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RE: full size corner bed vs queen corner bed

My bride went out to the coach this afternoon and remade the bed on our new {full sized - 60 X 80"} queen mattress: We are not big people, I'm 5'9"/185# and my bride is 5'1"/115#. We have always slept very comfortably in our coach over the last 7.5 years and will get the chance again in two weeks as we will be having house guests giving them our master bedroom and the back guest bedroom while Jeanne and I sleep in the coach out in the driveway. It's nice to be able to add another bedroom and bath to our smallish 3/2 house. The bed pic shows the Amish made, solid Maple cabinets nicely as well. Before passing over the Rainbow Bridge our Greyhound rescue used to love to lay on the bed as we cruised enjoying the two large windows. Lots of folks passed and waved usually laughing their butts off. :C
Desert Captain 04/29/21 02:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: sell home or not to sell

While my bride and I have no plans to ever full time we will continue to actively use our 24' Class C to explore America further. We have been coast to coast and just about everywhere in-between over the last 12 years or so and every trip we kept our eyes open for a new place to live {we had a nice home in Tucson} that we might like better. Ironically we found that new place just 180 miles north of Tucson in the small mountain town of Payson. We had passed through Payson dozens of times coming/going camping and I frequently remarked that "I could live here" and now we do. Like the OP we wanted a smaller home and our new place is 25 percent smaller but has two and half times as much land allowing us to store all of our toys {car, truck, RV, Can AM Spyder, Rzr SXS and a cargo trailer} at home. Like our old home our new one is paid for and happily our monthly nut dropped $500 a month {no HOA, Hooray!, RV storage fees, lower taxes, utilities etc}. After 15 years living and exploring southern Arizona we are better positioned far enough north to greatly expand our "local' camping range. I would advise the OP to do some exploring/searching for that next home before selling their current one. An RV enables you to search in comfort and to ferret out those off the beaten path gems as we did. Moving is one of the greatest PITA's on earth so do your homework {the internet is your friend} to insure you only have to do it once. Good luck! :B
Desert Captain 04/25/21 10:30am Full-time RVing
RE: Can’t find a part

I have been trying to track down a new LED brake light assembly for my Nexus Class C. No help from Nexus but one of their dealers turned me on to State Trailer Supply. They found it in 30 mi utes and I drove down to Peoria yesterday and picked it up. They have the largest, most complete inventory of trailer/RV supplies {with very competitive pricing} I have ever seen... makes Camping world look like a 7/11. When I checked their website I saw that they have a store in Idaho Falls {208 538-9358}. I recommend you give them a call. Good luck! :C OP here with an update: I was worried that simply replacing the entire LED unit would not be successful as my mechanic and I suspected there were wiring issues. Start with the simple things... we replaced the LED unit with the new one from State trailer Supply {$41.99} and bingo, everything works. :B
Desert Captain 04/24/21 09:42am General RVing Issues
RE: full size corner bed vs queen corner bed

We just replaced the original, 9 year old, queen innerspring corner bed mattress. Our new one is 10" high and a full 60 X 80". I found the mattress, a Signature Sleep on Amazon for $229 and it is a combination of innerspring and sleep comfort material on both sides making it a candidate for flipping as needed over time. It came vacuum sealed which simplified moving up into the coach and in place on the bed platform. Once the plastic was cut away it expanded to its full 10" height in about 24 hours Getting out of bed for a late night bathroom run has never been a problem. We keep a small folding stool at the foot of the bed which makes stepping up into or down out of the bed much easier. I sleep on the left {curb side with the head of our bed at the rear of the coach} and all that is involved is to move the blanket{s} off of me followed by a simple sit up. I scooch my butt forward about a foot and step down onto the stool. Returning is just a step up and crawl back under the covers. IMHO: The difficulty of making a nocturnal bathroom run is greatly exaggerated. Making the bed is PITA vs a walk around but once it is made you are done as flipping the bedding back in place when you get up could not be simpler. A walk around queen in any coach under 30' will cost you far more in terms of lost space/storage than you will ever gain. My bride and I are 70 and 69, reasonably fit and thoroughly enjoy a good nights sleep {my occasional snoring not withstanding}. :B
Desert Captain 04/20/21 03:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tombstone Rv and Campground

We have enjoyed the Tombstone RV Park a couple of times. The location is awesome, just a mile or so down the road from Tombstone and they have a free shuttle. If you like to ride ATV/UTV's Middlemarch Road is the gateway to the West Cochise Stronghold and just a mile south of the park. It is not fancy but the amenities and staff are nice. Bisbee is a nice ride {about 25 miles south if memory serves} of Tombstone and definitely worth a visit. As noted Tombstone is 5,000'+ and is very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. Spring and fall are the best time of year to visit and reservations are always a good idea. :C
Desert Captain 04/18/21 09:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Hooray for Shark Bite fittings...

