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RE: "My pet is home alone" tags

Good idea. I think just a Post-It note stuck/taped on your DL would do the trick. In an emergency, that's going to be the first thing they look for.
Bert the Welder 10/15/20 09:51pm RV Pet Stop
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Lubed all Dometic window struts and tracks with silicone stuff and wiped window trim and other exterior camper plastic parts with a pricey UV protectant. Used it on all the black plastic on the truck exterior also while I was at it. Wow, looks much better now. "...pricey UV protectant..." More info, if you would. :) 303 Aerospace Protectant Thanks!
Bert the Welder 10/15/20 09:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Hauling a Honda 3000

OP: Just an FYI, from my experience with my Draw-Tite product. The powder coat was either poor quality or the metal prep was, or both. Didn't hold up very long, so keep an eye on it. YMMV The turn buckles on the tow hooks for stabilizing is very smart! Removable and tunable. Twisting was always my concern with hitch mounted storage platforms and that looks to be a good, no fab/welding, solution. Thanks!
Bert the Welder 10/12/20 11:11am Truck Campers
RE: norcold

The fridge in my house only works on AC. And I have a half empty propane tank....
Bert the Welder 10/12/20 10:53am Tech Issues
RE: I remodeled my BF10.4 living room - picture heavy

Before this I had the BF 9.6 with the aft wet bath. I was Ok with it, the wife was not. The dinette was larger, but not much more comfortable - still flat seat bottoms and upright backs. The 10.4 also has a lot more storage. I've gotten used to the nice stall shower and the extra storage. I certainly would not want to argue about this. You are happy with a dry bath but not the size of the dinette. I am happy with a smaller wet bath and glad to have have some of that extra space go to a dinette that is U shaped with the back area over 6.5' long. There is plenty of leg room and also room for a large table on a Lagun support. Each of us has a vested interest and cannot undo the choices. Perhaps someone reading this and trying to make a decision on a camper will be able to make a decision that matches their needs. It is interesting to see everyone's preferences. We tried a U shape and hated the narrow leg room do to the seating on the back side. It just just forced us to keep our knees clamped together. Then found our Okanagan with the face to face table and loved it. But it is located in the rear, across from the kitchen and doesn't have that clipped corner like the OP's. That would drive me nuts. Looking forward to seeing the table solution. And I like the idea of sloping the seat a couple degrees for comfort. That be easy to do for most campers, I'd guess.
Bert the Welder 10/12/20 10:48am Truck Campers
RE: Purchasing to know if it is stolen or not?

Just putting this out there; if it was stolen, and had no VIN, ID#, or whatever. The original owner would have a tough time proving it was theirs anyway. Barring distinct features, customization's, damage, sticker, etc. And for that, they'd need pic's to prove a match. Your likely talking a lot of same camper brand and models on the road. And if the camper was insured, the original owner has likely been reimbursed and has a new rig. Doubtful they are going to chaise down every rig that looks like theirs they see and interrogate the people using it.
Bert the Welder 10/10/20 11:18am Truck Campers
RE: I remodeled my BF10.4 living room - picture heavy

Nicely done!
Bert the Welder 10/10/20 11:02am Truck Campers
RE: SiO2 Battery -UPDATE 4 (MW at 20% SOC)

I talked myself into it. Shipping cost Kelona to Victoria is $35. I have a question in on what happens if you charge it at over the 25 amps. The seller says they will get that info from the makers Tuesday. I will pass that info along of course. Jeez, that's not bad shipping to here. Thought it be way more. Something I have in mind is talking to Northern Lite about installing these right at their factory while building my unit. Good quality charger, DC to DC, etc. the whole works. I'm surprised, given they are so close to each other, they don't get together and help each others business while giving customers upgrade options. Better then paying for the stock equipment only to turn around and pull it out to replace with whatever is needed when going Si or Lith. That's just wasteful. ***BLF: Got lucky with the weather and the Dicor!;) Just hoping the new tarp holds up to this wind!
Bert the Welder 10/10/20 10:33am Tech Issues
RE: Eternabonding the windows.....

