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RE: Do you need Commercial Plates in NY to tow a trailer?

No you don't cuz you don' have a high GVW to warrant commercial plates. Plus based one what you said, you don't plan on towing heavy/crazy. Have I seen comm plates on a 1/2 ton? Yes, but the truck have be used for comm biz. With pass plates, you'll be able to traverse roads that comm trucks cannot and MAYBE exact same truck cuz they have comm plates. Here in Syr area, comm trucks/plates banned from a road along Onondaga Lake, BUT a p/u w/ pass/town gov't plates can go on the same road. Go figure.
ACZL 01/18/21 11:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel hitch suggestion

Hey Hey Hey...... B&W will make your day and the others, well they can get out of the way! FWIW, the Prez of the B&W Fan Club made a convert out of me 4 years ago! One of the best investments I made for RVing/towing! And to augment FTG's post about waiting for the B&W fan club hat and membership card, I'm still waiting as well. LOL
ACZL 01/15/21 12:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailer too long for truck?

If you come out West where the State flowers are wind farms, put a piece of coal between your cheeks and you may have a diamond when you get back home. Love this!!!!! FWIW, I have the 5er in sig and towed it w/ a '15 F350 SRW, SB, 4x4, 6.7 and had no problems w/ it overall as 3700 pounds of it's 16,000 was on truck. Side winds really didn't pucker our lower lips much. HOWEVER, upon towing our 4 place V-nose enclosed snowmobile trailer w/ 3 sleds in it (about 30' +/- ball to tail) with no sway control hitch DID let the truck know it was behind it w/a stiff crosswind. Couple of times I had to get a better grip on wheel. And this is with 2 sleds in the nose and few hundred pounds of tube sand over trucks rear axle. Trailer is 2500 empty and each sled weighs about 400-500 pounds, max trailer weight is 7K, alum frame. So if it were me looking at the RV in question, I'd jump up to at min a 3/4 tonner.
ACZL 01/15/21 01:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help with hitch rails - 2004 Sierra

IMO, If you've already ordered a "direct fit" rail kit, then stick with it as they have the holes already in same places as holes in frame of truck. Plus, why bother going thru the aggravation of installing the rails twice?
ACZL 01/15/21 01:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: That’s A Bunch Of Grass!

Salesman told him it would tow anything!
ACZL 01/12/21 11:33pm Tow Vehicles
Trion V10

This past Sat I heard on local radio station call in program about anything automotive/off road etc where a caller asked about the Triton V-10 in a Class A and the host more/less shot the engine down. Told the caller to shy away from it. I thought that this was a very good engine overall. What's the take on it?
ACZL 01/11/21 01:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Albany NY to Newport, VT

From Albany there are a couple of ways. 1. Take the Northway (I87) to Exit 20, take Rt 9 for 1/3 mile to Rt 149 East to NY4 North to Whitehall NY then stay on 4 to Rutland to I91. I 91 North to Newport. 2. Take same route as #1 except once you cross into VT, take VT22A North to Burlington. Once in Burlington, take I89 south to I91 North. You will hit hills regardless crossing W-E in VT. 22A is a nice 2 lane and you'll pass the VT Teddy Bear Company taking this way. NY ADK Mtns will be off to the left for nice scenery. Fuel stops if you have a diesel: NY: Scotty's at Exit 16 off the Northway VT: Name escapes me at the moment, but nice one along VT 22A about 20-30 miles north of Fair Haven Irving Oil in Lyndonville VT off I91
ACZL 01/10/21 06:28am Roads and Routes
RE: Snowmobile trailer tire question

Thanks for the replies everyone. Also spoke w/ a friend of mine and he said he can get Carlisle radial tires load range D for 60 (his cost) or bias load range C for lil cheaper. The Carlisle tires LR C have a "trailer" tread while the Carlisle LR D have a center rib. Both have speed ratings of 80 mph (not that I tow that fast) and weight ratings north of 5k. The orig tires that came w/ the trailer have seen 65-70 on the hiway and knock on wood, no problems.
ACZL 01/10/21 06:05am Towing
Snowmobile trailer tire question

So I need to replace the tires on a 4 place V-nose alum frame sled trailer w/ gross weight of 5k. 4 tires in total (5 if the spare is incl). Talked to tire shop today and they offered up: Good Year Endurance for 150/ea (load range D) Power King/Tow Max for 90/ea (load range C) And the sled trailer mfr was Rainer for 65/ea. (load range C) 14" size Trailer sits 95% of time in open year round and has 3 sleds in it. Tire shop says they haven't had any issues w/ the TowMax ones, but many have come to know them as BlowMax tires. So what would you all say would be the best option? Price alone, I like the TM and Rainer's, but quality wise?????????? This being said tho, the orig tires (trailer was made in '14) have date codes of 2011 & 2012 and still like new, no problems outside of age. TIA.
ACZL 01/08/21 02:37pm Towing
RE: SRW Tires

