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RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

After all these posts, we have changed our mines and figure we'll get out of "Dodge" some time either just before or just after Christmas. Last week we had a few nights below freezing and thinking of what's to come in the high country here of NC at elev 3000. We are going to gamble, head to our paradise in Key Largo and spend the days in our hidden in the mangroves salt water jacuzzi with it's sandy bottom and crystal clear water Guy Wear your masks, physical distancing, wash hands frequently, use hand sanitizer, same as you would a home only in warmer conditions.
BarbaraOK 11/13/20 02:53pm Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

The Pfizer one is looking promising but don't assume it will happen. They have tentative data but as of now it only shows 7 days of immunity. Hopefully that lengthens, but I wouldn't plan my year around it being available. Just go one and plan as if it won't be and if it is great.
BarbaraOK 11/10/20 10:27am Snowbirds
RE: banking when full timing

B of A? Hahahahaha. Use US Bank. They were solvent enough to not need to be bailed out. BoA didn't 't need the bailout - they took the money so that everyone was covered. They bought Merrill Lynch when it collapsed. Can find branches just about everywhere. 16+ yrs with them, never a problem with coverage. We have 2 CCs with them as well as a Chase and Discover Card, plus our Apple Card. Get and use the wallets on your smartphone, reduces a lot of hassle. Really essential to have extra credit cards because you can assume every once in a while one will be compromised. We even had one compromised when we went from Maine into Canada and the Maritimes. BOA froze it, we had other cards to use for fuel, etc., plus the BOA debit card worked at Scotia Bank for ATM withdrawals of cash. When we got back, we called BOA and told them we were in Bangor - next day went into the local BOA branch and our new card was waiting for us.
BarbaraOK 11/10/20 10:24am Full-time RVing
RE: Sharing our location/travels with others

You will see that a lot of people do blogs and will have the address in their signature lines like we do.
BarbaraOK 11/07/20 08:52pm Full-time RVing
RE: Reality of RV length restrictions?

We thought when we started we would be using state and federal campgrounds. Most states are impossible to get into in the summer on the weekends, and also charge extra for a MH pulling a car unless you buy an annual pass. Plus, since most states are hurting it costs as much, if not more, than staying at a private campground. There are a few state parks in the west that we like on the shoulders (before Memorial Day and after Labor Day) and they all tend to be old COE parks. Absolutely love COE parks, always have space for all sizes of vehicles and the Corps knows how to build them. Plus they only allow 6 month out reservations and we have utilized them all over the midwest. National Parks are all reserved the day after New Years for most weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day. So we went with membership parks and have saved money and enjoyed ourselves for years. Yes, we are outside of most National Parks, so we do day trips and come back to our $0 - $10 a night site. Works well for us.
BarbaraOK 11/07/20 08:50pm Full-time RVing
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

We are in our snowbird park in Arizona. Not many people here so easy to social distance. No friends from Canada and not all Americans. We own a park model so must pay the lot rent whether we come or not so why not isolate in warm weather rather than shovel snow. Same for us.
BarbaraOK 10/30/20 10:06pm Snowbirds
RE: Emergency Medical Care in Yuma?

I think the suggestion was that Arizona towns in the desert are use to winter visitors and provide, for the most part, excellent service when care is needed.
BarbaraOK 10/27/20 08:30am Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

When cold weather arrives, more and more people are going into smaller and smaller spaces. Shorter days, means shorter time to go errands which results in more people in a given space, so increase in likelihood of increased infections. And there are so many people who will not stay home when they feel ill - they are just running a couple of errands and infecting people as they go. Look at how many will have a mask on BELOW their nose. The infection rate doesn't have to go up, but that requires everyone to do their part, stay home if feeling ill, wear a mask whenever going out into public, wash hands frequently, disinfect, etc.
BarbaraOK 10/24/20 05:30pm Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

You're not, and apparently THEY'RE not either, which is not surprising in any way shape or form. Since some the best biotech firms, research hospitals, researchers are located in California, it only makes sense for the governor to assemble a group to review data to make sure people are safe. I will not get the vaccine until Dr. Fauci and Dr. Hoetz say it is safe and effective because the CDC/FDA have been compromised and are no longer independent agencies striving to provide the very best info to the public.
BarbaraOK 10/24/20 08:12am Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

Stay home? No way. Wife and I have been travelling the country and when home I've been working our monthly RV shows and delivering motorhomes. This bug isn't going to slow us down. From what we've seen on our travels it isn't slowing anyone else down either. We went to Branson for the 4th of July and the place was packed. Thousands of people gathering for our country's birthday. Later we went to Utah and Colorado for some RZR riding and socializing and those places were packed. We just got back from the Mt Rushmore area and Sault Ste Marie, MI and those places were also packed. Had a wonderful summer travelling and working and meeting new friends. No one I know or met had or has the bug. Seems the best remedy is to carry on and live life to the fullest. They do say ignorance is bliss. But it could also kill you. I assume that either you don't read the current news (setting records everyday for new infections) or you really believe it is a hoax and all of those people dying and filling up the hospitals (Idaho is shipping patients to Seattle for treatment). Maybe you have the luck of the Irish.
BarbaraOK 10/24/20 08:09am Snowbirds
RE: Emergency Medical Care in Yuma?

