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RE: How to REMOVE brake drum races using a shop press? width=500 The artist missed the fact the shape of hub will not let anything vertical reach the race. Driving them out, always working at angle. OP, you might cut a bar the right length to lay on the race, then push the center. Big races, with alloy hubs, where I fear the impact might distort the hub, I have just ran a bead in center of face. The weld will pull the race, let it just slide out. Good idea about a bar across the race.....I'm thinking some 1/4" flat bar that is arced to fit race arc and just shy of the full width (there isn't much room between race and sides of drum....probably thousandths of an inch) of the race so doesn't scrape on sides of hub yet still fully catches race edge. Thoughts?
Baja Man 07/31/22 08:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: How to REMOVE brake drum races using a shop press?

How about using a puller instead of pushing it. There are a lot of pullers with adapters to hook just about anything. Some auto parts stores lend them out with a deposit. I don't believe there is a puller made to pull races from hubs where there is no direct vertical access.....That may be the reason why they are punched out with a drift...?
Baja Man 07/31/22 08:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: How to REMOVE brake drum races using a shop press?

As an owner of a 30 ton press, I woudn't bother. I am sure I could rig something up, but it would be much easier and faster to just hammer them out with a drift Curious, have you ever used your 30T press for such and activity? I just may use a brass drift and hammer to remove....but I like to use the best and safest tools available when I can. Thanks
Baja Man 07/31/22 07:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: How to REMOVE brake drum races using a shop press? width=500 What did that bearing race removal bushing come from? Custom made or ???
Baja Man 07/31/22 07:04pm Travel Trailers
How to REMOVE brake drum races using a shop press?

Hello all-- I wanted to see if anyone has a method for removing brake drum/hub bearing races from trailer brake drums using a simple shop press. I know there are kits that use machined alum discs of various sizes to install races and seals (either with a hammer, press, and air hammer) but have never seen how to remove them using a shop press. I know how to remove races using a brass drift and hammer. You must access race at an angle, as the race can not be hit vertically with the drift. This is what makes using a press a challenge. can races be removed from brake drums using a shop press? Maybe it's so simple, I can't see it or think of it!!! Thanks!
Baja Man 07/31/22 04:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT When Solo....OR Truck Camper?

This thread caught my eye as I'm contemplating going from a 32' 5th wheel to a TC. Its usually just me and the dog and the trailer is huge to clean and haul around. I don't like going through gas stations with it and the 5-6mpg doesn't help that. Its 50 amp and 3 slides. I can't cool it in the summers with 2 a/c's, making boondocking impractical. I miss pulling up next to the water and doing some real camping. The cons would be the size of the holding tanks and lack of ammenities in the TC's I can haul in my F250. Looking at a Palomino HS-1803. Not sure about a wet bath, no bathroom sink and no closet? But maybe you have more than a 3100lb payload. I was thinking of a pop up a Hallmark Guanella or FWC Hawk. My older F350 SRW Cew Cab, V10, 4X2, has a payload of approx. 3500#....That is too heavy of a camper for my comfort. 2000#-2200# WET would be my comfort level, hence the soft side preference. I also prefer the lower profile. There are sacrifices as you mentioned. As mentioned in the posts, using a TT/5er solo can be done. In your case, your trailer is much larger than mine. A TC may be more practical for you since you always travel solo and with a furry friend. I also camp with my family so keeping the TT is a MUST for me.
Baja Man 07/19/22 03:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can I get on my roof?

If manufacture says it's walkable, then you can walk on it. My unit does not have a ladder (due to a rear slide out king bed), but manufacturer brochure states it is a fully walkable roof. SAFETY FIRST at ALL times! Only do this if you are agile, feel comfortable doing this, and have assistance. Do NOT do this while alone! I'm 6' 275# and I am VERY CAUTIOUS when I go on roof. In the next week or so, I plan on removing AC shroud to clean evap and condenser coils, and give it a general inspection. My 23yo son will assist. Ladder will be placed so when I get to roof top, I'll be near AC. I'll go straight to AC and stay near it for my work. I will use a 2'x2' piece of rigid foam to kneel on (easy on knees and spreads load). Plywood has sharp edges, is heavier, and not needed IMO. Rigid foam is plenty rigid for this application. Except for one fantastic fan vent in center (which I recently had installed by RV shop) I was able to caulk all other areas. If I can do any roof-related work , i.e., antenna repair, vents, vent covers, caulking, etc., from side of RV using a ladder, I'll do that. I'll ONLY go on roof when I feel safe and want to do work myself. I like to use a straight folding type aluminum ladder, with pool noodle foam taped to upper sections to protect where ladder touches the trailer. I prefer this type of ladder over the A frame as I believe it is more stable when stepping to/from ladder, onto/off of the RV roof. Go slow, take your time, don't rush, stay away from roof edges, and have someone with you to assist with handing you tools/supplies, and to hold ladder when you go up/down. Again, SAFETY FIRST!!!
Baja Man 07/19/22 02:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Leaking fresh water tank

I repaired my FW tank a few years ago on a TH I owned. Previous owner tried to use silicone to repair....wrong! Removing the silicone took longer than the repair! I used a plastic repair tool I purchased from Harbor Freight; it worked perfect! It's like soldering plastic. Just take your time, go slow, and it does work. Never had a leak again! HF Plastic Welding Tool
Baja Man 07/17/22 08:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT When Solo....OR Truck Camper?

