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RE: Towing mileage/capability

For anyone reading this, we began the hunt for a different truck. If things fall into place, I may have a pristine '07 Avalanche with relatively low miles by the weekend. Failing that, I'm probably going to stay to GM or Ford, 5.3 or 5.4, there are several Silverados with 80k that are 2wd in the area, look spotless, might be worth it. I did run into a '95 K2500 with a 454 (!) but if it's anything like our Olds 455's I grew up with the mileage falls in the range of "if you have to ask" to "ouch" lol. I like the Dodges but they're quite a bit higher than the GM's, and the '04 we looked at she just couldn't get into.
Bluedeacon 03/02/22 10:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing mileage/capability

Thanks. I'm thinking southern truck, too. I have one friend in Tampa but I'm not sure how the ocean treats things. I can always reach out on one of my long term forums for the Southwest, and I have a former dealer - son of our elderly neighbor - in Atlanta. It may be sooner than later, the Yukon died again and depending what I find it might be time to find new. If I can revive it...
Bluedeacon 02/18/22 12:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing mileage/capability

Sorry about the delay. Overtime and cold meds fog??. Opening note: I've been having problems with the Yukon - finally tracked it to the MAF/IAT sensor, which might also explain the crappy mpg- I took the time to check actual mileage on my worst trip, which turned out to be 5mpg over the rolling hills of southern Iowa. $200 in fuel for 240 miles towing plus about 60 miles of unhooked sidetrips. Ouch. That kind of mileage kills thoughts of trips to Colorado or the like. Budget wise: we spent $4k for the Silverado - ran great, 160k, a bit of rust and in need of brake lines, but it had the trailer package, air bags, set up for 5th wheel (still in bed) or class IV. Unfortunately we discovered while changing the lines that someone had undercoated over rust and cracks on the frame. Too bad, ran great. We bought the Yukon for $3500 hoping it will last till the covid overpricing comes back down. As is common the DIC on the panel just strobes through languages, giving only the occaisional glimpse at the odometer. New or nearly new would be nice from the standpoint of hopefully no repairs for awhile, but budget limits when the Impala is paid off would likely be $25000 or less. Used but good (older) I'd love to keep under $6000 but at least right now that looks more like $10k - only bright side is insurance and registration is less. I kinda prefer smaller, partly because it fits better in the garage, partly just preference. I'm sure a V8 Dakota or Colorado would do the job but can the I6 in the Colorado or Trailblazer? I've had two Blazers with the 5000 lb towing, but how well can they stop or control the trailer in an emergency? These are the kinds of things I'd like to learn. If a full size ends up making more sense, which powertrains are good, what problems are known to avoid? Another question, I sometimes see older 3/4 and 1 tons in apparently good shape - if mileage is not hugely different would one be more robust/reliable and so worth the money or just overkill?
Bluedeacon 02/17/22 01:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing mileage/capability

Sorry for the confusion. Weird thing, I updated several times and there had been no more posts past the unicorn remark. I post again and suddenly there's four pages lol. Let me catch up, and I'll try to focus :). My '95 - only a handful built. On the title it did say Z71 HD. Where standard 350 Z71's had a max tow of 7000 this one had a rating of 8500 with a bed haul of 2250. Other than the tranny it appeared standard, 4.10 limited slip rear and 350 ci engine. Hard to say. I'll try to be back on track this weekend.
Bluedeacon 02/12/22 08:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing mileage/capability

I'm trying to plan ahead - assuming prices of new go back down, do I buy new, or find a great body and renovate the drivetrain while the Yukon runs, and what to buy?
Bluedeacon 02/11/22 11:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing mileage/capability

I responded to this but apparently it didn't go through. For the record. No, I'm not looking for something for nothing. Physics still apply. However, fuel efficiency has improved quite a bit over the years and you'd think there might be more fuel efficient options to tow 4000lbs than a full sized V8 getting 8-10 mpg. Transmissions? I prefer manual to automatic but that's just me. CVT's I can't trust in a lawn tractor, why trust it in a car let alone a truck? Lol. Multispeeds I'm not entirely sold on - in cars anyway I see no advantage to the 8 speed in our 2017 Impala over the four speeds in the '08 Sonata or the '08 V6 Impala. SUV versus pickup - there are some perks and drawbacks to each. I prefer pickups (with a topper is nice) but at my price range quite often SUV's are less likely to have been abused than trucks. Granted, it's hard to beat the outright towing of full size pickups - I thought perhaps with modern tech they might get better mpg towing. I was thinking that a smaller rig might be sufficient and get decent (14+) mileage even if it has to work a bit harder on steep hills. Of folks we met this summer, there was one couple towing an Rpod with a '95 Grand Caravan, perfectly happy with it; and an older lady with 2012 Escape V6 who towed a Sportsman roughly our size and weight. Around Iowa she claims to get 18 mpg or better and has been across the country with it. 12 mpg through the Rockies; I don't know what her standard for 'tows fine' is though. Anyway - the Aerostar. We had an '87 XLT, loved it, but it went to hell at around 120k. I would be interested in another, what with Internet forums. Ironically as with other trucks, the smaller (3 L) has a higher tow rating than the 4L. Most Dakotas have higher tows and hauls than the Ram 1500's. I assume weight difference in the Dodges and weight capacity in the Ford. Our unicorn was called Big Blue - beautiful two tone blue, trailer package, HD. The torque converter went six months in, it took four months and 300 search pages to find another. Tranny shop said tranny was ok while I had it out. Two months in it started feeling soft, we sold it. Four years later, it's had four owners and five trannys. I wonder if a 2500 trans and tc would have worked. I miss that truck. I haven't figured out how to add a pic of it.
Bluedeacon 02/11/22 11:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing mileage/capability

