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RE: Bryce to Cortez, Co area

What's the best, (easiest) route from Bryce to Canyons of the Ancients, (Cortez area). "BEST" MAP - My Best You are in Utah some Beautiful Drives that few Take, Gets you close to Lake Powell and the Wild and Beautiful areas few see. JMHO,
Busskipper 01/15/21 10:54am Roads and Routes
RE: Looking for I70 alterantives Colorado trip in February - .

Looking for I70 alternatives for a Colorado trip with my TT coming from Eastern Colorado (2500lb Lance 1575 TT) in February. I have traveled I70 many times before but hate it (I have appropriate equipment like chains, new snow tires, Good truck, generators, TT is good for winter camping and does fine even in Northern MN). Yes I have to go in February. I have the whole month. I am traveling to Southern Utah/Northern AZ. Unfortunately New Mexico is closed to travelers and going around isn't an option for me. I don't want to risk getting stranded in NM as they require a 2 week quarantine. I can only spare an extra 500 miles (from straying from I70)as I'm bringing my truck to sell so I'm low on options for going around. I've planned several weeks of time in case of an emergency, time is no issue. I tend to travel 3-5 hours a day and stop, no problem going slow...I'm not a fan of going 80mph though as many Coloradans are. I have considered Pueblo, CO to Grand Junction and down 285 through Utah. I have also looked at going down Hwy160 out of Walsenburg, CO but I really have no idea as I've only ever gone North of I70. I would love any advice you have to offer if you've ever been out this way in the winter or live in the South West part of CO! Thank you! Lotta ? above - :h First off I've driven most of the Routes possible, in almost every season and Condition - Simple Answer is Why Not I-70, as they Plow it and keep it Open and Safe? First off it's the Safest route Possible - Sure you need to go through the Tunnel - BUT - because it's an "I" it's Plowed and Safe. If you get in/on the other Routes - RT 50 and RT 160 - you are looking at routes that are doable but Much More Weather Dependent ........ So you can do them, you just need to be much more willing to Hunker down for Days to let things improve - A note here is that the Snow has been sparse so far this Year. IMHO there is a stronger likelihood of a good storm in February - it's just Due. So if you are looking to just explore a Bit - when you hit Denver head to Golden and take RT 6 along Clear Creek - Always Plowed, as it has bus traffic to the Casinos - add to that that it is just a Beautiful less crowded drive that we ALWAYS take - all the way to Idaho Springs, where you will capture I-70 and Continue to Breck and Vail before getting to Glenwood Springs where it basically will open up with little snow or other issues. When you enter Utah on I-70 look to exit (exit 214) to RT 128 - this follows the Colorado River into Moab - Beautiful and Shorter. From there just head South on RT 191, for the most part you are in the flat lands taking you South to Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. MAP - MAP HERE Sure you can take Monarch Pass or Wolf Creek Pass - but - would certainly not be My Choice - Fun without Snow - but often it takes a good bit of time to be able to see the blacktop after a good Snow. Last note here - for Colorado Use the - CDOT will be a lot of help in seeing the roads and the condition in real Time - I always like to see what they look like before I drive them. The cameras allow just that. Hope this is of some Help,
Busskipper 01/15/21 08:36am Roads and Routes
RE: Opinion on Resort fees

What's your take on a RV park that charges over $100/night, has only a pool for an amenity (nothing else other than an empty clubhouse and a couple corn hole games) , has no activities or entertainment and now wants to add a resort fee on top of the rate ? If the local Wal*Mart allows overnights - think I'd Pass - :) Will admit though - we've paid more --- more than Once :S So it all depends,
Busskipper 01/14/21 01:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mt Rushmore and Yellostone National Park

