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RE: New TT bargaining...

Saw no to extended warranty, put that where the sun doesnt shine. Absolutely refuse to pay for 'documentation fees' Stand your ground on out the door price. A wdh hitch is a good bargaing point, forget the nickle and dime incidentals like hoses Just zero-in on a total out the door price, because you WILL pay a doc fee, even if the dealer has to back them out of the total price on his paperwork. Everybody pays doc fees, because the dealer knows that not charging (at least on paper) a doc fee to even one buyer could quickly result in a class action law suit.
A1ARealtorRick 08/08/20 12:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Register out of state diesel motorhome in California

Call the California DMV first thing Monday morning. They'll know for sure.
A1ARealtorRick 08/08/20 12:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Truck flooded

Some insurance companies are much easier to deal with than others in a situation such as yours --- hope you've got one of the 'good' ones!
A1ARealtorRick 08/07/20 01:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford Transit vs. Dodge Ram Van?

Remember, those 'Ram' vans are Fiats. I believe if you do some research on the problems they've had (as I did), especially among commercial users, you'll end up with the Ford Transit. But do your research for sure.
A1ARealtorRick 08/07/20 06:30am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Flexsteel

Winnebago just recently bought Newmar. Not that there's anything wrong with Winnebago products, but I'd expect to see some changes in the Newmar products under the new ownershhip.
A1ARealtorRick 08/05/20 05:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why so few Murphy beds ?

People don't like them. Yes, people vote with their pocket book, but WHY ? Probably because opening/closing a Murphy bed is as much fun as setting up and taking down a dinette or jackknife couch. They're okay for occasional use but, if you need it every day it gets real old, real quick. Actually, quite the contrary. I sell a lot of condos that have murphy beds. Counterbalanced properly, they are VERY easy to open, and close, and can be fully made up when closed, so they're immediately ready to sleep when opened up -- not so with a dinette conversion or jack knife sofa in an RV for sure!!
A1ARealtorRick 08/04/20 09:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Purchase Process for an out of state fifth wheel?

Wow, $1500 for an inspection? I never would have thought it would cost so much, especially for a non-motorized unit. (I must be in the wrong business!). I set up home inspections on a regular basis that cost my clients about 1/3 that amount, and that can be on a very large sticks & bricks home, and they are VERY thorough (too thorough sometimes). As far as buying sight-unseen, if the right precautions are taken, you should have no problem. I have bought no less than 5 vehicles (cars, trucks) sight unseen and never had a problem. Look at Carvana and Vroom -- they're setting the woods on fire, and they're in the 'sight unseen business'.
A1ARealtorRick 08/04/20 05:36am Beginning RVing
RE: Looking at this 99 Safari Trek deisel

just fyi..that safari trek is an orphan. There are a LOT of orphans that are still exceptional quality motorhomes, and there's been a lot of fruitbasket turnover regarding names. Remember when Holiday Rambler was one of the top quality brands? Now it's just another middle-of-the-road REV group product. Plus, IMO, the newer Monaco Treks (also REV group) can't really be compared with the ones built by Safari when it comes to quality. BTW, Thor is part of the REV group, if that tells you anything.
A1ARealtorRick 08/04/20 05:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why so few Murphy beds ?

If you have a murphy bed (especially one that's a couch) you have no window behind it. Look at most RV's -- there's a window behind the couch. Natural light is very important, especially in a smaller RV, and a murphy bed blocks it. Secondly, manufacturers build as cheap as they possibly can, and a murphy bed costs a good bit more than a stationary bed or a jack knife sofa.
A1ARealtorRick 08/04/20 05:14am Travel Trailers
RE: What's changed about camping?

I would look not at recreating your memories as a kid, bit focous on creating new ones for yours. You cant relive thw past. But you can still get out and enjoy stuff and give the kids a good experience. I fully agree. My wife and I reminisce about a lot of our trips, including trips overseas we've been blessed enough to be able to enjoy, and the conclusion is always the same -- the memories are great -- but if we went back and tried to recreate them, it would never be the same. So, we make new memories. We go with the flow and bend with the wind. Complaining about things that have changed or about the way things used to be only end up making us bitter, angry, and disappointed. Move forward. Enjoy today for what it is. We were never promised a tomorrow.
A1ARealtorRick 08/02/20 02:21pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Question on buying a "prior salvage tilte" RV

If it appears that the seller is well-versed with the restoration process, he should have pictures of the before, during, and after process of what he did to the RV. If not, I think I might walk away. Of course, if the price is right, and you have it professionally inspected, and it's what you really want, I wouldn't worry too much about the resale process. Do, however, check with your insurance agent as to the insurability of the unit.
A1ARealtorRick 08/02/20 06:10am Tech Issues
RE: Travel into Canada

You don't need a gun. Get a can of bear spray. Of course, it's a moot point until they re-open the Canadian borders.
A1ARealtorRick 08/01/20 01:36pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Bean bag chair for the coach.