From JLConline dot com Thanks for that. That is what I'm talking about. It's an extra layer of protection against water intrusion. Another level of protection for wood frames is to paint them. Painting the camper wood frames would be a good way to improve or at least delay the effects of water intrusion. I've noticed on some new home construction that they've gone one step further and are applying this EB type stuff to the whole house once the sheathing has gone on. Comes in rolls like building paper. So it weather proofs the house, not the siding. Vary smart. That Tyvek stuff is garbage and NEVER applied correctly.
Bert the Welder 10/09/20 10:46am Tech Issues
RE: At my wit's end with Jesse

My doctor does not want me to do keto as I had initial kidney failure when I went into the hospital in January and was diagnosed. I eat more of a paleo natural diet but limit carbs to natural low sugars. I am down 50 pounds and making/ responding to my own insulin again with no kidney problems. That's fantastic! I think Paleo and Keto share the concept of getting rid of those processed, useless carbs. Ditching the cheap simple carbs seems to be the big factor. Scary how much sugar is in fruit. Just not worth the fiber as you can get plenty from veg sources and nuts. Eating keto, my gut has straightened out too. Couldn't eat dairy/lactose before without taking lactose pills. Now I'm good to go on all of it. Seemed to clear up a skin nerve disorder I had as well, that made my skin burn and itch like mad. Big relief that's subsided!!! Glad you've had success!!!
Bert the Welder 10/09/20 10:35am RV Pet Stop
RE: Anyone made the dive to Lithium and had it in four seasons?

B2B charger could you elaborate? Battery 2 Battery charger. Lithium batteries operate with higher voltage than truck alternator provides, so you need B2B charger and also solar charger + converter who can adjust the voltage. Some RV owners have power obsession and Sprinters owner are generally willing to spend more money on gadgets, than TC owners. Cover your roof with solar panels, add lithium battery bank, replace chargers with computerized system and you can easy spend 5 grands on the project. Some owners make 2nd alternator just for lithium charging. This use of the second alt. as a charger is interesting, especially being in the market for a new truck. So for those of us in the cheap seats and if you don't mind expanding on it: Does the second alt get disconnected completely from the trucks systems? Does a big ga. wire from it replace the existing charge wire from the primary alt. running back to the truck bed plug that the camper plugs into, like the standard 7-pin or is it run to a separate connector and is in addition to the stock 7-pin charging wire? Does the second alt still need some connection to the truck "brain" so charging is disconnected when the truck is turned off, so doesn't drain the truck batt. or is it not hooked up to the trucks "brain" at all and a stand alone automatic or manual on/off switch installed in-line? Thanks for the info. :)
Bert the Welder 10/08/20 10:09am Truck Campers
RE: At my wit's end with Jesse

As a diabetic, I can say that water is desirable at night because I get dehydrated. That being said, I am controlling my diabetes with diet, not insulin now. Have you looked at the food? A meat based food is going to do more to control diabetes than a grain based. I find that if I eat grains in the evening, I am much more thirsty at night and my sugar level fluctuates more. I would look for a food with chicken, beef, or other meat and very little rice or corn. Supplement with green beans, broccoli, or other vegetables if he will eat them. Just some suggestions Good thinking. Food is a pretty good thing to look at with dogs. And don't by into the stuff they sell at the vets. It's just a point of purchase profit maker for the office. No better then Dog Chow or other grocery store junk. Reading labels is a good start. At a RAW diet does wonders for some dogs. It's a PITA though if you travel due to freezer space requirements. And good for you for squaring up your diet to control your DB and avoiding the needle. I'm not here to preach about it, but have you thought of giving eating Ketogenic a try? It seems like there's a lot of folks with DB that are kicking most if not all of their meds eating Keto. Dropping weight like a bad habit helps immensely too. I'm at 2+ yrs Keto and am down 65lbs. And that's without counting measuring or any of that and I still "over eat" calorie-wise. Just wanted to throw that out to you as I know a couple people personally that have both stopped all their meds and are doing incredible.
Bert the Welder 10/08/20 09:51am RV Pet Stop
RE: Eternabonding the windows.....

Well, at least one guy read what I said and got it......LOL! Perhaps it was my use of the house window construction that folks aren't familiar with? Trying to think of a better way without a drawing to make it clearer, but I don't think I can.....
Bert the Welder 10/08/20 09:38am Tech Issues
RE: Eternabonding the windows.....

