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RE: Changing a tire yourself

For those that rely on someone else to change your tires, what would you do if you don't have cell phone coverage in the middle of nowhere with very light traffic. Are you going to wait a day for someone to drive by so that they can make a call when they get to civilization? How will you know that help is coming?
BarabooBob 10/22/21 08:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Toyota is working on a mini monster truck.

Just remember that Toyota NEVER built a single RV. They sold the cab & chassis units to companies that built RV bodies on what was originally a 1/2 ton truck frame. After a major law suit, they started selling one ton dually C&C frames and Toyota PAID to fix the problems that American manufacturers created by making the RV way to heavy for the light weight axles on the 1/2 ton trucks. I had a 1988 Damon Escaper built on a 1987 Toyota one ton with a 22Re (4 cylinder) engine. We sold it with 68,000 miles on and it ran great. The biggest complaint was that to get up steep climbs, we had to be turning 4500 to 5000 rpm's to make power. Going up the west side of 14a (going east) we had to stop at a restroom about 3/4 of the way up. I forgot to stop with the RV pointed downhill in the parking lot. The engine did not have enough power to pull ahead from a dead stop, I had to back up and turn around to get a running start to finish the climb. I loved the little truck but would not give you $100 for another one even in great shape.
BarabooBob 10/18/21 05:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Running lights on cars

I have been driving with my headlights on at all times about 40 years ago. I had a 1982 blue Toyota pickup truck that must have been invisible because people kept pulling out from side roads or to pass when I was coming at them. After pulling off the road a few times to avoid a head on collision, I always drove with my headlights on. When riding my motorcycle, I have a headlight modulator that flashes my headlight every couple of seconds to make me and the bike stand out. I rarely have anyone cross my lane or pull out in front of me now that I have that on the bike. They are legal in all 50 states under a federal motor vehicle ruling. Some people may hate them, but, they keep me alive.
BarabooBob 10/15/21 08:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Prepping for below freezing temps and snow.

Last week we heard that someplace in Utah had 8 degree temps 2 days in a row. I am thankful that we should be 4 weeks away from those temps. I will be winterizing tomorrow afternoon. I still will be using this TT for another 6 weeks but without onboard water.
BarabooBob 10/11/21 05:55pm Truck Campers
California bans almost all small internal combustion engines

I looked on the forum to see if anyone else posted this. The Kalifornia governor signed a bill yesterday to ban sales of most smallinternal combustion engines taking affect January 1, 2024. This will include law mowers, leaf blowers, golf carts, generators, and chainsaws. To me this does not make sense because the electrical grid can't keep up with current demand already. With your rolling blackouts and such, how are you going to keep your food from spoiling when your current generator wears out other than go out of state to buy products? I own woodland property that requires me to use a chainsaw many hours a years. A friend of mine bought a 40 volt battery powered chainsaw to use for trimming trees on his property. He gets about 10 minutes of cutting from a charge. I run my saw 8 hours a day and go through a lot of gas/oil mix. I can't see professional loggers being able to get by with the currently available electric saws. If you did use one of the battery units, you would have to carry a truck load of batteries because they don't want you to use a generator to charge you equipment.
BarabooBob 10/11/21 05:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Figuring Mileages

50 mph rule works for me. Every 100 miles is 2 hours. Easy math
BarabooBob 09/27/21 05:56pm Roads and Routes
RE: Keystone

Most RV's that claim to be "SOLAR READY" only have a plug on the outside of the RV that leads to the battery. Most do not have a controller and many have wire that is not heavy enough to avoid a voltage drop between the panel(s) and the battery. You also must check the polarity on the plug to make sure you don't damage equipment or blow fuses.
BarabooBob 09/24/21 05:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Oregon to charge 25% more for out of state RV campers

I would love for Wisconsin to start charging more for out of state campers. I don't think it would deter any of them from coming here. Raise out of state 25% and leave resident fees the same. Half of the time we go into the parks near us on the weekend, we can't get a parking spot because the park is full of Illinois people. Raise their fees for entrance and camping. Use the extra money to build more campgrounds.
BarabooBob 09/22/21 11:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Looking into getting first TT

I agree with the tent solution.
BarabooBob 09/22/21 03:20am Travel Trailers
RE: What's in your tool kit? What about other must-haves?