Looking for suggestions for RV Parks around Mt Rushmore and Jackson Wyoming. FHU's for Mt Rushmore and YNP and the Tetons - I'd suggest seeing if you can find anything available in Custer for Mt Rushmore - as it is in the Middle of Everything and if you Miss Custer SP and the Needles IMHO you will be missing much of the Black Hills. IMHO, Rafter J is a Family Park and not the optimum Choice for a Full timer :) There are many options but at this time for the Prime time of the Summer you need reservations and may be limited in your options. For Yellowstone - West Yellowstone is the only real Option as Cody is just too Far and Fishing Bridge will not be open this Summer! Will be traveling in late July and early August. If you are a Full Timer - seriously look to trying to not come in the Middle of Prime Time - Crowded - Kids - Traffic. If you think about it or have ever been before the Traffic and the Crowds just .....just make this a Chore to visit when it is so crowded. We were there in Early October - was beautiful had crowds but was doable and not so crowded it made it difficult. Add to that that the Aspen were Golden and the weather cool enough to Hike around Sylvan Lake - Beautiful, especially with only a few others there. First stop Mt Rushmore then to Yellowstone National Park. Logical routing but if I were you I'd still try to get out of Prime time - Yellowstone is just a Zoo in the Summer - no place to park - One of the main roads is closed and the drives are just not fun in Bumper to Bumper driving at 25mph, if that fast. An RV park about 1 hour from Yellowstone is acceptable. Only option is West Yellowstone - really not critical which park as you will only sleep there - we did Yellowstone with the Grands last year and go there right after the Campgrounds were opened it was a Zoo in early June, it was Cold at night - in the 40's every night. Spent as much time outside the Park, kids love the Water as we did with the crowds inside the Park. We full time in a 42ft Motorhome. Plenty of spots - we stayed in the park - in West Yellowstone - In the Tetons - in Island Park - Victor - it is interesting that the Kids had more fun outside the Park than in the Park - in the Tetons were able to use the Beach on Jackson Lake so they enjoyed it with the Tetons in the Back ground - that along with a Bear and three Cubs sighting made the Tetons Memorable. We need full hookups and will not be able to stay in a national park unless fully hooked up. Good Luck - only option at this time will be outside - $$$$ Thank you for any suggestions you can provide. Being a full-timer should allow you to be able to enjoy these parks in times that are just More Fun, Less crowded and just Easier - Get more info on and areas around these park, as IMHO there is just so much more to Do in these areas. Cody is an Area that has much to Offer - issue is it is just too far a daily drive - Chief Joseph Highway - Beartooth Highway - Wind Canyon - Thermopolis and Shoshoni both are interesting areas - Keep in mind the State Parks in the areas. The Drives around the Tetons are also a must - the various view points are all just so different........I could go on and on - Do your research - plan your drives - get up early to beat the crowds - some of the most beautiful spots in the Country. Best of Luck,
Busskipper 01/05/21 08:21am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: August cammping

I am already finding it much more difficult to find sites to reserve in Colorado in July--September. We used to travel there without concern about finding a campground with open sites; now we have to be fast on the draw when the six-month window opens up for state parks and national forest parks. As for Texas in August, I'm with Paw Paw. The best place to camp in Texas in August is in Colorado! In the Summer - you are Correct! Hard to be in a CG that does not have a number of Texas Tags, especially in the San Juan's.
Busskipper 01/04/21 08:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ideal RV space size for new park?

What is the ideal space size for a new RV park? Greetings, I am in the design stage of building an RV park on 5 acres in Northern CA. With all of the fires in the past couple years there is a tremendous need for RV parks. This project is close to home for me, my in laws lost everything in the Paradise, CA fire. This area I live in hosts long and short term travelers, RVs and 5th wheels. I'm looking for input to help lay it out. Who better to ask than those who would use it. The dimensions of the park are 245'wide X 775'long Thank you in advance. Mission of the Park - IMHO is to make $ - minimum size would likely be something close to 60 x 40 - many think they should all be drive through - thinking you need to maximize your land use and keep the cost of the utilities as low as possible. Couple of notes, pretty sure most of the residents will need to be Full time for you to pay for it - Next thing you need to keep in Mind are the Roads - they will also need to be considered. Then the Utilities LOOK THIs OVER - ANSWERS THE QUESTION link Set back - Office and Club house will all need to be included at some time. Look to making this work with a U shaped road back ins on the outside and possibly double length Pull through in the middle - back ins in the front and Back. Hope this is of some help, I've done this and will send you a PM. Best of Luck, EDITS WILL ALSO HELP- :) edit - Another good Link 2nd edit -
Busskipper 12/19/20 12:46pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Best and worst routes across the Mountains ?

