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RE: GSMNP close trails to allow black bears to feed

Should have a guessing contest as to how many idiots will sneak in and get mauled. Amen to that. We were in Cades Cove a few years back and the park rangers had hired around 12 volunteers using yellow crime tape to secure black bears feeding on walnut. Yes the bears were just off the road so getting a good pic was easy but folks were parking and walking back to get closer. Some folks were trying to cross the crime tape. Go figure !!
[email protected] 10/28/22 09:34am Around the Campfire
RE: Not destroying the awning

We spend four months on the Outer Banks. We have the dual stage latitude awning by Carefree. The only time I bring mine in is when we leave for a few days. That being said it has a wind sensor in the tube that brings it in automatically if the wind picks up. The newer awnings are made to withstand more wind than the older awnings. We have had several types of campers to compare it to. If I wanted to upgrade that is what I would put on.
[email protected] 10/08/22 04:03pm Beginning RVing
RE: Inflatable hot tub vs. regular unit

Don't have the inflatable kind but we have had one for 16 years. You will use it a lot during the cold weather but as soon as it warms up your desire will wane some. If you like them when you stay in vacation homes periodically I would spend the money for a regular before going inflatable. Just my thoughts.
[email protected] 08/15/22 12:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Fifth wheel mileage question

I would not be overly concerned with the weight/height but really concerned with the floor plan I wanted. Most fivers run 13 feet and a few inches to top of a/c's regardless. Now your mpg will run 9.3 to 10.5 depending on the terrain and more importantly your speed. I had a F-250 diesel pulling a heavy 28 foot Sunnybrook fiver and ran 10.5 fairly consistently. Our 40 foot motor home with a cummins got 9.5 to 10.5. Now with the setup in my sig I get 9.3 the majority of the time. I run 65ish on interstates and 59ish on primary roads. I will stress again though, go with the floor plan that you want or you will be sorry a few months, years down the road.
[email protected] 07/28/22 04:29am Fifth-Wheels

I expect BRFNK has the same issue I do-----humidity. Our fiver is well insulated and with it being under a shelter out of the sun the a/c's only run periodically. I try to maintain 50 to 60% humidity by adjusting the temp. Over many years of doing so I have been successful in doing this over the summer months. I don't sweat a few extra bucks over the summer since we are not home that much anyway.
[email protected] 07/22/22 08:50am Beginning RVing

Ours stays plugged in year round. I keep the a/c set on 82 in the hot months. The residential frig stays on year round just like the ones in my garage and kitchen. I think it is better for residential frigs than shutting them down. However, our fiver stays packed year round. The closet is full of both winter and summer clothing. The fiver is ready to roll at a whim. During the winter I use several damp rid buckets along with a small ceramic electric heater. It is under a shed out of the sun and weather. Do yours like you feel is best.
[email protected] 07/21/22 04:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: Fifth wheel length question

When we were going back to a fiver from a 40 foot dp, we were only concerned with the floor plans and what would fit our life style. I never let length dictate the floor plan we wanted. It took us around two years to find and decide on the fiver in my sig. I have talked to a lot of folks who regretted letting the length take precedence over the floor plan that was actually desired. Every foot makes a difference somewhere in the floor plan.
[email protected] 07/17/22 12:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Are RV sewer hose supports necessary?

Little surprised at the answers. I have a set and use them just about every time I am at a site with full hookups. I don't use them at a dump station of course, but I find that at a site the port is always a few inches tall and the supports help overcome the hump. Also, without any support, I find the sudden rush of opening the valve really pulls on the connection point of the hose to the RV and keeps the hose from getting a little squirrely. It also keeps the hose off the ground and getting muddy etc. Only takes a minute to set them up and provide the easiest way for a straight shot. To each his own. I just never realized so many people were against them. I use mine as well. As far as being surprised, there are a lot of things talked about in this forum that surprise me :E
[email protected] 07/13/22 09:36am Beginning RVing
RE: Fifth wheel length question

When we went back to a fiver from a mh, we were only concerned with the floor plans in regard to what we wanted and that would meet our expectations. It happened to be a 40 footer but if it had been longer so be it. Based on your question I would shoot for what fits your needs and go that route.
[email protected] 07/10/22 02:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: AC on or off?

I keep ours set at 82 while it is under the shelter. I also leave my frig on year round. It is a residential frig however. As already stated on this thread, we have our fiver packed just like our house. It is always ready to roll.
[email protected] 06/15/22 04:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Curiosity of RV Park parking?

Some parks don't want to kill the grass which the levelers would if off the concrete. But the main reason I don't put my fiver over is I prefer to keep the levelers on the concrete. Now if I was only staying a few nights it would not bother me but generally I stay two weeks or more at a park. There are a lot of cg's that were built when most folks had short campers and shorter trucks. I just don't sweat the small stuff.
[email protected] 06/14/22 04:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Camping Courtesies

ferndaleflyer's got it right. All you grumpy old men can stay home. Thank goodness a few of us think alike. If all the items in this thread bugged me I would stay home. Normally I read post like this and just shake my head but this one is something else.
[email protected] 04/24/22 06:40am RV Lifestyle
RE: Tow dolly or not?

