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RE: Rear and side camera

Can't specify brand but I used wired side view cameras because wiring was not that difficult and they have a steady picture. I didn't go wild on my wireless set up for the back but mine was on a 37' pushed so a shorter MH the signal would seem to work better. Mine drops out for a second or two every few minutes! Everything I bought came from Amazon.
Acampingwewillgo 09/05/21 11:58am Technology Corner
RE: Thousand Trails Camping Pass?

Hey guys......good to see you back! TT, especially in Oregon and Washington, is great. While we haven't been to the Washington Parks, I always hear good things about them. The Oregon Parks on the coast particularly Whalers Rest, Seaside and I like Pacific City too.....are all nice. All I can say is we have been Happy with Thousand Trails for over 10-15 years now. Good luck with your new adventures! Dwight
Acampingwewillgo 09/01/21 10:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Skool me on cell phone boosters and install tips, please

I live here on the "left" coast and my arsenal consists of (1) T mobile primary 55 plus plan cell, (2) a Visible phone on the Verizon network and finally (3) that ToGo data SIM on AT&T network. There are still times, I won't have a signal but I do also have the WeBoost. I generally use the We Boost with an omni directional antenna and it helps greatly. Back to the OP's question....two or three points....height of the outside antenna, quality wire between outside antenna and booster and finally separation between the two inside units(booster and indoor panel antenna.
Acampingwewillgo 08/27/21 05:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Views on when to/not to allow a dog to be social

Interesting topic! Over the years the dogs we have had(collies and Cavaliers mostly), have always been social but always controlled under tight leash. Now we have an adopted wire haired Dachsaund who is a Napolean type. He's had socialization issues since his first week with us some 5 years ago. Once he knows you, it's fine but I'm very, very careful about anyone or other dogs approaching him without me grabbing him by the collar. I know, I'm a terrible trainer but this is the first time in 50 years of dog ownership I've experienced this. But we make it work, still love the LiL guy!!!????
Acampingwewillgo 08/26/21 07:33pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Temptation to Buy a Chromebook

The days of sitting in my chair with a laptop have been over for several years now. It's either a tablet or the trusty Chrome book and I've become fairly fond of the later. I went cheap too on the Chrome...but it's held up well.
Acampingwewillgo 08/14/21 07:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Jackson,WY

The one time I tried staying in Jackson, the traffic was impossible. With that being said, we ended up at Gros Vente (sp)....and as I understand it now, if your lucky, you can reserve a water/elect site. Just a thought. Have Fun where ever you end up!
Acampingwewillgo 08/13/21 08:55pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Looking for a small 50-80 qt. Freezer

I too have looked at many of the"iceco" brand refrig/freezers at Amazon. Lots to chose from....
Acampingwewillgo 08/11/21 06:36pm Tech Issues
RE: DIRECTV Real or Not

I just read last week about the selling off of Direct TV although the actual transaction sounds complicated in regards to the new owners. I just thought it funny that one reason for the sale was the losses AT&T has incurred for many reasons, one being customer service! What an understatement that is!!!! In regards to the sale, having been a loyal customer for close to, what, 25 years, it can't get much worse so bring on the New ownership!!???? Oh, I did not get that offer but then again I never had Sunday ticket in the first place.
Acampingwewillgo 08/08/21 10:16am Technology Corner
RE: Interesting dog names

Seems all of our kid names ended with "ie" ..... Laddie, Scoutie, Kodie, Mollie, Rubie, Cassie, Maggie, Rosie!???? Ok, I have to admit that a couple we adopted late in their lives, it didn't seem right to change their names...Elvis, Potter and Cooper.????
Acampingwewillgo 07/30/21 08:22pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Providing my own WiFi

We're not "have to have internet" but I do like to have access. My wife and I both have "hot spot" T- Mobile phones, I have an additional Visible phone on Verizon used if T mobile isnt. And finally, since I got in on the ToGo craze a few years ago, I keep the yearly plan on AT&T for Data. Sounds like a lot but we are on the Geezer plan for T mobile, the 25.00 a month for Visible and I think the AT&T plan is 300.00+/- yearly for X amount of data...( 100 gigs yearly). Works for us and I've yet to be without at least some internet. I did add a We Boost cell Booster also....helps a lot.
Acampingwewillgo 07/25/21 12:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Yosemite questions

Enjoyed the Yellowstone report so much I had to look back to be sure it was about Yosemite...??. We're hoping to make it up that way in Sept/Oct timeframe...I've always wanted to try that SKP Coursegold camp...maybe this year.
Acampingwewillgo 07/22/21 05:03pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Old Air Compressors-Safety Hazards-Heads Up

