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RE: Antifreeze in transmission 2010 Duramax??

ivbinconned, don't give up just yet. The issue of a failure of a transmission cooler in the radiator is a common problem for GM. The real issue how long did it go before you discovered the problem. In many cases you can simply replace the radiator, have the transmission flushed and the fluid replaced and you may be good to go. This is something you may want to consider before you just give up and purchase a transmission rebuild. Ultimately if the transmission has been toasted you can have a GM dealer replace the trans with a factory rebuild and you will get at 3 year 100k warranty to boot. Do your homework before you give up. You have lots of options! Why would he have a GM transmission placed in a Ram?
Charlie D. 12/15/21 03:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: College Football Is Just Around The Corner, Can't Wait!

Ed Orgeron is definitely in the hot seat and I don't think he will make it past the end of the season. Brutal schedule left and even if he beats the Tide and T&M his job is gone. Best player Boutte is out for the remaining game. Kentucky reminded me of the Tigers 2019 team. Excellent in all phases of the game. Efficient, tough, quick with both a running game and QB play like a well oiled machine. Sorry my Tigers lost but glad the Tide also lost.
Charlie D. 10/11/21 03:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: Tires

Charlie D. 10/07/21 03:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires

Thanks guys. As Lynnmore stated "right click on the image, save image as" and the photo will show up on another link
Charlie D. 09/30/21 11:24am Tow Vehicles

Goodyear Wrangler Trail Runner LT275/65R20 has a very small leak. Aired to 75 PSI on September 15. As of today it is at 64 PSI. Took it to a dealer and they found the leak. Can still see the nail. Looks, for those old enough, like a paneling nail. Told me it could not be repaired and quickly offered to install a new one. Tire has less than 12,000 miles. See photo. It is inside the white circle. What is your opinion? It is my gut feeling that if I should replace it, I should replace both.
Charlie D. 09/29/21 06:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Nice looking small trailer rig

The Nest is no longer in production. It had a starting price of $45,000+
Charlie D. 09/13/21 11:07am Travel Trailers
Endurance Tires

New camper has Westlake ST205/75R15 tires on it. Going to replace them with Endurance. While checking prices I came across ST225/75R15 Endurance for $15.00 each more tire. Would you use 225 vs. 205? Grand Junction Transcend 240ML UVW 6285 Hitch 598
Charlie D. 08/28/21 06:13pm Towing
RE: Towing New Trailer

when it comes time to replace tires on TV, go with LT "E" tires. Huge improvement on tow experience. The truck came with 20" LRE "E".
Charlie D. 08/24/21 04:28pm Towing
RE: Towing New Trailer

Brought it home yesterday and a 30 mile trip from dealer. Don't know pin weight but ordered a device that slips into truck receiver that has a gauge and gives you weight on ball Certainly different from 3/4 ton Duramax. I believe hitch needs a little adjustment because there was a tiny bit of up and down on when moving. I will order Bilstein shocks to replace OEM. RPM's is 2500 at 60 MPH. Equalizer 4-point hitch and I have always used 5th wheel hitches before so there is a learning curve. Thanks for the comments.
Charlie D. 08/20/21 07:44am Towing
Towing New Trailer

We sold our 5th wheel and truck back last September because of health problems wife and I were having along with our Daschund becoming paralyzed. Our health is now better and we decided to buy a travel trailer. I can kick myself for selling the the Duramax but that is in the past. I have done the calculations and believe my numbers are correct but seeking confirmation. Truck is a 2020 Silverado 1500 2 wheel drive LTZ. 5.3L with 3.23 axle. ITC, 8-speed with tow package and tow haul. Scaled the truck weighs: Steer axle-2880 Drive axle-2260 for a total of 5140 GVWR-6900 GAWR front-3700 GAWR-rear-3800 Conventional trailer-9800 Max tongue weight-980 Tires are 275/60R20 LT's TT is a Grand Junction Transcend 240ML UVW-6265 Hitch-598 Length-29'9" I know this is close but will change with propane, hitch, battery, etc. I will replace the Chinese tires with Goodyear Assurance. Been to 3 dealers asking about WDH hitches. One recommends Blue Ox. Another Equalizer. Another a Fastway E2. Made in China so not an option. Seems the Equalizer is highly respected and many people use them. This being my first time pulling a travel trailer so what size weight distribution is your recommendation?
Charlie D. 08/17/21 07:07pm Towing
RE: College Football Is Just Around The Corner, Can't Wait!

I am waiting to see how LSU QB position develops. Their starter Myles Brennan fell on a boat dock and shattered his left are. Rod and screws to hold it together. Brennan is a senior redshirt so he has next year and because of the injury he could have another year because the season has not started yet. Bags, do you have another Burrow at OSU we could use?:)
Charlie D. 08/06/21 10:27am Around the Campfire
RE: College Football Is Just Around The Corner, Can't Wait!

Looks like OSU may have the steal of this decade provided he doesn't rescind his commitment. Quinn Ewer has decided to forgo his senior status and join the Buckeyes. Red shirt for sure and if he is as good as he sounds there may be some wanting a transfer. Perhaps LSU would like another one of the Buckeyes "castoffs"
Charlie D. 08/03/21 06:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: College Football Is Just Around The Corner, Can't Wait!