When we had our dp motor home I pulled a ACME dolly with surge brakes. I towed a Toyota Highlander and a Lincoln MKZ with no issues whatsoever. The ACME will store upright which is a plus in a cg or at home if space is an issue. Eventually I went to a Ford Fiesta five speed pulling four down. I used the Ready Brute Elite system. I never had a problem with any of the above.
[email protected] 04/18/22 04:28am Dinghy Towing
RE: Nexgard or Bravecto chewable flea and tick protection

No one is more protective of their fur babies than we are. We were using Advantix on our small dog. Suddenly she started having fleas and that was within one week of me applying the Advantix. Since the bites were causing dermatitis our vet suggested Bravecto. She has no ill side effects from it. Our large dog still uses Frontline and it still works for him. He cannot use any type of pill for fleas since he had idiopathic seizures. The only thing I do different is during the cold winter months when we are home and not travelling I will put Advantix on Lucie and give her body a break from the pill. This works well and the vet does not have a problem with us doing that. We have not seen a flea on her since the Bravecto.
[email protected] 04/15/22 05:00am RV Pet Stop
RE: Yellowstone with pets

I really appreciate the low keyed, common sense posts on this subject. A lot of times it gets way out of line. Lantley is correct, we have two Verizon mi-fi hotspots. One stays in the fiver and the other one goes with us. The one we keep on our person only has 10 gb but we only use it to make sure our smart phones have a connection. Everyone has good points on this subject.
[email protected] 03/21/22 05:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Yellowstone with pets

The issue is that while there are the good owners who have web cams, check with neighbors, etc, to make sure their dogs are quiet when left "home alone", those things are not obvious or publicized. So other owners just see the dog being left in the RV and assume that they can do so too without a problem. But their dogs bark while they are gone and the owners are oblivious. If you look at this thread, consider how many recommended leaving the dog in the RV without mentioning ways to monitor the dog's behavior while you're gone. And I think everyone has parked beside an RV with barking dogs enough times to know that "my dog is quiet and no one knows he's there" is not as common as people think. As for web cams, they only inform you the dog is barking when you are checking it. The rest of the time, your dog may be barking at passerby, wildlife, etc. and you don't know. You also have to have service at the RV AND cell service where you are sightseeing. Many areas in National Parks do not have cell service, so there is no way to be able to check on your dog during the time you are at those "no service available" locations. I say all this as a dog owner who loves to take my dogs with me. I also know the frustration of having an RV parked next to me with a dog barking every time I step out of my RV and the owners are off enjoying their trip. Understand but you are incorrect on not knowing if you dog is barking. If our dogs bark, it comes thru on our smart phones in real time. Plus it records and keeps until I erase it. We never mute the fiver cloud cam when the dogs are alone.
[email protected] 03/21/22 02:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Yellowstone with pets

Its not that the above posters don't believe the rules are for them. It's more a spirit of the law vs. the letter of the law. If your dog is left alone but is well behaved and quitet no one knows the pet is their and no one is disturbed. If the dog is not well behaved and disturb others the rangers can apply the unattended rule accordingly. There is no need to debate the dogs behavior since just being unattended is a violation. Very similar to alcohol rules if your group is drinking alcohol and disturbs others you are in violation. No need to debate how loud or how drunk your group is. In either case the authorities are not actively looking for unattended dogs or alcohol. Only misbehaving dogs and people will appear on the rangers radar. Those who behave will fly quietly under the radar which is the desired result Agree whole heartily with the above. It always intrigues me that some folks think dogs bark all the time when left alone and misbehave. We have a cloud cam and a temp stik in our fiver. Not only can we see the dogs but we can hear them and talk to them if need be. The temp stik notifies us if the temp gets too high in case of a/c failure. The way our cloud cam works we can also tell if the cg power goes off. Both our dogs have been going with us from day 1 and we know beyond a shadow of doubt they sleep and patiently wait for us to return.
[email protected] 03/21/22 06:34am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fall color trip - East Coast States

Mama Gerties is off of I-40 but far enough away you will never hear traffic. As far as towing your fiver up there, we have a 40 foot with a crew cab 8foot bed tow vehicle. Not a problem going up there. It is steep but you are in the mountains. The view is spectacular on the upper decks. I don't know if you have dogs or not but there is a quiet, clean adult/dog cg in Rutherfordton called Four Paws Kingdom. No one under 18 is allowed so it is a quiet cg. It is further from the Blue Ridge Parkway approx 25 miles. We stay there every other year or so. Driving to the parkway from 4 paws in still in the mountains and also goes by Lake Lure. Nice drive.
[email protected] 03/09/22 01:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fall color trip - East Coast States

I would try Mama Gerties in Asheville NC mid October or so if you can get a spot. Ask for a site on the highest level. From there you are right at the Blue Ridge Parkway and you can travel any direction you would like using Mama Gerties as your home base. Don't try and tow on the Parkway.
[email protected] 03/09/22 07:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Rising fuel, will it be any different this time?

When we sold our diesel motor home and went back to a fiver, I had several offers to sell my Fiesta hatchback since it was set up for the tow vehicle. I almost did a couple of times since used car prices are so high. BUT I didn't------now I have to figure out how to mount my fiver hitch on the roof without scratching the paint. The Fiesta gets 40 mpg. It will pull it right??:B
[email protected] 03/09/22 06:53am General RVing Issues
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