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RE: First barrage with the dealer

Right now it's a seller's market, wait until there's a vaccine and you'll be able to pick up a barely used unit for a fraction of even normal new prices as lots of first time panic buyers realize they don't really like camping that much and would rather fly or take a cruise. The market is so crazy now, absolutely a sellers market for sure that discounts are much smaller than the past. Next year, we will see a TON of slightly used RV's that were purchased in the spur of the moment so families could vacation during this pandemic. Then they realize it's not for them, there is NO room service option. I agree with both of you! Raife has plans for a trip this year so didn't want to wait, and overall I think he got a decent deal under the circumstances. Plus he bought local so no issues about getting warranty work if he needs it. The moral of the story is there's more to life than just the lowest price! Congrats Raife and happy travels!!
BurbMan 08/10/20 01:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Totaled vehicles...sometimes surprising.

But we keep asking for more bells and whistles, more electronics more systems more conectability. Every little option boosts the insurance rates, make it more technical harder to diagnose and repair. easier to total! Lots of moving parts here....yes, feature-rich vehicles have a higher cash value, but the the repair cost is disproportionately higher because of diagnostic time. Also these electronic components are so expensive, there is high demand for used parts, which is inflating the salvage value of these cars. The higher repair cost combined with the higher salvage value is outstripping the higher ACV of these wrecked cars. There are also many questionable repair facilities that focus on making the repair LOOK good, but may not correctly repair engineered features like crumple zones, etc. Without a qualified inspection it's really hard for even knowledgeable car guys to spot the mistakes unless you are intimately familiar with that specific make/model. You can easily get liability insurance for a salvage vehicle so registering/driving is not an issue. What you can't get is collision and comprehensive, which means that nobody will finance the vehicle.
BurbMan 08/10/20 10:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: First barrage with the dealer

Noteven, the Monroney Act only applies to consumer auto/truck sales, not RVs, jet skis, ATVs, etc. Also unlike the automotive market, many RV dealers will only do warranty work on units that they sell at their dealership. Unlike auto mfrs, RV mfrs won't force a dealer to provide warranty work on a unit just because they sell that brand, they allow a dealer to only perform warranty work work on the units sold at that dealership. There were a few online "virtual" dealers with no overhead that were undercutting local dealers on price, so the manufacturers allowed this as a way for the local dealers to "fight back". Personally I wouldn't hesitate to buy long distance since I do all my own repair work anyway. Raife, I wouldn't worry about whether the dealer is making $1,000 or $10, was noted here, if you think the price is fair for what you're buying, then buy it. Some may say, "Fools rush in...", but more apt for a sellers market like this is "He who hesitates is lost." I get your point that you keep your vehicles a long time, but recognize that an RV is grow up and get bigger, and it's possible that you will find yourselves using the trailer differently than how you envisioned using it when you bought it. There is a decent chance that you'll sell that RV or trade it in within a couple years for those reasons. Whether you'll get a better price in 6 months depends on whether demand softens like it usually does in the winter. Having seen the 3 TV network affiliates here in NY all run segments on their news magazine shows about how RVs are the perfect vacation option, I'm hesitant to say that demand will be lower over this winter.
BurbMan 08/10/20 09:45am Travel Trailers
RE: TT Insurance

USAA must be phasing it out...I had USAA insurance on our Terry right up until I sold it in May. Called back last week to insure the truck camper and got passed over to Progressive. Got the "deluxe" package for $169/year. We were paying about $220/yr for the Terry, that was comprehensive and collision with $1000 deductible. I know Progressive offers much better coverage for contents, theft, etc than what USAA was offering. I would review the coverage categories, limits, and deductibles and see if there is a way to lower that premium some.
BurbMan 08/10/20 09:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Front Window Yes or No?

Thanks for the feedback, sounds like I am on the right track. We unstapled the front fiberglas and water dripped out for about a week before it stopped. The lower part of the nose was reinforced with sheet metal and the water was trapped in the cardboard layer between the filon and the sheet metal, so the framing survived.
BurbMan 08/10/20 09:10am Truck Campers
Front Window Yes or No?

Work continues on the 2002 Lance 811, and with the front window out we are wondering if we should leave it out and close up the hole. It seems like around 2005-ish all the manufacturers stopped installing front windows in the cabover, just leaving windows on the sides in the bedroom area. Browsing through late-model TCs for sale on the web, nothing less than 15 yrs old has a front window. Seems like leaving it out would eliminate the need for a shade and valence inside, adding more headroom and length in the sleeping area for this 6'5" guy. Am I missing anything? Is there a reason to keep the front window?
BurbMan 08/08/20 07:31am Truck Campers
RE: New TT bargaining...