Was in the shop today and the rubber/synthetic sticky tape they put around house windows these days got me thinking. Why not do that on RV's? Wrap the window cutout with Eternabond tape, maybe the 2" stuff, inside the cutout frame and out over the outside. Just enough that it doesn't peek out from beneath the window frame. Then butyl on top to bed the window. Why bother with the first step. Just butyl tape. I do NOT believe that ANY caulk/sealant lasts "forever". When you place it between two dissimilar materials and expose it to a "non-sheltered" environment you have two powerful forces acting against it. All materials heat and shrink with ambient temperature changes. The bigger the change in temperature the more expansion/contraction. This is a very powerful force working AGAINST your caulk/sealant ! Sunlight, especially the Ultraviolet portion of the spectrum, causes material to "breakdown" over time. IMHO, design seals to accept butyl tape and be easily replaced. EB isn't a caulk. It won't be exposed to sun. It's under the frame/trim. EB is designs to stick to a dissimilar material by design EB is designed to flex with temp changes and movement The EB is design for UV exposure, but refer to line #2 Butyl is still being used for it's original purpose of bedding the window and sealing around the screw holding said window in place. It's just bedding on the EB surface or at least the narrow strip that is wrapping around to the campers exterior surface. Also, the butyl is still going to be a maintenance item. The EB isn't there to replace it, nor effect it's performance as a material. It's there to do what it's designed to do. A durable, tough, long lasting membrane to provide a primary seal to prevent water soaking/wicking into the exposed edge of the camper exterior shell and internal frame/insulation materials. The butyl still performs it's job of bedding the window into a water proof material, preventing water from getting into the camper, as long as it is still within it's functional life span.
Bert the Welder 10/08/20 09:34am Tech Issues
RE: Eternabonding the windows.....

Would the (minimal) thickness of the Eternabond interfere with the window seating properly on the butyl tape? I'm thinking it could leave a small gap between the window and the side of the RV. Maybe it would be better to just use the tape they use on houses? Instead of Eternabond if I was redoing a window I would wrap the opening like the OP suggested with 2"/3" wide aluminum tape. It's extremely thin and would make the opening basically waterproof. You would just have to be careful installing the window to avoid tearing the tape. Larry That's why I wouldn't use Alum. tape. Way to fragile. Plus, when a screw goes into it, it doesn't have that "self healing" property that EB has. And Shoving a window into a frame, you are guarantied to tear it. PLUS the Alum. tape won't handle expansion/contraction well.
Bert the Welder 10/08/20 09:14am Tech Issues
RE: Eternabonding the windows.....

Would the (minimal) thickness of the Eternabond interfere with the window seating properly on the butyl tape? I'm thinking it could leave a small gap between the window and the side of the RV. Maybe it would be better to just use the tape they use on houses? The E-Tape would be pretty flat like the camper sides and the butyl would still act the same as it would squish down just like it does when applied sans E-Tape. Perhaps having the EB be a bit more recessed back from the perimeter of the window trim/frame so the butyl laps over that edge may be a good way. But I don't think it's needed as water isn't going to get under the edge of the EB if properly applied. I wouldn't be surprised if the tape used on houses isn't just a different form of EB. Though, due to being covered by all the house cladding and trim, it's not exposed to weather and sun. EB is designed to be exposed to all that, so I wouldn't go and use the house stuff on an RV necessarily. It also may not take as much movement as EB does.
Bert the Welder 10/08/20 09:11am Tech Issues
RE: Eternabonding the windows.....

Should look great with all those 2" wide band aid strips all over the trailer :R. However if resale/looks isn't a issue and the unit will be like a hunters cabin in the woods then looks should be fine. If you read the OP post, the thought was to wrap like the window frame in a new house. about 1/2" on the side of the opening the rest coming and covering the open space/ insulation. BINGO! :)
Bert the Welder 10/08/20 09:01am Tech Issues
RE: Eternabonding the windows.....

OK... this got misunderstood a bit it seems..... No Alum. tape was involved. E-Tape wouldn't stick out past the outside surface of the window frame/trim so not visible, so wouldn't look like a hack job. I used 2" as an example as it's the narrowest I've seen it come in. Not to say it doesn't come narrower, just that's all I've seen. So it your walls are an 1.5" thick, you'd be left with a 1/2" wrapped to the outside wall surface. Not that yours or all walls are that thick, but it's just as an example.....
Bert the Welder 10/08/20 09:00am Tech Issues
RE: Leaving potable antifreeze in the system

I bet, given the low PSI, you could buy a barbed hose repair piece and a small section of air hose and some hose clamps or crimp rings and make your own.
Bert the Welder 10/07/20 07:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone made the dive to Lithium and had it in four seasons?

Congrats on the new to u camper, anyway. Planning on a new NL 10-2 in the close future and looking at lith's as well. I like that they've go to a single big compartment rather then the two separate box design. I'm just not to bright when it comes to electrical stuff so need to get info on if the charger, etc is Lith compatible AND any good at it, or just, "yeah, it'll do it...."
Bert the Welder 10/07/20 07:06pm Truck Campers
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