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RE: Renting out a parking spot on my property...?

A potential business dealing such as this from some total stranger one does not know can have many irregularities like others have mentioned...liability ! I also do not like the idea of some stranger to have an excuse wanting full access on my property to get to their stored vehicle when they need to... That's why vehicle storage places do exist, so that individuals can reach out to a business they provide, but the idea of a person reaching out to another person they do not know in order to use their property in some way does not vibe with me personally... Had one troublemaker on my block in 2010 persuade a neighbor to store his cabover camper (no rig and living in it) on a vacant lot, a week later the troopers raided it as the troublemaker was arrested on a sexual assault charge, and they also found a runnin meth lab in the camper - the guy got 16 years for that, and the neighbor was real close from losing his vacant lot to the state while not knowing the guy that well. Too many horror stories nowadays happen with renters vs home owners on rental properties in general to where owners can lose out in certain situations, while dealing with a potential headache... Flip the coin around in this perspective - if yourself would place an ad to post a space available for winter vehicle storage on your own property (you reaching out to offer others), would you feel comfortable doing so to a complete stranger or the general public while weighing all the "what if's"... if one can answer 'yes' to this question - they have better nerves than I do with the general public.... The only way I would personally do such a thing is if I personally knew the individual real good, write up terms of agreement, exchange and timeframe signed by me and the other person, and waive all potential liability with a store at your own risk clause on said personal asset on my own I would have no bad vibes about it as it would strictly be doing a favor for someone. Then again, I am one of those type of people that always answers "sorry, I am not in the lending business" or "you know I don't have that kind of money" when co workers or acquaintances ask to borrow between $5 to $20 'til next week' scenario...had enough people I knew not ever pay back in the past.
AKsilvereagle 11/30/21 01:22am Around the Campfire
RE: Indian Reservations

I would add a few more suggestions. First and foremost is RESPECT! Don't ask questions especially about their religion or culture. You will be told what you need to know not what you want to know. Slow down and don't be in such a hurry. You might find yourself invited to a ceremonial dance or family gathering. Don't talk too much. Just listen. Be especially respectful of the elders These few more suggestions posted here is quite the unique situation upon traveling thru any reservation or "Indian Country" region as merely saying - expect the unexpected - which did not cover all the other types of encounters and great advice from everyone else that posted. Living in the far north long enough, I knew going in the NWT of Canada is pretty much all First Nation territory - and furthermore not ever been in the region before I will always be extra cordial and very respectful in places where I am clearly an outsider. This post by Thunder Mountain is the exact detail upon an encounter I had during my remote Northwest Territories trip of August 2008.... After staying in Fort Nelson BC for a couple days, I proceeded on my way to the NWT enroute to Yellowknife.... Mile 300 Alaska Highway at BC Highway 77 Junction : Little did I know after stopping at the end of this one lane wooden acrow bridge that I was going to be in a potential vulnerable situation that would be beyond my control.... Mile 26 north of Alaska Highway Junction at Fort Nelson River : Once I pulled off into a rest area turnout on the north end of the bridge, me and the dog walked around as within 2 minutes there was a large convoy group of people with 12 or so vehicles, (southbound from the NWT direction) proceeded to park where they completely blocked my camper rig in, as I held my composure while greeted everyone that looked at me while still walking the dog around (none said hi back or responded), as 5 minutes later another vehicle pulled in with 5 more people getting out. One person was a 6 foot 40 Cochise type of character that seemed to be the chief or leader of the entire group, as after talking to the others - the leader walked up while interrogating me with the 1001 questions of where I'm headed, why am I here, how long have I owned my big blue Indian truck, etc. pretty much like going thru customs (we all know how that is !). These people would not accept the "I'm just passing thru as I might go to Yellowknife depending on the road conditions" answer either. After I had to disclose my travel intentions and life story to all of them, the leader tells me they have a pow wow going on 90km up the road and that I stop by there....told the guy I will consider doing so. The leader tells me "NO you DON'T consider, you GOOOO - OK ?" I tell the guy that with all due respect, there are 30 of you all surrounding me - and if you all are telling me that I have to go to your pow wow . . . . I better go (out of respect). (and the fact upon should I ever need help or something happen to me or my 70 Ford Truck that I cannot fix on the side of the road and while not going to their pow wow would definitely show a sign of disrespect as they will leave you stranded and on your own which is remote as it gets in those parts). I stop at the entrance of the pow wow as this lady with the traffic florescent vest is giving me the no way you're coming in here look, as I tell her I got interrogated by 30 people at the acrow bridge and they all told me I had to go to the pow wow and I am not going to disrespect them - so she moves the pylon and says ok man pull in - and she also gives me a leveled VIP parking spot to boot for my camper rather than parking in a cramped incline area - which I gave her $5 ! Traditional Ground - Petitot Pow Wow : While walking the dog around and taking a few pictures, someone talks to me admiring my old rig and this lady screams at me to get that dog outta here and outta the tradition area (where there was a teepee full of hanging smoked fish as thank god my dog never done any collateral damage) I quickly put the dog back on the lead rope and the lady tells me to leave and especially take that dog outta here, I sincerely apologize and clearly understand, she runs in the teepee and sees no fish was tampered with and runs towards me and says everything is ok in the teepee and that I just need to get the dog outta here, so I tell her she's not a dog however I am getting her out of the area..... She replies "I don't care what it is, just get it outta here... so what is it if it's not a dog" ? I tell the lady it's a toilet water buffalo - the lady asks why I call it a toilet water buffalo.... I explained because she is now terminally ill and drinks excessive water now and then, as no matter how much abundance of water I leave her to drink, she will drink all of that and all of the water from the toilet, so she turned into a toilet water buffalo. Within 30 minutes, all the locals from Fort Nelson 105 miles away started showing up to the pow wow as a handful of them acknowledged seeing me in town with my toilet water buffalo, and everyone else at the pow wow now wanted to pet the toilet water buffalo (word got around real fast). Petitot River (1 mile south of the Northwest Territories border) : My dog's last RV trip - 5060 mile round trip along the Deh Cho route and then some as she passed away a month and a half after completion of the trip - she did not have a single mishap throughout the 24 days of travel. The lady that screamed at me earlier asked me what brought me here to the pow wow all the way from Alaska after noticing my license plate, I told her about the 30 or so people insisting that I attend incident - as she tells me all those people that I encountered earlier were actually all kicked out of the pow wow..... I ended up spending 3 hours of great time at a Canadian Pow Wow of all things, and I can sure contest to the term "crazy 8's" as this particular day happened on 08-08-08. A word of warning that should be adhered to. Do not drive after dark on the reservation unless absolutely necessary I can sure address this experience upon my one encounter in the Fort Mojave Reservation on the Arizona side at night.... After spending a full day in Las Vegas in June 1989, I was driving at night in my 70 Thunderbird with no AC back to Palm Springs (just a water spray bottle and windows down) and arrived in Needles as it was a blistering 101 F at 100am at the time, so I had the idea of needing to get real cooled off and plunge into the Colorado River despite the advice of my nephew telling me he would not do that on a reservation especially at night.... So I decide to do that anyway figuring I would not be hassled for a 10 minute dip in the water late at night (not being acclimatized to the desert anymore) and crossed to the Arizona side and as soon as I take a dip in the river, the patrol was on me like white on rice and told me I was trespassing.... One of the officers asked me where in Alaska I was from, and then asked me if I ever been in a certain a native village he mentioned and told him yes for pike fishing and I mentioned people that lived there and the officer knew two of the names I mentioned and was real nice to me and let me go back to the river to cool off some more before hitting the road again. To the OP - All the posted experiences, replies and great advice in this topic clearly shows it is not a silly question and in general you should be mainly fine if just passing thru a reservation of sorts or stopping at all the destination public spots such as casinos, gas stations, convenient stores, etc., always remember that an Indian Reservation is their own sovereignty and show respect just like one would visit a foreign nation and adhere to the laws and signage....while using common sense, instincts, or street smarts going thru some unfamiliar hood with unwritten rules while not knowing what the rules are (which I have no experience in the NB or SD area in question).
AKsilvereagle 11/29/21 11:28pm Roads and Routes
RE: Obesity in America

