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RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

We are heading out at the end of the week. The incidence of virus where we stay in the Hill Country is very similar to that of our location here in Iowa. We've had very few cases and only one death of a person who had other severe medical issues. Like many others, I'm sure, we have just as many friends and support there as we do here. We may have to spend just as much time around home down there as we do here but at least it will be warmer.
8ntw8tn 10/18/20 11:36am Snowbirds
RE: Tire Inflation - What RU Using

A 120v Porter Cable rated to 150 psi. X2
8ntw8tn 10/16/20 09:35pm Tech Issues
RE: On the road breakdown stories..

1. On a trip to Oregon we had 2 incidents. The first was after we had arrived at our destination and were doing some sightseeing when the transmission failed. I was able to find a private transmission repair shop and the owner did an excellent job of building the transmission to a greater towing capability at a very reasonable price. On the way home with a newly built transmission the truck suddenly lost power. We were in a rather remote area of eastern Oregon but made contact with Coachnet and they had us towed to a campgrounds and took the truck on to a diesel repair shop. It turned out to be a minor short and an easy, inexpensive repair. Several years later, south of OKC, the truck lost partial power. Again Coachnet towed the trailer to a nearby campground and the truck to a dealership. It was after hours so I called the dealership the next morning regarding the repair and was told they probably wouldn't get to it for a week,which was much different than they had told Coachnet the previous day. So I had the truck towed to a recommended private shop. The owner told me I would probably be on the road the next day. Late the next day he called to say that I needed a new harness because this one was shorting out. He knew this because he could see where it had been shorting out. I tried to describe the previous problem a few years back but he wasn't having any of it and insisted that a new harness was needed. He installed the new harness and...that didn't fix it. When I asked what the next step was he said he wasn't sure and would just have to keep checking to see where the short was. Never one to sit on my laurels, I had been making contingency plans. I made arrangements with friends near where we winter in Texas to have two trucks and a trailer brought to our location. We trailered my truck down to Texas and towed our trailer with the remaining truck. Once there I took my truck to a reputable shop I was familiar with. They called that afternoon to tell me the problem was an injector coil that would fail when the motor got warm. Once that injector failed the computer would shut down the other 2 injectors in that bank. Once that injector was replaced all was well. Live and learn!
8ntw8tn 10/16/20 09:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dualie vs SRW benefits?

As dapperdan stated, we started out with a dually. Wasn't necessary with our first trailer, it was just a good buy when we were looking for a truck. That said, 3 years later, when we upgraded to a significantly larger trailer we didn't have to go looking for another truck. We're on our 4th trailer and 3rd truck, all duallies. Finding an automatic car wash capable of accommodating the dually can be difficult, but they are out there. Parking usually isn't an issue for me but occasionally I do find a parking lot with narrow or short spaces and I'm compelled to use more than one parking space. But that's not very frequent. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 10/16/20 08:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: cleaning the outside of the 5'er

Last year I used a waterless spray and wipe product from Ibiz. Literally sprayed it on and wiped it off. It did a wonderful job of eliminating the oxidation. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 10/10/20 07:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: X-chocks and 6 point levelers

I'm a bit of a neophyte at this. Our previous trailer had the usual landing gear and stabilizers so we always used chocks between the tires. Our "new to us" trailer has the 4 point Bigfoot system and is quite stabil without the chocks. I still carry the chocks but don't plan on using them unless we're unhooking on uneven ground. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 10/10/20 07:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RVers and Pheasant hunting

I grew up hunting in SW Iowa where there were usually just 2 of us, and never more than 4 in the group. We moved to South Dakota where the terrain and size of the fields requires larger groups and different methods. Never quite got accustomed to it. Commercial hunting was becoming prominent when we moved back to Iowa 30 years ago, and I understand it's even more so now. Very difficult to find private land that hasn't been leased.
8ntw8tn 10/05/20 10:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Anybody Remember These Stickers?

Hmmm. I used to have a couple of those in my desk. I wonder if they're still around.
8ntw8tn 10/05/20 10:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Traveling in Winter

We tried most of the methods related above for a few years. Then we decided,for several reasons,to just eliminate the problem. We now leave before it freezes and don't return until the last freeze is over. ;)
8ntw8tn 10/04/20 10:57am Snowbirds
RE: Looking For S. Texas Parks

A friend of ours stays at Paradise RV Park near Harligen. I haven't been there but I know he golfs once in a while at a nearby course and he does a lot of fresh water and salt water fishing. His DW does a lot of quilting with other ladies in the park. He's mentioned that the park has a woodworking shop and a leather working shop; there may be other clubs as well. I think he's mentioned that it has a pool, maybe two. I don't remember what the monthly fee was, but he's pretty frugal so it wouldn't be outrageous. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 09/30/20 04:53pm Snowbirds
RE: Camping and Traveling in the west in Winter

Once you get north of Kansas I think it'll be pretty tough finding an rv park that's open. It's quite possible that you can find a Corps of Engineers park or state park open but it's very unlikely they will have fresh water available. The COE and state park dump stations might be available, but I doubt you'll be able to flush your tank or wash out the sewer hose. As a general rule, the state, federal, and private parks up here shut down the water from the first of November to the first of April. There are KOA's near Sioux City and Sioux Falls and a private park near Tea, SD (Red Barn Campground?) but I doubt they're open during the winter. Hope this helps. Good luck with your search.
8ntw8tn 09/28/20 09:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Options to Winegard Trav'ler