My $.02 FWIW. Had a '15 F350 SRW, CC, SB, 4x4, 6.7, GVW of 11,500 thinking it would be our last truck and more truck than I'll ever need. Well for the most part this was true. RV we had at that time was AOK w/ truck. Then we upgraded RV's w/ a much higher weights all around. Now mind you at time of me typing this I forgot exact size tires that were on the 350, but due recall them being 18" cuz I couldn't reach the 5th wheel hitch like I could be before on old 250. 1st year w/ the new RV and '15 350 was ok, BUT I was at max weight and then some especially the tires. Following year we decided on FL in summer time for vaykay and now the weight issue was nagging me, gut feeling in pit of stomach that would not go away as I just wasn't comfy going to FL in heat of summer and additional stress on tires. Yes I could have probly changed tires, but still at max weights otherwise. Ended up w/ a '17 F350 DRW and shot the concern about weight on tires out the window. Truck handles the RV like a hot knife thru butter, wife says she felt more comfy driving/towing the RV w/ the all this added up assures me the right decision was made. I admit I never wanted a DRW and yes it STINKS on the snow, BUT for towing heavy, well it's the cats a$$. Still would like/prefer a SRW for everyday use, but not in the cards. Rob of western NY IMO summed it up best that despite what can be done to level, stable a truck etc, still does not make or change the weight ratings placed on it by Mfr. As a regular follower on here, it's been said many times that anything north of 15-15,500 is DRW territory. The newest of SRW trucks may have a higher GVW, but do you feel comfy w/ it?
ACZL 01/08/21 07:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Captains chairs

How many here remember Ford offering Captain's chairs w/ dual armrests for their Econoline vans and pick ups? Boy am I dating myself!!! Nope...looks like no one on this forum, is old enough to remember, or possibly so old, can't remember yesterday?? Jerry Thanks Jerry, your all heart. LOL :) I like the 2 links above and will show the DW .
ACZL 01/07/21 11:25am Tow Vehicles
Captains chairs

How many here remember Ford offering Captain's chairs w/ dual armrests for their Econoline vans and pick ups? We had a '88 F250 Supercab w/ them and we thought they were great and at least for us, positioned our hands in a very comfy way. So on way home from work, I got to thinking of this as now we have the front bucket seats w/ center console on our 350 and find that it really needs some extra something to go on top of the door armrests and center console to place elbows on and again position hands on steering wheel w/o spreading arms/elbows out widely. Hope I explained this right. This all being said, anyone know of any aftermarket items that would work to achieve the same effect as the "old" twin armrests? Boy am I dating myself!!!
ACZL 01/07/21 02:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Montana Fifth Wheel

I, like FTG, have never owned a Monty either, but they seem to always come out with something new or different which other mfr's will/will not follow.
ACZL 01/05/21 08:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Montana Fifth Wheel

Can always call the owner of CW and complain.
ACZL 01/05/21 01:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Six-point leveling system -- reduce rocking

I'm sorry I don't recall how he attached them. This was back several years ago.
ACZL 12/28/20 06:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Six-point leveling system -- reduce rocking

Back when we had a Silverback, another Creek owner had JT's that he added to his 6pt and said it made a diff. Don't recall how long it took him to install it tho.
ACZL 12/27/20 07:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Truck Buyer Needs Help

Go to a dealership and buy a used truck. They should be able to tell you everything about it, and you might get a little warranty to boot. Are you serious? A dealer just just wants to make a sale, UNLESS a GOOD dealer actually knows something about towing. Years ago a local dealer tried to tell me a Ford Ranger w/ 4.10 gears will tow a house. What OP needs a truck w/a tow package and like 1st reply said, plug in the VIN to see how it's equipped from factory. Just because it may have a hitch on it does not mean it's set up for towing.
ACZL 12/22/20 09:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with a dually or single?need help please

Living in CNY, the SRW in winter is best. After having a DRW now for a couple winter's, can honestly say they stink w/o about 3-4K sitting on it. That being said tho, for towing our coach (14k empty, 16k max), it's brought new meaning to enjoy the ride. It's a much more stable platform and relaxing. Even the wife said she feels more comfy driving while towing then RV when she's relieving me for spells. Same RV, previous truck was a '15 F350 SRW. Towed it fine, but was at or over some of weight capacities for it. Going around curves or stiff crosswinds, you could feel it wanting to push you in the middle. Had lower StableLoads which helped a lot, but still no comparo to a DRW.
ACZL 12/22/20 09:29am Towing
RE: Six-point leveling system -- reduce rocking

I as well made up wooden packs out of 2x10x16". Screwed 2 together, added a handle and wholla. Like Cummins and FTG, place them under the legs as needed to reduce the gap between pad and ground. Overall w/ a 41' coach we get some wiggle, but nothing we cringe about. But as the old saying goes: "If the camper's a rockin'----don't come a knockin'"! FTG---if you go out west, ya might need to get a dually! LOL Personally, I'm a shrimp kind of guy, but will settle for a nice burger or steak. Have that on the menu Cummins?
ACZL 12/22/20 09:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Curiosity caught the Cheshire cat

I think in the op's case it would be drooly. Hey now!! LOL Never hurts to look. Reminds me of a saying from a former semi driver (RIP) who said while dining out with his wife and a good looking lady walks by: "Just because I'm on a diet doesn't meant I cannot look at the menu".
ACZL 12/11/20 11:22am Tow Vehicles
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