One last note : For all the health buffs out there that are advocates of perfect dieting, I had a couple of arguments in the past with dieticians about this subject... KFC (which I don't eat there) The founder Colonel Sanders lived to be 90. Carl's Jr. (which I will eat there) The founder Carl Kalcher eaten one hamburger every day since he founded his first site in Anaheim California until his dying day, also lived to be 90 - just short by days of Colonel Sanders upon the same age. Taco Bell (which I eat there now and then) The founder Glen Bell lived to be 86, and when I was raised in Los Angeles I was a full fledged Taco Bell toad along with his El Taco franchise too - it was real food back then compared to their brand of food today (nicknamed toxic bell) ! McDonalds (which I don't eat there) The acquisition founder from the McDonald brothers to Ray Kroc who was a milk shake machine distributor, lived to be 85 Wendys (which I will eat there) Unfortunately Dave Thomas only lived to be 69, however he had a carcinoid tumor for 10 years before striking his liver so who knows how long he could have lived if it weren't for that, while the Where's the Beef lady lived to be 85 Adkins Diet (which I don't eat) Robert Adkins lived to be 72, had congestive heart failure and weighed 258 lbs at the time of his death. So the moral to this post is this : As long as I limit saturated fat for the long haul, enjoy tasty food in low moderation, still eat healthy the majority of the time - I can live as long as these fast food founders that started this whole mess !
AKsilvereagle 08/08/21 06:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: Obesity in America