Couple notes on the old Revcon - Brakes - and Brake Lines - have them checked to be sure all is really in good shape - as you will make it up fine the going Down is the Issue. Couple years later my GMC developed pin hole - rust - leaks on the brake lines - loosing the brakes at 60 mph when traffic stops in front of you is a challenge - another story - but it required me to replace ALL the Metal brake lines on the GMC and the DW never felt comfortable again in that Coach. s Actually, i have a newly refurbished GMC. Well, it was newly refurbished in 2013 and my very dear friend became ill and gave it to me. I've have to go over the soft tissue but otherwise it's a fully updated coach, disc brakes all around, etc. Great links- thank you You have not mentioned if you have given this a Good Test Run - If you have not then you might make a couple longer Craig's list Runs into Say Florida to be sure all systems are go for the big trip, My Coach sat for 7-8 years with only short runs to the Beach and a few tailgates - 1-200 mile runs - I took off to the Rockies this Summer - Yellowstone - and we had a number of system failures - I'm in a DP so more to be concerned about - Air level blew - Alternator had to be replaced - Shocks had to be replaced, age and Bad Roads - Turbo almost fell off - and last but not least blew the Transmission - so sitting is not good. Again will try to follow your Adventure,
Busskipper 12/16/20 10:25am Roads and Routes
RE: Best and worst routes across the Mountains ?

Enough - of my stories - you need to be sure you have many cameras - take Hundreds of Images (Every Day) then store them so you can find them later - they will be Priceless. That's funny. I'm a photographer for the US Coast Guard. But sometimes it becomes work and i don't feel like it. But this will be pretty well photographed. While I was only an Amateur photographer - in High School and College I shot 10's of Thousands of images - with Negatives - of the sports - used to carry all the Gear, all over the world - but now just a small Zoom and the Phone, still I fail to follow my own advice and never take enough Images of the People/Boys/Kids. Give the Boys a Phone or a Camera and you might be surprised - we had two boys - we still do trips together - so you may have more time than you think - amazing how thing come Full Circle. :) I am 60 years old. my boys are 10 & 13 - Wife is a teacher. When I retire in two years. we will have just three more summers with both boys. We did a lot with the Boys all through High School and College, one Christmas we flew them both to Las Vegas and met them there, saw the town then headed in the RV to Zion and Bryce - Dec 21 - hiked to the top of Angles Landing, with only a couple others, in shorts and T's leaving the next day to arrive in Bryce in 8"'s of Snow for the most Beautiful Sunset, with the Snow on the Hoo Doo's, Awesome - then followed one in and with the RV as he played Pro Lacrosse for 10 years, Now he lives in Colorado and we still spend weeks with them...........some of us just get lucky. Here's hoping for you to Get Lucky. :) So this is bit of a practice run. Shoot across the mountains, see some sights, meet some family for the first time. Drink Beer. Golden RV park on Clear Creek and Coors Beer in town of Golden just outside Denver. Advise you to get reservations if you can not just here but pretty much everywhere, especially in popular areas - Cali will be interestingly difficult - just not the Same as it once was - one of My Boys Graduated from Whittier in Cali. so we spent a good bit of time there - doubt I will ever return - did a run into southern Cali about 8 years ago and it was just Depressing, as I knew all the area as a Kid. After i retire these trips will begin on the last day of school and run until Late august. Got it - be sure you have the rig well equipped to BoonDock or Wally Dock - has served us well as a travel resource - East coast is tough but the Beaches are Great as are the Mountains of North and South Carolinas, We just Love the Rockies, Lake Toxaway area is special. Unless we find we hate it. then we'll do something else. Setting your expectations is critical as to making it something you will enjoy - As long as I include the Granddaughters the DW still loves it. But my goal (which i do not share out load ) is ALCAN Summer 2023. We had that in the plan but MIL became an Issue so that was Cancelled and now is just a distant dream. And my real dream is West Africa- Morocco to Senegal 2025 (not real optimistic about that one) We did a little of Japan and China in the 90's and a Little Spain and Portugal earlier - but determined we had more we wanted to see here in the USA - we still have much to see and explore in the USA so the rest is not in the cards for me. Hope this is not just me reliving but also a little informative for you - this last summer we really had to work to find places to Camp - both boys were able to work remotely - BUT - needed to be connected not easy near the Big most popular Resorts/National Parks. So work hard on the plan - old engines tend to get hot when its warm and they are pushed - keep that in mind - Use Good Oil - remember it is harder to go DOWN than to go Up. This will be a Great Trip!
Busskipper 12/15/20 12:23pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best and worst routes across the Mountains ?

