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RE: Solar Learning Question, from a previous thread

I plan to install Solar in my new rig (Shopping now) and I also want to establish a 2nd and independent system for my Ham Radio operation. I want to be able to take my portable station out away from the rv and run it while operating ham radio, you guys who are hams will understand.One option is to start learning now with a portable battery, solar panel and of course your radio. Battery in a case with voltmeter is common but step up to a battery monitor. Now you'll better understand that the RV system depends upon you to best supply the solar requirements. It's common for someone to start with a smaller system and keep expanding. Install this battery monitor for $44 with a 350A shunt in the new rig to really understand your RV usage with some typical camping. As a ham most likely you will quickly understand and focus what you need/want. As I posted a battery monitor was my first purchase for the RV. I've never regretted that and I jumped to 750W, serial connected panels, raised panels for better shade tolerance and MPPT controller. I definetly didn't want to follow many prior installs with 12V panels and PWM controllers. 73's W7BE Bob
CA Traveler 11/15/21 08:39am Tech Issues
RE: Coach marker/running lights issue

LEDs that work with either polarity use a full wave bridge which adds 2 diodes in series which reduces the voltage to the LED diodes. Maybe related?
CA Traveler 11/13/21 10:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Coach marker/running lights issue

I did replace all the marker lights with LEDs. Would that make a difference? It’s not one bulb either, it’s all 8 marker lights and the taillights. All or none work or don’t depending on how long I drive.Try putting several of the original bulbs back in and see what happens. Wondering if it is somehow related to the lower voltage after after starting until the alternator ramps the battery voltage back up. Are your LEDs rated for 12V? Measure the voltage at the switch if not at one of the bulbs. I had a issue with 4 house closet 120V non dimmable LEDs with the switch dimmer. Changed one bulb back and they dimmed just fine. Interesting I thought. Have since switched to dimmable LEDs for the closet. Or try a different type of LED bulb in your case. Kinda grasping at straws...
CA Traveler 11/13/21 10:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Solar Learning Question, from a previous thread

There are many variations/options but it comes down to what you want to accomplish like keep the batteries charged while the RV is stored to solar without shore power and gen. Here's a dated thread with a lot of ideas and variations of member installs. Maybe some of this will help. Try searching say "rv solar education" etc.
CA Traveler 11/13/21 06:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Coach marker/running lights issue

With a voltmeter connected to frame ground (not a wire) check for 12V at a bulb and if so it's getting power. Then unless the bulb is bad there will be 12V on the ground side. Use this method to isolate the problem area and corrosion/loose connection are likely suspects. Or a critter had a tasty wire lunch. :B Intermittens can be difficult to find. Yours is relative easy - turn on the lights and start isolating.
CA Traveler 11/13/21 04:59pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Chassis battery charging when parked

The chassis battery should remain charged for many weeks to start the engine just like a car. You have a problem. First step is to load test the battery, free at most auto stores.
CA Traveler 11/13/21 06:38am Class A Motorhomes

I move the sat receiver from house to MH with all of it's recordings etc. But be aware that local and national programs are spot beamed, meaning that driving several hundred miles and you have to contact the provider to change to the local spot beam. My experience with CG cable is poor quality and SD only. CG WiFi is often over used (think streaming etc) and marginal at best. CG cable and WiFi are generally provided for marketing so you'll stay there. There are exceptions.
CA Traveler 11/09/21 07:23am Tech Issues

Easiest for me is DTV, push a button and it will setup and record in HD based on the prior recording settings or switch to any channel. Past and future channels to watch as desired. A standard recorded 1 hour show is watched in 30 minutes skipping the ads.
CA Traveler 11/08/21 09:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Box of many buttons (bomb)

Not sure 5G is the answer. My understanding is short range and hence more transmitters doesn't sound like it will be in many CGs for awhile. HD video requires a lot of data unlike video for a phone. And cost? We cut the house cords, use cell phones, hot spot and DTV. Easy to move the DTV receiver from house to MH along with it's recordings.
CA Traveler 11/08/21 07:21am Technology Corner
RE: Box of many buttons (bomb)

There are various options like HDMI over coax. The trend for TVs seems to be more input connectors and just eliminate most cables with wireless. Like cell phones hot spots. Sat dish works accross the country.
CA Traveler 11/07/21 05:12pm Technology Corner
RE: Extended service contracts

What does the contract text say about canceling? VERY likely you have a legal contract that covers a variety of situations.
CA Traveler 11/07/21 04:45pm Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: Extended service contracts

What does your contract say? Contact the company. Not suggesting this will be easy.
CA Traveler 11/07/21 02:01pm Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: 45ft, would I be too limited?

When driving to destinations, we like to stay hooked up as we spent just the nights at campsites. It helps not to connect and disconnect too much when just passing thru.Just the opposite - plan on disconnecting and be delighted if you don't have to. And carry extra length hookups.
CA Traveler 11/07/21 01:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 7500 diesel generator

The blinking is a code that indicates the problem area. Read up on the codes and decipher the code. Air leaks are due to suction and may not show any signs of diesel.
CA Traveler 11/07/21 12:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 7500 diesel generator

Been running my 7500 for 16 years and never had to prime it.X2 for my seven years. But if it ran better for a short time after priming that might be useful information. OP The input fuel line etc is a closed system and unless leaking will not normally have any air except when the tank is low or maintenance. IF your problem is air in the fuel then my first suspect would be as a result of the maintenance, but another issue could have developed.
CA Traveler 11/07/21 07:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 7500 diesel generator

Any blinking on the switch indicating a code?
CA Traveler 11/06/21 08:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 7500 diesel generator

Possibly something developed a air leak. On a 19 yro rig it could be a leak due to age of hoses or fittings or improper tightening, etc. Normally just priming and running will resolve any air. Do you have adequate fuel? Gen fuel pickup is higher than the engine for obvious reasons.
CA Traveler 11/06/21 08:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Stability Issues

Stable as a rock.
CA Traveler 11/06/21 06:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Awning Style Solar Panel

I haven't seen anything practical that swivels up with say a motor. My raised panels are just below the ACs. ie Sun on the panels only occurs when the sun is less than 10 degrees elevation. ie From a practical standpoint no RV shadows of concern. Possibly your considering adding to the current panels. In 2014, I started from scratch and considered and ignored any post that didn't make sense and they were a lot related to raised panels. A easy upgrade for me would be to change the 60 cell panels for 72 cell panels resulting in up to 350W per panel. And there are other options.
CA Traveler 11/05/21 07:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Awning Style Solar Panel

Scroll down the Kayteg1 link and note all of the empty roof space for panels. Makes no sense to me except for of course bragging rights. ie My panel is more power-ful than yours! Da*n, gotta have one of those. you lost me hereThat link shows a LOT of empty roof space for panels of all sizes/shapes vs a $10,000 awning that only works when the awning is out. Therefore for me it's about bragging rights.
CA Traveler 11/05/21 07:11pm Truck Campers
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