I'm 5'7", weigh 155 lbs, and am very fit. Technically I'm overweight. According to the doctor's charts, I should be 140 lbs. I don't think anyone who saw me would think I'm overweight though. I am also at 5 ft 8 in and since 2015, My weight has maintained between 150 to 155 (yes lbs and no not kgs either)... My ideal weight according to their charts should be 145 lbs, and I can easily achieve that as long as I eat only plants and little meat as my belly fat will go away.... When I stay on a by the book diet of just plants and protein, I get to 145 lbs or lower fairly quickly as my doctor gripes at me wanting me to stay at the 150-155 lb range so I do not get arthritic, and she was right after disputing her claim and me arguing about the BMI index of me perfect at 145 lbs and maintaining a great diet. Once in a great while I will have sugar cravings or junky french fries and potato chip binges after staying on the healthy side for so long, however once I ever so reach the 155 lb threshold, I stop the junk food and go back to healthier eating and keep the fat to a minimum. I wish I was a big vegetable eater but cannot fathom most vegetables, as lots of onions, carrots (shredded only), lettuce, orange bell peppers only (spinach leaves on a limited basis and can fathom that for only so long) pickles (if that is actually a vegetable) is pretty much the only non fruit plants I can really toad on in its raw non cooked form.... Fruit pretty much I can eat 90 percent of the earth's selection as I am a fruit toad, however due to my diabetic status I "try" to limit fruit the best I can (while having a serving of protein with it) just so to keep me off the refined sugar and junk food. I have not seen past 156 lbs since being diagnosed with diabetes (only high sugar) in July 2015 and still not on insulin.... I have drank water over 99 percent of the time the past 6 years and orange juice 1 percent of the time. I also notice when I maintain a week of healthy diet without the junk or breads, my pulse rate will drop from the lower to mid 70's back down to the mid to low 60's - as my blood pressure readings still maintain in the 116-78 range with the 70+ pulse and drop down in the 106-68 range with the healthier diet - that is HUGE. The basic rule of thumb one dietician told me is : Consuming plants is medicine for the body... Consuming protein is strength for the body... Most everything else left, added and in between is garbage for the body. My main exercise regiment is physical work at my job, and got back into bowling 7.5 years ago and am very passionate about it and recorded 7506 games in six game format in that span, and probably another 350 exhibition and league sanctioned games in between as bowling will use 20 muscles in your body and my pulse rate will shoot up in the 110's within my 3rd game....for the record, I maintained above a 200 average threshold in the last 2900 consecutive games recorded. I am 56 years old now, and I want to live well beyond 62 and enjoy my upcoming future social security checks and retire and travel in the RV all over North America as long as I am healthy enough and can afford to do so - that is my goal in life, and try to average better than a 210 in bowling too.
AKsilvereagle 08/08/21 06:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: Possible Canada boarder opening mid August

To all of you vacationers think you have it bad, it seems the residents of Point Roberts have it worse. It is a unique location, that land travel to the the rest of the US, requires travel through Canada. I think the United States government is willing to negotiate upon giving up Port Roberts this time with the recent events of the past year, they been talkin' about doing so.... It is costly for the United States with no strategic advantage to keep that land area and continue to govern it - and the majority of residents that live there say they wouldn't mind being part of Canada, either to become citizens of Canada or they can sell their property more easily once it becomes part of Canada - as the property owners in Port Roberts have a hard time selling their property to a US citizen because of the proximity of the isolated area. In the meantime let the complications continue.
AKsilvereagle 07/17/21 09:40pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Possible Canada boarder opening mid August

For the past month watching the briefings from the Prime Minister, the key he stressed out before committing to any easing of restrictions upon reopening "Canada's" border to non essential visitors was meeting Canada's goal upon a 80 % minimum of the population receiving first dose vaccination. Canada is committed to achieving this goal before any kind of restrictions are to be potentially lifted. Another positive factor of why I think they are actually going to ease the border restrictions to an extent this time is how well the United States population got immunized in a short period of time and obtained some form of control by decreasing COVID cases (now over 57% of the population receiving first dose at this time of posting) that rendered in a significant drop in added positive cases, and a substantial drop in hospitalizations and deaths within a first vaccine distribution of a 6 month period (so far). Both Canada and the United States total populations have achieved the 48% fully vaccinated threshold mark at this time of posting. as I fully understood why Canada had taken this pandemic more seriously and imposed their border restrictions for so long : 1 - The United States was leading the world by a landslide in cases, hospitalizations and deaths that spiraled out of control by not imposing enough travel restrictions and isolation at the time last year 2 - While Canada itself is surrounded by two oceans and the United States, the two oceans were not going to be the source of potential increase in COVID cases Now granted that the new more contagious variants are now the dominant strains upon these current cases and are on the increase, however upon speaking for the United States - It is still by far 3.5 times lower in positive COVID cases than this time last year without a vaccine - 96% of TODAY'S current COVID related hospitalizations in the United States are from NON vaccinated individuals - While over 99.5% of all COVID related deaths in the United States in the past 90 days are from NON vaccinated individuals (while roughly 1 in 10 vaccinated individuals that were actually hospitalized had died - all had some form of underlying issue) - Time will tell in the coming weeks as cases increase, whether these current numbers will sustain or so far it has been proven that the overwhelming majority of people that have been vaccinated will not see a hospital visit should they be exposed to COVID related symptoms. I waited at least the first 90 days of the vaccine distribution phase to see all my friends and colleagues after being administered with the vaccine as they all had no side effects (Phizer and Moderna).... I also timed it when I finally committed to take the vaccine in late April and mid May if there was going to be any sort of vacation for me - it would be within late summer or fall as I am only allowed to take time off then or during winter, as there is no way I am utilizing my camper in the winter months either, and knowing pretty much now for anyone to travel abroad to other countries - the new norm now will be a full COVID vaccination mandate of sorts. I will be in Canada if they do lift the restrictions for non essential personnel as early as next month - my only dilemma would be this : Back in late April when I got my first dose, the state of Alaska ran the program and was efficient and all and gotten the sticker of proof attached to the card with no glitches and all.... In mid May for the second dose - nothing was efficient, took four times the time to process everything with only 10% of people compared to the state running the program with over 90% of people more getting vaccinated that day with my first dose... Furthermore, it just so happen to be unlucky that my second dose scheduled day was the very first day a contractor took over the whole operation (the nurse told me as she was just as frustrated) as the state of Alaska dropped the vaccination program like a smoking gun committed in a crime on short notice, and the nurse had hand written -rather scribbled in the box on the CDC card stating the second dose that no one can read or decipher of what it says (looks fake as plastic fruit)....I requested some additional CLEAR PROOF as they told me no stickers were provided for proof like my first dose has. They told me they had no printers to give me any copy of proof for my second dose and tried to blow me off by emailing their company and open a account blah blah blah, until I screamed for a supervisor as I started going postal (a wonder they didn't call the cops to escort me out) which she directed me to drive all the way to the airport (5 miles) to obtain my copy of proof.... So later that night I arrive at the airport and the supervisor couldn't believe I showed up at 1130pm, got a proof of vaccination copy from them as she stated sorry for the inconvenience as they took over the operation on short notice and that they had to short staff the airport personnel by 50% to help out at the vaccination facility in Fairbanks.... Here's the kicker - after reading my proof of second shot the second time after leaving the airport - I realized they printed on the document that I received my FIRST SHOT - so I have proof of receiving two first dose shots as it stands.... lucky I took pictures at the facility, grabbed every souvenir like cartoon stickers stating I was vaccinated, and if this contractor does not correct the information for the second dose proof, hopefully by submitting my additional proof entering Canada that they will accept the proof with an explanation on the situation at hand should they lift the border restriction. If the current case numbers increase substantially with vaccinated individuals at this point, I am sure Canada will continue to impose restrictions.
AKsilvereagle 07/17/21 08:58pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Solar storm -- possbile aurora?