X2 barter till it hurts, they can knock off 25/30 % in the blink of a eye. only deal on out the door price. when your happy buy. Pre-COVID that was true. Now the entire world has decided that the RV is the perfect socially-distanced vacation, dealer inventory is at an all time low and factories can't keep up. I see that RV.usa has this model listed with an MSRP of $28k, so that's one data point. There are dealers on the web that have these in stock, and there is always somebody willing to give you a lower price. The question is how much time/effort/travel are you willing to invest chasing a lower price? Also keep in mind that many RV dealers will only do warranty work on units that they sell. Unlike automotive brands, RV manufacturers won't force a dealer to provide warranty work on a unit just because they sell that brand, they allow a dealer to only perform warranty work work on the units sold at that dealership. There were a few online "virtual" dealers with no overhead that were undercutting local dealers on price, so the manufacturers allowed this as a way for the local dealers to "fight back".
BurbMan 08/08/20 07:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Lance 830 with Ram 3500 Mega Cab

If you drop back to a crew cab you can get a long box, the payload on mine is 4300 lbs. The back of the crew cab has way more room than our Suburban did and I was impressed. Not limo-type room like the mega cab but certainly enough for us and I have the seat back all the way when I'm driving.
BurbMan 08/07/20 01:25pm Truck Campers
RE: 5th Wheel with no dually truck

If you are going to travel 4 months/year, I would stay with a 5er. You can spend $3k on a Hensley Arrow hitch to make a TT tow as good as a 5er, but since you are starting fresh why bother. The usual advice is to buy the trailer first, then get a truck with enough capacity to handle it. In our case, we got a truck camper that weighs 3017 lbs wet, so we needed a truck that could handle that plus cargo. We just bought a 2015 Ram 3500 Laramie SRW crew cab longbox with Cummins diesel, and it is rated to carry almost 4300 lbs. Yes a dually will handle more, but like you, we didn't want a dually and the SRW had the capacity that we needed. The biggest challenge we had was finding a 3500 diesel that wasn't a dually! A 3000 lb pin weight will get you a heckuva trailer. width=640
BurbMan 08/07/20 01:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Options are limted

e-man makes some good point. Our Sunnybrook was fiberglas over an aluminum frame and had much less trouble with it that we did with the Terry that had a wood frame. The quick connect "rinse port" is basically a garden nozzle with a coiled hose as opposed to a traditional shower head. The premise is that most folks use the outside shower to rinse things off rather than take an actual shower. We find it nice for rinsing the sand off at the beach. According to the specs your Grand Design will have 30A service, which is all you need for one a/c in that size TT. Also good point about the heat ducts in the walls and cabinets. Our Terry had them in the floor and it's impossible to keep stuff from falling there especially when you sweep. They're not even ducts, more like thin flashing lining a joist bay. If you have the dealer holding the Grand Design, I would do all of your research ahead of time and be ready to pull the trigger if you like it.
BurbMan 08/07/20 08:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Options are limted

Hi Raife, Tough time to be looking for an RV...coming out of the 2008 recession, the RV industry has seen its longest-ever streak of sales growth and prosperity. They thought the party was over when COVID hit, but the most recent edition of RV Business has interviews with industry leaders talking about how demand is thru the roof and nobody can run hard enough to keep up. Dealer inventory is at an all time low and delivery times are double what they normally would be. That said, all 3 of these TTs look to be a good match with your size/weight range. These are a much better fit with your Durango and should provide you with a good towing experience. The Grand Design looks nice and they make a nice trailer. The Gulf Stream has no outside kitchen but is also 600 lbs lighter. Sadly all the specs on the Jayco are TBD on their website. Both the GS and GD have good tank sizes for their overall size. I would plan a day to look at all 3, see how the floorplan "feels", decide whether you like the outside kitchen, etc., and of course price. If you find one you like and the price is right I would buy it if you want to get into a TT this year. If you're not in a hurry, then I would wait until the spring when dealer inventory catches up with demand and you'll see good deals again at the spring round of RV shows.
BurbMan 08/07/20 06:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Learning curve going from 5th wheel to TT

I agree with Barney, we also used a Hensley Arrow for years, and 30 mph cross winds create no issues for sway. You might also look at the ProPride 3P, these are the only 2 hitches on the market that use this sway-proof design.
BurbMan 08/06/20 12:27pm Towing
RE: Can a brake controller get weaker over time?

I had the same problem and it was the ground connection at the trailer. Follow the 7-way cord back to the trailer and see where it grounds to the frame, there are usually a bunch of grounds under the same bolt. Take the bolt out and clean everything up good and your brakes will be like new.
BurbMan 08/06/20 12:22pm Towing
RE: Learning curve going from 5th wheel to TT

The truck and trailer should as close to level as you get it with everything hooked up, and you also need to make sure you have enough tongue weight, so a trip to the scales is a must once you have the hitch where you think you want it, A good place to start is the Sticky at the top of this forum called Travel Trailer Hitch Set-up Procedure. Lots of good info there, I would suggest read it through.
BurbMan 08/06/20 07:38am Towing
RE: F350 where do I jack from? / would this plan work?