So there you go pretty much your trip, just there were only TWO of us and we visited No One but 7,500 is really not going to cut it - more like 350 - 400 miles a day every day and no - 0 - Nada - time to stop and enjoy - so I will try to get it across to you that your kids will remember Experiences not sites/places - that's a fact! 300-400 miles ? That's an afternoon craigslist run. :-) More like 600-800 miles a day on travel days. Leaving two and three day chunks to enjoy the experience. I am hoping the MH makes that easier. We do 600 miles in a small car and the occasional 24 hour flight to Ethiopia. But i fully expect to be wrong about many things. Sounds like we are similar in how we approach things - :) - difference is I learned that the Passengers might not enjoy the Driving as much as I do. When I did my 8,900 mile Run - I had a couple 900+ mile days - Crazy - but necessary to do what I did in the time I did it. My Mission was for my New Bride to see the country I loved - SEE IT - not experience it - she did, it took 50 more years to experience it, which became the new Mission as life moved on. The point I'm trying to make is that it will be a grind for the Kids - short story on one of the later trips when my boys were younger - 7 and 9 - in a GMC, similar to your Revco - GMC Images - and yes I also drove this 900+ miles on a few days, soooooo, it took me years to learn, :) Story - on a trip to Yellowstone, and Glacier one year, we started to depart Yellowstone at 8:00 in the AM - just stopping at a few more spots, so at 8:00 PM when we finally headed out I started the drive East - this was when we just looked at paper maps and went Straight - thinking it was the fastest route - no,no - I took RT 14 across the Mountains (look up the route :)) - Cresting the top and heading down well after midnight - looking up in the clear sky I said to my wife "Look over there, The Northern Lights" OMG lasted for maybe 30 minutes as we stopped to watch them Dance - No pictures - just Mind images - my Boys have Never Forgiven Me for not waking them up. They vanished into the black sky and we continued on fo maybe 4-5 more hours. Couple notes on the old Revcon - Brakes - and Brake Lines - have them checked to be sure all is really in good shape - as you will make it up fine the going Down is the Issue. Couple years later my GMC developed pin hole - rust - leaks on the brake lines - loosing the brakes at 60 mph when traffic stops in front of you is a challenge - another story - but it required me to replace ALL the Metal brake lines on the GMC and the DW never felt comfortable again in that Coach. Enough - of my stories - you need to be sure you have many cameras - take Hundreds of Images (Every Day) then store them so you can find them later - they will be Priceless. Will give you a couple links that may help as you Plan the trip; This family did it often:) These Images will help determine the locations to visit; Once again will enjoy following this adventure, edit - sent you a PM with a fe more ideas
Busskipper 12/15/20 07:11am Roads and Routes
RE: Best and worst routes across the Mountains ?