Was unaware of this event taking place... Skies were clear for the last two days in my area, was mostly clear in Anchorage on Tuesday the 13th as I had to go there for one day only (first day missing work all summer long), and driven 782 miles there and back in a 22 hr and 45 min span (and was 75% dark thru the Alaska Range on the return portion of the trip). Still did not see any activity within this Anchorage to Fairbanks latitude during this whole week, however - in my area at N64.9 latitude, it doesn't get dark until the first week of August (11 weeks of darkless summer here).
AKsilvereagle 07/17/21 05:00pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Second traveler in Alaska report

As for observing the situation pertaining in the Fairbanks area, this statement was a degree true early on in May getting ready for summer tourist season - however it is someway misleading after the tourist season had started This was based on statements made by the business owners themselves. Yeah I can see the business owners themselves will make a statement of a lack of workforce when they can't find immediate people for seasonal work and this happens from time to time for the tourist related sectors in the Fairbanks area... Both tourist season and construction season happens around the same time... Like I posted earlier, there is a much higher demand right now in the construction and industrial sectors here in the Fairbanks area as local people here will always take those positions available over any tourist related job sector when the opportunity exists....Fairbanks has always been either a boom or bust town cycle - and right now it is a boom cycle in construction as every time this cycle occurs, the tourist sector is generally short handed and cannot compete to fill positions during the summer which is nothing new... When Fairbanks is in a bust cycle, for those locals who need jobs will work part time for the tourist industry or those larger companies that have resources will bring in people from abroad. I can't speak for what the demand is for tourist related businesses across other parts of Alaska that have more frequent visitors south of Fairbanks, however I can say there is not much vibe activity of tourist visitors in my area for sure in all the tourist hot spots, downtown, Walmart, all I see is local people and out of towners working in construction in my area around this summer so far (lot of company trucks in hotel parking lots), other than a few RV rentals and RV's with Alaska plates only - with the exception of that one RV out of state plate.
AKsilvereagle 06/20/21 11:25am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: I hate roundabouts -- but maybe I am wrong

I like roundabouts as I first learned to drive the Orange Circle (100 block of Chapman Ave. and Glassell St.) in Orange California (2 lane)... As long as the roundabout intersection is immediate clear to the left, I accelerate fast into the circle with no hesitation (to avoid other potential hesitant idiots to my right) and keep moving. What I hate about roundabouts are the drivers that yield while the circle is three vehicle length clear while one vehicle is in the circle around the 10 o' clock position as the intersection "still parked" yielding car is at 6 o' clock position wondering if the vehicle will leave the circle at the 8 o' clock position or continue in the circle while I happen to be directly behind the hesitant fool delaying traffic. That's when I start yelling out the side window "Look kids, Big Bend...PARLIAMENT" !!!! if it ain't -40 below or something when someone stalls roundabout traffic in my area.
AKsilvereagle 06/20/21 10:18am Roads and Routes
RE: Second traveler in Alaska report