Glad to see you back on the forum Bags! What is your opinion of my Tigers this year? QB play is my greatest concern. Orgeron is on the hot seat this year and it will take a great effort from the Tigers for the fans to get that bitter taste of last season out of their mouths.
Charlie D. 07/13/21 06:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: Stimulus Late in Arriving

Wife and I file jointly and the 1 payment are direct deposited into checking account. Can someone explain to me why they are getting two deposits. One for each person. Our payment hit our checking account on March 15. We both receive SS and pay taxes on it and other income.
Charlie D. 04/08/21 10:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Daschund legs

Here is an update: Took her to another vet and started cold laser and chiropractic therapy. No adjustment. Vet told us she would do 3 treatments and if no response we would have to accept her as she is. A sad thing to hear and having PTSD, she has been my therapy and she, along with her sister, keeps me active. First treatment was on a Tuesday. Couldn't tell if it helped. Second treatment on Friday. Saturday and through the weekend we could see a small improvement and when taking her outside with a strap I noticed when her feet touched the ground she would move her rear legs a little as if trying to walk. I'm thinking "maybe."When set down she would stand on her rear legs albeit wobbly for a few moments. It appeared that each morning after letting them out of their crate I could see improvement. Five days afer her second treatment I let them out, sat her down and was changing their bedding. As I turned she was on her feet but wobbly. Took her outside with a strap to do business and noticed she was moving her legs more when they touched the ground. Each day was an improvement. Third treatment 5 days later and she could walk a little but still wobbly and rear legs would collapse but she would try again. The Vet said we could continue treatment because of the progress she has made. She also showed us some excercises such as gentle pulling of her body, moving and stretching her legs and moving them a resemble pedaling a bicycle. It has now been 6 days since last treatment but snow and cold has cancelled our next appointment for treatment. Today is Monday and last Friday she was on the floor, wife in kitchen, and I was out of the room. As I entered she room she was on her feet and although wobbly had walked to the kitchen. Every evening we allow her to do so and with the exception of an occasional slip on the polished concrete floor she is very stable. I now carry her outside on a leash, set her down and she walks to do her business. We notice a widening of her shoulders and believe it, along with an always hungry look, is because of the Prednisolone. Her medication has been reduced from 3 25mg Gabapentin daily to 2 daily for a week and now once daily. Prednisolone from 2 mg once daily to once every other day. Cosoquin once daily. Appetite is good. Drinks water and has bowel movement and pee's are normal. From the time of her paralysis Jan. 13 until now she never seemed to exhibit pain. We still restrict her movements some to allow rest.
Charlie D. 02/15/21 04:15pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Exxon lost $20.1Billion - the beginning of the end for oil?

Companies dip their dirty hands on the retirement funds when they experience cash flow problems or going bankrupt. Also the last to be funded. Not as prevelent as it once was and yes, it was often underfunded. Many companies have shied away from defined benefit to defined contribution plans. Most unions leaders fought it. They put money into the employees account, in my case twice monthly, as that was how I was paid. They no longer have to have money tied up in reserves. When I was working my company matched my contributions dollar for dollar up to 6 percent. That was like getting a 6% pay raise. I contributed up to maximum by law. This was pretax and I pay taxes upon any withdrawals which is less than I would have paid. They also paid into a retirement plan. All money was in a self-directed fund and once contributed could not be touched by the company. IRS has penalties if withdrawn before retirement but there can be exceptions. IMO, this is the best of all retirement funds and a win-win for both companies and employees.
Charlie D. 02/15/21 03:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: Daschund legs

I am having second thoughts of using the doggie wheels at this time. Should we allow her more time to heal? Does anyone have any idea if using it would traumatize her further?
Charlie D. 01/26/21 08:49am RV Pet Stop
RE: Daschund legs

Update She has had her fourth shot Appetite is good. Bowel and bladder works well. We will wag her tail when she is ready to do either and will spread her legs. Still on Gabapetin and Prenisonole. I found an old infrared light from many years ago. Hand held with to heat settings and used it when iI had muscle aches. Does not get too hot and I move it continuously up and down her spine and hips. She likes it. We have been able to get her to stand on her back leg briefly. Got a doggie wheel chair yesterday and tried it today. She sat calmly while we were putting her in it. Have to give the leash a little tug to get her to walk and she doesn't like it. Maybe with a few more uses she will accept it and try to walk. Little concerned about weight at 3.4 pounds but didn't see anything lighter. She weighs just under 11 pounds.
Charlie D. 01/25/21 05:29pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Daschund legs

Will have to check on phisical therapy clinic. I gently pinched the webbing between her toes and she was able to pull her legs feet back. I see that as a good sign. Yes/No? Wheel chair due in a few days. I am inclined to concentrate on exercise and limit the use of a doggie chair as I don't wan't her to learn to use the front to the detriment of trying to reestablish use of her back leg. Yes/No? Still has a great appetite, drinks water, pees and bowl movement on regular basis. Same dosage of Prednisole and Gabapentin. Started both of them on Cosequin.
Charlie D. 01/22/21 06:20pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Daschund legs

Thanks for the comments. Today was the second shot of Adaquin-anyone familiar with it. Belle continues to be alert. Does her outdoor business. Eats and drinks. She has never whined but when neither of us are in the room she whines and barks loudly. We continue to allow her to sit next to us in recliners. We move and handlle her only when going outside and moving to her bed.. She can widen her hip to take care of business and we think that is a good sign. Twice she has yelped when I pick her up by placing my fingers-carelessly-under her belly near her vulva. Dzoes that mean anything? Next Monday will be her third shot and will ask the Vet to see if she exhibits pain in her paws. If so, am I wrong to think she still have some feeling in her back legs. Still taking Gabapinten and Prednisole. I have ordered a doggy wheel chair and a life vest. We will start water therapy when the vest is delivered in a few days. We have a jacuzzi and wondering if using it on a low setting would help in addition to the water therapy. We will try that for a few days and may search for a vet. that does laser therapy. Relative used the therapy for hind legs for their pet but there were other issues instead of paralysis and she said it helped. Any other things we can do?
Charlie D. 01/21/21 03:56pm RV Pet Stop
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