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RE: Finally joined the Apple bandwagon!

Thanks Tom. I think I will try your suggestion once I get settled in on the new Mac. It will take me some time to get all my photos, docs, contacts, etc. etc. etc. copied but when I do get it done, I think I may try the factory reset. Barney
BarneyS 10/16/18 08:52am Technology Corner
RE: Finally joined the Apple bandwagon!

You can get USB WiFI adapters for less than $10 at Wallyworld. Not that I'm suggesting you stay in the MSFT realm. I got this MacBook Pro 15" in 2011 and love it. Too old for Mojave (latest MacOS version) so am finally thinking about buying a new one. No way would I ever go back to Windows. Yep, tried that! Went to Best Buy and purchased a WiFi adapter for around $25. Put it in and the computer would not recognize it. I also tried to install Ubuntu on it but the computer would not recognize the drive. Returned the WiFi adapter the same day. Thank you for the suggestion though. Now I'm actually looking forward to learning a new operating system and hopefully doing away with a lot of the problems I've had in the past. RedRocket, Thanks for those links. I have looked some of the tips over and have bookmarked several on my desktop here. I think they will be very useful. :) Barney
BarneyS 10/16/18 08:10am Technology Corner
RE: Finally joined the Apple bandwagon!

I recently discovered this utility for Windows 10 that simplifies disabling the Windows Update services: Windows Update Blocker It disables both Windows Update and Windows Update Medic Service. Tom, Thank you very much for this! I just installed it on my desktop that I am using right now. Wish I had this before. Just waiting now for my new Mac to be delivered today. Had to have this desktop repaired a year or so ago but fortunately it was doable - not so with my laptop which will now just be used as a storage device for documents and photos. Either that or it will go into the garbage can like the last laptop did. Barney
BarneyS 10/16/18 06:42am Technology Corner
Finally joined the Apple bandwagon!

I have been using computers since the late 70's and have always had PC's or equivalent. Have put up with the BSOD's, reboots, freezes, and lately with Windows 10 - the updates. I have had three laptops trashed by these updates and the latest update downloaded and installed all by itself on my laptop that I use almost all the time. The latest episode was about a week ago when I accidentally left the computer on all night for a couple of days. I usually shut it off every evening just so it will not install the updates until I am ready for them if at all. When I got home, I found the computer off so I booted it up and low and behold, no internet! I tried everything I could think of including: 1. Restarting 2. Repairing the connection 3. Downloading new driver 4. Restoring to previous good starting date 4. Taking it to a professional computer repair person. He ran some tests and found that the problem was either my wifi radio card was destroyed or that there was a problem with the motherboard someplace. Either problem was going to be an expensive fix on a two year old laptop just to possibly have it trashed again with a future "update", so I decided to finally take the plunge and purchase an Apple MacBook Pro 15" laptop. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow so it looks like I will start over with the learning process. Kind of looking forward to it though.:) Barney
BarneyS 10/15/18 05:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Do I need a WDH with a 25ft TT

Towing 28.5' 7500 lb TT with 2004 Ram Diesel, have a WDH, and we put the anti-sway piece on every trip, but never use the WDH bars. Never any problem. Although you have never had any problem towing without the WD bars, I suggest you take a close look at the receiver on your truck. If I remember correctly, the weight carrying limit on the stock receiver that year is 550lbs. If your tongue weight is above that you should be using the WD bars. With a 7500lb trailer, your tongue weight, when ready to go camping, is most likely around 1000lbs. That is well above the rated weight carrying capacity of the hitch unless you have replaced the receiver with an aftermarket one. I would urge you to use the bars. It only takes a couple of minutes to hook them up and you will probably find the ride of the rig to be much better and you will be safer to boot! :) Barney
BarneyS 10/15/18 05:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Vacuum Breaker Replacement

Moved to Tech Issues forum from DIY.
BarneyS 10/15/18 02:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Heartland "Bighorn " ?

For those of you who have an "edited by Moderator" type message in their posts, or have had a post deleted, I invite you to read this thread that I posted a couple of weeks ago. If you have comments to make to me about this, send me a PM rather than hyjacking this thread. Barney
BarneyS 10/14/18 12:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dog steps

I think DTank has a good idea. I will move this to the Pet Stop forum. Barney
BarneyS 10/14/18 12:46pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Winter tips

Moved to Tech Issues forum from DIY.
BarneyS 10/14/18 12:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Dog steps

I would try putting some kind of cover over the "riser" portion of the steps so the dog doesn't look through the steps when trying to go up. Maybe even hang a dark piece of plastic or cardboard from the top rear of each step to cover the opening while looking at it from the front. Edit: I knew I had seen it somewhere. Take a look here for an idea of what I am talking about. :) Picture from width=400 Barney
BarneyS 10/13/18 11:50am RV Pet Stop
RE: Suspension shackle failure - best replacement?

