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RE: Question about tires

"One" duty, of many, a tire has is to carry weight....just think air bags in that regard Add more PSI and it will carry more....up to its rated PSI/WEIGHT with those axle GAWR, your TV is a half ton and has passenger class tires (P) with very low aspect ratio (profile), which has stiffer sidewalls....a good thing for towing on smooth pavement When using "C" or "D" load rating....that is usually for the next higher class tire, LT (light truck)
BenK 08/08/20 10:33am Towing
RE: Learning curve going from 5th wheel to TT

Never towed with either HA or Pro (both same architecture and Pro is the newer firm based on HA), so won't comment other than to say I trust both Barney and Burbman Here is the link to the original post when Andersen first came on the market and members dissected it online in 2012. There was a link to the Airstream forum and their analysis of the Andersen WD Hitch Force diagram made up for that discussion and haven't looked at the current Andersen WD Hitch system. IMO, the Andersen places most to all of the towing forward force on the coupler latch...not the coupler's front portion of the dome, of which most couplers are designed for "border=0" For Full-Size Image.
BenK 08/06/20 12:58pm Towing
RE: 2020 GM 2500HD Dead Weight Hitch Tongue only 500 lbs ?

They EACH have their own ratings Balls will have their rating stamped on the flat spot on top...that flat spot is to allow the ball to back out of the coupler dome Shanks or Draw Bars have their own ratings and is either stamped or labeled Wnote that balls have very high torque requirements. My 2 5/16" dia ball requires 50p ft/lbs, IIRC...
BenK 08/05/20 10:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Learning curve going from 5th wheel to TT

You will need your TV's manual to find what they say your front axle/fender should be brought back to after setting up the WD Hitch Am not a fan of the Andersen WD and reports that they do better with lower tongue weights Won't ho into weight ratings, but say to stay withing your ratings and need to weight the whole setup axle by axle, loaded ready to go Main weight to watch is the TV's rear axle's actual vs RGAWRA...and actual tongue weight around 12%-15% The trailer should be level at its highest pointing and recommend pointed slightly down Ball height really doesn't matter...thecabove trailer pointing is Good luck !
BenK 08/05/20 10:11pm Towing
RE: 2020 GM 2500HD Dead Weight Hitch Tongue only 500 lbs ?

Some images off the Internet of tow receiver ratings label...they are normally on the cross tube...sometimes on the end flange, but they are there Typically, the OEM of the TV purchases and/or orders the receivers from a 3rd party. The labels are for the receiver as a component. The TV may or may NOT have the same rating for dead weight (weight carry) or WD tongue weight width=680 . . width=680 . . width=680 . . width=680 . . width=680
BenK 08/05/20 02:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 GM 2500HD Dead Weight Hitch Tongue only 500 lbs ?

Label on the reciever width=680
BenK 08/05/20 07:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Mechanical Mystery...

When these highly integrated computer controlled systems work, they are wonderful...until any 'one' thing becomes marginal Then the whole system can flake out and most mechanics just change out components and sub-systems...until the cost is so high as Kevin states and/or they create even more problems so they go in circles trying to find whatever it is Sometimes it is best if the offending component or sub-system completely fails and they fix it before that takes down other components or sub-systems One reason I'm not in a hurry to get another newer TV
BenK 08/01/20 11:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: truck/trailer sway

You have returned the TV's front axle weight almost to normal without anything hooked up...20 lbs (3,040 vs 3,020) Better than many... Check your TV's manual on that, as the old rule of thumb of even drop is no more because the OEMs have all changed their suspensions so much Some say to return to within XXX lbs of unhooked weight Some say to return the front height to +/- XX inches of unhooked height I try to NOT ever say 'you are good for it', but the finished setup orientation and reference your manual. What works for me, is not like a one size fits all sock Have seen folks run in circles dialing in this, changing that, etc because it worked for someone else's TV Now I believe that I have all the proper weights: With WDS engaged: Front axle truck 3040 Drive axle 3080 Trailer 4760 Wthout WDS: Front truck 2680 Drive 3540 Trailer 4640 Truckonly: steer Axle 3020 Drive 2160
BenK 07/30/20 09:05pm Towing
RE: too much truck or not enough trailer?

