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RE: How To Fix Blue Ox Mistake

As a guy getting ready to buy a towing set up, this is all good info, thanks I will keep all of this in mind when I purchase my outfit. I believe I have read other comments similar to the original post about Blue Ox , but those were just vague comments, nothing I can put my finger on at the moment. Northshore The others may have their problems, too. I don't know. You might want to read the Dinghy Towing Guide. I'll post a link. One other negative comment I have about Blue Ox is their Patriot II brake controller comes with a remote control. I like the idea. The remote control looks like 20 year old technology with a two-tone screen and clunky rubber buttons. If you spend $1,200 on a brake controller I think they shouldn't "cheap out" on the remote. 2020 Dinghy Towing Guide
DallasSteve 06/20/20 02:01pm Dinghy Towing
RE: How To Fix Blue Ox Mistake

I'd go with your option 4. I don't know what you really mean by "strong piece of metal" but 1/8" steel would be many times stronger than needed. That may be the best solution. It doesn't have to support the weight of towing the vehicle. Just sturdy enough that the breakaway switch won't "breakaway" under normal use and resist the tug in a true emergency.
DallasSteve 06/19/20 09:04pm Dinghy Towing
RE: How To Fix Blue Ox Mistake

Take it back and get another brand. You should not have to engineer anything to make it work. I'm pretty sure I could return it. But I already spent about 16 hours installing the baseplate on my Jeep. My original post mentioned that it is installed. I'm not going to take it off, return it, and then install another. I didn't check all the diagrams to be sure it was assembled correctly. I thought Blue Ox did quality control, but I guess not. Lesson learned. At least they didn't mess up a weld that would've caused it to not work. This makes me think of one more possible solution. I could pay somebody to cut off the bad part and weld on a new one correctly. I would do that before I would remove, return, and re-install.
DallasSteve 06/19/20 06:13pm Dinghy Towing
How To Fix Blue Ox Mistake

I installed a new Blue Ox baseplate on my Jeep Wrangler. I also ordered a Blue Ox Patriot II brake controller and it came with a breakaway switch. I looked at the diagram of the baseplate on how to install the switch and the tab on mine extends to the front and not to the back like in the diagram. I would post a photo here, but it has to be online and I don't have the time to put it online right now. The bad part about the mistake is the breakaway switch has the mounting hole at the back so it will extend far out into the air in front of the baseplate. So I wrote Blue Ox and they called me. They admitted it is a one off mistake in the assembly of my baseplate. Their recommendation is to attach it to some part of the frame on the car. Easier said than done. I'm thinking of a few possible solutions: 1 - Mount it in the hole provided, but remove it when I'm not traveling. 2 - Buy some strap to attach to the baseplate that can then hold the switch. 3 - Buy a strap or plate I can attach to the frame and attach the switch to it. 4 - Buy a strong piece of metal with 2 holes and attach it to the existing tab to give me another hole behind the bar where it belongs. This is the second screw up by Blue Ox. When I installed the baseplate it was missing 2 lock washers that I had to buy at OReillys. What does it cost them to put some extra washers, bolts, nuts in with their $500 baseplate? I wish I had picked a different brand. I thought I was buying high quality.
DallasSteve 06/19/20 10:44am Dinghy Towing
RE: How Long For Tow Cables?

That is complicated (the concept of the breakaway activating before the end of the safety cables) but I can see it's very important. Blue Ox provided me both: the safety cables and the breakaway cable (lanyard?). Is it likely that they designed them with the correct lengths to work in the way described? I won't assume that, I will check it, but I hope they designed it that way.
DallasSteve 06/18/20 10:40am Dinghy Towing
RE: Do You Trust Hitch Locks?

The lock keeps some one from (as a prank ???) removing the pin while parked at rest area or at truck stop. Or Walmart? That's where I'm more likely to be parked. But it sounds like I need to re-check all connections when we leave, if we stop to do some shopping along the way.
DallasSteve 06/17/20 11:42pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Do You Trust Hitch Locks?

Watch the you tube video on how easy those are to pry off, I bought a brand called bolt from strattec. That you can key to your rv ignition key, now I don’t worry about losing the hitch key If they are easy to pry off then I won't worry much about losing the hitch key but it is a pain that I am accumulating more and more keys. My biggest concern is I don't want it to accidentally come off while towing and see my safety chains get tested. That's the point of my question, not so much the security from theft. It sounds like maybe it's more work for thieves to unscrew the nut and bolt than to pry off the lock?
DallasSteve 06/17/20 11:40pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Buy Register A Car While Traveling?

Between yesterday when you posted and today, you could have been there, taken care of it, and returned and be drinking a beer right now. Mike (As if I didn't know that.) Yes, I could if I wanted to be worn out and $200 poorer for gas and hotel, except I wouldn't be drinking a beer because it's not healthy for me. Maybe you like driving 10 or 12 hours, but that's not me.
DallasSteve 06/17/20 10:28pm Full-time RVing
Do You Trust Hitch Locks?

I'm buying a tow bar to tow my Jeep behind my motorhome. I went to the auto parts store to buy a bolt to attach it to the receiver on the RV. The clerk showed me a product like this below which locks the tow bar to the receiver. I worry that the lock may fail or I might not close it correctly and it comes lose while I'm towing and I have to hope that my safety cables do their job. Are these the way to go or should I buy a tough nut and bolt to secure the hitch? height=200 width=300
DallasSteve 06/17/20 11:05am Dinghy Towing
RE: Buy Register A Car While Traveling?