There's a sticky on the travel trailer forum that has pics showing adding a wet bolt kit and a new equalizer. It's very well done... good luck. I put a clicky link to it on the previous page.:) Barney
BarneyS 10/12/18 06:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do I need a WDH with a 25ft TT

Personal preference, I tow a TH TT that's only 22 foot with a Ford F-350 and the ride and handling is improved with a WDH. My tongue weight is around 1250#. What truck are you using? He said a F-350. Barney
BarneyS 10/10/18 04:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best slide D seal caulk question

Moved to Tech Issues forum from DIY.
BarneyS 10/10/18 07:21am Tech Issues
RE: Heartland "Bighorn " ?

Snip... I have heard everything bad about the Montana's you could possibly think of, and the same with your Heartland. Defend if you want ,but why ?????? Probably because the op asked and that is the purpose of this thread? Barney
BarneyS 10/09/18 04:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: WDH needed for towing?

Snip... In fact 99% of the wdhs are hooked to RVs and the majority of trailers towed on the road do not use wdhs. It's sort of a rv industry thing. Snip... I suspect that the reason for that is because almost all RV trailers are a good bit heavier than the normal trailer you see being towed around and need a wdh to be towed safely and comfortably. In fact, I'm not sure I agree with your statement that the majority of the trailers on the road do not have them. It has been my experience that, except for the smaller utility trailers, almost all the non-rv trailers I have seen DO have a WD hitch when being towed by a pickup truck. I admit that most landscape trailers, while carrying heavy loads around town, do not use one but they are not traveling high speeds or long distances. The large enclosed utility trailers and flat bed type trailers carrying cars or farm equipment that I have observed while traveling have been using a wd hitch in most cases. Often those being towed by class A motorhomes or RV transporters will not use one however they are not the majority. This is what I have observed in over 35 years of traveling via a RV. Barney
BarneyS 10/09/18 08:21am Towing
RE: Suspension shackle failure - best replacement?

That is normal wear and tear on the shackles. They do not last long at all. I agree with all the others above in getting wet bolt kits along with the new equalizers. I put the Dexter EZ Flex kit on that included wet bolts and much heavier shackles. The Mor-Ryde units linked earlier are very good also but you need to add the wet bolt kit. Yes, you need to measure the distance between hub centers to get the right kit. It will probably be either 33 or 35 inches. The one I linked to is for 33 inch but they also sell the other one if I remember correctly. The install by me and a couple of other members are pictured in a thread started by the former TT moderator Les Adams here. You can see the worn out bushings that come standard with new trailers. It is no wonder they don't last very long.:R Barney
BarneyS 10/08/18 03:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Retro Riverside 5th wheel

We saw a 5th wheel made by Riverside Retro. It looks very nice but I saw several posts about poor quality. These posts were all 3-4 years old. As anyone heard if the qualty issues been corrected and what type of quality trailer are they making now? Where did you see the 3-4 year old - "several posts"? Out of curiosity (never heard of a Riverside Retro) - I tried a search in the Archives here for posts older than the last 12 months. Zero. And - Yes, there are a few (current) posts - but nothing really very relevant. :h ~ I suspect it was on forums on the internet other than this one. Barney
BarneyS 10/07/18 07:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel Qustions

What does HDT stand for?it stands for Heavy Duty Truck like the semi-trucks you see rolling down the interstates. "Singled" means that one of the rear axles has been removed to make it a single axle truck instead of double. There are also MDT (Medium Duty)trucks that are quite popular with RVers which are not quite so big and heavy and rough on the trailer as some HDT can be. Escapees Medium Duty Truck forum. Barney
BarneyS 10/07/18 07:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New trailer, new roof type? Care-maintenance ?'s

Moved to Tech Issues forum from DIY.
BarneyS 10/07/18 07:22am Tech Issues
RE: Installed StepAbove by MORryde

When your rivits brake your steps will colapse with you on them. The OP should have gone with the 4 step model. That happened to me. The top rivet broke on one side as I was going down on the steps. We had the heavy duty steps like the ones pictured. However they were about 11 or 12 years old when it happened while were were snowbirding in Florida. I replaced my steps with the Glow Step Revolution from TorkLift. They are rock solid and work very well. :) Barney
BarneyS 10/06/18 09:24am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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