Camping this past week the people nearest us had a van camper. Every morning, they made breakfast, packed up their van and drove off, coming back that night. Until the 3rd night when someone else parked where they had been camping (not a reservation location). They drove in the area, drove around, then left to go somewhere else. Having a truck camper, if you went fishing, or just drive around the area, you could lose your camp spot having to find another one possibly every day. The advantage to a TT is you leave it, take the truck and come back to your camper after a day of fishing... So true! After a day, fishing the last thing I want to do is to be searching for a camp/RV spot!
Baja Man 07/17/22 08:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Going Back to a Travel Trailer

Congrats! Sound like a nice rig and you have the tow trucks for the job. Now, all the fun places you'll visit and all of the cool mods you can do to make it yours! Enjoy!
Baja Man 07/17/22 08:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Drill motor for stabilizers

I use the $20 cordless version from Harbor Freight HF Cordless Drill Does the job just fine. It lives in the trailer.
Baja Man 07/13/22 08:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT When Solo....OR Truck Camper?

Thank you to all who have provided advice from your personal experiences. That makes it easier for me to determine the best path forward. Many times, it just takes listening to the experience of others to see things from a different perspective. It sounds like using my current TT is the best option for me at this time. I'll give it a go a few times and see how it works out. Thanks!
Baja Man 07/13/22 07:16am Travel Trailers
RE: TT When Solo....OR Truck Camper?

Any boating in the picture? On my solo travels, probably not. I do have a boat, but for travels I will look more for stream, beach, lake and river fishing from shore/beach/wading. If a boat was wanted, I could always rent one if available.
Baja Man 07/10/22 05:17pm Travel Trailers
TT When Solo....OR Truck Camper?

Currently have the TT listed in my sig. Retired last year at 58 and soon to be turning 60! I camp with wife and two in grad school (23yo) and one with Autism (17yo) who will always be with us. He loves to camp! Older son and wife do not want me to sell the trailer, regardless of how often we use it. They love the floor plan and always want the ability to take it camping when we travel as a family. Ok, I can live with that. That being said....... There appears to be opportunities when not everyone wants to go on longer adventures (2-4 weeks) or as often as I want to go. Therefore, I am considering traveling solo. Although after a few days, I may feel lonely without them (as we have always traveled and camped together since the kids were little). Local 3-5 day trips are the wife/older son's preference and maybe 3-4 times per year. I would like to go on 1-3 week adventures where fishing is involved. Both fly and conventional.....coast, mountains, rivers, and lakes. I have considered purchasing a truck camper (TC) and use it when traveling solo. I am excited about these solo trips, just not sure I will fully commit and do it very often. Maybe I can aim for 2-3 times per year. I already have the TT but I feel as it may be too big for solo travel. Parking, RV parks, overnight sleeping while on the road, etc....appear to be easier in a TC. Questions: 1. Is traveling solo in the TT too much of a hassle and not worth it? I do prefer the comforts of the TT, over a TC. 2. Does anybody here do something similar to what I am thinking? 3. Other options, ideas, etc? Thanks!
Baja Man 07/10/22 12:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Catalog of all my mods

Thanks for sharing! Definitely inspiring! I will be looking at my rig and see how I can adapt your ideas to my interior. Great stuff you shared!
Baja Man 07/09/22 06:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Power jacj

I installed the Husky HB4500 on my rig. It has a manual crank over ride (if ever needed) and is of the ball screw design. It is of high quality.
Baja Man 07/09/22 04:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: What size generator to run AC??

Thanks for the replies, sounds like perhaps the best way is to get a couple of portable 2000 watt gens. Just what I did..... Two Champion Dual Fuel 2500W inverters I didn't want to carry gasoline, clogged carbs from gas sitting, etc. Propane is clean and readily available. Each inverter is 39# dBA is 59 at 23' (Honda is 48-57 at 23') I believe my set up is great. Light, easy to handle, plenty of power, can use just one if no AC is being used, two fuels, and portable enough for other uses.
Baja Man 06/27/22 09:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Warm Fridge - Dometic DM2882

My $.02.... The roof vent exhaust fans and the fans below coils (pull/push air) and a refer condenser fan is typically all that is needed to maximize cooling on a properly INSTALLED and running ammonia refer. Check to see if the refer was PROPERLY installed (many are NOT) based on manufacturer's install instructions for your model (easily found online or included in your manuals when purchased . Ex. Too much gap between refer and rear wall allows hot air to gather and will not allow refer to cool properly. You need to consider the ambient temps and temps inside RV temps when gauging expectations. If you are checking today, or the next few's **** hot in central/southern AZ....several degrees over 100F today! Is your RV in shade or sun? If sun, does sun hit refer side?
Baja Man 06/26/22 08:25pm Travel Trailers
Message for Tiger4X4RV.....

I was attempting to send a PM to Tiger4X4RV but I am not on your buddy list. So, I created this post. Hello Tiger-- I read a post from 2018 that mentioned you had a copy of the manual for a 2005 Six Pac camper. I was hoping you would be willing to send me a copy. I am considering a 2005 Six Pac D650. It would be my first camper. Amy tips you can share on this camper (pros/cons) and also what to look for, would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Baja Man 06/26/22 06:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Hemet, CA to Klamath River RV Park, CA

Thanks for tips on 101 travel. Perhaps 101 up and 5 down is a compromise. Looks like the best for me is 210/5/126/101 and then navigate around SF/Bay area. Plan for 3 days to get to Klamath River. Need to find RV parks near these one day stop overs... Day 1 stay near Santa Margarita Day 2 stay near Santa Rosa
Baja Man 05/25/22 10:13am Roads and Routes
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