Exactly...who knows what the situation is...maybe moving it for a friend... Well I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Pretty sure anyone w a dually knows about a drop hitch. Perhaps there is a decent explanation.
BenK 07/30/20 08:55pm Towing
RE: truck/trailer sway

IMHO, unless your TV's axle can NOT handle that weight, it is okay, as the range I shoot for is 15%-20%. That is the 'why' OEM's list 10% tongue weight trailers, as that keeps the TV's rear GAWR from becoming an issue Maybe check the pointing of your trailer It should be level at it's highest pointing and my preference is to point slightly down below level On tires...the sidewall 'stiffness' and 'strength' is what it is all about when folks recommend going to next higher class tire...first order is whether the tires are rated for the weight carry molded into its sidewall Lower profile "P" class helps, as there is less sidewall to flex.Going up to the next class tire, "LT", has the sidewalls designed and constructed with higher strength materials...and more of it. Why the exact same tire from the same OEM, same model, same size, etc will have the higher class tire cost more and weigh more Wider rims (over stock) also helps, as it has less sidewall bend-back. So the sidewalls are 'straighter' and less likely to bend/fold/roll over the rim Note that these things improves performance...but...reduces 'ride quality'. If 'ride quality' is higher than 'performance' on your 'have to have' list, then decide whether to go this route on tires or not. Trailer pointing should not affect ride quality and improves how the trailer follows the TV Finally, if the Blue Ox (my choice and recommendation for most applications) doesn't 'center' the trailer fast enough for your tasts, consider adding a friction bar kit
BenK 07/30/20 01:49pm Towing
RE: How much can we tow with SUV?

Comments embedded in red Looking for a travel trailer to pull with an SUV. Tow vehicle is a 2019 Yukon Denali 4x4 with a tow rating of 8100 lbs. and a payload of 7300. Doubt your payload is 7,300 lbs Guessing it is your GVWR. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating There should be drivers door label that will have = GVWR, curb, Payload, front/rear GAWR It seems like the latter will be the limiting factor. Maybe 1500 lbs. left after subtracting curb weight. 2 adults, 4 young kids and a dog will ride in the car (<500 pounds now but growing each year - the kids, hopefully not the adults!). Suggest loading everything up and go weigh it. Axle by axle That will then give you the true payload left for the trailer tongue and what is left for a true max trailer your TV is rated for Find the GCWR of your TV and subtract the actual weight from GCWR and that is the actual max trailer weight it is rated to tow Wheelbase is 116 inches. I'm thinking a 5000 lb. trailer is the absolute max - not sure about length. We like the Rockwood Mini Lite bunkhouse/Murphy bed floorplan, but think it might be too much. Thoughts as to what the tow vehicle can handle or suggestions for family friendly trailers we should look at? We have a Hensley hitch from 18 years ago. (We've moved to a MH; this is for kids/grandkids). Thank you!
BenK 07/28/20 12:40pm Towing
RE: truck/trailer sway