Could not agree more about the locals wanting our business. They are having staff issues in part due to the additional $300 stipend for those collecting unemployment and lack of foreigners who do many of the service jobs but will still do their best to ensure you happiness. As for observing the situation pertaining in the Fairbanks area, this statement was a degree true early on in May getting ready for summer tourist season - however it is someway misleading after the tourist season had started : There is still not a great demand right now in the tourist and service industry (in comparison to a more higher demand in the construction and industrial sectors) is the real reason why businesses are not fully committing to hire as much as they normally would by having crews short staffed when there are any increased peaks in business, as a lot of the tourist and hospitality related businesses are either still closed or have limited hours as that statement is spot on in the other thread.... Saturday June 12 was the final week for those still collecting the federal stipend if there job loss was covid related, as the state of Alaska decided to cut off the program altogether, and reinstated mandatory job search requirements.... Cruise ships are authorized to enter Alaska ports starting on July 1, as the state planned this target date earlier in the year as Canada prohibited any cruise ships to enter their ports for all of 2021, while the United States Congress had waived the mandatory Canadian waters and or foreign port requirement prior to inbound cruise ship arrivals to Alaska, so there will be some hiring demand for only a 2 to 3 month timeframe as cruise ships and buses will start playing part. They say only 5 percent of all Alaska visitors during the summer are RV'ers as I beg to differ - they visit for much longer and cover more areas and contribute a great deal in comparison to a typical cruise ship patron would. At least we have two returning diehard Alaska visitors that arrived and rented an RV that posted another great visit. Reference to not seeing out of state RV's in Alaska, I can vouch for that as over a month ago I had seen only one RV (deluxe class C) that had an out of state plate all summer - Alabama....the driver wasn't military looking, the rig was way full of dirt all around, and was heading into Fairbanks on the inbound Richardson Hwy. Either the dirt line was from the Alaska Hwy, Denali Hwy, Taylor Hwy, or perhaps the Dalton Hwy if the RV was previously there prior before... To me it sure looked like it traveled thru the Alaska Hwy as I am wondering what excuse this party had to come thru Canada that was essential enough, as it didn't appear there were any other belongings being hauled upon, no trailer, etc.... Then again the rig might have sailed on a cross ferry to get to Alaska, hit the Denali Hwy and got all dirty too by the time I spotted it....who knows as I am still curious about it.
AKsilvereagle 06/20/21 08:59am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Blocking EV chargers?

I guess we travel in out of the way places because I've yet to see a Station that has EV Charging Stations, and we've been over most of the States East of the Mississippi. I have a couple pictures of electric vehicle stations : Red sports car on a charging station in Osoyoos British Columbia Canada : A group of 14 Tesla EV stations at Angel of the Wings Casino and Resort in Arlington Washington :
AKsilvereagle 06/06/21 06:34pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Idaho/Montana Route 200

I only driven this route 1 mile east past the Montana State Line and turned around in October 2018 just to officially say I was in the state of Montana, thought it was a pretty good road overall for the short length that I driven it.... Ended up being a plan C route to visit my nephew in Sandpoint that I have not seen in 29 years as he relocated there 6 years prior to my visiting as this was my first time in Idaho as well... The weather got so bad in central BC and Alberta late September with the early massive snow as I was delayed and had to also cancel Waterton NP along with Glacier NP on this plan B route consisting of driving into Montana and westbound 200 to Sandpoint, however that did not happen... Ended up having to take the ferry back to Haines in mid October hoping the weather would hold up driving my camper home and getting up over the summit by the time I arrived in that area, as I got lucky when the Yukon had record high 60 F temperatures. October 2018 - eastbound route 200 - Northern Idaho Idaho - Montana State Line : One mile east of Idaho Montana State Line : A few miles along the lakeshore (westbound) - west of Clarke Fork :
AKsilvereagle 05/27/21 08:13am Roads and Routes
RE: Retirement

Be very glad you are not a "businessman". I learned early on in my worklife that it takes a special person that doesn't mind working 24/7/365 per yr to own and run a business, especially a small business. One small shop I worked at for a couple of yrs, the owner told me that if you want to own a business you will have to "marry" it. You don't own it, it owns you. You don't go on "vacation", if you get sick, you don't get sick days, you still have to run it. No one will take care of it as well as you would when absent. I clearly understand and can relate to all of this.... My boss had his business sold 5 years ago, he is a multi millionaire at now 66 years old and told the buyers to take a hike after the final day of transition as the buyers kept presenting changes to the provisions of my boss' firm agreements, so my boss continues to be married to a phone and tells me - we all won't live forever, however after that turning point, now I can't seem to think about doing anything else. Another friend that owns a large landscaping and construction business says I am not the owner of the company, the company owns me - and still fully commits to 24 hour situations, works the longest hours over all his crew, and never takes vacations... he tells me and everyone else he knew what he was in for when he committed to take on his business. My one business dream entrepreneurship was wanting to own my own laundrymat and arcade .... fully coin op with the least overhead and minimum employees to worry about while not fully committing to the 24-7 stress of running or owning a business like many - however I never had the capital to endure into it. I can work on commercial laundry machines which would save me a great deal of expenses if I had the capital, so of course I stayed a blue collar worker while always making someone else rich... I knew this dear friend semi truck driver that has the most experience on the North Slope since it's existence, the real ice road trucker that no one got to ever see him on TV because he refused to act or say false narratives that the production staff wanted him scripted - which was a big mistake because this guy just being his true self would have shot the ratings thru the roof .... I was glad he decided to finally retire at 66 and told me about the house being built along the lakeside in Washington State after working all his life - Went from having his own trucking business and downgraded to working for the company that he sold his business with as he no longer dealt with the business aspect.... Then they asked him to come back to work for the following summer and I was surprised to see him again, as he tells me the company needs more experience on the roads until the replacement young bucks get more acclimated as 5 other people retired, so he came back to work right at turning 67... His semi was found off the side of the road 30 miles south of Prudhoe Bay as he died of a brain aneurysm - he never got to enjoy his retirement as over 400 semi trucks motorcaded on a 500 mile stretch in his honored memory. This is one major factor and the math telling me I want to retire as early as I can to reach a steady income.
AKsilvereagle 05/23/21 08:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Basalt Campground to Ukiah, CA

