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RE: Oil Change - synthetic oil

Boils down to personal NOT an oil test person and change often IIRC, a test analysis was $28 bucks and prefer to put that cost towards purchasing fresh oil After the spectrometer arrived, watched the car guys (scientists, engineers, technicians) check it out against their Blackstone on and asked how they obtained there sample hearing that some of these nerds (I'm one too) made a mess trying to get their plug back in Took a dip stick out of my Suburban to check and found nothing out of the ordinary
BenK 09/03/20 08:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

Forgot to touch how OEMs use ‘common’ parts...and platforms... Full sized pickups are the platform for full sized SUV’s. All full sized SUVs are half ton today. My 1996 Suburban is a 3/4 ton and is based on a 3/4 ton pickup CUV’s (most confuse with SUV’s) are derived from car’s. A pilot uses the same platform as an Odyssey. A Highlander is based on a Camry. A RAV4 is a Corolla. A CRV is a Civic. Etc...
BenK 09/02/20 02:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

OEMs use the same sheetmetal between their full sized pickups, with the changes mostly in ornamentation. Same glass, doors, etc. The pavement footprint is also very similar and again most differences are in the trim (ornamentation) levels Where they differ is below the sheetmetal body (unibody) and is what it sits on Frames are bigger and why higher class (higher GVWR) pickups will sit higher than lower class, half ton’s Even the same ICE’s will have differences to increase their duty cycle ratings for higher class pickups Ditto tranny’s and drive train. On that, half ton’s have RGAWR’s below 5K lbs and higher class has 6K lbs or more Agree and have been saying for years...the OEMs are making all pickups taller to appease the buying public, who thinks taller means more capable. Their GVWR’s have remained pretty much the same Maybe this procedure might help ease getting in and out of a tall pickup (Most try to get into the cab too soon) Either a step/stool/etc or running boards (and recommend the flat and the round tube...even flattened...places too much pressure on a small portion of the shoe/sole) Open the door all the way. If partial because between parked vehicles, this still works, but not as will ding the other vehicle) Step up facing the cab interior, stand up tall, but DO NOT try to get in yet. Grab the steering wheel or any grab bar with your LEFT hand Place your right hand on the seat back or anywhere on the drivers side seat Place your RIGHT foot/leg into the cab and pull yourself in with the left hand At the same time, grab the steering wheel with your RIGHT hand and pivot your hips into the seat while pulling with your RIGHT hand Once your hips are on the seat...SLIDE the rest of your bottom into the seat while continuing to pull with your right hand Now let our head go into the naturally will go and if long body...your head might hit the cab top edge Am on the board for a 501-3C that cares for the elderly and take them often with a Odyssey mini van, but occasionally when it is in the shop, take them in the pickup or Suburban. Of course reverse the above for passenger side. These are mostly little old ladies (us guys die off first). Oldest is 94 and average is 75-80 (I’m 72 and 5’11”) and most are around 5’1”...Rosalind used to be taller, but she is now 4’10” They panic the first time, but after a couple times....they like riding higher than surrounding traffic Getting out is the reverse and tough getting them to back out (yelling “butt first...then stand up before stepping down” makes them laugh, but it works). Step backwards onto the side-step and onto the 2 step platform stool....again, after they do it couple times, no more problems
BenK 09/02/20 01:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Oil Change - synthetic oil

Synthetic is also like Dino....comes from an oil well. Just processed to a higher level of purity Synthetic has higher specifications....higher operating temp and more stable, lower coefficient of friction, etc. Dino oil is getting better and the gap is narrowing...but synthetic also continues to improve Also, the additive packages are different All why synthetic costs more Many higher end vehicles now come with synthetic from the factory and is the only oil An always and continual debate over the merits vs Dino and IMHO, use whatever you wish and as a minimum follow your OEM’s oil recommendations. I drive VERY hard and always have. So want the highest spec oil, which is synthetic Tried extended changes, but no for me. Can tell when the oil charge is ready to be changed. Change around 5K-7K (dependent on which vehicle) and/or when the oil changes color ‘enough’...or when the PSI starts to drop and/or starts to be consumed. Just me and not pushing for others to do so
BenK 08/30/20 10:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow/haul mode

“Automatic”...meaning it has a computer managing EVERYTHING because humans messed up with manual transmissions It will ‘try’ to protect itself and the rest of the vehicle and if you put it into manual mode..some of the safeties will be be disabled or bypassed...except for a few that will continue to protect itself Read the manual Agree with others, sounds like you have too much trailer for your TV Not much help without more information on the OP’s TV and trailer
BenK 08/30/20 08:49pm Towing
RE: tow vehicle

If it still has the Rochester spread bore, 4 barrel carb.....keep it and find a good...great rebuilder Most common issue will be worn butterfly rod bores in the body. Drill it out and press in a sintered, journal bearing of the right size There used to be a "power" tune kit If too much and/or can't find a great renulder...any of the performance carbs work well. Consider the cam as mentioned, but if you wish to stay outside the engine...a dual plane, high raise intake make another big diff
BenK 08/30/20 11:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help choosing tow vehicle