What are your TV’s GVWR, RGAWR and if stock or modifications, add one, etc What are the TV tires aspect ratio? If 60% or lower...might not need next higher class tire = LT’s What is the pointing of the trailer ? Best to be level and better yet, slightly pointing down. What does your TV manual say the front axle weight and/or height be after setting up vs unhooked . As mentioned above...Trailer tongue’s actual weight should be >13% of the trailers ACTUAL weight...that will also confirm that you have the correct bar rating. The BLUE Ox employs spring bar bending to keep/return the trailer back to center. That allows the trailer to move more than the other WD Hitch setups and why they are quiet. But, that is for properly might consider a friction bar...they are much better these days Please post back on how it goes and good luck
BenK 07/25/20 05:57pm Towing
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Good point...that is part of what proto-types are for........bout.......those were production units and were sold to the public
BenK 07/24/20 06:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Tusk had a couple of my quality engineers and managers working for him During the Model 3 initial build...there were many, many quality issues that these guys tried to point out to the product design teams (AKA Tusk, as he micromanaged everything) From outdoor storage of material waiting for supplier authorization to return...waiting for rework orders so they could be sent out to 3rd party fabricators, to robotic issues (most famous was the bolt that they could NOT insert...even humans could NOT insert them into the stack up of parts...boils down to the lack of hard tooling and true positioning in the design...he even mandated someone to go out and grind a tapper on that bolts end...several tries until it would work 'good enough'...then he countermanded my guy and insisted they were good enough to ship with hand ground tappered bolts...that continued for months) My guy didn't like the transition area between the hard-walled assembly line building to the tent because there was about 50 feet without any environmental protection...okay during the summer, but when the rains came...they scrambled to build a soft covering Tusk blew a gasket when a sub-panel didn't fit (again an issue hard tooling and true positioning would have solved...or never would have become a problem) and his fix was a zip-tie and that went into production My guys quit and much happier Also ran a couple research teams working on cyro cooling (we invented a solid state compressor...think AC compressor...with no moving parts) for super computing. After we all were laid team was hired by Tusk to help design the cooling system for Model S A constant argument and finally they either quit or fired. Know why Model S has thermal problems and why Model 3 doesn't...3 has most all of my guys design recommendations incorporated in a fashion...there still Model S weaknesses due to Tusk decisions cutting corners As for the JD Powers report/ranking...anything anyone can say negative or positive about any of the OEMs applies to all of those is their product owners who responded....both lovers and haters of that OEM... Edit...latest news is that the majority of other EV OEMs has chosen another charging architecture...a Beta vs VHS situation... We need a similar list for Semi tractors to keep this on the correct subject. Ben, Just because Tesla is an asterisk tagged on at the end of the list should not be reason to say Elon is not concerned about quality. Why is Tesla not really even part of the list? Improvement will come in time even if they never make the top. Dodge and GM at the top is a bit of a red flag about validity to me.
BenK 07/24/20 03:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Quality isn't anything Tusk is interested in...and the higher the complexity of the product, the harder it is to design in quality and to maintain quality... snip.... So it takes unskilled labor to build the sophisticated Tesla, and maintain the robotic equipment that I'm sure does a lot of the assembly? So a guy could go from building Big Mac's one day to building a Tesla the next day? Maybe the bus tickets from Neuvo Laredo will be comped by Tesla. :) Seems like there's lots of complaints from people buying RV's, about the quality of those RV's that are built with unskilled labor. Sometimes you have pay more for a quality work force. Why Tusk is dead last in the JD Powers rating that is based mainly on quality Dead last in the 2020 JD Powers ratings width=680
BenK 07/23/20 12:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Blue Tooth Electric Brake controller

Agree and the next step will be to highly integrate the trailer brakes via the new on-board WiFi option that does away with the hard wiring from the TV to the trailer... SOS and LAGS... Still sounds like a solution looking for a problem. Sometimes more technology isn't better...
BenK 07/23/20 12:35pm Towing
RE: Tailgate Bike Pad - any experience?