I would say overall Hwy 20 would be a best option to Ukiah from I-5 at Williams and is a pretty good stress free route throughout but a little longer....mainly wide two lane with a few passing lanes in the hilly areas....dealing with Sacramento traffic during the daytime will be the only major obstacle. Overall - taking Hwy 12 thru Fairfield to Sonoma can be busy, and from Sonoma to the outskirts of Santa Rosa before reaching at the 101, parts of that stretch is like a forest backroad that might be somewhat busy nowadays also, however it would be a shorter overall route... Hwy 29 thru Napa and St. Helena would be real busy in the daytime...I wouldn't recommend Hwy 29 thru Calistoga and Lower Lake at the Hwy 29 at Hwy 53 Junction if one is towing something large due to the Stevenson Grade which is a curvy stretch, same for Hwy 175 after Middletown once you climb up to Cobb and thru Hobergs - I driven these roads too many times to count. The Hwy 29 at Hwy 128 Junction at Calistoga thru Geyserville I have not driven throughout, however I have driven on parts of the 128 with all them petrified forest wooded back roads taking shortcuts to Santa Rosa....I would avoid the 128 at night if one is unfamiliar with the surrounding area due to constant directional changes at crossroad intersections, however that is another shorter route option and shouldn't be too bad overall. The only minor issue you will encounter on Hwy 20 will be the stretch along the Clearlake shoreline with moderate to heavy daytime traffic just west of Hwy 53 intersection between Clearlake Oaks and Nice, although traffic should be still flowing well enough... Glenhaven to Lucerne stretch is a potential speedtrap area patrolled back in the day with 35 to 45 mph speed limits, and prepare to get profiled by either the Lake County Sheriff or the CHP if one displays any out of state plates, especially Alaska plates thru this area. Once one reaches past Upper Lake (westbound), Hwy 20 becomes more open road again all the way to the 101 and to Ukiah will be a breeze. My Mom relocated in 4 different locations throughout that whole Clear Lake corridor between 1982 and 1991 which is why I am so familiar with that entire area upon my visits and staying there on a 5 month stint... Her last residence was at one of the trailer parks along Hwy 20 between Clearlake Oaks and Glenhaven as I finally had the money to relocate her to live with me in Alaska during 1991.
AKsilvereagle 05/23/21 06:48pm Roads and Routes
RE: i-5 san diego thru LA rest stops?

Thanks you all. I ended up taking the inland route to avoid the socal metropilis. I-8 ->111->78 -> i-10-> 62->247 ->58 -i-5..... Didn't hit significant traffic til i-580 into the bay area. A bit of a shock after 7 weeks of the great wide open southwest. My brain got a barrier block while reading these routes upon seeing 78 thinking you were going thru Ocotillo Wells, Ramona and Escondido and then continued on I-10 and realized 86 was forgotten to be posted before resuming on I-10 to 62. All the years I lived in Los Angeles, Coachella Valley and throughout Southern California - the two routes listed I never commuted on is the 247 out of Yucca Valley and the 58. In September 2019, I was climbing up the Grapevine southbound I-5 and my camper rig decides to fuel vapor lock for the first time it was so hot, and sure was glad I barely had enough speed to cut in front of two semis going uphill with no power and still made it coasting into a parking spot at the new rest stop area (new to me that never used to exist) ..Popped the hood up and let it cool for an hour and a half and resumed travel with no problem. The old rest stop was pretty much at the base of the Grapevine (the Union 76 truck stop and frontage road) I can certainly contest about the lack of rest areas throughout the LA metro and San Diego areas.
AKsilvereagle 05/23/21 06:55am Roads and Routes
RE: RV towing on 5 through San Francisco

I know I am a little late to reply here, although I would agree that anyone towing a large sized anything thru San Francisco would only wish I-5 existed.... I only driven to and thru San Francisco streets back in 1982 and 1989 and that it was nerve racking without towing anything....and I was raised in Los Angeles. As noted, 19th Ave (Hwy 1) would be the route I would use if I had to tow anything passing thru San Francisco. I can't imagine me towing something large thru Van Ness or Lombard streets on the 101. One will notice a fair share of transmission and brake shops in San Francisco too. I certainly can confirm that the lanes are narrow thru main thoroughfares and Golden Gate Bridge as well. It's nice to know that northbound on the Golden Gate is still toll free. Although I never been to the French Riviera, I would say driving thru Monaco with a large RV would be a close comparison to commuting on San Francisco narrow lanes and streets.
AKsilvereagle 05/23/21 06:05am Roads and Routes
RE: Retirement