Found time to look up Jeremiah’s post that think would work better for the OP...since the OP and advisors leaning towards full sized pickups...My recommendation is to look at full sized SUV’s in light of the kid seats...and...that they will grow quickly There are many other factors at play than just wheelbase. It does help, wheelbase, but there is more to it than that. My 2011 Tahoe, 6 speed Transmission, 10 Ply LT tires, large trans cooler, 3.08 gears, 31 ft Travel Trailer weighing 7,200 ish lbs. Tows like it’s on rails behind my Tahoe, the same vehicle that many people discourage others from towing with. Trans temp stays about 180 degrees while towing. And, my previous TT was pulled with The Godfather of TV, a CC, LB, Dually so this isn’t some newb trying things out. I love pulling trailers and this is my favorite TV I have ever owned. Thousands of trouble free miles over several different vehicles, it’s all in the set up. All of it. Not just one piece of it. Hitch Hints Article Thanks and JMHO based on experience. Jeremiah
BenK 08/29/20 06:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: tow vehicle

Would an "Over and Under" gear box work? That is my plan for the Sub in signature. The 4 speed becomes an 8 speed and if the diff’s are changed to something like 4.1’s or even higher numeric, it will still have a good OD
BenK 08/29/20 01:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Oil Change - synthetic oil

Agree with engine is much more expensive than saving a few bucks on extended oil changes Plus, a whole lot depends on how you drive, where you drive and if towing heavy Have been using synthetic for many decades. First time, a quart cost more than my hourly wage of $3.50/hr...and IMHO...where extended changes was a selling point Recommend changing it and the filter (WIX, Pureone, OEM)
BenK 08/29/20 12:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Help Deciphering CAT Scale Weights

Tilting the WD Hitch head only moves the bar farther away from the tongue mounted brackets...but...the bar spring rating does NOT change. Just bending it more and at some point, the bar may deform enough to never again have the same rating...less spring bar rating Why asked what the bars are rated for. If you bars has enough spring rating, then tilting the head will be fine Your WD Hitch uses the friction between the bar bottom side against the bracket and the wearing of the paint part of how it works It will make metal on metal noise and too often read here that someone advises to grease/oil that union Since friction is the main anti-sway component (not as much friction as a friction bar would provide) and adding lubrication an oxymoron...though many do so. I don’t recommend it...even knowing that several OEMs instruct to do so if the noise annoying Your amount of ‘over’ weight on the rear axle isn’t going to have the rear axle fail instantly...just wear a bit more than if below the rating....butt....that will not have any head room for that occasional added weight Edit...just remembered that some say the newer versions of this type of WD Hitch now has friction material on the bracket that the bar rides on. Now that is the same as traditional friction bars and should remove the metal on metal noise, but think it will still have some noise (haven’t seen one yet) Maybe your OEM has an upgrade kit to add a friction pad on each side
BenK 08/28/20 01:28pm Towing
RE: monitoring tire temp

I have a HF IR gun and love it for checking tire temps on all of my vehicles Check after airing up for the trip and that is the base line for the trip. Log that so won’t have too remember. At each stop, whether bladder relief or fuel, check all the tires and log it. After a few trips know how my setup behaves...more so since I no longer own a trailer and borrow from church member/buddies/etc. Of course, if a tire picks up a nail/etc during the either blows, or at the next stop will be higher temp than the others (how nails/etc and low PSI kills tires...increased flexing at high speed) Ditto the radiator/hoses/etc of the engine bay...base line and can see changes during the trip VERY useful and economical compared to what can happen if it is going south and don’t know it...
BenK 08/25/20 03:39pm Towing
RE: Help Deciphering CAT Scale Weights

Some IMHO comments...and CONGRATULATIONS on actually going out and weigh it. Note that every trip has a potential of different loading, so these numbers should be your base line. Another person & their ‘stuff’, find something along the trip and buy it for the trip home...things have a remarkable tendency to add and add... What are your WD bars rated for ? Agree with Barney, try to WD some weight off your TV’s rear axle and over to the TV’s front axle. Note that by doing that, you will also WD a bit more weight back onto the trailer tongue...that is how WD systems work. This will get your TV’s rear weight into a better place in regards to the RGAWR. This is why you need to know where you are in reference to the WD Hitch system bars you have enough head room or are you already at their max rating? The finally orientation of the whole setup, after all of the dials/knobs have been adjusted, is to have enough weight is WD’d to the TV’s front axle as per the manual (some require weight returned to some +/- of stock, others +/- height of stock...stock = before hooking up) and the trailer tongue level at it’s highest pointing and prefer pointing slightly down...they follow better that way Forget the MTW (Max Tow Weight) listed for a TV. More marketing than anything and that they ‘wiggle’ the setup to get the highest trailer weight for their marketing brochures. The GCWR is better and since you have weighed the whole setup, take the sum of the TV’s axle weights and subtract it from the GCWR (note that GCWR is fairly new to the towing world and is subject to much discussion...many say it is only a performance thing...okay, hows about the ability to manhandle the setup during an emergency situation...of which all ratings has been designed for...among many other things) Bottom line = I’d tow that with some adjustments and know it is at the limits. Therefore drive accordingly and enjoy the ride...
BenK 08/25/20 03:29pm Towing
RE: Help choosing tow vehicle

