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RE: Broken Leaf Springs

I too have seen several Youtube videos of broken springs, one on a 16 ft cargo trailer being used as a camper, another on a 20 ft or so travel trailer, and another on a larger trailer, a fifth wheel if I recall. In all cases the spring that broke was the main leaf, out in the area where it is unsupported by the other spring leaves. I highly suspect the problem is cheap imported products, used by Dexter and Lippert and others. This may be the reason that in days gone by, it was unusual to see a broken spring, as the springs 30 or 40 years ago were US made and from US steel. Gonagain has broken spring on their cargo trailer conversion. Grand Adventure breaks a leaf spring enroute to the Canyon of the Ancients US trailer manufacturers seem to be unwilling to install a quality suspension system on their products, as they regard the whole trailer as disposable and not worth the extra expense of a quality suspension. I wished I had a trailer with a suspension such as the Australian made or the suspensions. Charles
CharlesinGA 11/28/20 11:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Blackstone 22" griddle for $99 at Walmart!!

OK, I have a 17 inch already, but getting it out to use it at home is a pain, so I only have once or twice. I have a screened in back porch so I cannot grill as the smoke is too much even with a gas grill, and I never liked cooking directly over a LP flame. So after a online check I found that a Walmart about 30 miles from the house had two in stock. Several other closer stores were Out of Stock. I won't comment on the area where this store is located (there really are some nice housing areas not far away) but they only have one entrance open, and lots of police and security on duty both in and out of the store. Anyhow, I found them rather quickly in the garden area, there were actually three of them. When you unpack it, you will find one major issue, the gas hose will probably be badly kinked. To make it fit in the box, it was folded over on itself and I may have to replace the hose and regulator if it proves to be a problem. Beyond the hose, I found it to be well made and of good quality and all of the pieces fit together properly. The wheels are actual rubber or polyurethane; solid, not thin, hollow plastic like I expected. Assembly is easy but time consuming. You need a table to set it upside down on, and opening the package with the hardware is difficult without scattering parts, so open the hardware on a towel spread out to keep stuff from getting away. Some of the screws are pre-locktited (is that a word?) and for assembly you will need a #3 phillips, as a #2 will tear up the screw heads. You will also need a 10, 14 and 17 mm combination wrenches to tighten the wheels and the few nuts there are. I already have flax seed oil so I will use that to season with, and I have throw away grease cups from the 17 inch model so I am set there. Flax seed oil has a rather high flash point and does OK for seasoning. I did my 17 inch griddle in the oven in the house, the way Cowboy Kent Rollins (Cowboy Cooking) recommends doing cast iron. Charles
CharlesinGA 11/28/20 09:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Burnt wires in power distribution panel

Thanks all for the replies. Is an "ATS" the "transfer switch" ? Is that the switch that switches from DC to AC? Where might I find that in my travel trailer? Read thru the thread and saw that no one ever answered this. The ATS is a switch that allows shore power 120v to your panel and then when an onboard generator is started, it shuts the shore power off and allows the generator power to take over. The ATS has NOTHING to do with DC 12v power. If you have a motorhome with a generator you might have an ATS or you might simply have an outlet for the generator that you roll up the shore cord in its compartment and plug it into the generator outlet (manual transfer switch of sorts). If you have a trailer and no onboard generator you won't have a ATS. If you have a built in generator you might or might not have an ATS or the outlet and plug setup I described above. Charles
CharlesinGA 11/26/20 09:45pm Tech Issues
RE: New Ford 7.3l Godzilla V8

Several of the manufacturers have the 7.3L gassers out to the dealers. I do not think any of the manufacturers loaded up on V10 chassis' after they found out about the new 7.3L. Look on Youtube, there are several dealer videos of them. Charles
CharlesinGA 11/24/20 09:59pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: marker lights to led marker lights

