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RE: Joined the Class C club

May you have as much fun in your 29QB as I have had with mine.
AJR 10/17/21 09:22am Class C Motorhomes
RE: black tank digester

I have found that if you drive a hundred miles or so and then flush the tank. I see very few solids passing through. Now I do add Dawn to the tank and Calgon if I can find it after a dump & the toilet does use a fair amount of the fresh water each flush. Plus the bathroom sink drains into the black tank. Works for me.
AJR 10/11/21 06:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sediment in Freshwater System - Need Help!

Always use a filter on water going into the camper. If I had iron deposits in my fresh water tank. I would fill the tank with filtered water. Open the drain and drive the camper on rough roads while it was draining the water. Hoping some of the deposits get suspended in the water and flushed out. May even do it twice.
AJR 09/20/21 09:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Small Class A vs Large Class C

It does sound like you are biased toward a class A. I had a 36’ gasser. I am now on my second used class C after the used class A. Maintenance is cheaper and service centers are more plentiful. Island beds are common on 28’ class Cs. That bed design can allow up to 100 cubic feet of storage under it. I like the class C for three steps to get in or out. The cab over blocks midday sun when driving south making the cab cooler. At a gas station I just open the driver’s door & get out. I did add leveling jacks to my current rig.
AJR 09/12/21 09:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Quality in a class C

I have had two used class Cs. The first was a Four Winds (Thor) Chateau 28A on a E350 chassis with the V10. After a few years stepping up into the shower became less desirable for me. It also had less food prep area than I would have liked. The build was average & I had no real problems with the house. I do not miss the sound of that V10 engine screaming on small hills one bit. My current Leprechaun 290QB on a Chevy 4500 chassis with a 6.0 engine has been a step up in quality for me. The first thing that surprised me is all the water drain pipes are put through flanges in the floor. Thus eliminating holes for critters to get in. The floorplan works well for me without having to put the slide out. Also the stock 4500 chassis handles wind & trucks passing much better than the modified Ford chassis did. My impression is Coachmen took more time figuring out how the unit was going to be used. An example is the 60x80 queen bed that is offset to one side. Giving the other side more room for getting dressed.
AJR 09/12/21 08:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Opinions on diesel vs. gasoline

Loved the smell of diesel in the morning. Would never have another one. Just me……
AJR 08/10/21 06:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Considering move from class A to C

Just my experience with my gas class A… Driving south down to HWH for a leveler issue. Into the sun midsummer. I had the dash AC on high. I had the funky corner fans that blow on the window on. I had the big front window visors down. I had the generator on. I had the front roof top AC on and I was still not comfortable in the driver’s seat wearing sun glasses. Great view but driving sucked. In my current class C. The dog & I do well with just the dash AC on driving south midday in the summer. Then there where the much higher cost of everything. Think tires, shocks or wiper blades. A heater vale cost over $120 because it was old. Anything that wears out costs more. The replacement of a transmission filler tub was about $800 because they had to do other things and do a full whatever before they did a refill on the Allison to do it right. Ford truck dealer in Madison WI. None of the above with my class C.
AJR 07/08/21 07:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Considering move from class A to C

I went from 36’ a gasser class A to a class C Chateau 28V on a E350 chassis. I liked the class C so much more I traded it in for my current class C that has a walk-in shower & lots of kitchen counter space. The Leprechaun 290QB is on a Chevy 4500 chassis. The stock 4500 chassis rides & handles much better than the E350. Also, almost no engine noise. The only issue I have had to deal with on the 4500 is the first step going in is about two inches higher than the Ford chassis. I had to buy a collapsible half step to put out when I park. I found as I got older the fewer steps getting in & out the better. Both of my class Cs have/had only three steps. The cab over blocks out the sun during the day making the cab cooler. The cab over also adds a lot of inside storage space. I really appreciate pulling up to a gas pump and just opening the driver’s door and getting out.
AJR 06/27/21 07:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 24 ft or less B+ with over head bed.

I don’t know. But my E350 RV had a lower entry step than my current 4500 chassis. I had to buy a step so entry was easier on this old man. Gjac After all these posts of what you are looking for. Are you just looking for responses? Or do you really have a plan for your next RV? There have been a number of good responses, I think. Maybe you are just overthinking this whole issue. Peace…
AJR 06/23/21 07:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New RV Company

No air conditioning?
AJR 06/06/21 05:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Trailer or Motorhome...For a Boater/Fisherman-Which Rig?

