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RE: Shaw Direct in Florida

I'd appreciate knowing how it works out for you. If successful I'd get myself a Canadian Roku stick and do the same thing. Also internet speeds keep improving. I'd be surprised after a year and a half you don't have noticeably faster internet speeds in Florida, and maybe even cheaper. ae5573t... Will let you know, our house is in a gated community in Sebring, Florida the problem is all Power and Telecommunications is direct buried, difficult to reinforce, the Century Link facilities is twisted pair copper probably 24 or 26 gauge, no single mode fibre so max is probably 10 Meg from the Module which is several streets away, one option is to take internet with the cable company which I believe is Comcast if Century Link is not fast enough but I think they will be. Anyway I will let you know when we get settled in and I have time to fiddle with it, thanks greatly for your kind help!
Canuck Travellers 10/23/21 09:28am Technology Corner
RE: Shaw Direct in Florida

Just remember you will have to connect via a VPN (virtual private network) service while in Florida. You must use the VPN because it will fool the Canadian streaming stick to think it is still in Canada when actually in the US so you can get the same Canadian content you get in Canada. Thanks for your help ae5573t, will let you know how it works after we get down there, get our house in order,...been a year and a half!
Canuck Travellers 10/23/21 05:28am Technology Corner
RE: Shaw Direct in Florida

Thanks ae5573t, great information, now that the border will be open we will be going so may try your suggestion, only "fly in the ointment" is our internet speeds in Florida, we have from Century Link 10 Meg download and 3 Meg upload, hoping this is fast enough, we have had Netflix before and it worked great over these speeds so assuming that as you suggested the ROKU Streaming Stick Stick should work but we know what assuming does.....LOL.
Canuck Travellers 10/22/21 07:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Shaw Direct in Florida

Florida resident and have never heard of it Canadians or at least for us when traveling like to simulate their TV from back home, Shaw Direct is now the only way they can do it. Used to be able back 10 years ago to use Bell Canada but the footprint through their satellites moved and only about 100 miles south of the CANADA/USA border is it able to be picked up. Shaw Direct's satellites was the only source after that however their satellites are aging and Shaw is moving channels off unto satellites that like Bell Canada do not reach down into Florida or Mexico so it's sort of a mugs game as to whether the channels are still available and which ones. Eventually all Shaw Direct's channels will be gone. Hope that sorta explains it.
Canuck Travellers 09/03/21 05:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Shaw Direct in Florida

My RV with the Shaw Direct box is in the shop. When I get it back I'll try to remember to check 101 to 112. ae5573t..... Thanks for that!
Canuck Travellers 09/03/21 05:29pm Technology Corner
RE: Shaw Direct in Florida

Thanks everyone for your valued replies, appreciate that. If you get a chance can you try channels 101 to 112 to see if they show up as being available? We do have the latest LNB and the bigger dish that Shaw sent to us back in the days when they were allowed to help you with coordinates, etc.,like maybe Circa 2012 or so. Again thanks for your replies as soon as the US border opens we will be down to spend our 79 cent Canadian dollars.....LOL
Canuck Travellers 09/02/21 06:54pm Technology Corner
Shaw Direct in Florida

Have not been on here in a bit, we are New Brunswickers with a home in Sebring Florida, wondering if there is still some channels from Shaw Direct available in Florida. I don't know if Shaw Direct channel numbers are the same across Canada but our ones here in the Maritimes are 101 to 112 we also pay for 257 and 262. That's all we watch down there ie the news and a few news bits from Bloomberg. As we have been gone since March 19th, 2020 and still can't get back but maybe the US border will open in or around Sept 20th if so we will be going probably in October late. I know the F1 & F2 channels were in jeopardy when we were there so not surprised if their gone.....hope not. So if anyone knows appreciate any information, thanks! BTW also posted on the in the "Shaw Direct in areas south of Canada"
Canuck Travellers 09/02/21 01:03pm Technology Corner
RE: Tracfone Top Up from Canada

if you have or access to a VPN with a USA web address you can access your TracPhone account and add $$. works for me. Thanks, that could be an option next time....Ernie
Canuck Travellers 05/19/21 07:44pm Snowbirds
RE: Tracfone Top Up from Canada