For several years we've used a Pathway X2 with very good results. This spring we acquired a new-to-us trailer that had a Trav'ler installed and we're quite happy with that. However, I'm going to take the X2 along for those times when the Trav'ler may be blocked, as the OP said. I've already tested it using the external satellite connection and it works fine. I'm not sure I'd spend the extra money to have both on hand, but that's a personal observation and decision. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 09/26/20 11:40am Technology Corner
RE: Roadside Assistance Programs

I've had Coach-Net since 2010. I've used them twice to tow the truck/rv combo and once to tow the truck only. In addition, they've come out to replace a blown tire, or one that was about to, 3 times. All it has cost me was my annual premium and the cost necessary to replace the damaged tires. Each time the service guys were quite capable and did things properly. I just don't have anything but good things to say about the service I've received from them; it's been well worth the cost of the premiums. Hope this helps. My research show comments of folks that have recently had bad results with Coach-Net being responsive or not paying the claim. Who knows......could just be their unusual situation. Apparently the company sold a few years ago, and not operating in the same manner. It's just that I don't get any better overall opinions for the other companies out there. I'd heard that, too. All I can relate is my experience. My last service request was earlier this summer. I wasn't towing and was close to home when a coupler in my truck transmission line failed and I lost nearly 6 quarts of fluid immediately. I called Coach-Net and they sent out a tow truck and delivered my vehicle to the shop of my choice. As they normally do, the service rep called to make sure the tow truck had arrived and all was well. It was then she informed me that I had the basic coverage and it wasn't supposed to cover my truck unless I was towing. But since she'd discovered it so late in the incident they were going to cover the fees completely; and they did. I decided on my own a couple days later to upgrade my subscription to the premium level. Others may have had a lesser experience, and it's certainly possible that I may in the future. But, so far, I just can't complain about the service I've received from them. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 09/20/20 10:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: We have a toilet issue......

Toilet bowl seal lube Used this once to rejuvenate a seal. Worked perfectly. I use it when unit is sitting. No more problems. X2. I've used this a couple of times with really good results. I keep a container of in on hand for occasional use when the RV is going to be sitting for a few days or when the leaking problem reoccurs. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 09/19/20 04:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Roadside Assistance Programs

I've had Coach-Net since 2010. I've used them twice to tow the truck/rv combo and once to tow the truck only. In addition, they've come out to replace a blown tire, or one that was about to, 3 times. All it has cost me was my annual premium and the cost necessary to replace the damaged tires. Each time the service guys were quite capable and did things properly. I just don't have anything but good things to say about the service I've received from them; it's been well worth the cost of the premiums. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 09/19/20 04:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to secure new TV?

On our previous 5er my solution wasn't quite as elaborate as BB_TX but similar. I manufactured two pieces of Oak into an "L" shape and mounted that to the floor of the recessed TV area. Then I mounted a swing-arm TV bracket to the "L" shape. To secure the TV for travel I got a couple expanding curtain rods that I placed horizontally in front of the TV and the pressure from expanding them kept them, and the TV, in place. DW is handy with sewing and made a cover for the TV to keep it from getting marred by the curtain rods. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 08/12/20 06:51am Tech Issues
RE: Tow vehicle in the shop

I've had Coach-Net since late 2010. With our former truck I had to use them twice. Each time they towed both truck and trailer, dropping the trailer at a campground of my choice. They've also changed three tires that had either blown, or were getting ready to, on my RV. Just a few days ago my new to us truck blew a transmission line coupler. We weren't towing at the time and we were close to home but I called Coach-Net for the tow. They made all the arrangements and, while the tow was in process, called to make sure all was going well. She also informed me that I just had the Basic membership which actually covers the truck only while towing our RV. That was my error. However, they stood behind the tow and covered everything. I subsequently upgraded my membership to the Premium status. I'm not knocking any of the other services, but I've sure had good experience with Coach-Net. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 08/09/20 10:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Florida closed to travel?

Would those rules apply to a Canadian, if they could get across the border, I wonder? If a state had a 14 day "entering to stay" quarantine rule, would it be applied to anyone entering, from out of state or country? Or, are we (Canadians) more or less banned from entry? Good question(s). Short answer is: I don't know. Once you bring an international factor into the equation it becomes a different animal. (Sorry for the mixed metaphor.)
8ntw8tn 08/04/20 08:55am Snowbirds
RE: 2020 Jayco 36FTBS grey water sewer smell in trailer

Just from personal experience, you may want to make sure the trap for the clothes washer as water in it, if you have one. We recently had an odor that we had difficulty identifying the source. That's what it was. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 08/04/20 08:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Florida closed to travel?

It gets kinda murky but, generally, the Supreme Court has held,under the "Protections and Immunities" clause that states cannot prevent one from entering, or leaving, a state. They seem to be allowed to institute the quarantine period if you remain in the state, but only if they have the same requirement of their residents who are returning from outside the state. As stated above, it's a murky part of the 14th Amendment and the Articles of Confederation. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 08/03/20 08:11pm Snowbirds
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