The factory jack should be rated for a fully loaded truck (GVWR) plus a safety margin. Aside from a camper, you might have other cargo that's not able to be unloaded roadside to repair a flat tire, maybe gravel, mulch, bricks, whatever. Also remember that the jack isn't lifting the whole loaded truck in the air so you can work on it, it's only lifting one corner a couple inches so you can change a tire.
BurbMan 08/05/20 12:03pm Truck Campers
RE: Need a 1/2" Propane Hose ASAP

Any hydraulics place can make a hose for you
BurbMan 08/05/20 08:46am Tech Issues
RE: Why remove dinette booth and replace with table and chairs

Depends on what suits you...the dinette in our Sunnybrook was awful, so we took out the benches and replaced with free standing chairs. Gave us a lot of flexibility to move the chairs around. We liked it so much, we kicked ourselves for not doing it sooner and couldn't understand why anyone would have a booth dinette again. We were so convinced that table and chairs was they way to go that that we ordered the new Terry with a table and chairs....and hated it so much we took them out and installed a U-shaped dinette. Go figure.
BurbMan 08/04/20 09:25am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Television - 12 volt or 120?

Many TVs now have a power brick that converts 120 volts to 12 volts. That USED to be true...while it's true that most TVs now run on 12v, the power supplies are usually internal so it's a lot more complicated that just "bypassing the brick" like we did when flat panels were new.
BurbMan 08/04/20 09:16am Tech Issues
RE: 2002 Lance 811 Rebuild - Update 08.03.2020-FILON TODAY!

That's exactly what it's like, the big challenge is doing it vertically. If you could lay the camper on its side it would be easy. The secret is to over cut the filon and then trim. I aligned the top edge so it would run straight, then everything else gets trimmed. The window and cut outs started as a 1" hole in the middle of the opening. I drill those on the ground with a backer board. Once the filon is up, then I use the router with a flush trim bit to follow the outline of the opening. This is the same process that I used with the luan. I rough cut the filon under the cabover about 1" long/wide, so the piece would be lighter and have room to trim. You would never get it to line up on multiple edges when installing. The trimming doesn't have to exact since every corner gets a trim piece and I plan on wrapping the top seams in 4" Eternabond tape.
BurbMan 08/03/20 09:55am Truck Campers
RE: 2002 Lance 811 Rebuild - Update 08.03.2020-FILON TODAY!

UPDATE 08/03/2020 FILON TODAY!!! Working through this heat and trying to get as much done in the evenings as I can. We finished up the framing and sheathing, so time to put the table saw away and sweep out the garage. I finally get to unwrap the 45' roll of Filon that's been sitting in the same spot since we brought it home in June. I put some canvas drop cloths on the garage floor so the Filon wouldn't get scratched. It'll have plenty of time to get scratched by trees when we're camping, no need to accelerate that process... It also looks like filon has a front and back. One side was bright white and the other was an off white. A little confusing at first but decided that the bright white side is the "good" side. width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 I picked up these HF air shears to cut the sheet metal for the backsplash, but it turns out they work excellent on the filon too! width=640 width=640 I bought the filon from an RV supply place in Elkhart IN and they recommended this Bender's #618 contact cement because that's what the OEMs use. The instructions are VERY specific about the type of sprayer (only use a pressure pot), how it is applied, etc. The stuff is so flammable that they tell you to ground the can when you pour it....yikes! width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 The adhesive sprays on red so you can see the coverage you're getting. Basically scuff up the back of the filon with 80-grit paper, spray the filon, spray the wood, wait about a minute and stick 'em together. The only challenge is that this stuff bonds on teh slightest contact...there is NO possibility to move or reposition the filon once it touches the camper. Here I made a test coupon: width=640 width=640 So with 3 of us (thanks to DW and DD) were able to get the underside of the right wing and the right side done. Sorry no "in process" pics but it was all hands on deck. We flattened a large cardboard box and used that as an insulator between the filon and camper to prevent accidental contact. I started at the rear by the slide opening and as I moved forward with the J-roller, they would move the cardboard forward. Interesting stuff this #618, it's not tacky when you touch it, won't stick to your hands and won't stick to anything but itself. width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 Next up is the lower front, bottom of the cabover and then the left side. The right wasn't bad because the factory had a seam at the edge of the slide opening, so the piece we were handling was only 10' long. On the left, the piece goes tip to tail, so will be about 16' and a LOT more challenging. For now, hoping that my Ghetto Garage survives the 50 mph winds we are supposed to get from tropical storm Isaias!
BurbMan 08/03/20 08:55am Truck Campers
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