Nope. I ain't gettin' up from those. Me neither!! Apparently Gundog is a young dog....:C To me bean bag chairs are much like sports cars --- easy to get in, but a true Olympic event to get out!!
A1ARealtorRick 08/01/20 11:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cracker Barrel

I think we are confusing a few issues here. I don't think CB ever claimed to offer a low cal,low sodium menu. CB does not offer or specialize in healthy cuisine. Cracker Barrel serves a traditional American menu which is typically not for those watching their carbs or sodium intake. If you want a place located close to the highway with the potential for overnight parking serving a traditional American menu CB maybe for you. If you're looking for a low carb healthy menu CB is NOT for you. Yes I am in the American Breakfast is greasy and not necessarily healthy camp. CB caters to my generation. You are absolutely correct. They serve 'comfort food' --- my favorite kind of cuisine!!! If the poster who showed the nutrition guide would post guides from Olive Garden, Denny's, Applebee's, O'Charley's, and all the others, the numbers would be the same. Healthy food comes from HOME, not from restaurants, not ANY restaurants. Even the 'home town' places probably get deliveries from a Sysco truck on a regular basis.
A1ARealtorRick 08/01/20 10:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Cracker Barrel

And kind of makes you understand why the "Greatest Generation" has such high incidences of heart disease and diabetes. :) You forgot to mention the rest of the triad: obesity.Yeah, kind of go hand in hand in hand. :) And is true with ANY restaurant and ANY processed food items. Look at the sodium content anywhere you dine. It's off the charts!!
A1ARealtorRick 08/01/20 06:16am General RVing Issues
RE: New Hummer has crazy good specs. 1000 HP and 1150 torque.

Well the previous Hummer presented an image of wasteful indulgence and environmental Armageddon at 8 to 11 mpg. The electric version might have a tolerable reputation if they can keep it on the road with all that power.I I'm kind of surprised GM is using the Hummer name, in that it was indeed a love/hate relationship with the American public. Automakers usually don't resurrect names unless they had an extremely positive following, like the Bronco. You'll never see GM bring back the Corvair nameplate, Nor Ford the Pinto nameplate. I guess time will tell.
A1ARealtorRick 07/31/20 04:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 Ford Bronco Can Be Flat Towed

I had that older blue/white one it was great but rusted away to junk in a couple years, don,t care for the new style. Too bad the new style couldn't have been a little more reminiscent of the original style. Ford missed the mark on the 2002-2005 T-Bird, hit it better with the Mustang, but I feel as though they've missed it here. All a matter of personal taste I guess.
A1ARealtorRick 07/28/20 06:49pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Cracker Barrel

In Texas, it's Yawl, yawl. :) Yawl is a 2-masted sailing ship, where y'all is a contraction for 'you all'. yawl /yôl/ noun: yawl; plural noun: yawls a two-masted fore-and-aft-rigged sailboat with the mizzenmast stepped far aft so that the mizzen boom overhangs the stern.Many words are not limited to a single definition. That is your definition, and mine is mine. :) No, mine is the dictionary definition......and yours is yours :W
A1ARealtorRick 07/28/20 06:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cracker Barrel

In Texas, it's Yawl, yawl. :) Yawl is a 2-masted sailing ship, where y'all is a contraction for 'you all'. yawl /yôl/ noun: yawl; plural noun: yawls a two-masted fore-and-aft-rigged sailboat with the mizzenmast stepped far aft so that the mizzen boom overhangs the stern.
A1ARealtorRick 07/28/20 05:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cracker Barrel

I've been all over the south, and if I were from the South and you said that Cracker Barrel is Southern Cooking, I'd be up in yawl's face. Franchise food. Sure they're a franchise. A southern/country cooking franchise. Started in Lebanon, TN. Plus, the store attached to it couldn't be more southern/country. And, if you were from the south, you'd spell it "y'all" :C
A1ARealtorRick 07/28/20 04:26pm General RVing Issues
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