All of the plumbing in our 24' Nexus Class C is Pex. After 9 years once of the fittings on the feed line to the toilet developed a small leak. I'm guessing that there was a little bit of water left in the line after winterizing and one of several long hard freezes last winter caused a crack. I noticed the leak shortly after refilling the water tank for our first trip this spring. The feed line is 5/8" where in goes into the back of the toilet connecting with a 90 degree elbow {with a 5/8" hose barb} which was mated with a threaded male/female connection to the Pex. Rather than try and wrestle with the Pex as I lack the proper tools or any working experience with Pex I cut the Pex and tried to sleeve 5/8" reinforced PVC hose over it double clamping this connection. It seemed snug but the next morning it was dripping again {I left the water on overnight to test the connection}. Another trip to Ace Hardware where one of their guys in introduced me to the "Shark Bite" brass coupler. I got one with a female threaded end and added a 5/8" brass male hose barb and spliced this onto the Pex line {they just push on and can only be removed with a special SB tool} connecting downstream with the 5/8" PVC hose leading to the toilet. A couple wraps of Teflon tape on the brass hose barb with double hose clamps for good measure and Hooray... no more leak. I had heard of the Shark Bite connectors but never had any reason to try them but if you have Pex plumbing keeping a connector or two in your spare parts locker would seem to be a pretty good idea. They will enable you to make quick work of a leak, I was lucky that mine developed while at home and while not cheap {the connector and brass hose barb were $15} they work very well. Now that I know how well they work it's back to Ace for a couple off spares. :C
Desert Captain 04/17/21 12:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: toilet

If you find yourself needing to do repairs to an RV toilet it will be far easier if you simply remove the entire unit. This will give unlimited access vs the try and work by braille method. To that end utilize a 7/16" deep socket to simplify removal of the two nuts/bolts that secure the toilet to the floor. Most but probably not all toilets are 7/16" so check yours. Some are easier to access than others, mine is a PITA but turning those nuts with an open end wrench, about a sixteenth of a turn at a time, is a very aggravating time consuming exercise. You're welcome. :B
Desert Captain 04/15/21 09:25am General RVing Issues
Something is weird with my water heater...

A couple of trips ago the AC side of the water heat just quit. No warnings like the water not getting as hot as it had, it just stopped working altogether. No worries I thought as the LP side functions well so I put fixing it on the back burner {I know, bad pun}. It is the standard garden variety Suburban and at 9 years old I really can't complain. Found a great mobile RV mechanic {who is ASE certified as well} and we started finding odd things going on. Turn off the breaker and the unit is AC hot... say what? with a mild but unpleasant aroma of hot electrical. When he put a wrench on the heating element it began to work. He pulled it and and found lots of corrosion. Put in a new element and still had the bad smell and AC with a the breaker off. The anode rod was fine. All of this made me more than a little nervous and we still don't know what is going on but I am not going to mess around here and had him order a new unit which should be here in a few days. Replacement seems like the way to go especially since we cannot account for the bizarre symptoms. I'll follow up when we replace the unit and let you know what we find. Has anyone else had a similar experience? For the record I had the limit switches {AC and LP} replaced about 6 years ago and both sides have worked flawlessly since then {until now?} with no other issues. :h
Desert Captain 04/01/21 03:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bugs on Windshield

Take it from this biker... get some Bugslide. The more you use it the better it works. :C
Desert Captain 03/30/21 08:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lock em up... a long story

Small town? I just did a VA survey that classified my town, 1200-1500, as rural/frontier. I lived in San Diego for 50 years {except the 3 I gave the Army, 69 - 72} and then retired to Tucson for the last 14+ years. Yep, Payson is small town to me. The local joke is that no matter where you are in town you can drive in any direction and after 2 miles you are not in Payson any more. Works for me. :C
Desert Captain 03/30/21 08:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lock em up... a long story