Give us more info to be able to Give you more detailed insight - Who is in the Party? Mission? When? How Long? Interests? Experiences? Will enjoy following, Best of Luck, The main mission is to introduce my kids to a vast extended family on the west coast. We pretty much pass the Grand canyon on the way there and if we see my brother in portland, we pass Yellowstone on the way back. 25 days, 7500 miles. We travel pretty well together. We did about 5000 miles last summer in a few small trips on the East Coast but that was with an Excursion pulling a hybrid. I am a very seasoned driver but wise enough to appreciate my inexperience in the mountains. Did what you seek to do once with just the DW - Pulled this out of another post about a few trips; Next was a real Pick Up Camper – 8 feet of luxury in/on the back of a 67 Chevy ½ ton – don’t think it had real plumbing but did have some running water and a great bed over the cab – had some sort of set up so you could crawl through the back window to gain access to the back – Was teaching Civics at the time and had my kids do a report on all the National Parks, then in the summer of 1971 did the big loop with my wife, Her first trip out of the Mid-Atlantic, seeing the whole country with her, coast to coast in 21 days – then went to OC, MD to rest for a couple of days at the end. Remember $.24.9 cent gas in Denver and having the mirror in most of the pictures. Mt Rushmore – YNP – Tetons – GNP – SLC – Reno – RWNP – SF – PCH - Disney – YNP – SNP – Las Vegas – GCNP – San Juan’s – RMNP – Denver – Smokies – Annapolis (1970-1975) (8,900+miles) So there you go pretty much your trip, just there were only TWO of us and we visited No One but 7,500 is really not going to cut it - more like 350 - 400 miles a day every day and no - 0 - Nada - time to stop and enjoy - so I will try to get it across to you that your kids will remember Experiences not sites/places - that's a fact! I just did the Trip of a life time this Summer - with My two boys (in their 40's) - and their 5 Daughters and wives - 25 days - Yellowstone to Taos - Best trip Ever, and I've been doing this for 50 years. Week in Yellowstone and the Tetons - couple Days in Vernal, UT - week in South Western Colorado, - ending Up with 3 days in Taos While we visited many National Parks along the way, the Kids all remembered the times we spent on the Rivers, Lakes, Reservoirs and Streams - The Water, where they could be kids - ages 8,8,10,11,14 - What I learned is Kids just want to have Fun. When we traveled we normally could only make about 250 miles once we got to the Rockies and those were long days - remember you need to Eat and that takes time - just saying. While you can do it, it just never worked for me after the first trip, when my kids were younger we usually would try to do just a couple location on each trip out west. So I will be in the Camp of try to make it more Fun and Less Driving. The truck, if running well, will make it in the mountains - use the I's where you can to get over the mountain passes. Study the areas you plan to visit and pick the targets you want to visit - the more you know the more fun it will be. Just my $.02, Will be fun to follow,
Busskipper 12/14/20 06:26pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best and worst routes across the Mountains ?

The RV is a 23 foot 1974 GMC geared for cruising on flat interstates. PLanning an epic summer trip to the west coast, Grand Canyon, Bay Area, maybe portland and then Yellowstone. That gives me some choices about where i cross the Rockies. I know i'm gonna' spend some time chugging along in 2nd gear But figuring out which passes are toughest on my 47 year-old machine might help decide what we see when To begin with we will take I40 to the Grand Canyon then up the coast to relatives in the bay. After that it's wide open, maybe yellowstone, maybe up the coast to see relatives in the PNW. There are lots of variables, from residual covid issues, to how the coach is running. But the path back across the mountains might also be a consideration. Spend most of your time getting the GMC in the best shape possible - Carry a Good Tool Box - Map, maybe the Truckers Atlas - TIME - A good camera. A lot of mountains on your journey, unless you have at least 100 days there is little chance this will be fun, JMHO. Interstates will be your friend, as they will cross the mountains with a drivable grade - BUT - Yellowstone is in the Rockies Sooooooo you will need to be able to navigate these - most of the most Beautiful places you will want to visit will require Mountain Driving. IMHO, you would be best served with your Experienced RV to pick one location and spend time there. Driving many miles is something we all try - but most of us learn that less driving is just more Fun. Give us more info to be able to Give you more detailed insight - Who is in the Party? Mission? When? How Long? Interests? Experiences? Will enjoy following, Best of Luck,
Busskipper 12/14/20 10:14am Roads and Routes
RE: Big 5 National Parks in Utah

