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RE: LT tires on your TT? Let the fight begin

Snip... Since all of us have 15inch rims and need at least LRD tires, LT tires aren't really an option, so we just stick with ST's. Smip... I have been using Maxxis 15inch ST 225/75R15 LR E on my trailer for the past 4 years and they are on it today. Have not had a single problem and my trailer is a very heavy one - especially when we were traveling South for the winter. Barney Maxxis M8008 tires specs
BarneyS 02/15/20 05:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: can someone please explain this for me?

Well I tried to post pics of the pages from the manual but, even with following the forum directions I still can't get it to work. :? Either way after looking after it again I am reading it correctly. I looked at my rear leafs and I have a total of 6. Anyone know if that would be stock or does that seem like heaver than stock?If you will follow these directions exactly, it is very easy to post pictures on our forums. One of our moderators, 1492, developed this photo posting app to post your pictures. It works for other internet sites also. There is no need to have a separate hosting site for your pictures in order to use it. It is very simple to use. 1. Upload your picture from your computer to the app. 2. Copy the resulting URL. 3. Paste that URL into your post without ANY changes. No additions or deletions. Your picture will then appear in your post and be properly sized for use on our forums.:) Barney
BarneyS 02/15/20 10:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: GoodYear G114 LHT

Come on guys, same old arguments! :R. Gets very tiring having to read the same thing over and over again. Yes, I DO have to read everything. Wish I could just skip over some of these posts. :W Barney
BarneyS 02/15/20 09:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: WDH Questions

Were it me, I would adjust to try to get the front truck axle as close to unloaded weight as possible and always had comfortable towing. That is the way I have done it for years and have never had a problem. I fully realize that is not what some manufacturers recommend but I want my headlight aim to be normal and not blinding other drivers at night, and I want my truck to handle just about like normal. A half inch at the front wheel well may well translate to several feet high down the road at night. That is not what some manufacturers recommend however so do what you think is best for you. I cannot say that you should do as I do because each situation is a bit different. The size or strength of your WD bars, the size and strength of the trailers A frame, the type hitch etc. all contribute to the decision. I would recommend that you read what your truck manufacturer says, read what other members here say, and then make up your mind on whether to add more WD to your hitch. Good luck. :) Barney
BarneyS 02/13/20 05:33pm Towing
RE: MaxAir added

Question: it doesn't look like there is a gasket? It is not sealed. It is literally a dome that lightly covers the lid. I suspect driving in rain with the internal lid open would be a bad idea as water would blow under the MaxAir and come in side the RIG. It never has for me. I have had the covers and fans for over 30 years and the vents are left open 24/7/365 unless it is windy and blowing dust. Never had a drop of water come in them. They are left open when driving also. They are installed via brackets that are screwed to the sides of the metal frame around the normal vent opening. They never really touch the roof but come very close to it as they sit on top of the brackets which have a bolt through them from the bottom up. Extremely easy and quick to install. :) Barney
BarneyS 02/11/20 06:02pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: LT tires on your TT? Let the fight begin

You have been a member here for a good many years. Have you not read or seen the hundreds of posts we have had on LT vs ST tires? Why open this subject again? It just leads to arguments and then thread closings.. :R Barney
BarneyS 02/09/20 06:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hwy 395 from southern Idaho to Lake of the Woods, Oregon

Moved to Roads and Routes forum from 5th Wheels.
BarneyS 02/09/20 12:40pm Roads and Routes
RE: Quest for the perfect 5th wheel

The way I read your statement was that Redwood absolutely would not put in a residential refrigerator. I think you stated what you meant correctly the first time. The key word is "they". :) Barney
BarneyS 02/08/20 08:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitches

Regarding the OLD arguments on Andersen vs B&W, we are not going down that road again. Keep it up and the thread WILL be closed or deleted. Barney
BarneyS 02/07/20 03:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Install and Review

Not sure where he got his but E-Trailer has about the most complete list and best prices that I have found. Barney
BarneyS 02/06/20 09:29am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: spring chickens...

Snip... For me one of the warning signs will be when I can no longer crawl around under the trailer to do some of my own repairs and when I no longer feel safe to work on my roof. snip... Congratulations for a long RV life! Here is our hope for you to continue for many more years. This is what caused me to quit traveling via our travel trailer two years ago at age 82. I loved to drive and sight see but had big problems doing all the things necessary to travel via a travel trailer like bending down to place chocks, hook up sewer, put down rugs etc. I parked it permanently in our family campground, out in the northern Michigan woods, where we enjoy it during he summer now. Sure do miss those warm, sunny Tampa days though. Barney
BarneyS 02/05/20 05:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: spring chickens...

I have to ask - what is with the title of this thread? :h Maybe I'm just dense or something but I don't get it. Barney
BarneyS 02/04/20 11:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: spring chickens...

Those are some beautiful fish Joe. Much bigger than any I have ever caught around here in the either Lake Michigan or Lake Erie. Jerry, maybe it is the color of the hair! :B Actually my oldest son is only about 21 years younger than me. Thanks for the compliment. :) Barney
BarneyS 02/03/20 05:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: spring chickens...