Thanks guys. I did like my '95 but when the torque converter went, it took 3 weeks and over 500 pages to locate the correct one, rebuilt in Atlanta - 21 spline and 14", only 400 made. After I put it back together, the tc apparently took out the tranny despite what the tranny shop guy thought. Suzanne used a stool on a rope to get in and out of Big Blue. It's still in town, but in four years has had four owners and five trannys :(. Still my favorite outside of the Dakotas. Those with the 318 would handle it. Diesels are fine, I have driven and worked on school buses. The trailer is 10'6" PLUS over a foot for the AC, so I count 12' for overpasses. It's 3200lbs. loaded; our stuff weighs 80 or so lbs, the groceries about 20, 150 lbs for a full gas tank, about 500 lbs for the two of us. Cat scale at Kwik Star said 3986 when truck weight was deducted. That's how I figure 4000 as an average. From what I've read, newer trucks - even small ones - get better mpg not towing but same towing. I'm just open to possibilities. Blazers might tow nice, but can they stop? The '99 Dakota V6 might have managed with lower gearing, the '92 extended Dakota SLT with the Shelby 318 towed a 4500 lb rig for a coworker, but after I bought it I found a year in the frame was rusting through just behind the front suspension - a shame, nice truck otherwise. I'm just looking to see if there's better choices before I need to locate or overhaul a new vehicle. I'm not opposed to an old sedan or wagon but the height may be an issue.
Bluedeacon 01/16/22 01:26pm Tow Vehicles
Towing mileage/capability

First, I did see a 'what are you towing with?' post. Be darned if I can find it. I'm happy to read suggested posts if you point me to them. We have a 2021 Wolfpup 16fq, 3200 lbs, nearly 12' high if you include the AC; figure 4000 max with us and fuel and gear. Right now I'm towing with a 2003 Yukon, but in a year or two we'd like to get something better - better mileage the priority, but failing that, capability and/or comfort, as well as lower to the ground if possible, as my wife has problems climbing into high trucks. So I'd like to hear from people with experience relative to our trailer, if possible. I work on my own so older vehicles are worth considering, too. My experience is, rated towing does not always align with capability, and while I've found 4wd is helpful at times at county sites, I wonder if front wheel drive - like the Flex (4500lb tow) or the Traverse (5500lb tow) are up to the task. Our experiences: My Dakota supposedly had a 5500 lb rating (3.57 ratio and 135k on the V6) ; I had upgraded brakes in anticipation of towing since it had the towing capacity. It manhandled the trailer fine and actually brakes better without trailer brakes (yet) than either of the GM full size. However while mileage here in the rolling hills of eastern Iowa was 14, it wanted to spend most of its time in second gear which made me a bit nervous. I suspect a V8 one would be fine. Very comfortable on long trips. We bought a 2001 Silverado Z71 with the 5.3 V8, 4.10 gears, trailer package but while replacing the brake lines found a cracked frame covered up with undercoat and the rear axle leaked Iike a sieve; we replace it with the Yukon (340k) also with the 5.3 and 3.73 gears. The Silverado towed well, rarely went out of overdrive, and got 14/21 not towing, 12 to 14 towing, and climbed those steep hills along the Mississppi. By contrast, the Yukon will only tow in third and wants to shift liberally to second; mileage at best is 10/17 not towing and 8 towing, on the same roads as the Silverado; it struggles on steep hills. Both of these newer trucks kill my back. Actually the '95 Silverado K1500HD (trailer package and 350, extended cab long box) towed and got better mileage than this Yukon does with the '71 Holiday Rambler Vacationer we had some years back. That truck was much easier to work on, too. So what are other's experiences with towing trailers around this size? Are there better choices without spending a huge amount? Thanks, Bruce
Bluedeacon 01/15/22 05:18pm Tow Vehicles
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