Also, any recommendations as to private campgrounds would be appreciated. Are you needed full hook-ups? There are some fine public CG's in these areas, some with electric. The public CG's in these parks are in simply amazing settings. If you are looking for hookups only to have electricity, remember that Bryce Canyon, at 8000' elevation, stays pretty cool in the spring, so a/c isn't necessary. Snow can be an issue even into April in some years. North CG at Bryce is a good alternative to Ruby's Inn and within walking distance of the rim from your campsite. Dump station at the CG entrance. Near Moab, check out Dead Horse Point SP near Canyonlands. There are electric sites, but you do need to haul your own water up there. Dump station near the CG entrance. Great views at DHSP and nearby Canyonlands. You're also away from the madness of Moab. BTW, if you can, avoid being in Moab on the week before Easter. (March 27th - April 4th 2021) The jeep safari is scheduled to be there and it is an absolute madhouse on the roads, trails, stores, gas stations, etc. Moab in the spring is a real zoo from March through May anyway. There's a whole lot of information on everything Moab, including Arches and Canyonlands NP's here. Watchman CG in Zion also has electric hookups and a dump station at the entrance. Great, scenic setting right in the canyon next to the Virgin "River" (more like a stream much of the year). Walking distance to the Visitors Center where the shuttle buses originate. As noted, the shuttle is the only way into the canyon (unless you have bikes, and then it's well worth the ride). Wherever you plan on staying, reservations should be obtained as soon as possible. I don't know how you are getting to Arches to begin with, but if you're coming from Colorado on I-70, do take UT 128 (exit 204) down to Moab. Shorter and slower, but far, far more scenic. You'll follow the Colorado River down this amazing canyon. Plenty of pull offs for photo ops. All good info above - Only thing I'd suggest is that you might think about coming even earlier, during the end of the winter season, possibly beating some of the crowds. Zion, because of it's proximity to Vegas has a large number of day Visitor's arriving in Buses - making for large crowds. Our best visit to Zion and Bryce were just before Christmas one year - December 21st Hiked to the Top of Angles Landings in Shorts an T's - only to arrive the next Day in Bryce with 8"'s of Snow - Catching the Hoo Doo's with Snow Caps for the Sunset - Best three days ever - No People and Spectacular Weather. :) North Rim - Page - Monument Valley - Goosenecks - Slot Canyons along with Lake Powell will also Scream for a visit. Do not Miss RT 128 it is as memorable as many National Parks (exit 214 off I-70). Add the fact that we had No Reservations and No Issues, hard to Beat!! Best of Luck,
Busskipper 11/30/20 11:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Salt Lake to Albuquerque on a 40 Pusher then to Florida.

So far so good. We left Salt Lake mid afternoon thursday and made it to Crescent Junction rest area with no issues, very nice ride down 191. This was a very good road to start to understand the rigs road behavior, she feel agile and very well behaved for her weight and size. We did an overnight at Crescent red stop and from there we headed east on I-70, oh wow what a beautiful drive, this would definitely be worth it and a must do if you can handle the high passes and steep descents. We had no issues with either, I had driven these passes before on a car, but on a big RV is a complete different experience, the rig handle them very well. I keep the speed slow as to not over abuse the CAT C-7 and did the same on the descends, no drama either way. I do have to say the road around these areas can use some repaving, but I imagine with the snow and trucks running chains that is a constant job. We made into Kansas and are overnighting at an Rest stop by Colby. This is a very nice place, it has an area just for RV, that is a loop around some tres, it is away from the trucks and very secluded. So far we have put a bit over 800 miles and loving the drive, weather has been perfect, the roads good for the most part and we are driving forward with a smile in our faces. Thanks for the up date - :C - Roads in Kansas and Missouri are the best in the Country, enjoy the drive. (IMHO)
Busskipper 11/21/20 05:42am Roads and Routes
RE: Salt Lake to Albuquerque on a 40 Pusher then to Florida.

It's Friday which route did you choose??
Busskipper 11/20/20 08:56pm Roads and Routes
RE: Hwy 50

There is an incentive for having the west end of the project open by the end of July 2021. This would allow us access to Montrose. Other than that not sure if there are any other incentives. It will be an inconvenience to us as residents but the hwy is supposed to be open each weekend with both lanes of traffic. We are retired and can schedule our trips to town for the weekends but the business owners, doctors and nurses who work both in Montrose and Gunnison, and ranchers will be greatly affected by this. But CDOT and the state officials are all aware of this. Best to avoid this area except for the weekends. Just think about the Cost to the State if Just in the Lost Time if this were to take three Years - IMHO if they have incentivised it for one direction then they just need to also Add the incentive for the Other Direction. May sound difficult but the reality is if enough $$$$$ is set out there for the Contractor most of us will figure out how to get our hands on it. I now live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland - last year they choked down the traffic over the Bay Bridge causing us to not be able to get to Doctors or Retail shopping on the other side of the Bridge - The Contractor Proposed that if he could get an extra hour or two, to get the trucks to the Site (Keeping the Bridge Choked to One Lane, this action caused a 2-3 hour backup to get to the Bridge) he could save over a year in the time frame - Saving the Contractor and the State untold $$$$$. The State allowed them the ability to have the needed access cutting the construction time in more than half - while the time we endured the lane choking was a PITA - having the work earned both the Contractor and the State Highway Department High Marks with the Population that uses the Bridge. Amazing what can happen if you just say "I think I Can" (Little engine that could) While we love the Southwest corner of Colorado - we will likely have time to revisit the Northeast part of the State with these restrictions - as a side note - RT 133 is just an Incredible Drive - drove it again this summer and it was just Amazing - so much to see and do in Colorado, just hate to see the road Closed for even a Minute, as it too is Just a Beautiful Drive. Hoping this is not nearly the Headache it sounds like,
Busskipper 11/19/20 09:45am Roads and Routes
RE: Hwy 50

