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RE: Another hard day at the office....

Finally, people understand. We've been doing it for 14yrs, 31 states, 34 countries and 5 continents. It has it's challenges but no way we could do it otherwise. In my younger years I was on the tools. I had to physically be there to build stuff. But now that I am running the show instead, I can be anywhere in the RV and do the same work. Yeah, I understand! It's great!
BobsYourUncle 06/22/21 12:01pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Another hard day at the office....

Where can I apply? Your application is in the mail... :B
BobsYourUncle 06/22/21 11:41am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Another hard day at the office....

It's nice when I can work remotely. I have my laptop and other stuff. I sit out there enjoying my surroundings and nobody is any the wiser! Yup, just another hard day at the office! :B
BobsYourUncle 06/22/21 11:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bonehead Blunder, I'm an idiot!

You didn't even cross the safety chains! You need to do this to cradle the hitch if it does come loose! If only I could.... Both chains come off the same welded steel loop. Crossing them does nothing, they hang crossed at the back connection point. No cradle. I've tried several ways of hooking them.
BobsYourUncle 06/22/21 06:58am Towing
RE: Bonehead Blunder, I'm an idiot!

Indeed I should buy a lottery ticket, that was one of my first thoughts. Something so simple and obvious as pinning the hitch, didn't think I could possibly overlook that. Yup, guess I need to start making my check list. Or be more diligent about my visual checks. I checked the pigtail, breakaway, chains and coupler lock but this time didn't look at the pin. 2 or 3 visual checks and I missed it. Yes, I have the pin. I use one with a lock to eliminate the chance of some bozo pulling the pin. It was right where I store it when not in use. Rust and friction were indeed my friend, along with 880 pounds of tongue weight. Then couple that with the fact I did not use my WD bars this trip. The combination of all this gave me horseshoes where I sit. Never again!
BobsYourUncle 06/21/21 01:25pm Towing
Bonehead Blunder, I'm an idiot!

I have done some stupid things in my time, made some serious mistakes, but this one is really a major screw up on my part. Went to grab the TT from storage, the gate broke, I couldn't get in, called the owner, they came in and got the gate open. said they would wait and make sure I could get out. Now I am in a hurry to hitch up and get out of there. Grabbed the TT and away I go. Got home, usual pre-trip loading etc and the next morning we are off for a few days at a lake. Cool! :C 230K, 143 miles of highway later we get to our destination. I got out, walked by by hitch and saw this: My heart nearly stopped dead, I literally broke out in a panic sweat when I realized that I DID NOT put the pin in the hitch. How could I have done such an idiotic thing? Where was my head? I have a process, a method I follow for this and I failed, big time. Unbelievable that I drove that far, towing about 7500 - 8000 pounds and the thing didn't fall out of the receiver. I am astounded beyond words at my stupidity and the fact it stayed there all the way. Wow, just wow. I know we all do some dumb things, but this takes the cake for me.
BobsYourUncle 06/21/21 11:41am Towing
RE: Trouble with leaking around toilet flange

The flange on the tank is glued in, so it cannot be moved. Are you sure it is glued in? One of my first posts on this forum, if not my very first one, was asking how the toilet flange came off. I think some said it was glued in, but others told me it was threaded. On mine I think there were a few screws into the floor. After taking the screws out, I used a blunt drift punch and a hammer, rotated the flange counter clockwise out of the tank. It came out very easily when I knew how. I suggest you try that, and replace the flange with a new one, checking the size and clearances etc to ensure you get proper compression on the new gasket. Also check the bottom of the toilet for any irregularities. Put a small straightedge across the outlet, moving it side to side and rotating it to make sure it is perfectly even right across and not warped.
BobsYourUncle 06/20/21 07:33am Tech Issues
RE: Mini Swamp Cooler (Arctic Air) - Legit?