Glad you were successful ! Now if we could just get that border opened up... Thanks!...Right on with opening the US/Canadian Border but I am totally surprised how in the last few days the access to the vaccines has multiplied, if it keeps on I would think the 75% HERD Immunity critical point will be reached much much sooner, we have been gone since mid March 2020 and had to pay our lease fees, pay for bushes, weed control, house checker etc., for 2020 and of course couldn't get to throwing good money after bad but hoping good news is in the works! ....Ernie
Canuck Travellers 05/19/21 07:40pm Snowbirds
RE: Tracfone Top Up from Canada

Thanks everyone for their replies. I used Chat this morning with a rep but they referred me to a person in Tracfone that called me a few minutes later, not too bad English, rep was in the Philippines. I guess it was my Aeroplan Visa that somehow would not go thru I think because of the ZIP/Postal Code issue....have no idea why but I tried another TD Card and it went thru, only negative was the last card the lad forgot to use the PROMO...oh well it was $15 US so anyway not a big deal, happy to get the Account renewed, it did add 1200 Minutes, 1200 Texts and another 1.18 GB Data so we are good to go....if and when the US border opens. Here in NB they are vaccinating those turning 18 this year. I looked at the NB Site and if one was 18 and looking at the site at 8AM this morning one could get Pfizer or Moderna at 10AM at the Coliseum the Vaccination Government site.....Amazing. So if that keeps up everyone that wants a vaccine should be able to get it almost immediately. My second one is early July. Saying all that I think the border will open sooner than anticipated as the US authorities being ahead of us are calling for opening it up much sooner. Thanks for the responses....Ernie
Canuck Travellers 05/19/21 11:41am Snowbirds
RE: Tracfone Top Up from Canada

Thanks Michael, I was thinking of trying that, might be better than voice communications....Ernie
Canuck Travellers 05/18/21 08:24am Snowbirds
RE: Tracfone Top Up from Canada

Darryl&Rita, thanks for the reply, yeah, if only we had known when we left in March, 2020 we would have bought a card at Wal-Mart but we had no idea that this whole COVID-19 thing was going to go on and on. We allways put a $100 card in the account before we leave giving us a year plus a few months like it has to be renewed by June 1st of following year so that has been great for 17 years.....until now, with 10,000 minutes on it I kinda hate to lose the time banked. Oh well got a few weeks left to figure it out....and hoping the US/Canadian Border is also open this fall.
Canuck Travellers 05/17/21 07:41pm Snowbirds
RE: Tracfone Top Up from Canada

Hi Eric, thanks for your reply. I tried to add time by going through the Tracfone site and I even used a Promo and everything was accepted but can't get around the ZIP CODE thing as I want to put in my Postal Code but no way to do that, tried leaving it go, tried to use my Zip Code for our house in Florida won't take that either. Also the site at least on my tablet will not allow anything but numbers, no letters. Looks like a glitch on their site. You got any magical way to get around that? If not I might have to call them, it's real odd as one can put in Canada as one's Country and I can put in New Brunswick as my province but still asks for the ZIP CODE. Really appreciate any help....thanks....Ernie As an aside it sorta reminds me when getting fuel down south usually at "Flying J"s and if you put your Canadian credit card in and put your zip code for your house in Florida it would tell you to go inside to pay but if you took the numbers off your Canadian postal code and added two zero's it would work at the tanks.... until the last time we went south before Covid-19 it stopped my card, had to call TD as what I did comprised my worked for 10 years....until it didn't....LOL
Canuck Travellers 05/17/21 06:31pm Snowbirds
Tracfone Top Up from Canada

We are Canadians, we have a Prepay Tracfone and it runs out June 1st this year. We put $100 US on it every year for a year extension and it rolls over the existing time to it. I tried to add another $100 US on it thru the Tracfone website but it seems ok but does not go thru. I wonder if other Canadians might have Tracfones with time still on them and what they do. I hate to lose my minutes, I have a lot and to start all over again when we finally get back to the US would be a bummer. I guess I could call them but in calling in the past I end up in a call center in Guyana, S-America and its extremely difficult even though the center talks English to understand the person. I have heard that one can call a Tracfone number in Miami which would get around that difficulty in understanding the language. Anyone else in Canada have Tracfone and renewed their airtime without any difficulty? Thanks for any help!
Canuck Travellers 05/14/21 09:42am Snowbirds
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