If I were younger and felt safe getting in and out a boat and wanted to fish (my passion). I would stow an inflatable rubber floating thing of some kind in my Terrain along with a motor of some kind. I helped roll up a white-water kayak once and four would fit in the back of my Terrain with ease. Heck, a collapsible hard sided boat could go on the car rack. With hand trailer and motor in the back of the car. I would not give up the convenience of my 2014 class C with, one slide (I almost never use) for travel. In your case a Class C with a cab over bunk would work fine for you folks if it was 28’ or 29’ long. One other thought is look into used rental class Cs. Lot of folks love them. A long thread but worth reading. Rental RVs
AJR 05/27/21 04:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wanderlust

I followed what Harvard posted earlier about the +5 castor on a E350 class C I had and it made a world of difference.
AJR 05/27/21 08:48am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Marathon driving

Nothing like being twenty years old and taking off from Chicago to see the Worlds Fair in New York after work on a Friday night. Drove nonstop except for gas. Switching seats without stopping in a 1964 Chevelle. As the sun rose it pointed right down the stretch of I80 we were on. How we did not kill ourselves I will never know. Never did that again. Plus the fair was so, so. The Blue ridge mountains were so much better. Now days leave at 9:00. Stop at 3:00 wherever I land.
AJR 05/09/21 05:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is the year of the coach based on the year of the chassis

Why is this going on? We all know the model year of the coach most likely not the year of the vin number.
AJR 05/03/21 06:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 7.3 Ford vs 6.0 Chevy cockpit room

Gjac My current class C is a bit longer than the last one. Both had the same configuration of water tanks. The bed was in the back on both with lots of room for the same junk I carry underneath the bed. The slide adds pounds to the middle. As I said. What ever the pounds are does not make it more stable in my opinion. I had a Damon Challenge 36’ on a W22 chassis with the big block as you did or still do. Even though it was old with few miles on it. Koni shocks and a Safety-T-Plus made it a great drive. My E350 class C never had the same ride on the road, not close even after mods. The 4500 chassis does with no modifications. If my class A had a driver’s door, I would still own it. I had my perfect floorplan. But there was only one way out of the coach. Also, the driver’s door on a class C is so nice getting gas. Hey, I may have been in your shoes. Hate to say it but the Chevy is better. When mine is loaded for the road I will personal message what it weighs on each corner. Do not hold your breath.
AJR 04/02/21 06:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 7.3 Ford vs 6.0 Chevy cockpit room

I really do not know why I found so much of a difference. The 4500 seems to have a softer ride. I would think that would cause more push from big rigs to be felt. That does not happen. I know the Ford road handling was significantly improved by going to +5 castor. What I do know is the stock Chevy with now 48kmi on the clock drives better than the Ford I had with 25kmi on the clock. I really enjoy not having to have both hands on the wheel all the time. I smile every time if I notice that the engine wanted a lower gear on a hill. It is so quiet compared to the Ford. I am a life long Ford guy. Heck I even put up with the infamous early 6.0 Power Stroke Diesel for 100kmi. After driving the 4500 and my mechanic saying the Chevy 6.0 was a solid motor. I could not pass up the floorplan. Yes, this camper is a bit heavier than the last one. I really do not think that is making the difference. If three or even five more of "me" sitting in the center of a truck made it better in cross winds. I would say the truck has a design flaw. I was finally happy with the Ford chassis until I drove the Chevy. I hope this was helpful.
AJR 04/01/21 02:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Utilizing Refrigerator While Driving to RV Park

Please tell us the brand name and model of the fridge. What you have described is very confusing to me & just does not sound right.
AJR 03/31/21 03:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best time to buy new?

Best time to by new? Only if it is a lot queen. But there are not many of those around now days.
AJR 03/21/21 07:53pm Beginning RVing
RE: 7.3 Ford vs 6.0 Chevy cockpit room

I had an E350 class C. A 28A as I recall. I had spent a fair amount of money on it to get it to handle right on the road and not scream (5Star tune ($500)) up small hills. The selling dealer let me take my current rig 180 miles, round trip, to my mechanic for inspection. Now I was pre-sold on the layout. But the drive in strong cross winds and trucks passing me sold me on the stock Chevy chassis. Along with the ease of getting into the house from the driver’s seat. Btw, I only buy used. My current camper had 40k on it when I bought it. The previous Ford had 25k on it when I traded it in.
AJR 03/21/21 07:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is a toad necessary with a small motor home?

Is a toad necessary with a small motor home? No. But it is nice to have another vehicle if something breaks.
AJR 03/21/21 06:40pm Class C Motorhomes
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