"Here's my curiosity....what's the point? is there truly a market for used/stolen travel trailers?" Makes no sense at all unless they were planning on turning into a meth lab up in the hills but then "Stupid criminal" has always struck me as an oxymoron. My point in posting was just to remind folks to be aware and careful. I never imagined a theft like this could/would happen but I was wrong {oh well it's not the first time and surely won't be the last}. :S
Desert Captain 03/29/21 02:44pm General RVing Issues
Lock em up... a long story

We recently moved to Payson AZ, a small town {20K folks} that sits at 5,000' 75 miles north of Phoenix. One of the many reasons we made the move last year was the friendly small town vibe and very little reported crime. Most of the homes in our neighborhood sit on large {half acre+} parcels and just about everyone has a trailer {utility, travel, fiver, boat etc.} and or a motorhome, and or an ATV/UTV. My neighbor from across the street parks his 20' TT on my neighbor to the south's property as there is lots of room. His trailer is just about 25' from the south wall of our house and well over 100' back from the street out front. When snow damaged trees appeared to be threatening the location of the trailer I expressed my concern and he and his kids did a great job of trimming the broken limbs back saving his trailer from probable damage. About a week later he showed up my door looking none too pleased... someone had stolen his trailer the previous night and he was hoping my security cameras might have picked up the miscreants in action. Unfortunately my Blink Security system cameras, all 6 of them, provide full coverage of my house and property except... you guessed it, the property to the south to include his trailer. Two days before the theft I was out in the north driveway splitting some wood for the evening fire when a large gray pickup with several tires piled in the bed and a couple of red gas cans pulled several lengths down my driveway from the street. I immediately walked down and asked "Can I help you?" There was a couple in the truck and the guy got out and explained they had lost their dog, a 70# Black Lab and were going door to door hoping someone had seen it. He said he had knocked on my neighbor to the south's door with no response and I told him the elderly gent that lived there won't hear you knock and his doorbell is broken. In hindsight methinks I may have overshared but being a dog guy I was concerned for the lost doggie offering to take my Rzr SXS and go searching for him in the morning. I got her name and phone number and wished them luck. The trailer was in plain site from anyone coming to the neighbors door and was wrapped in nice new full cover. Upon discovering this trailer missing my neighbor went door to door and the local police were soon on scene taking their report. I mentioned the truck I'd seen and they perked up. I got them the phone number and provided the best description I could. The next morning my neighbor placed a post on Facebook about his stolen trailer and after a lot of activity he got a call from a lady in Glendale who had seen the truck and trailer on her street {where parking trailers are prohibited} and she called my neighbor. He had her send pics and sure enough it was his trailer and and the same gray pickup I had seen. The Glendale police were notified and quickly on scene. He will be getting it back eventually, no word yet as to the person or persons who took it and yes boys and girls he will be going out to buy a hitch lock and probably some additional security devices. Evidently the thieves just backed up, hooked up and rolled out probably in a matter of mere minutes. I used to leave our Class C sitting unlocked in our driveway.... but not anymore. We close our gates every night but have learned my lesson and will step up my admittedly lax security posture. Lock em up folks. :C
Desert Captain 03/29/21 01:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Finally found a campsite...

Just got home from having too much fun at Dead Horse Ranch SP. Arrived at noon on Sunday, got set up and settled in. Monday we rode my Can Am Spyder up to Sedona for a late breakfast. Sedona was jumping with crowds everywhere. We ate at the HP cafe in downtown, it is the oldest restaurant in Sedona and the food is always awesome... best corned beef hash I have ever had. We then rode back through Cottonwood and up to Jerome. Went to the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town and had a blast exploring. If you ever get to Jerome do not miss it. Haunted Hamburger is great lunch stop with unbelievable views all the way to Mt Humphries outside of Flagstaff which was nicely snow capped. Jerome got a nice dusting of snow on Tuesday as well. Wandered the streets of Cottonwood and then returned to camp around 3. The weather was supposed to be steady rain all day Tuesday so I put the bike back in its garage {aka our cargo trailer}. Not much rain fell but we enjoyed a quiet day reading and relaxing. Had a great fire all three nights and Tuesday morning as well. The CG was completely full which considering what a nice campground it is was no surprise. if you are coming reservations are a must. It is a large CG with multiple loops with water and electric in all of the sites and there is a two lane dump station near the entrance. There are several large lagoons {ponds/lakes} suitable for fishing, kayaks etc., as well as a full on stable offering trail rides which we enjoyed on a prior visit. Lots of snow at 6 to 7,000' as me made the long climb up from the Verde Valley and we are ooking forward to returning but as noted reservations are a must. :B
Desert Captain 03/24/21 02:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Finally found a campsite...

