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RE: No good deed goes unpunished

Alright people. I posted this for education purposes and not to bash my friend, and yes we are still friends. In order for me to answer my own question I will have to go over and look at the wiring again to see if they pass through the circuit breakers on the tongue. I could very well have been wrong so if this can be used by others to help them understand things then great. There should be a small metal cased autoreseting breaker mounted close to the battery(ies) on the tongue of the trailer. Should look like this.. height=300 width=300 That is basically a "catastrophe" breaker in case the wiring to the converter/fuse panel were to develop a short circuit. Basically there to protect you from ending up setting your rig on fire in the event the wire shorts to ground. Manufacturers must include a fuse or breaker within 18" of the battery. These are typically mounted to the A frame on the inside and may be under the battery tray. They are open to weather and are not really designed for or sealed and over time suffer weather related damage.. The breaker should auto reset after any over current event provided the high current draw is removed and or voltage is removed from the breaker. Well ya learn something new every day. Thanks for explaining. Now wonder why I haven't seen this on my last 3 campers? (It makes sense, btw) I've been all over those campers and like to think I'm fairly observant. Actually replaced the + lead from battery to converter in one Arctic Fox and there was not shtf (sht hit s the fan) breaker. Mine is on the negative cable on my last two trailers.
Boon Docker 01/28/22 11:28am Tech Issues

My employer says I must get a shot, so I would like to get the one that is FDA approved. Having trouble finding it around here. Can you folks tell me where I could get it? Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine also known as "Comirnaty" Is that the only one FDA approved. What about Moderna and others? Pretty sure Comirnaty is the only one approved at the present time.
Boon Docker 01/19/22 06:10pm Around the Campfire

My employer says I must get a shot, so I would like to get the one that is FDA approved. Having trouble finding it around here. Can you folks tell me where I could get it? Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine also known as "Comirnaty"
Boon Docker 01/18/22 01:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: Will my WFCO 55 amp over charge?

Charge the batteries to 100%, disconnect a battery cable, come back in the spring and top up the 10% charge that the batteries lost over the winter.
Boon Docker 01/08/22 02:37pm Tech Issues
RE: macerator pumps

I use a 1/2" hose and go 75 feet then up 4 feet to the sewer connection. Works fine.
Boon Docker 01/08/22 01:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Will my WFCO 55 amp over charge?

Bring batteries in and keep them warm. They like that. :B
Boon Docker 01/08/22 10:55am Tech Issues
RE: Raised toilet, what’s underneath

This will help AND slide back against the stool to minimize clearance issues. A son in law was prescribed one of these to help with evacuation. squatty potty Won't work. No way to slide it back under the platform the toilet sits on.
Boon Docker 01/04/22 11:46am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Raised toilet, what’s underneath

my guess is power and water lines. build her a custom little stool for right infront of it, that will be easier. X2 Build a narrow step that is 1/2 the way up the platform.
Boon Docker 01/01/22 06:35pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Maintaining batteries

wa8yxm: I always thought that my pair of GC2 batteries were in fact 6 volt batteries. :B
Boon Docker 01/01/22 04:58pm Tech Issues
RE: How to prevent Keirig from freezing??

Go for it, make a hot toddy. Can't think of a better way.
Boon Docker 12/30/21 12:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tank treatment that can restore sensor accuracy?

In all my years of camping, I have yet to find that "silver bullet" cure to mis-reading tank sensors... So far my best solution has been 1 cup of calgon liquid, some dish soap, and about 10 gallons of hot water right before leaving.... let it slosh around and dump/rinse well once I get to where I am going... X2 Calgon water softener and soap works great.
Boon Docker 12/18/21 11:48am Tech Issues
RE: 12 volt battery question please

Back to the original question about foam insulation. No need to protect the batteries with insulation, just fully charge them at the beginning of winter. Disconnect a battery cable and coming back in the spring to top up the charge.
Boon Docker 12/17/21 12:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Simplest battery monitor and shunt? Advice for non-expert

Boon Docker 12/17/21 12:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Simplest battery monitor and shunt? Advice for non-expert

This monitor is the one I have. It is an awesome little unit.
Boon Docker 12/14/21 11:17pm Tech Issues
RE: electrical question, how to make clearance lights blink

Why? IMHO, it is a good idea to carry a flasher in someplace handy incase you need to unhook along side the highway. As for markers in a campground, go sleep in a truckstop. He probably wouldn't be connected to 110 in that case. Just a guess. Jump between the battery charge line to the taillight line, power would come from battery. (When shore power the converter feeds) The clearance lights on a lot of modern trailers are LED, and don't draw enough current to make a typical flasher...flash. Might be right, but 1 incandescent bulb will trip a flasher. The trailer will have at least a dozen lamps. Don't know if would work or not... Newer vehicles have led lights and the flasher works for those, so no reason why it would not work for a trailer.
Boon Docker 12/10/21 03:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: A different take on the popular ‘Carbon Dioxide Narrative’

X2 Well said MNRon
Boon Docker 12/09/21 01:10pm Tech Issues
RE: A different take on the popular ‘Carbon Dioxide Narrative’

Trees and plants LOVE CO2 !!!! More CO2 means more green plants. The world is greener than ever. If you want to know for yourself how much we are lied to then you can do an easy experiment yourself right in your kitchen. Take a bowl and put a big chunk of ice in it. Maybe freeze a paper cup of water and use that as the chunk. put the ice in the bowl of water and mark precisely where the water level is. Let the ice melt. Now mark where the ice level is. You will realize how big the lie is. Hint, the water level does not change when the ice melts. One pound of ice is one pound of water. One pound of ice displaces the EXACT, precisely the EXACT, same amount of water as one pound of water. Sea ice, which by definition is ice on the ocean, when melted, will not increase ocean levels one bit, zero, nada, ziltch. This is the big lie people fall for over and over and over. It is such simple science, but so many people fall for the simplest of lies. If all the sea ice on earth melted NOTHING would happen to the ocean levels. They would remain the exact same as they are now. Your vacation house built 3 feet above sea level would still be 3 feet above sea level if all the ice melted. There is not enough fresh snow/ice on land to do much of anything to sea levels either. Almost all the ice is floating on the ocean. The Arctic Sea ice is increasing in size currently. Sea levels are not lowering. Sea ice does not cause water level to rise, polar ice sheets (on land) will increase the sea level when they melt.
Boon Docker 12/09/21 11:08am Tech Issues
RE: No plastic membership cards anymore

Boon Docker 12/05/21 03:18pm Good Sam Club

Don’t tell anyone, but mask mandates are effective. Missouri Withheld Data Showing Effectiveness of Mask Mandates It is really unfortunate that there is a small minority of people that don't believe that.
Boon Docker 12/05/21 03:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Not solar again ?

If you are using 3 different trailers then I would leave the controller with the panels instead of having a controller with each trailer. There is no "electric" produced if the panels are not connected to a controller and battery. It does not hurt the panels if they are not connected to the trailer. They just sit there idle and do nothing.
Boon Docker 12/02/21 03:04pm Tech Issues
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