We have an RV lot where we spend the summers that is on the Alpine Plateau Rd 867 off of Hwy 50 and our access will be affected by this. We attended a meeting this summer in Montrose and of the 100 people that were allowed in the meeting over half were residents of our subdivision and the others were farmers, ranchers, doctors, nurses, and business owners who will be affected by these closures. CDOT representatives were not concerned with OUR concerns. Hwy 50 is the recommended route when I-70 is closed but CDOT said they will fully open Hwy 50 if I-70 is closed. Just an FYI for anyone traveling this area. Just a side note - as a former State Highway and Interstate Highway Contractor - I would suggest the state up the ante, and incentivise the contract for finishing early - on a $40 million dollar contract say $10,000 + per day, giving the contractor the chance to earn up to say $2 million dollars for finishing 200 days early - while we were in business this was done on a few occasions, generally the contractor would maximize his profit by Earning most if not all of the incentive :) Just a Thought,
Busskipper 11/19/20 08:45am Roads and Routes
RE: Hwy 50

FYI------RT 50 closing next Summer! Links to the different explanations of construction. MAP - Zoom in to see details - appears to be no work around! Just one more note on this - if past projects are any indication of the True Time Line - this will likely run into Year three - Cottonwood Canyon Project and Fishing Bridge Project are just two examples of contractors not being able to meet the timeline set for in the Proposed Contract. IMHO this will be a major issue for travel in Southwestern Colorado for the next few - or longer - Summer Seasons. Colorado residents should express their concerns to the Politicians, as this will have a significant financial impact on the Southern area of Colorado. for $40,000,000.00 Dollars. I would think you might just be able to dedicate enough resources to finish this in One Year! Not sure many of you remember the issues, when I-70 was closed for Fires or for Rock slides in the Past - this is the work around that is generally prefered. So travel East and West in Colorado Could be strangled into very Few options in an Emergency. Just one man's thoughts, For those of us who Love Colorado - this will be a Big Deal.
Busskipper 11/19/20 07:05am Roads and Routes
RE: Hwy 50

Based on road construction between Montrose and Gunnison am thinking hwy 24 from I 70 to Cheyenne State park. How is hwy 24? Another Beautiful Drive - but you will be driving through Some Amazing areas on the way! Where will you be coming from? What do you enjoy? What are you driving? Is there a Mission and a time of Year this will be Happening? Personally - there is just so much to do, it is almost impossible to drive more than a Few miles before wanting to just get out and Explore. I-70 getting Off on RT 24 - Minturn - Red Cliff - Camp Hale - Leadville - Twin Lakes - RT 82/Independence Pass - Buena Vista - Collegiates - Cottonwood Pass/CR 306 - Arkansas River - Salida - Then out on RT 24 to Cheyenne State Park. Just that drive Would/could/will take a couple of Weeks. :) Best of Luck, I could go on and on -
Busskipper 11/18/20 11:29am Roads and Routes
RE: Hwy 50

How is hwy 50 between Grand Junction to Gunnison. RV and tow in signature. TIA! Much was repaved this summer - great drive - one note that as you cross the Desert you will catch some major heaves in the roadway - if possible catch Black Canyon NP - if you continue on to Salida be sure all is well as Monarch Pass is real. You will be fine,
Busskipper 11/17/20 01:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: Salt Lake to Albuquerque on a 40 Pusher then to Florida.;-104.68;7&l=temperature-2m I use Easy more than just wind. :) MAP - MAP
Busskipper 11/17/20 12:57pm Roads and Routes
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