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RE: Water Pressure Regulator

but but, whatcha gonna do when park pressure is way low??? This is a good point. We have actually been in this situation and just sucked it up. I have never sanitized my fresh tank so I wouldn't trust it even if I sanitized it now after 9 years of not doing it. No telling what's in there.
2112 05/21/22 05:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water Pressure Regulator

Another one of these paranoia threads...You could look at it that way. I see it as different strokes for different folks. We all have our own point of view and experiences we call upon. Each of us have our own "preferred method" which provides a level of comfort or satisfaction to us. That's what makes life interesting for each of us. We each get to drive our own bus in the direction we want to go. What did Frank say? I did it My Way.
2112 05/19/22 06:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water Pressure Regulator

LMAO A lot of good discussion here, and amusing as always. Twinkle Star is the winner for me. It seems most, if not all of the cheap ones suffer gauge failure and housing failure from poor casting or freezing. It's a [email protected] shoot on all of them so why throw more money at it than needed. The gauge can be replaced with a better quality one for ~$15 if needed. If the regulator starts to act up I'll just throw another $25 at it. We are pedestal hoppers, usually FHU, so we are always connected to a water supply. A regulator is cheap insurance and is required at one of our hangouts. We use the pump to flush while on the road and that's about it.
2112 05/19/22 02:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water Pressure Regulator

This is the one that just failed on me after 4 years. The pressure drops to close to zero when I turn the water on. Couldn't even flush the toilet. I had the blue plastic Camco before that.
2112 05/16/22 08:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water Pressure Regulator

Thanks for the ideas. I'll see what HD and Lowe's has on their shelves. From looking at their websites I may be able to cobble something together for ~$80. That should last me a lifetime. If I don't like what I find there I may order the one agesilaus pointed out
2112 05/16/22 06:48pm General RVing Issues
Water Pressure Regulator

My regulator failed and I need a replacement. The Watts are up to ~$150 now. Has anyone had any luck with these cheap RV Guard regulators or something similar in this price range? There are several that look identical. All the reviews on the different brands seem to be hit or miss. Are these serviceable like a Watts? Thanks
2112 05/16/22 10:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Big quality of life mod

I think the was pointing to This Pump
2112 05/16/22 05:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Email Issues - Just looking for ideas..

You can use Sieve server side filter to create a Questionable Spam folder or GMail folder and dump anything with a gmail address in there.
2112 05/13/22 03:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Norcold Outside Fan Thermostat

Never mind. My problem was poor spade terminal connection. It's working now. Mod, feel free to delete
2112 05/11/22 02:34pm General RVing Issues
Norcold Outside Fan Thermostat

My FW came with a vent fan for the in-slide fridge. This fan is controlled by a thermo switch mounted on the fridge tube. The only markings I find on the switch is 36TX22. Searches come up with RVs using anything between 130°F to 150°F close temp. Which one should I use? I don't see any down side turning the fan on at 130° but thought I better ask the pros. Thanks Dave
2112 05/11/22 09:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Extending Wifi Range???

Thanks for inputs.. I used an inexpensive wifi extender and now all works great..What model did you use?
2112 05/11/22 04:27am Technology Corner
RE: Trailer Brake and Turn Issue

Side Bar: 2112 Thanks for the video, It wasn't in the Big fuse box it was in the smaller box to the right. But it works now Happy to help. Thanks for letting us know you solved the problem
2112 05/10/22 04:05am Tech Issues
RE: Trailer Brake and Turn Issue

THIS is for a 2016 trailer running light fuse but will give you an idea of where to look. I think what you are looking for is Fuse 60 in the smaller front fuse/relay box under the hood. Should be 15A
2112 05/07/22 09:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Anode rod help

As Roger said, there is a wire coat hanger size rod in the center holding it to the cap. I replace mine when the only thing left is the rod. You have a long way to go to get there
2112 05/07/22 06:08am Tech Issues
RE: Family Reunion 2022

I've been wanting to try to make BLT bowls but haven't yet. Make a small bowl from bacon and put lettuce and tomatoes in it. BLT Bacon Bowl Using A bag of Fresh Express Apple Cheddar Salad really sounds good. I just found that. BTW, I tried the candied bacon twists and wasn't impressed. It was like jerky.
2112 05/06/22 11:35pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Family Reunion 2022

Just a dash of brown sugar on top if desired. You would think the more the better but the sugar will caramelize and make the bacon hard and chewy if you add too much. Jalapeño jelly with Philadelphia cream cheese on a Ritz cracker is one of my favorites
2112 05/06/22 10:46pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Family Reunion 2022

Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers I add fresh chopped chive to the cheese and sprinkle a little brown sugar on top of the bacon
2112 05/06/22 07:01pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Solar panel

Oh, yeah, by the way, there are lots of solar powered fan systems like what the OP wants to do which does not use a battery, does not use a charge controller and does not use a timer.. SEE HERE One sample of many to choose from.. height=300 width=200 $139 hereWell there you go OP. It was already all packaged up for you. That takes the guesswork out of it. I wonder if it has a diode on the panel output
2112 05/05/22 06:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar panel

"Solar panels are already designed WITH a "blocking diode" They must have somehow fell off on mine. I had to install my own schottky. Manufacturer said so. "high power/high torque stepper motors (all PWM DC voltage by the way)" You think there wasn't any EMI protection in those controllers? Check the schematic. "Not once has there been any "series or parallel inductors" involved at the motors or in the motor drive electronics." The motor winding IS the inductor "at a speed faster than you can run" LOL I haven't ran in over 20 years, unless I need to get to the john
2112 05/05/22 05:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar panel

You said "inductance is an AC thing...". Actually you wrote "a AC thing" but I'm not the grammar cop. I guess I should have been more direct and replied "inductive reactance is an AC thing, inductance affects both AC and DC circuits". I continued by providing a few examples where "inductance" in a DC circuit can be either beneficial or detrimental. You somehow interpreted this as I implied a LR filter suppresses back-EMF. You might want to re-read my post. As far as DC motors not having the capability of creating detrimental EMF, some guy named Lenz might disagree. I sure could have saved the company a lot of $ not designing in those flyback diodes. I could have saved them millions by not including those worthless little inductors on the DC power input pins of all those hot-swap signal conditioning modules. I would have been a hero. And then, to finish it up, you accuse me of some scare tactic to get OP to spend a buck fifth on a blocking diode? WHAT?
2112 05/05/22 02:51pm Tech Issues
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