"Thats great you got them. It was us that canceled them!! Had a conflict with all the yearly RV maintenance because they are very busy and couldn't get us any sooner." We will endeavor to have too much fun on your behalf... DHRSP is one of our fav writes. Did the horseback ride right there in the CG a couple of years ago. By your handle I'm guessing you are familiar with all of the great riding to be had in that area. Oak Creek Canyon and the pass out of Jerome up and over and down into the Prescott Valley are two of my all time favorites. A few months ago I finally made the transition trading in my Indian Springfield for the Can Am Spyder and yes I do miss that torque monster Indian... It's a ***** getting old but it sure beats the alternative. :B Camping in the snow wouldn't be my cup of tea; I like warmer weather. I've been to Flagstaff in the summer. Really beautiful, with fragrance of pines hanging in the air. :C No snow in our camping itinerary but it sure was fun having it at our new home. Took the Rzr SXS our for some serious fun when it got to 6"... by the time it reached 2+' the adventure got even better except it was pretty **** cold. Flagstaff is about a 90 minutes from out new house and we like to jump on the bike and ride up and come back down through Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona and Camp Verde. It has been 72 for the last couple of days as spring comes rolling in. :C
Desert Captain 03/19/21 04:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2004 Dynamax Sport Sedan 220 mileage

Sadly the seller was lying through his teeth... :S No V-10 on earth ever got 12 - 14 mpg. As noted above given the aerodynamic advantage of your Class B+ vs a boxy Class C {like my 24' Nexus} you could/should see maybe 10 mpg if you keep your right foot under control. Learn to appreciate the V-10 for what it is, a workhorse, bullet proof motor. There are lots of things you can do in addition to several already mentioned in this thread. Check your tires for the proper inflation based upon the actual weight they are carrying {yes, you will need got get to a CAT Scale} and the tire manufacturers load inflation tables. Perhaps new fuel and air filters but the V -10 doesn't call for its first tune up until 100,000 miles. It will take a while but after you have checked your mileage at the pump multiple times you will begin to get a better feel for what your actual mileage is. If your coach does not have real time and average mileage displays get a Scan Gauge {or other similar device} to display this info. Most folks can improve their mileage by about 10 percent by monitoring and adjusting their driving style based upon the old game of trying to get your real time mileage above your average {and it's kind of fun}. If nothing else take comfort in the fact you are in good company as there are more V-10's out there powering motorhomes than all the other motors put together... and yes, there is a reason for that. Good luck! :B
Desert Captain 03/19/21 10:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Finally found a campsite...

Spring break runs for about 6 weeks depending on the venue. What I think we are all facing are the hoards of new RV'ers who have come on the scene since the start of the pandemic. Campsites have always been tough to come by here in Arizona {and everywhere else I presume} but this year the problem is worse than ever. I'll keep trying to make long term reservations and having a good working knowledge of just about every site in Arizona so we will get by but it is a PITA. Fortunately camping off grid is our preferred method and we have a lot of choices in AZ. This thread is just a heads up in case you have not begun to make plans for the spring and summer... best of luck to one and all. :C
Desert Captain 03/16/21 02:11pm General RVing Issues
Finally found a campsite...