Consider a full sized SUV. Most are based on a pickup and are body on frame Nephew has a Pilot (based on the Odyssey mini van) and it will do the job, but there will be times of struggle. Any if the full sized half ton pickups or SUVs would allow for some future upgrades in trailer size...and...for your kids buddies Search for fellow forum member Jeremiah, he has a setup think you would like
BenK 08/25/20 01:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer and truck bounce

Harmonics and because the wheel base. Spacing if the pavement joints, your suspension compression, tire PSI, shocks (they also have a natural harmonic), speed, etc all lined up Once that harmonic synchronization happens...the amplitude will go ever higher if dwelled there Speed up or slow down are the only things a driver can do Back home...changing tire PSI, increase/decrease WD spring rates, etc in order to change the setups harmonic point(s) Stiffening everything moves the harmonic frequency higher If the designers of roads and highways would change the spacing of those joinys... that would also help because there wouldn't be a constant frequency... It would not be at ONE frequency An example...ho to a softly sprung truck, with ride quality tire PSI Push the TV sideways with your foot on the bumper As it comes back over center...push it again and again Notice how it will naturally continue with LESS push from you. Just time it to that harmonic Then air up the tires to max PSI...and repeat It will be at a higher frequency and you won't be able to get it moving as far side to side
BenK 08/23/20 06:43pm Towing
RE: Tailgate

Since you filed a police report...file with the BBB and local news if they have a consumer advocacy function DO NOT use your insurance, as it will increase your monthly fees Think it criminal that both the shop and sherif took that attitude You said backup camera and step, it will be more expensive than just a tailgate...then the cost of painting the replacement to match What city is that shop located ? I’m in N Calif too and if near me, would make sure no one I know goes there
BenK 08/23/20 12:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tailgate

How much does a replacement tail gate cost these days ? IIRC....hundreds of bucks a few years ago when it was rampant here
BenK 08/22/20 02:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tailgate

^,,,X2 using a hose clamp and rotate the head to an awkward position to loosen Common in my area My old Silverado has a cap with a locking lift door that kept the tailgate from opening. Replacement truck is a Nissan Frontier has a locking tailgate If I get another truck, will install both the hose clamp & aftermarket tailgate lock
BenK 08/22/20 01:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 20 inch wheels vs 18 inch

snip... I would like to see the reasoning on why Ford likes LT tires on Super Duty trucks but not F150 other than ride quality. Cost...LT's cost more than same size passenger (P) tire And many place ride quality higher than most anything else on their have to have list
BenK 08/21/20 11:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 Suburban. How Much Trailer?

Found a bit of time to read up on the 2021 Suburban... It has +4.x inches more wheel base (longer) and guessing took advantage of the fixed diff pumpkin. Articale also says the rear passenger doors are wider because of the increase of wheel base Here is the image of the new IRS...still looking for an image or diagram of the pumpkin and its super structure;0,0.0364xh&resize=980:* width=640 A different approach from the Expedition, which has a kinda sorts traditional lower link/arm. With the change just off square to manage forward thrust, but still a cantilever moment. Am still not sure the precision requirements of any IRS will have those precision joints sized for towing heavy GM’s approach is to have a trailing link in line with the forward vector and is frame rail mounted...instead of to the diff structure (cross member between both frame rails Air bags and not convoluted (doesn’t have the hinged lift), but smooth sided Now wonder how nimble vs the shorter design. Remember, GM’s marketing demanded (required via spec) to have the receiver hidden. So the designers incorporated the receiver into the bumper. Behind the plastic trim. Since now part of the bumper, the receiver cross tube (torque tube) has crumple zone duties (requirements) and the why it only had a 1,000 lb max WD rating. Now the reported ‘new’ max 790 by Bryan...wonder what else they did back there? IMO....GM continues to target the overwhelming numbers of owners who do NOT tow, but ride quality of paramount importance...towing heavy is just a side note... Also, from the image, think the rear frame rails are too small for after market receivers trying to increase the tongue weight rating. Maybe those receivers will have a higher weight rating...but the frame rails will become the weak link. Will delve deeper when time permits Moderator edit to re-size picture to forum recommended limit of 640px maximum width.
BenK 08/21/20 12:41pm Towing
RE: 2021 Suburban. How Much Trailer?

Oh...IRS.... Agree with Bryan The IRS specifications Will be most important in order for anyone here to help...unless someone has one
BenK 08/20/20 07:49pm Towing
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