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RE: do you buy the replacement ins on your tires

I have been buying tires at Discount for over 25 years for our personal vehicles plus 4 15 passenger vans we had when we owned a small business. I have never bought the certificates. I have been driving for 55 years averaging over 25,000 per year until retirement and DW averaging about 15,000. In all that time and miles we have lost a total of ONE (1) tire to road hazard. For the money I would have spent on certificates (basically a form of replacement insurance) I could have bought several sets of tires. Lucky? Maybe. But a lot of money saved. Or spent for other things.
BB_TX 07/17/19 07:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Long term parking

Many RV parks have some storage areas without hookups for that purpose.
BB_TX 07/17/19 05:31pm Full-time RVing
RE: Basic 5th wheel towing questions.

The hitch with the big flat plate is a standard 5th wheel hitch and what virtually all 5th wheel trailers are factory built to use. The ball in the bed is for using a gooseneck type hitch. Common on stock trailers and construction trailers. You can buy a gooseneck adapter to convert a 5er to use that type hitch but some manufacturers will void your warranty if you do. Some people use sliding 5th wheel hitches to prevent the trailer from hitting the cab on tight back in turns. Trailers have total weights and hitch weights to consider. Trucks have tow weight ratings and payload weight ratings. The truck numbers should equal or, preferably, exceed the trailer numbers.
BB_TX 07/17/19 03:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Truck with 5ver towing a boat

Many people tow a trailer behind their 5er. Generally speaking it is legal in the middle states and less so in the east and west coasts states. Overall length requirements have to be met also. But best check with each state of interest before trying it.
BB_TX 07/17/19 01:00pm Towing
RE: Power Cable Extension options ??

When was this standard formulated? I know of one MI state park that has shared power pedestals, four sites per box, and up to 100 feet of extension cord required. The earliest documents regarding RVs and RV parks began prior to 1940. Those have gone thru numerous iterations under numerous numbering systems over the years. The document number was changed to 1194 in 1999. But these standards and codes go thru revision cycles of every 4-5 years with some additions, modifications, clarifications, and possibly deletions made each time to remain up to date on current practices. Probably only an NFPA historian could tell you when a specific requirement was added. New requirements would generally not be retroactive to existing parks.
BB_TX 07/17/19 07:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Power Cable Extension options ??

So anyway, on to the 1194 Standards there are as I pointed out a few areas where our fellow RVer from BC is quoting the 1194 Standards as being enforceable in the USA where he is wrong and why. Actually, all I did in response to someone who said he doubts such codes/standards exist, is quote out of 1194 & art. 551 to show such codes & standards do exist. I would be interested though to see a link to something that shows that NFPA standards aren't enforceable. The NFPA codes and standards are enforceable by the “authority having jurisdiction” if that AHJ creates their own code specifying that the NFPA code is to be adhered to. An AHJ can be federal, state, city, or other entity with enforcement rights. NFPA is not a government entity and has no enforcement rights. They are a self funded non profit organization who creates these standards and codes for others to use. And you sure would not want some government bureaucratic office to create them.
BB_TX 07/16/19 02:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Power Cable Extension options ??

BB_TX, I don't refute what you are saying in the least, but some have the opinion that NFPA is law. I just think they are wrong and you have verified or at least back up my belief. I started in the electrical trade some 65 years ago and NEC has always been our guide(code really). The City of Los Angeles has had some standards that were more stringent than the NEC, this did not violate the NFPA rules as some say it would. .....,. You are correct. Some think NFPA is some government agency with some guy sitting in his office making up rules to justify his existence. And that is far from the truth. NFPA is an independent non profit group dedicated to safety. And their codes and standards are not laws in themselves. But local authorities can mandate using those codes as their local codes in their entirety, or add exceptions or additions as they choose. And of course virtually all authorities dictating building codes specify NFPA 70 NEC in their local codes in some form.
BB_TX 07/16/19 10:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Power Cable Extension options ??

I am finding this to be very interesting. I still don't believe that all NFPA standards are Codes, therefore, after reading the sections in 1194 and 70, I think there is a huge area of latitude in applying these standards. (Yes I know that the NFPA says all 50 states have adopted 70) In other words does the standard prohibit pulling straight into a back in stand? ........... NFPA has produced over 100 documents, all in some way related to fire safety. Some of those documents are titled as codes and some as standards. 1194 is a standard. 70 is a code. A code is written in a manner that attempts to leave no room for interpretation and can be incorporated by the local “authority having jurisdiction” as local law. All stated requirements include the word “shall” as in “you shall do this” or “you shall do that”. A city ordinance may require NFPA 70 must be folllwed for any building in its city limits essentially making it enforceable law. A standard is written in a less rigid manner and may have a requirement such as “you should do this” or “you should do that”. Or give options to chose from. Every NFPA code and standard has a committee made up of 15-25 unpaid volunteers who work for other companies who are in some way associated with the target area of that code or standard. They meet regularly to review and update the documents if needed. They are in no way beholden to NFPA and NFPA cannot direct them as to what they include in those documents in the way f requirements. On top of that, all requirements of those codes and standards go out for public review before they are actually incorporated. Lastly, none of the documents are law in themselves. They must be adopted by local authorities as local codes to be law. I served as a volunteer on two NFPA committees for 15 years and know how their system works.
BB_TX 07/15/19 08:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Power Cable Extension options ??

Sounds like you bought a new power cord instead of an extension cord. Extension cord is what you need.
BB_TX 07/15/19 03:04pm Travel Trailers