I couldn't let this one pass without a contribution! :W I have two grown sons, one of whom owns a family campground where our trailer is now permanently located. Here is a picture of my oldest son and me after we came out of our trailers one morning last summer. We had not talked or planned this at all! :B . I am on the right. (By the way, my wife embroidered everybody, even the kids, a shirt with the campground name and location. We are both wearing one in this pic.) Here we are enjoying a little vino outside our trailer one afternoon. And finally this is me and my two sons after an afternoon of target practice. Edit: Here is one more with a few of our family up at camp. My wife of 62 years is in the back behind my son in the red shirt.
BarneyS 02/03/20 09:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Adding outdoor lights to my RVs

I also have one on my trailer next to the main door. Sure helps a lot when returning after dark! Price is right also. :) Led, motion activated, battery powered, light. There are others available also. Here's the one I have. Barney
BarneyS 02/01/20 05:56pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Does this hitch actually do weight distribution?

Yes, they do give you a tool to pry the bars in place BUT the best and safest way to do is as follows. 1. Place the trailer tongue on the ball and lock it. 2. Lower the tongue jack all the way to the ground and continue to lower it until the tow vehicle is raised enough to easily slip the bars into place. 3. Once you have the bars in place then raise the tongue jack foot back up to its' stowed position. Doing this places tension on the weight distribution bars. How much tension is determined by a. the amount of tilt on the hitch head, or b. how low or high the L brackets are on the A frame or, if a normal chain type hitch, how many links are between the WD bars and the snap-up brackets. Doing it this way is much safer and easier than trying to muscle the bars into place with the pry bar. There is little to no tension on the bars this way when you are handling them and therefore little chance for injury. You can lift the rear of the truck as high as you want in order to get the bars in place. It looks weird but does no harm and every goes back to normal as soon as you raise the tongue jack back up. :) Edit: Just noticed Jimlins post above and he has a good idea to reduce the amount of cranking necessary on the tongue jack by using ramps. Either way, the goal is to make a small upside down V between the truck and the trailer to ease the raising of the spring WD bars. The Equal-i-zer hitch that you linked is one of the more popular WD sway control hitches on the market but it uses square, very stiff WD bars that are somewhat difficult to muscle into place. The supplied pry bar is often not enough to get them there unless you use one of the methods he or I mentioned. I might add that this is also a reason so many of us have an electric tongue jack on our trailers. :C Barney
BarneyS 02/01/20 08:18am Towing
RE: Stacking RV fridge and furnace unit in same cabinet?

...then about 2ft off the ground Do you mean 2' off the floor of the trailer? I've seen several RVs with the furnace and fridge stacked. Of course that is what he meant. Not only several but many have that arrangement and I and others posted about it in this thread. I believe all manufacturers of RV refrigerators intend for them to be about 2 feet above the floor. Otherwise, you would have to bend all the way to the floor to get something from the bottom drawers or shelf. I realize the some popups or smaller trailers may have different arrangements and have the fridge lower. Barney
BarneyS 01/31/20 12:26pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Towing a 2640lb 16ft TT with a Ford Ranger 4.0L?

Fintip, If you are going to travel or tow that RV any distance, you can forget about gas mileage. RV's and gas mileage are mutually exclusive! :B . The weight of the trailer does not matter much once it gets rolling so the design of the trailer determines how much wind resistance is present. Most RV's are about the same. It really doesn't matter too much what the shape of the front is, the gas milage will be about the same. There has been some research that determines that the rear of the trailer is where most of the drag comes from and therefore the decreased gas mileage. There have been numerous postings on these forum regarding air wings, air tabs, rear wings, etc. but none to my knowledge has produced really noticeable, gas saving results. The best way to increase fuel mileage is to slow down. I never towed faster than 65 mph except for the occasional pass. What is seems to come down to is that if you want to play, you got to pay! :B Although that is somewhat of a joke, it really is true. When I towed with a gas engined truck, I used to average around 10mpg which is about the norm. Some get better some get less but most average around 8-10 mpg with a gas vehicle. When I started towing the same trailer with a diesel my average went up to around 12 mpg and sometimes 14 mpg, but the price of fuel was normally considerably higher than the gas price so my cost per mile was about the same If I were you, I would use the trailer and enjoy it but not worry about what kind of mileage you are going to get - you are towing a big box around. Just enjoy the lifestyle and have fun! :) Barney
BarneyS 01/31/20 09:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Need exterior trim piece

Try Bontragers RV Surplus who are located near the RV capital of the world. They are one of the largest RV surplus outfits around and if they don't have what you need nobody does! I have been there numerous times and each time am amazed at the stuff they have. :E . Scroll down near the bottom of the page I linked above to see pictures of just a bit of the things they have available. Barney
BarneyS 01/28/20 08:51am Travel Trailers
RE: New used truck

When I was looking to replace my 2002 F250 PSD with over 300,000 miles on the clock in 2016, I test drove a new 2016 F250 diesel and was very disappointed in the ride. I then went and test drove a new 2016 Ram 2500 CTD with rear air ride and was very pleasantly surprised with how smooth and comfortable the truck rode. In addition, the interior was far superior to the Ford. Guess what I purchased? :B Barney
BarneyS 01/28/20 08:10am Fifth-Wheels
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