Unfortunately I have been a working stiff all my life and still am a working stiff.... Fortunately I always have had a high degree in math and am one of those bean counters, disciplined sports bettor types, know where every penny goes as I obtain a receipt for anything I buy, strict with my money management and constantly weigh options, avoid fees and unnecessary overpriced extortion charges by not paying for some else's retirement, and calculate all the time .... This is my 43rd year in the workforce - as I am just a blue collar worker and still wished I was a BUSINESSMAN ! Social Security will be my bread and butter income which eventually will be 100% dependent for me, followed by my life's savings, and my simple IRA, Roth IRA and traditional IRA I just recently obtained less than three years ago (I went short term here) which will never come close to reach the current amount of my life savings amount.... The positives : My property and well used 1966 house trailer was fully paid off since July 2001, and I never financed a vehicle in my life (I drive 45 to 51 year old rigs I had almost forever) and always lived poor but was always debt free before obtaining my house and debt free after obtaining my house.... The negatives : Type 2 diabetic non insulin, so I am not perfectly healthy anymore....Not eligible for medicare until 65th birthday (9 years away), and health care coverage as we all know is real expensive in the United States As noted by so many - I also did the math a long time ago in reference to the guidelines of Social Security and plan to collect at 62 unless I am still forced to work due to any changes or circumstances to what the future holds... Since today I am 6 years and 81 days away from collecting my first scheduled social security check (55th day AFTER my 62nd birthday), that is an immediate additional 60 payments I will receive unless I opt to wait 5 more years for this full retirement age thing the government offering an additional $500 monthly payment, or an additional $100 per month for each year after my 62nd birthday to draw the entitlement.... First of all, I cannot imagine me doing the same job for another 12 years at 67 years old.... let alone at 62. Second of all, each completed year I have worked after 2013 - I am substantially increasing my pay rating formula as their rules state they calculate over 35 total years (whether you worked 35 years or not) or the highest 35 years of work history income (which means in my situation I have now eliminated the lowest 8 years which is substantial !). Third of all, the pay rating formula in my situation won't be substantially increasing anymore after eliminating the 11th lowest year of my work history (which is 46 years of recorded income) provided I am still working my current job thru Dec 2024 at age 59.5) Which is perfect for my situation for these moons to line up, as my 11th and 12th lowest yearly income work years is the biggest gap difference in the formula if eliminated (a 1 year $5000 gap), compared to the 12th lowest year thru the 26th lowest year (which is only a $7000 gap difference in between those 15 years COMBINED in that stretch), as the lowest yearly income within this 15 year stretch is the first 5 years that is within a $2000 gap which is not significant for a higher rating formula. Even if I decided to wait until age 67 to retire, and that's if I have the same full time current employment for the next 11 years - it would be substantial enough to get another $700 per month (or only $500 per month if I don't work from age 62 to age 67 and not draw) - and those are a lot of if's which are too many for me. However, after I did all the math and decide not to collect at age 62 and draw at age 67 (if I no longer work right now and forward), the government is saying to me they are willing to bet that I won't live past age 78 and two months to break even waiting 5 more years to start drawing. The government is also saying to me that if I wish to draw at age 62, you will start losing an additional $500 to $700 of income each month you could have had starting 3 months after your 78th birthday - if you would just only wait another 5 years to draw (but in reality that is still over a 16 year gap to this break even point whether one starts collecting or not) I have been with only two employers in the last 31 consecutive years (current job 16 years and former job 15 years) and luck holds it to be - the current job is highest paid and previous job was second highest paid, and if I continue to work my current job for the next 3 years - that will cover 34 out of 35 years in the rated formula for my two highest paid jobs at age 59.5 for the age 62 draw top formula peak. Working thru age 60.5, 61.5, and 62 will have no bearing on increasing my rated formula for monthly income as those lowest 35 to 40 years of reported income is rather the same amount. So, if my home is still holding up and I'm still in good health - I could retire as early as 59.5 and hope nothing major happens financially or tragically while not having health coverage (premiums are too great) and draw the IRA's without substantial penalty and live off my savings before age 62 social security kicks in and enjoy life.... All that math has told me I'd rather take the $78,000 upfront government offer for the first 5 years at age 62 and still enjoy life to the fullest rather than wait that much longer just to get an additional $500-$700 per month, as I know for certain my quality of life will surely not be the same at age 78 - 3 months and older, or I will not live to see that age.
AKsilvereagle 05/23/21 03:07am Around the Campfire
RE: Canadian Camping outlook or No Alaska this year

