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RE: Host Cascade in service body

Another option is Sherptek or StableCamper. This your second 5500 so you know what works for you.
Bedlam 02/18/21 11:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Tires and Wheels

American Force rims are another choice. They are about as expensive as Rickson but have higher ratings and more style choices plus they ship quicker than Rickson.
Bedlam 02/18/21 11:28pm Truck Campers
RE: New F350 owner seeks TC information

Ground to bed is about 38.25” Both my Arctic Fox and Host cleared my 42" flat bed height without cribbing the jacks, but they are within inches of full extension.
Bedlam 02/18/21 11:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Covering a truck camper AFTER a snow?

Maybe put the cover on the upper half of the camper and run the heater with the roof vents open to thaw out the roof?
Bedlam 02/13/21 02:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Quieter alternatives for propane furnace in extreme cold

Air-cooled VW's were fitted with auxiliary gasoline powered heaters in cold climates.
Bedlam 02/10/21 09:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Roadside Breakdown

Just tell the tow company you have a motorhome that is over 25' long and 12' tall which will need a medium duty wrecker to handle the weight. You guys are making more of this than it has to be.
Bedlam 02/03/21 05:48pm Truck Campers
RE: SRW 3500 Dodge work with a Arctic Fox 811

You can haul the AF811 on a SRW, but you most likely will be over GVWR while still within axle ratings. This may require aftermarket upgrades of wheels and suspension to get safety and stability so you need to decide if you start with a DRW or modify a SRW with additional cost.
Bedlam 01/30/21 09:45am Truck Campers
RE: Opinion on Host Accessories?

We prefer a dinette when we eat rather than a couch. The adjustable table is functional but was not worth the cost for our use. If you mostly boondock, the fireplace is a waste of space and money. On hookups, it will pay for itself in saved LPG. Boondocking will get more use out of a LPG oven, we prefer to have a convection microwave and more storage. The euro burner has a delicate flush glass top. We have one but would rather have a standard cook top with butcher block top. The privacy curtain does not make things quieter but does make things darker. If you have one spouse that gets up earlier than the other or a spouse that goes to sleep earlier, it makes a closed off space where one can sleep while the other is awake.
Bedlam 01/27/21 07:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Host Owners on Colorado Front Range?

April is the start of the following model year - Anything built later will be a 2022 model.
Bedlam 01/24/21 09:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Host Owners on Colorado Front Range?

I know there is a dealer in SLC, but not familiar with any ones that are closer. There are manufacturer and owner groups on Facebook for many brands.
Bedlam 01/23/21 08:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Host line up?

Host does poor job of keeping its website current. If you really want to know what is offered, it is best to contact them directly and ask for Randall.
Bedlam 01/23/21 08:25pm Truck Campers
RE: How did I do this? - Bent Ball Mount

I have used a Harbor Freight 10,000 lb WDH for the last seven years with no problem towing my enclosed 8000 lb trailer about 7,500 miles per year. My previous Reese version of this hitch (which was rated for 12,500 lbs) wore out the L-bar sockets towing 11,000 lbs in about eight years averaging about 10,000 miles per year. That hitch pictured does appear to have damage from jack knifing the trailer rather than a material failure.
Bedlam 01/17/21 05:03pm Towing
RE: TCs and Covid Vaccinations

Some questions everyone should answer for themselves: 1. Will this be an annual vaccine you need reapplied 2. When will be the best time of year to get vaccinated 3. Do you have allergies that may require immediate medical if triggered 4. What are the long term effects of receiving the vaccine verses not 5. What exposure level do you have to others 6. Is there a medical history in your family you can baseline I am not squeamish toward needles or blood and lived through the era of multiple pneumatic injections and even small pox vaccinations. I will weigh my current health condition and my frequency of exposure to others to determine if or when I am vaccinated. It may turn out people that were exposed (whether asymptomatic or recovered) may not need this vaccine and it should go to someone more susceptible. It may turn out that your hand will be forced to take it if you want to enter any venues where people gather or to use a transport other than your than own (no vaccination, no service requirement).
Bedlam 01/15/21 11:40am Truck Campers
RE: How much weight could be eliminated?

My RV setup has progressively become heavier as I have more convenience and comfort items. I am not at a point where I am ready to pare back what I carry and not sure I want to RV the way I did the past with less. My current battery banks weigh 600 lbs in my truck but were free to me, so I accept the weight rather than pay the price for something lighter. When this free resource is no longer available to me, I will then compare price to weight to capacity. There are companies that make minimalist styled shells. If I was serious watching what I carry, I would start with one of those and build it out with the components I deemed worthy of the weight penalty.
Bedlam 01/13/21 09:59am Truck Campers
RE: Real world weight sticky?

My Ram 5500 is typically about 11,500 lbs before I add the camper and trailer to it. Roughly 600 lbs of this weight are my battery banks that I carry in the lower enclosed boxes. The Ram has a steel 9' deck and six steel boxes plus goose neck, double receiver and extension that all are counted in this weight. My Host Mammoth is over 4700 lbs dry and closer to 6000 lbs when filled and stocked. 500 lbs is easily just in water. My enclosed trailer is 3500 lbs empty and typically loaded between 6000-8000 lbs with 1000 lbs of tongue weight added to the rear truck axle even when using a WDH on my 42" extension. My vehicle GVW is 17,500-18,500 lbs and GCW is 17,500-25,500 lbs depending on the configured setup at the time. All these actual weights are within the printed ratings, but still pretty close to maximum even in a Class 5 truck.
Bedlam 01/13/21 09:12am Truck Campers
RE: Which 19.5" tire to choose

Siped tires will wear faster than solid blocks, but they do work well.
Bedlam 01/08/21 05:36pm Truck Campers
RE: What is the best safe for a TC?

I have a safe bolted down but had to create a steel backing due to the light construction of a truck camper. It is positioned in a location that is not accessible to a pry bar and requires two people to mount or unmount once open. This does not mean that someone with a 8 lb sledge could not free it, but they would make considerable noise for quite some time before clearing and freeing it.
Bedlam 01/08/21 05:26pm Truck Campers
RE: 22 to 24 foot garage?

Car haulers with living quarters will work for you.
Bedlam 12/23/20 06:29pm Toy Haulers
RE: Truck Camper Weight...I know, I know

The Dana 110 is 14k lbs, Dana 111 15k lbs, Dana 130 is 16k lbs. The Dana 80 loaded at 15k lbs was overloaded and prematurely wearing out.
Bedlam 12/16/20 02:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Weight...I know, I know

The AAM 10.5" is around 10k lbs and the 11.8" used in Ram's DRW is over 11K lbs. The Visteon Sterling 10.5" used by Ford is 9750 lbs and the Dana 80 is close to 11k lbs. I do not have ratings for newer Dana's used in Ford pickup trucks.
Bedlam 12/16/20 10:40am Truck Campers
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