I don’t know about Yuma, but in Mesa, AZ area all of the hospitals and a lot of physicians are very familiar with snowbirds and very accommodating. As far as records, again talk with her physicians and get a set to take with you. Most hospitals and lab ciompanies now have patient portals so we can pull up everything about our recent labs, etc. without a problem.
BarbaraOK 10/23/20 07:37pm Snowbirds
RE: Emergency Medical Care in Yuma?

Start with her physicians and see whether they feel she can go. Yuma is big enough to have decent medical facilities (Yuma Regional Medical Center). Depending upon whether she needs ongoing care, maybe her physicians can refer her to a neurologist or cardiologist to care while you are there, or just have some lab results forwarded on to them to tract her progress.
BarbaraOK 10/22/20 06:00pm Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

We ended up staying at our park in Mesa because Dave had complications from open heart surgery and it was mid-July before we could have thought about traveling, and we had to be back by mid-Sept for more medical tests/appointments. Just wasn't worth it. Everyone around here is now wearing masks. We don't do things like congregating in groups - would you do that at your current place? Sun is out, weather is cooling (not the summer to spend here, records of all kinds set) and we go about our lives. I'm sewing masks for daughter (who teaches special ed) and while we do miss not being able to go to concerts, not being somewhere cold for the winter is worth practicing our mask wearing, hand washing, physical distancing steps to keep is safe. We go through through horrible mess in July with the virus, we just keep doing the right things and will be all right.
BarbaraOK 10/20/20 06:08pm Snowbirds
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

We never left the Phoenix area this summer because of Dave's open heart surgery. Worst summer to stay in the valley, but we made it. Now every day sees more people coming back. Park Models opening up and RVs coming in, only Canadian plates seems to be those who store their cars for the winter here. And no RVs with Canadian plates. Lots of Park Models up for sell around us that belong to Canadians, don't know if that is just the virus or usual turn over due to age. And the valley is certainly doing better in terms of cases of the virus than a huge swath of the midwest right now.
BarbaraOK 10/18/20 12:18pm Snowbirds
RE: Medicare Advantage Plans

We spend the winter in the Phoenix area. With so many seniors, the office staffS are so familiar with all of the ins and outs of Medicare that every thing goes quickly. Once a nurse said a test ordered might not be covered and I told here to code for an ovarian cancer diagnosed, sure enough covered. Once treated as a cancer patient you are always in remission never cured.
BarbaraOK 10/16/20 06:16pm Snowbirds
RE: no Can/US border opening for a long time

I understand Canada's policy, but I don't understand the USA's -- why does the USA allow Canadians to fly to the USA, but not drive across the border? Simple, they have lots of time to vet a person for temperature etc, while they are still in Canada at an airport. They can also better track where they are in order to enforce quarantine. Crossing by land makes quarantine very difficult to follow. More likely a tit for a tat reaction to subtly put pressure on Canada to back down. They can't really complain about us stopping their citizens crossing if they are stopping ours. At best they take your temp at the airport and ask you if you have symptoms...they can do the same thing at a land crossing. There are generally no quarantines actually being enforced anyway and it's not hard to move about the country once you are in by land or air, so not hard to leave the more strict states. Flying you leave point A and get to point B. If you are infected, then the spread is limited to point B, and once symptoms begin hopefully you stay quarantined until you recover. Driving, it is A to B to C to D, etc., leaving a trail of virus behind. Like the spread after Sturgis - - people going all over the country. And if you get ill along the way, chances are you will keep going to get to where you can isolate and care for yourself.
BarbaraOK 10/16/20 09:08am Snowbirds
RE: Grrocery Delivery in Yuma?

We use to use Schwans, but they have gotten so expensive, plus they don't really have a selection of heart/kidney friendly meals. (low fat/salt).
BarbaraOK 10/15/20 05:31pm Snowbirds
RE: How many Canadian Snowbirds are there?

BarbaraOK, just had an Alberta plated vehicle come into an RV park here in Yuma where a friend of ours stays. They store the car here in the summer and just flew down. A little earlier than usual but the reason being the greedy airlines are quickly raising their flight prices. I think we will see more of this as the "season" gets here. Now that would make sense. I haven't seen them outside, so couldn't ask.
BarbaraOK 10/15/20 05:29pm Snowbirds
RE: Medicare Advantage Plans

We have been using Medicare with BSBC Supplemental and Express Scripts Plan D for 10 years. Has worked everywhere in the country. Dave had quadruple bypass last March and Pacemaker implanted in June. All done in Phoenix area. We paid nothing out of pocket for all of the surgeries, ICU stays, etc., which totaled almost $500K. Never had to check to see if it would be covered, only see physicians who except Medicare and everything is covered.
BarbaraOK 10/15/20 05:27pm Snowbirds
RE: How many Canadian Snowbirds are there?

Cannot enter by land. No problem by air. And yet there is a car with Alberta plates that just arrive on Monday on our street.
BarbaraOK 10/15/20 08:30am Snowbirds
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