My post is perfectly clear to anyone except those that choose to be only argumentative. I offered information to the OP that I thought was pertinent to his post. Trying to translate my comment on brake light illumination times to marker lights is just childish. Time for some numbers in an ongoing effort to help the OP which some have no interest in doing. Delphi estimates 37% to 74% of rear end accidents could be eliminated with a 500 millisecond early warning. LEDs light up 200ms faster than incandescent. This translates to 19.1 feet at 65 MPH. I'll take a truck's length safety margin by changing lights to LEDs every time. Makes sense to me. Other thing that helps for vehicles with a high center mounted brake light is a rapid flash device that inserts in the wiring to it. I do not have one, but have seen them (lots of motorcycles use them) and they really do grab the attention of drivers behind. Many are programmed to flash three or four times quickly and then stay on steady. I do understand this thread is about marker lights, but the other info is useful also. I am huge on rear visibility. I have an old '91 Ranger pickup. For years it was my primary vehicle and I found that going to work on the interstate in the mornings before daylight, people would run up on me like they didn't see me (new bulbs, clean lenses and all). The Ranger has taillights but not the best I suppose. I finally added some DOT tape to the rear bumper and the difference was amazing. Good DOT tape is worth every cent. There is some not so good out there too. On the Back of my Bigfoot trailer I replaced the Bargman backup light/reflector with their 13 LED replacement, great light for backing into a site after dark (never do that, but be prepared) and in doing so I lost the rear reflectors that were combined with the backup light. So I added DOT tape to the bumper and also some Grote rectangular reflectors under the taillights. If I get a chance I will post a couple of pics. Charles
CharlesinGA 11/21/20 11:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: marker lights to led marker lights

Marker lights on a Thor I have sitting in my shop had #194 lamps in it. I ended up using bulbs from SuperbrightLED to replace them. They worked well for the purpose. I normally use LED's from M4Products, in fact that is all I use, but I could not find something I liked for the clearance lights and ended up with the SuperbrightLED ones. I tested them by jumpering the power to running light contacts ont he trailer 7 pin connector using a turn signal flasher and let them flash for a couple of days to prove out that they all worked. Each bulb in the link uses 5 LEDs so the light scatter under the lens is good. Charles
CharlesinGA 11/21/20 11:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can you buy new what CA rents

Yes they do keep it simple, No awning, no electric steps, no shades with strings, none of that fragile stuff that RV companies use. The CA units have a step box built in so they don't need the electric steps, they use regular cloth curtains, no awning to leave out and tear off or improperly stow. Its that kind of stuff that makes them a solid rental vehicle. I think they all have the 5.4 V8 and not the V10 also. Charles
CharlesinGA 11/21/20 11:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: General Question on Size

To the OP, if you do not have an owners manual for the Escalade here is a link to it. Owners manual, 2016 Escalade References, page 216, Tow Haul Mode on the transmission shifter. You certainly should be using this. Pages 253 to 262 is the section on towing. You need to determine what options the vehicle has such as StabiliTrak, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Parking Assist (both should be turned off or disabled, per the manual) Factory Tow Package? Doesn't mean it came with a hitch, but would have wiring for the 7 pin connector on the rear and a connector under the dash for the brake controller. It also may mean heavy duty cooling for the engine and transmission, possibly a larger alternator, etc. You dealer (probably the parts counter) can take your VIN number and print out a build sheet that lists all the options installed on your vehicle. If you have 4 wheel drive and either 20 or 22 inch wheels, your towing capacity is somewhat reduced. The manual may answer some of your questions with regard to the hitch, such as WITHOUT a Weight Distributing Hitch your maximum tongue weight is limited to 600 lbs while it is 1000 lbs with a WDH. (and you may be over that.) As already mentioned, you need an electric brake controller in addition to the WDH, and other stuff. Teknosha products are great, The P3 is good but a little excessive in that it has memory for four trailers. Only dislike about the P3 is the bright screen that dims, but not enough, at night. Its on all the time, trailer or not, somewhat annoying. Lots of good controllers out there. P3 controller and harness for Escalade with factory tow package. Charles
CharlesinGA 11/06/20 07:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: General Question on Size

Welcome to the forum. I'll see if I can answer some questions regarding sway which seems to be your major concern. Blue Ox makes 3 different weight distribution hitches. Don't use the round bar hitch with chains as it will do nothing for sway. The concept behind the TrackPro WDH is obvious as it is similar to Equalizer and some Reese products. I don't see the physics behind the SwayPro WDH except it relies on shorter chains and maybe a wider set on the bar mounts. It wouldn't be my first choice. Your Escalade may be exacerbating your problem as I am assuming you have automatic load leveling. When you put a thousand pounds on your hitch ball the vehicle will pump up its air bags and level the load automatically. This is bad. High bag pressure on your rear axle will harden the suspension and cause it to serve as a fulcrum. The hitch weight will then unload your front tires and make things squirrelly. See if you can defeat this feature and rely on your weight distribution hitch to level the rig with trailer attached. Thirdly, see if you can cancel your Blue Ox order and put the money towards a Hensley Arrow or ProPride hitch. Either of these will eliminate sway which is your concern. Good luck and enjoy your trailer. The Sway Pro is a great hitch, I’ve used one for the last 5 years. When it try’s to sway, it puts more tension on the spring bar, and that pulls it back to the center. It’s like if you held a piece of rope with a weight in the middle, and the rope forming a V. If you pull the weight to the side, it goes back to the middle. Best description I have seen yet. I have one and am still trying to figure out how to explain to someone how it works. It also has to do with the geometry of the bar sockets, the odd angle they are set at makes one side tighten up VERY quickly if the trailer and vehicle are not perfectly aligned. The TrackPro is simply Blue Ox's attempt to mimic the Equal-i-zer hitch since 1) it works, and 2) a lot of people want that design because they are told "don't get the chain type hitches". Its called a Sway Pro for a reason. Charles
CharlesinGA 11/06/20 07:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: How do I run propane furnace but not hot water heater