If you are a resident of Texas, the vehicle has to be registered in the county in which you "live". In other words, if your address is Livingston, you must register the vehicle in the county where Livingston is. They told me that, too. I "live" wherever my motorhome is parked. So I plan to go to Texarkana. That's where I will live while I get the car registered. They didn't say I couldn't ever move or that I had to be there X number of days. The government just doesn't address the idea of living in an RV in most of its laws. And I may get a Texarkana virtual mailbox for 1 month so they can mail the plates there.
DallasSteve 06/16/20 11:50pm Full-time RVing
RE: Buy Register A Car While Traveling?

Fayetteville. Why?
DallasSteve 06/16/20 01:29pm Full-time RVing
RE: Buy Register A Car While Traveling?

Those are some interesting replies. I will try to research the "in transit permit" and maybe try to contact someone in Texas who is more knowledgeable about this. I'm also going to contact the dealer again.
DallasSteve 06/16/20 01:06pm Full-time RVing
Buy Register A Car While Traveling?

I'm living in my motorhome full time and I bought a Jeep to tow behind it. I'm currently in Arkansas but I want to maintain my Texas residency. I called Arkansas and they said I can't register it in Arkansas because I'm not a resident. I called Texas and I must return to Texas and have it inspected there to register it there. I don't want to return to Texas I want to go North to escape the heat. Is there any legal way to stay on the road for 4 or 5 months without returning to Texas first? I don't want to get tickets for no plates or expired temporary plates. I may go back to Texas for a few days if there is no other option. I'm only 5 hours away, but that puts me in the heat for several more days. I have AC (2 units), but I don't like to run it 12 hours straight. Plus I'll spend several hundred dollars in extra gasoline.
DallasSteve 06/16/20 10:06am Full-time RVing
How Long For Tow Cables?

I've installed a baseplate on my Jeep. I love saying that because I'm not very mechanical and it was about 16 hours of hard labor, but I did it (with some help from my wife). Now I need to hook up the electrical. My concern is how long should the coiled cable be from the RV hitch to the baseplate? Also how long should the safety cables be and what weight rating? My Jeep weighs about 4500 pounds so I was going get safety cables rated at 6000 pounds. For the cable lengths if I go a little longer can I tie up the excess with zip ties near the RV hitch? I know you need some slack to turn the corners, but not too much to drag on the road
DallasSteve 06/14/20 11:14am Dinghy Towing
RE: Arizona and AC

RVs are not built for temp extremes, high or low. They are built to move. You either need to get out of Arizona or get into a house or apartment. I was in Georgetown, TX last month and it was starting to get into the 90s. So I got out of Georgetown and now I'm in cooler NW Arkansas, but next month it will start getting sticky here. That's why RVs have wheels.
DallasSteve 05/29/20 09:26pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Confused and Frustrated

Fancy Free I just started full time life 2 months ago in a small class A Winnebago. I call it an A minor. I was considering a class C, but this model is the same price or less than a class C of comparable size (when you consider the class C driver's space as "dead space"). That said, my plan was to be traveling on the road to see more of the country and maybe pick an area where I want to retire. Dallas is a nice place to work, but I wouldn't want to live there. I'm in NW Arkansas right now and you can rent nice 1-bedroom apartments here for about half the cost of Dallas. I also considered a truck + trailer for years, but decided that if I was going to be moving from park to park a lot this would be easier, and it is. A truck + trailer is cheaper than a motorhome + toad. I'd say about 20% cheaper. That is if you spend $100K on a motorhome + toad you would get about the same space and comfort for $80K in a truck + trailer. The down side to all of this is the expense. I am wearing out from the constant drip, drip, drip of money here at the beginning. I'm hoping it will get better and I will be glad I rode it out. To paraphrase the long gone Senator Dirksen, "A thousand here and a thousand there and pretty soon you're talking real money."
DallasSteve 05/29/20 01:54pm Full-time RVing
RE: Rain Entering My Slideout

I'll try to attach a couple of photos. On one side I see the rubber seals appear to be correctly seated. on the other side at the top one of the seals is flexed inward. Maybe that has caused the leak. I will pop that out and see if it makes a difference. I will check the seal positions in the future when I park and extend the slides. height=300 width=150 height=300 width=150
DallasSteve 05/26/20 01:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rain Entering My Slideout

If memory serves me, haven't you been chasing a leak for a couple of weeks? It sounds like you might have found the source. There was a leak in the storage area below the floor. This is different. It's the first time I've seen water inside the coach and it happened during a downpour. This morning no rain and no leak. FYI, this fantastic brand new motorhome is a Winnebago. The constant costs and problems are causing me to consider selling and getting out of the RV fulltime life after only 3 months.
DallasSteve 05/26/20 12:42pm General RVing Issues
Rain Entering My Slideout

I have a new RV and tonight I saw water leaking into the living area under the dining room slideout. This has not happened before, but it has been raining pretty hard tonight. I don't see it coming down a wall. I see it seeping out from under the slideout. Any suggestions to stop the leak before or without taking it in for warranty service? I suppose in the morning when I have some light and it's not pouring I will go outside and inspect the seals for any obvious problems. I don't know how I can check on top of the slide since I don't have a ladder. Any other ideas? Should I retract the slide and then try to extend it again? Should I retract it and leave it in? Thanks in advance.
DallasSteve 05/25/20 11:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Getting Hitched In A Hurry

Y-guy I cancelled my reservations and I plan to pick a 30 day spot here. Sigh. we live in our motorhome. It will give me time to pick a hitch setup without pressure and maybe even get it all hooked up myself. I actually feel better knowing I did the work because I know I won't cut corners, but if it gets tricky I'll pay a mechanic to bail me out.
DallasSteve 05/21/20 05:25pm Dinghy Towing
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