Don't own one and have looked at them out of curiosity Won't use it with my plastic bicycles and only a receiver mounted carrier with foam pads to keep the plastic from touching anything else. I'd rather have my plastic bicycles on a carrier, rather then risking a $10K Madone and $5K Farley on a pad and the potential the bicycle might bounce out on a bump or gravel road... Also, if you take off a wheel that has a disc brake on it...make sure to place a piece of plastic/etc material in place of where the disc would be on the caliper If you bump the brake lever and move the caliper piston, it will NOT easily allow the disc to go back on...been there done that... Opening the bleed screw is nothing I'd like to do when just placing a spacer in there will do An okay thing for my metal bicycles, but since have a receiver mounted carrier, not anything I'll need to do. Edit...locking them up is also a concern with these cushions...
BenK 07/21/20 02:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Weight distribution hitch for lifted truck

First, check out your lift design/materials/construction/etc Body lift or suspension lift ? You might have too much play in the lift mechanical's, which allows for loosey-goosey steering control And/or is the trailer level or nose high ? Best controlling attribute in regards to trailer leveling is slightly nose down Have you figured out if the 5th wheel will have enough clearance with a 4" lift ? WD hitch system never hurts, IMHO
BenK 07/18/20 03:08pm Towing
RE: Modern 1/2 ton tow vehicle question

OBTW...many of my posts are NOT for the OP or the tread, but for the lurkers out there One lurker turned out to be the parents of my buddy They were in their 80’s and had a 40 acre orchard in the foothills of California. They found this site and purchased their dream setup based on advice this and other forums A farmer without a high school education and his orchard paid for his kids college (one a MBA and buddy a PhD) by mortgaging it several times Finally they decided to selll and helped them deal with the Silicone Valley group who wished to build their getaway homes with million buck views of California’s Central Valley They had several million bucks in the bank after taxes/etc and wished to visit long time friends along the foothills of Calif and Central Valley Unfortunately, they purchases a CUV...thinking it was a SUV and a modest trailer around 24’ to 28’ long...based on advice from these freebie forums. It was hard to get them to understand that their SUV was a CUV and it was basically a Camry...buddy didn’t know either (his PhD is in bio-tech), but once he understood, they came around Received a phone call late one night from buddy and wanted me to drive him to help his parents. They almost lost is during a storm out on central valley’s 99 Buddy almost lost it and had to slow down. This buddy used to beat me out on track days with his RX7 and better at drifting than me...
BenK 07/17/20 02:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Modern 1/2 ton tow vehicle question

Years ago, there was a forum member who constantly advised that his F150 ‘can do it...he has been doing it for years with no problems” and therefore “you can too”... Received a PM from a newbie who was mad has heck at that guy, because this newbie burned up his F150’s rear end on their way to Disneyworld He lost his deposits in Florida, had to pay for several days of motel (the city they broke down in didn’t have camping sites), paid storage at the mechanic’s parking lot and the cost of the parts & labor to rebuild his F150’s differential Told him he can sue that guy, but the advice on these free forums is worthless...or that the advisors have not skin in his he will lose Checked out that advisor and found that he has the highest GVWR F150 and is where I coined the term “fake half ton” Is more 3/4 ton than 1/2 ton. Fake in both classes, as the rear GAWR was about 1,000 lbs more than his, but still about 1,000 lbs below the MINIMUM 6,000 lb of higher class TVs They used to have marketing reference as : “F150HD”, “1500HD”... That Newbie was a lurker and didn’t feel comfortable posting. Just reading and taking notes. Unfortunately, only looking for what he wanted to he already bought that trailer based on the advisor’s “been towing that for year with no problems” He insisted I delete his PMs, of which did so years ago Wanted to know what his diff ratio was, but by that time, he was so PO’d and no longer providing info. Also wondered how he got it home without burning up the rebuilt diff... Not just Ford either...they all have marketing departments who spin verbiage to make their products “King of the Hill’” to folks who believe marketing as the absolute truth... Repeat that we should NOT be using OEM Marketing name/coinage, but true specifications that has regulatory agency testing requirements GVWR, GCWR, F/R GAWR and the main tell is the rear GAWR in the minority on this topic of marketing vs specifications...guess it is more fun boosting ‘mine is bigger than yours’ the OEM’s sell more trucks because many newbies end up purchasing another TV...
BenK 07/17/20 01:54pm Tow Vehicles
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