Watched the videos on anode rods. Thank you. The issue here is that there are two brands of water heaters, Surburban, which has a steel tank and the anode rod, and the electric switch on the outside on the LH side hidden by some wiring and other stuff. The other brand is Atwood, now Dometic, and they have an aluminum tank and NO anode rod. They have a plastic drain plug on the LH lower corner of the tank. In either case, drain the tank. Charles
CharlesinGA 11/06/20 07:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Rapid City, SD area RV park

Rapid City has one of their own, across the street form one of the first fish hatchery's in the country. Thats not Rapid City, but is located in Spearfish, the city owned campground is adjacent to the hatchery and the city park. Very nice place but possibly not large enough for the type of rally the OP is referring to as many of the sites are tight and difficult to get a large rig into. I have stayed at Spearfish, it is quite nice. Rapid City has a fairground campground but it is a plain gravel area with pedestals, probably not what you are looking for. Google map with fairground info. RV parking is in the NE corner at the corner of Centre and Campbell Streets. Looks like nearly fifty sites in 24 back to back setups. KOA on highway 79 at Hot Springs is OK but not super fancy, has some cabins and a pavilion area. This is on the south end of the Hills and about 45 minutes from Rapid City (locals simply call it Rapid). KOA Hot Springs Lake Angostura is a little far out, south of Hot Springs, and has about four campgrounds, all state owned. Angostura Lake campgrounds Google Maps Charles
CharlesinGA 11/02/20 10:18pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Free Natioan Park enterence

I am a veteran but also have the senior card which gives free entry to all of the above. Just used at Harpers Ferry, saved $40 The senior card will get you 50% off on campsite fees generally, so if you are eligible you would do well to pay the $80 and get it if you camp much at all in Federal facilities. The Veteran deal is for admission only from what I read on the Department of the Interior link someone above provided. I have a senior card I bought on my 62 birthday earlier in the year they increased the fee to $80. I got up on my Bday and drove to a nearby Corp of Engineer dam project office and got it for $10 as the date of the increase had not been announced at that point. Charles
CharlesinGA 11/01/20 10:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Free Natioan Park enterence

The Military Times article states "The policy includes admittance to well-known sites like Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona and Shenandoah National Park in Virginia." There is no fee to enter Mount Rushmore for anyone. The only fee is $10 parking fee charged by the concession that operates the parking area. Note that the parking fee is $5 for seniors, and that the fee is a one time, good for one year fee. Whoever wrote the article was not aware that not all National Park operated facilities charge entrance fees. The most visited National Park in the country, Great Smoky Mountains NP has no entrance fee. Charles
CharlesinGA 11/01/20 07:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Help why is my battery terminal corroded and sparking?