Back in the day before I could afford AC I made my own simple swamp cooler. A plastic tub, couple blocks of ice, and a fan. Done. It actually worked amazingly well. Gotta have a supply of block ice though. Works better than just water.
BobsYourUncle 06/20/21 07:02am Tech Issues
RE: The importance of a TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Are you saying that with a single axle trailer and a tire that disintegrated you drove a "mile or so" like that and didn't notice anything? Thats right, didn't feel a thing. Towing it with a dually and I felt nothing
BobsYourUncle 06/18/21 03:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: The importance of a TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Shoulda Coulda Woulda..... I think a TPMS would have saved my TT from total destruction on this one. Stove, fridge, shower, shore power, cabinets, floor, gas lines, wheelhouse, more plus the obvious in the pics, all destroyed. I didn't feel a thing even after the mirror check where I saw smoke and pieces flying off.... Not sure how far I drove like that, a few miles I guess. I drove back 2 miles picking up parts off the highway. It was a write-off on its maiden voyage after I had fixed it all up nicely. Oh well, brown stuff happens! :E:E
BobsYourUncle 06/17/21 09:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Refrigerator flame

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken :B I was just gonna post that, you beat me to it!! :B:B
BobsYourUncle 06/16/21 01:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: The importance of a TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Even my basic model 2009 PT Cruiser has TPMS. Our 2012 Rogue does too. Wish my 07 dually had it.
BobsYourUncle 06/15/21 11:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: The importance of a TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System

A good, somber reminder from the voice of experience. Glad you averted disaster, and thank you for saying something that all of us should know. I know the importance of TPMS. I totaled one of my TT's years ago over a blown tire. But do I own one? No I don't. Time to smarten up. Thanks for this.
BobsYourUncle 06/15/21 07:15pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Old rig picture

Where are you wanting to delete it from? Where is the picture?
BobsYourUncle 06/15/21 07:41am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Damage while moving

What did he hit? Someone else's personal property? Is there someone out there looking for a vehicle involved in a hit and run? I would never allow a stranger with only a phone number to touch my RV. I doubt you will get satisfaction. An expensive lesson for you.
BobsYourUncle 06/14/21 07:21am Travel Trailers
RE: 12 v water pump possessed?

One of my rigs had a petcock to shut off city water from the inside. If you have one and it's open, then water could be shooting out. However, there should be a check valve in the city water connection that does not allow back flow. Maybe check that too.
BobsYourUncle 06/13/21 07:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: New Truck!!

I cant get the photos to post. I will be happy to send them to someone who can lol Some of us would love to see the pics of your new truck. I know I would! Here is what I do. I open a second tab in my browser and load this. This link has provisions to point to the picture on your computer. Click Select and it will give you the menu to choose and upload the pic. Then it will give you the URL to copy. Copy that as it is given and simply paste the whole thing into your post. I like doing it in a separate tab because you can have the post open you are posting the pics in, and you can have the above URL open in another to upload as many as you want to post. If that doesn't work for you, send them to me and I will be happy to do it for you. PM me. And yes, off topic indeed.
BobsYourUncle 06/13/21 07:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: RV Rebuild Website - Online soon - Input?

Another update: I have been seriously working on my site over the past while, after not touching it for a few weeks. I am spending 2-3 hours about 5 evenings a week and have also put in entire days on some weekends. It is definitely a huge pile of work for sure. It takes a while to organize everything, write little descriptions for each picture, and to also post them in some meaningful sequence. I have it broken down into sections, starting at the beginning of course, and establishing a progression of the work. I currently have 9 pages. That could change. I have also learned that I can have a blog as 1 of my pages too. I'll likely do that later after launching the site. The whole thing will have no glitz and razzle dazzle. It is plain, simple and factual. Wix has a provision for formatting it for portable devices. That's a whole other pile of work to do too once I get it built for desktop computers. What looks good on a desktop can be a mess on a mobile. I would say I have the bulk of it about 75% done. I really didn't think it would be this much work. But the site is way more elaborate and detailed than my original one from 15 years ago was. And I'm sure that once its launched, I will get feedback that this or that does not display properly. I am a novice, but eager to learn. I enjoy the work a lot.
BobsYourUncle 06/12/21 07:18am Tech Issues
RE: New Truck!!

Pictures! Pictures!! Congrats on your new ride! :C
BobsYourUncle 06/12/21 06:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Screws backing out

Further to the good advice above, I would ask why they are coming out, and why they are stripped. That could be a red flag. Pull a few right out and look at the threads. They should be clean and metal color. But if they are blackened or rusty, you have a water leak problem. The screws are coming out because the wood is wet and rotting and no longer holds the screw.
BobsYourUncle 06/10/21 11:03pm Tech Issues
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