I know when sitting by the MH tire trying to get up to 110-120 lbs of pressure, I'm always concerned about said fire exploding on me. Now I can worry about the compressor too.
Acampingwewillgo 07/14/21 11:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: A followup on the thread on ATT 100 gig data plan

That seems like such a bargain....I don't use that kind of data but if I'm paying 300.00 a year for 100 gigs for my ToGo via AT&T....well, it just doesn't quite add up? For me, that is. I realize the ToGo deal was suppose to be unlimited but that lasted all of one year. Seems there should be something inbetween 1200 gigs for 660.00(55.00x12) and 100 gigs for 300.00 Yearly????
Acampingwewillgo 06/20/21 06:47pm Technology Corner
RE: End of Direct TV SD should I switch to Dish?

Ok....yes, this has been coming for years and I've tried to stay in the loop. As the OP related, Standard Def is at some point, going away. The story I garnered over a year ago is that even though SD will be gone, Direct TV will still be broadcasting on the 101 Sat in HD,a good many of the current channels you get in SD. This was important to me because I have two single LNB dishes on my in motion and a very old Datron automatic. My problem was getting the correct receiver that will still operate with my current roof top dishes while maintaining enough programming on the 101 Sat to make it worth it. This still remains to be seen...not knowing exactly what channels are going to stay on the 101 or get moved about. I think I purchased a HR24/HR44? Receiver, then played hell to get it activated, having to go through a third party vendor for activation. I've been with Direct for about 25 years and their customer service has never been worst...if I didn't already have Direct in house and what I already had dish wise on the RV I would have gone with Dish network long ago. I will not waste anymore money trying to keep up with Direct if what I've referred to above does not hold water. Good luck??
Acampingwewillgo 06/14/21 08:04pm Technology Corner
RE: 2nd AC size

Seems to me for the difference in price, why not have more than what you might need. You can always run it on low fan. Living in So. Cal it would be a no brainer for me but on the east coast?? Maybe/maybe not! I guess I'd still say " to big"....
Acampingwewillgo 06/10/21 11:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Dog fence when sitting outside camper with dog

Have used the X pens for 20 years from collies, to Cavaliers and now our two small kiddo's. I agree it's best to inquiry about using a pen. I know recent changes to Thousand Trail parks is two fold, the pens should be contained within the area of your awning and no more than 24" in height. Our dogs are never outside without us sitting with them and we sometimes leash our excitable one in addition to the pen.
Acampingwewillgo 06/08/21 07:11pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Sewer smell

When you open the window, while under way, you put the coach in a negative pressure. Thus you suck air through the pee traps. I had the same issue and my air admittance valves were new. I installed rotating sewer vent covers and the problem went away. They put you tanks in a negative pressure, thus a balance of pressures. Richard This has been my experience also! Getting the pressures correct is the key( along with water in the traps).... I have the bathroom vent open and on low exhaust and open the kitchen window a smells in very long time!
Acampingwewillgo 06/08/21 07:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: stay pluged in or not

I use to swear by staying plugged in BUT I was always dealing with battery issues no matter how smart the inverter/charger thought it was(ie...over charging). Then one day, one of my 8D batteries exploded....what a mess, no damage but still quite a cleanup. I now use a battery tender and have so for roughly 5 years now and I couldnt be happier. Batteries, both house and chassis are always ready to go.
Acampingwewillgo 06/08/21 06:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: how long to lower temps When living quarters at 100

Your right Doug...I wouldn't begin to compare my 37' to a longer slide coach but I only posted this because getting a coach/RV cooled from a standing 100+ degree interior is a task for any cooling system. My reasoning is that it's a multi prong approach to get max cooling....the more you RV in heat, the more you learn!
Acampingwewillgo 06/05/21 08:27pm Tech Issues
RE: how long to lower temps When living quarters at 100

Just to dispel some myths....37' non slide well insulated motorhome, two 15,000 btu roof top airs, awnings out, shares down, exterior window shades and a misting system on patio awning. The place, Pahrump, Nevada, the outside temp, hovering at about 115, inside RV, 68 degrees! I've owned our motor home for close to 20 years and I travel in hot it's not a one time occurrence! The myth dispelled....that air can only cool down 20 degrees below outside temp! The accepted rule of thumb is 20 degrees less than the Ambien air entering your return air duct of your unit( up to its max cooling ability). That's my real world experience and my I understanding as to how it all works....your results will, in fact, vary!! LoL
Acampingwewillgo 06/05/21 03:21pm Tech Issues
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