Last looked at these batteries one month ago. Today before our trip there is a small amount of blue green corroding at the terminal, and along 3 red wires connecting to it at their terminals. Corrosion forming around lead acid battery terminals is from a small amount of gas that is leaking around the terminals. It is impossible to prevent this leakage as a battery ages. You can buy those pricey battery post "donuts" or just gob a large amount of Vaseline on the post and terminal/clamp. Remove the terminal so that the Vaseline get under the terminal/clamp right up close the the seam between the post and the case. BEFORE YOU DO THIS, clean the terminals, cable ends and the ENTIRE BATTERY OUTSIDE CASE with baking soda and water. Rinse well with clear water. Also there is a small amount of sparking when the red wire is brought to the terminal. Never seen this before. What's going on? If it is small, ignore it. It just means that something is turned on when you connect it. Not much else to be said. I used Vaseline for years, more recently I use Dow 4 dielectric silicone grease, but same thing, pull clamps, clean everything throughly, slather it with grease, reinstall clamps and tighten, slather them with grease, working it into the gaps in the clamp around the bolt if a car terminal type, but coat everything throughly. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/30/20 12:48am Beginning RVing
RE: How wide do mirrors need to be for a TT? Mike Is that a HORSE I see standing behind the truck??? Does it ride in the back seat??? LOL I have an '03 RAM 2500 that came to me with standard mirrors (and I think the original owner had been hauling gooseneck hay trailers with it, but that is another story) In any case, I replaced the mirrors with the MOPAR extended flip out mirrors that were optional for the truck, When flipped out, I can still back in the side door to my shop (exactly 10 ft opening) but only have about 3 inches or less on each side when I do. I hate flipping the mirrors back and forth as this is a Tradesman model with manual mirrors, no switches here to tweak them. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/30/20 12:41am Beginning RVing
RE: Teacher's Pet

One day after life has settled down and you are ready to buy that B+ for yourself, a popular rig for single senior woman are Phoenix Cruisers, especially the shorter models. They are easier to drive than most others because of their scaled-down dimensions along with their aerodynamics. They are one of the smallest B+ rigs available today, models vary in length alone. The quality is decent as well. As we did with our PC SEEN HERE, you can special order any PC without slide-outs to reduce complexity, maintenance, weight, and expense. In our case, it also provided enough room to get the dinette SEEN HERE which was very important to us. On my trip to the Black Hills and Nebraska to see the Eclipse in 2017 I spent the night at a casino in Council Bluffs Iowa and a older lady in a Roadtrek long wheel base high top Sprinter parked next to me. She was having trouble connecting the power cord as a pin on the vehicle had been bent. Straighten the pin and all was good. Turns out her husband had passed away and they had a huge diesel pusher and she wanted no part of it, so she sold it and bought the Roadtrek to travel in. She was on her way to visit relatives when I saw her. Life goes on and its good to see people carrying on with things they enjoy doing (traveling). Charles
CharlesinGA 10/30/20 12:25am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class C Chassis

Chevy chassis will have a lower gross vehicle weight than a Ford, and the cab has more foot room than a Ford, although the new 2020 Ford supposedly has improved foot room over the old ones. I also recall reading that Chevy reintroduced the 4500 chassis, which was discontinued some time back, not absolutely sure on this, I think I read it somewhere. If this is true, the weight issue may be a moot point. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/30/20 12:11am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 12 volt DC not charging on shore power.

On the 12v fuse board with the converter, if you have that setup, are two larger fuses, probably green color 40 amp? that are the fuses that blow if you try to connect the batteries backwards. I suspect there are other reasons for them to blow also, but worth checking those two in particular. When these blow, the converter will not charge the batteries. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/30/20 12:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: MaxxAir II Vent Covers - Installation

Normally there are L shaped brackets screwed to the sides of the vent frame, and they stick out and the cover sits on and is screwed to them, the cover actually does not touch the roof and may sit off of it as much as a quarter inch. It they screwed it directly to the roof it was a half ass job and they threw away the parts kit and the instructions. Shop manager not paying attention to what is going on and people who don't know and don't care. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/30/20 12:01am Travel Trailers
RE: General Question on Size

I've put this out many times when this question comes up- A Toyota pulled the space shuttle! Yep. Many years ago, it was a stunt by the company. For a safe enjoyable journey, you need to get a 3/4 ton truck for a start, either set up the hitch or have a "competent" dealer install it, and try to hook up with an experienced RVer for your maiden voyage. It sounds like the dealership was only interested in moving the unit out but I can't understand why they didn't address the hitch--the the hitches usually are brought up early on in the sale. Please don't roast me on this---but, in almost 50,000 miles of pulling a trailer, I've never seen a Cadillac as a tow vehicle. They do make a great toad behind a motorhome though. See ya out there. Have you ever seen a Surburban towing something? thats all this is, with a bunch more glitz and styling. My bets are that there is not enough tongue weight, and the tires are not LT tires, so they are too soft, combined with the fact that it is not enough vehicle to be comfortably hauling a travel trailer that long. To me, the length is more of a problem than the weight. Plus that vehicle has extra soft suspension for the ride. I did have a pic of an Escalade with a canoe on top and a 30 ft Airstream hooked to it, at the local truck stop, but cannot find it now on the phone. Charles
CharlesinGA 10/29/20 11:52pm Travel Trailers
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