I am already in mode mindset of a second consecutive year of not going to Canada.... After seeing the government of Australia last week announcing their no foreign visitors extension thru Mid 2022 - I think Canada will follow suit extending this month to month non essential border closure the past 15 months will likely continue throughout this year.... If upon short notice by late summer 2021 there is hope that Canada will allow non essential visitors cross their borders, I will secure the camper on one of my trucks and go - however this highly contagious virus is no where means under control. I finally decided to get vaccinated for many reasons too long to list other than the timing was right and witnessing others that had their vaccinations from 6 months ago are functioning pretty normal with no issues - as I received my second dose just four days ago - lucky me my only side effect from both shots was experiencing a sore arm for 24 hours (the first shot hurt worse)....didn't get any chills, fever, significant fatigue, etc. As my 5 digit amount of Canadian Dollars still sit in the Canadian bank account collecting cobwebs - I converted $3.00 Canadian Dollars to US Dollars just recently so that the prolong account inactivity status did not freeze the account so that it would remain in it's active status.... So until my permitted time off approaches, looks like I will just do the many projects around the house again this year if I cannot venture in Canada .... I been on practically every connecting road in the Alaska road system with the camper so it's less desirable to me to travel in my camper within Alaska since I live here....My 13 consecutive year visiting streak in Canada was broke in 2020 due to the current events we are all still facing.
AKsilvereagle 05/22/21 08:45pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper, Alberta

Like others have posted, getting reservations is a must the first day they allow to do so - especially if you want electric hookups. It is highly recommended for reservations upon any campsite if visiting during June thru Labour Day Weekend. Unfortunately I am still a working stiff and my boss only allows me September off for vacation time, and that's still like pulling teeth or takes an act of congress to approve it, while I get the "take time off during the winter" speech, as my line of work does not allow summertime off. So, upon my experiences of visiting the Canadian Rockies in the Banff, Jasper, Yoho, and Kootenay National Parks - I was only able to tour the region during the month of September in 2011, 2012, and 2013 - and STILL haven't been able to see everything in the area.... I could only stay 4 to 5 days in the area before heading back home so I could still keep a job - taking my time commuting in my old 1970 rig via Alaska or Cassiar Hwy. it would take me 9 to 10 days time to arrive, so that would be about burning three weeks of vacation time just on commuting alone upon a round trip. Had to cut my vacation short and head back in 2014 as I gotten a high fever and tonsilitis, or else I would have had all of my four different national park entry passes which I planned on getting : 2011 - east entry - Banff - (check) 2012 - south entry - Kootenay - (check) 2013 - north (w) - Jasper - (check) 2014 - had planned west entry to Yoho to obtain the four cycle of park passes, so I have yet to acquire that still. During September, just the few main featured campgrounds do remain open as Parks Canada shuts down the others... I have never had to make any reservations for an available campground site in any of my visits during September, however other than Lake Louise - Tunnel Mountain II (all electric sites) were always FULL and Whistlers (electric sites) were always FULL also.... I stayed at Lake Louise campground in 2011 and 2012 : (availability was plentiful) All sites are electric there for RV spots (189 sites), with easy and roomy two way access sites (drive in and out the other side) for even a motorcoach size rig in the middle portion of the RV campground, very maneuverable there... The only downfall for some people at Lake Louise : is the trains run fast thru the campground and are real loud in all hours of the day and night, however they never bothered me as I wear earplugs when sleeping in the RV and I always wear hearing protection when walking around in public anyway to filter out the annoying noises and screaming kids and such. I was possibly planning to stay at Redstreak at Kootenay NP in 2012, however that campground was FULL. I stayed at Whistlers campground in 2011 and 2012 as well : (I lucked out as in 2011 there were only 5 sites left, and only 2 sites left in 2012) - like I mentioned before - no electric sites were available as they were all taken......sites assigned to me were small. If one thinks the trains are real bad at Lake Louise campground, try dealing with constant continuous loud mating calls of elk during the night at Whistlers in September - I say pick your poison in comparison. Wapati campground closes during the month of September at Jasper Nat'l Park as they upgrade it for winter season. I stayed at Tunnel Mountain I campground (no electric sites there) in 2012 and 2013 - sites are small that they assigned me just like Whistlers, however I was commuting in a cabover camper so it was fine for me. I stayed overnight in the parking lot at Icefields Visitor Center (Jasper NP) in 2013 and stayed at Two Jack Main campground in 2013 as well.... Two Jack Lakeside campground sites were all full, as I overnighted in Two Jack Main campground on the final day they scheduled to close for the season - was planning on possibly taking the Lake Minnewanka boat tour however I didn't think the weather was going to hold up long enough during the day as I passed it up with threatening rainfall, and it did rain hard by mid day. As for all that are reading this post, this gives one the idea that every one of those consecutive years that I visited the four National Parks, I visited different sites and other areas that I previously have not explored. Will post more pictures time permitting, however I will close a few for now, pertaining to the trams and ski lifts : September 2011 - Lake Louise Ski Lift and Mountain Resort - Banff NP : September 2011 - Whistlers Mountain - upper terminal - Jasper NP September 2012 - Sulphur Mountain - overlooking lower terminal - Banff NP Sulphur Mountain - upper terminal - Banff NP As noted, places like Waterton NP, the Kananaskis, Mt. Robson, etc. and such along the Canadian Rockies in those areas are a must see also if one has the time to visit.
AKsilvereagle 03/08/21 10:00am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Travelling from Nevada to Alaska in the Middle of Winter

With no response from the OP for over a week, my conclusion is they are under mandatory quarantine measures, and then having to conduct in-processing protocols after that which also takes a lot to get settled in.
AKsilvereagle 02/27/21 04:49pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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