak to carry that. Notice I said Most.
2112 12/02/21 04:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Inflation in Mexico

Interesting topic. Keep it coming. I assume using 21.5p/USD is an accurate exchange rate? I miss driving down to Reynosa in the 70's and living like a king for a week on $40
2112 12/01/21 06:12am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Generators: Cummins 4500 vs Westinghouse vs. ?????

I have 3 Champions and wouldn't buy anything else. I was recently visiting a friend at a campground during a local motorcycle rally. My friend was running his Predator 3500 to recharge his batteries while his neighbor was using a Honda 2000 to do the same. The Predator was at a slow idle while the Honda was maybe half throttle. The Honda was noticeably louder. db ratings can be deceiving
2112 11/30/21 08:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Multimeter recommendation?

We use flukes at work that require annual calibration as well. They are returned from cal lab with an official cal report documenting measurements recorded prior to any adjustments. In the 33 years I have reviewed the fluke cal data they have never been out of cal on voltage. Some of these meters are 15 years old or older. Amperage is a different story. Amps are sometimes a little off in the lower ranges and require adjusting. About 6 years ago we bought 4 EXTECHs for some reason. I guess part of a cost savings plan. All 4 have came back from cal lab spot on on all measurements on all functions for the past 5 years.
2112 11/28/21 08:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Champion Generator

The Champion 2500 dual fuel is $506 on Amazon
2112 11/28/21 07:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Multimeter recommendation?

The CL390 is a nice middle of the road meter with some nice features. I like the reverse contrast display, NCV tester and probe holder. Get something with a backlight if you don't get the reverse contrast. A DC clamp meter can be handy on the camper to measure battery charge current, slideout or furnace current draw, or if you get into solar. You can use it around the house to troubleshoot our check the health of your HVAC. It's nice to have but you probably won't use it much. I've been happy with EXTECH but Klein is probably a step up. I carry a small EXTECH in the camper and use a Fieldpiece around the house.
2112 11/26/21 05:50am Tech Issues
RE: 5500 Onan starts then dies, help please

Did you replace the fuel filter?
2112 11/24/21 12:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan microquiet 4000 cranking issue

We were suspecting a bad connection somewhere. I had my money on a bad crimp. Glad you found it
2112 11/23/21 05:30am Tech Issues
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