#1--a good 36" breaker bar and sockets to remove the lug nuts. My truck lugs are torqued to 150 lb/ft nad my TT is 100 lb/ft. It takes a proper tool to remove those lug nuts, not a short lug wrench that comes with many vehicles. #2 Good deep well sockets. My truck lugs are rather tall and regular sockets are not deep enough. The sockets also have to be rather thin walled because of the shape of the rims. Check them out before you need them.
BarabooBob 09/20/21 07:17pm Beginning RVing
RE: Navigation options

Maps are more fun. My wife and I sit in a restaurant and enjoy deciding where we want to go for the day. GPS and smart phone don't give you the big picture of where you are traveling. For us, it is a road trip to be enjoyed and we try to find really out of the way places to visit. We just happen to be dragging our house behind us. We also like the strange looks we get because we still use paper.
BarabooBob 09/20/21 06:40am Technology Corner
RE: Spouse left behind after death at a Campsite, what to do?

As many of the great people on here have pointed out, planning and mental attitude are very important. My wife and daughters will get through whatever happens. They are tough and practical. They would tell an outside observer that either of us died doing what we love so the end was good. If something happens to my wife, I will be lonely and very sad but I will get through it. We talked on this subject this evening after reading the OP and before I made my first post to this thread. We both realize that nobody gets out of this world alive. We trust in our faith that the best comes after this life ends. I hope nobody is offended by that statement.
BarabooBob 09/17/21 09:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Spouse left behind after death at a Campsite, what to do?

M wife and I have talked about how to handle this situation. She is able and does drive our truck and TT. She would make arrangements for cremation of my remains and have them sent home when that is done. She would contact all of our family members and someone would make arrangements to get to her asap to help her get everything home. About 20 years ago I had a medical emergency while we were travelling and my family mobilized to get us home. Luckily, I recovered enough to get home with the assistance of my wife and no outside assistance. My wife and I have had conversations like this for over 30 years because I worked in law enforcement. Most agencies try to prepare families for worse case scenarios. We prayed for the best and trained for the worst.
BarabooBob 09/17/21 08:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: cleaning 7-pin receiver connector on truck

Electrical contact cleaner had my rather messy truck connection looking good with very little effort. I believe that mine was made by PB Blaster
BarabooBob 09/15/21 08:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help buying a small travel trailer

I hope that you have good luck with your TT. My family has been travelling for 35 years and 3 of the kids love it, 1 hate it. 2 of our kids have their own camping equipment and spend as much time as possible camping. I hope that your kids and wife enjoy themselves. While travelling, I do most of the cooking so that my wife gets a vacation also. If she has a good time, things go much better and you may spend much of your life camping and making great memories. If she doe not have a good time, life can be VERRRRY bad. Treat her well. We have been happily together for 35 years.
BarabooBob 09/15/21 10:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Ruined manual transmissions

A friend of mine had a 2020 Ford Focus w/manual tranny. The Ford dealer showed them the manual that said it could be flat towed is properly set up. They had the dealer set it up and took off for AZ. They got about 100 miles and the tranny locked up. The dealer installed a new tranny, they took off and got about 100 miles and the tranny crapped out. The dealer bought the car back from them.
BarabooBob 09/13/21 05:09pm Dinghy Towing
RE: New Camping Stove Needed

BarabooBob 09/13/21 04:38pm Family Camping
RE: Minneapolis

I have towed around Minneapolis going from WI on I94 and heading west several times. I never had a problem on 694 to the north. I to avoid driving through between 7am and 10am and between 3pm to 6pm.
BarabooBob 09/13/21 08:28am Roads and Routes
RE: “Pathetic quality”: RV dealers are fed up...

If they are paying minimum wage I don't think they will even get high school drop outs to apply. Menards is starting stockers at $16.50/hr with no experience here in Wisconsin.
BarabooBob 09/12/21 10:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Is there a quiet water pump?

Does your RV have a pressure tank in the system? IN my RV the pump comes on whenever I turn on any water. With a pressure tank installed, you could turn the pump off at night and be able to flush the toilet a couple of times and use the tank pressure to supply water.
BarabooBob 09/08/21 07:03am General RVing Issues
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