I've been hunting for campsites for a few weeks now with no success. Just about every CG we like to visit, and it is a long list, is completely booked up for months. I don't know if someone canceled but yesterday I found three consecutive nights at Dead Horse Ranch SP in Cottonwood. It is only about 90 minutes from our new home here in Payson and one of our favorite State parks. I will be towing my cargo trailer loaded with new {to me} Can Am Spyder behind our 24' Class C. We will be riding up to Sedona and doing Oak Creek Canyon from bottom to top and back again along with the obligatory ride up to Jerome, for lunch at Haunted Hamburger. If the weather remains decent we might stretch one of our rides to include another visit to Williams and back down through Flagstaff. We both have had our first and second doses of the Moderna vaccine and are ready to get on the road for some outdoor fun. Today is the third day in the last 4 that we have woke up to a couple of inches of fresh snow and the high will be a balmy 38 but it looks to warm up nicely over the next few days. I know spring is right around the corner as I have started seeing lizards out and about and they know waay more about the weather than any of the weather bunnies on the local TV stations. :B These pics were taken the end of january when we got 2'+ over a 3 day storm: :S
Desert Captain 03/16/21 09:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway - Early April

Not many campgrounds open that time of year especially right on the Parkway but if you venture off there should be some available. For those who drive down the middle due to low tunnel clearance PLEASE DON"T. If you cannot safely/comfortably fit within the posted heights while staying in your lane you DO NOT belong on that road. Can you tell I like to ride motorcycles and NEVER, EVER cross a double yellow line for any reason regardless of what I am driving. Want a cheap thrill? Look up from your vehicle/motorcycle/RV and spot someonel 6' or more into your lane coming right at you. BTDT and it falls somewhere between vehicular assault and attempted manslaughter. Not every rig safely fits on every road... seriously! :S
Desert Captain 02/23/21 01:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: It fits....

Op here again with an update... My new {to me} Can Am Spyder has been a hoot to ride but was a bit twitchy especially on the two lane twisties here in the mountains. A little research online indicated that I was a candidate for a Laser Alignment as they come from the factory with a pretty basic set up. About ten days ago I made an appointment at Ride Now Surprise to get the alignment this morning. They booked me for 0900 so I could ride in and wait for it, takes about an hour. Well ten days ago the forecast was for a morning low in 40's and that posed no problem, I would just bundle up and take full advantage of the heated grips. It is 107 miles from Payson to Surprise but as I was very happy with the deal they made me I committed to coming back to them for service despite there being a couple of closer dealerships. By yesterday afternoon the forecast had changed radically and not in a good way... They were calling for a low in the upper 20's and the thought of riding in that just was not an option. So yesterday afternoon I hooked up my Ridgeline to the cargo trailer and loaded the Can Am. At 0615 this morning it was 24 degrees and we just rolled out of the driveway, by 830 we were unloading at the dealership after a nice toasty cruise down off the mountain. Just got home a couple of hours ago, off loaded the Spyder and took it for a test ride... WOW! the difference was day and night. The bike is so steady with way more improvement than I ever had hoped for. The bill was $158 which I was happy to pay. The point being if you are considering adding a utility trailer to your fleet take a look at cargo trailers and all that they bring to the trailering equation. I find so many ways to use it and use it often. It continues to provide me with options that other trailers simply could not. Works for me! :B
Desert Captain 02/19/21 02:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: It fits....

What has been your experience riding on three compared to two wheels Keep in mind I have only logged 500 miles over the last couple of months but... No two machines could be much more different than my Indian Springfield and the Can Am Spyder. The Indian weighed 875# but was arguably the best handling bagger Indian or a anyone else for that matter ever built. It was smooth and powerful, a virtual "Torque monster" that you could short shift all day long and still scoot but... it was getting to a lot to handle and the stability of the Spyder is awesome. Having reverse is a lot more convenient than you might think and that is another feature that I love on the Spyder. The Spyder is even smoother with plenty of power and much quieter. The stability of the Spyder is great but the steering is very sensitive and takes a little getting used to. The creature comforts of both are fairly even with air suspension but the Spyder is adjustable on the fly. The heated grips for both driver and passenger on the Can Am are awesome and though I never use it the audio system on the Can Am is very nice. Two very significant differences on the Can Am are the auto transmission with a paddle shifter. You manually upshift but downshifting can be fully automatic or you can manually downshift anytime you feel the need and the auto trans is buttery smooth up or down shifting. The other is the electric adjust on the fly windshield which I did not think I would use much but it gets used on all out every ride depending on conditions. Also the Can AM as noted has a ton of storage and my bride finds the Can Am even more comfortable than the Indian which she loved {we put 26,000 miles on the Indian in 2.5 years often doing 400+mile days.} I am still early into the learning curve with the Spyder but having ridden more than 100,000 miles in the last 7.5 years on motorcycles adapting to the new ride has been nothing but fun. :B
Desert Captain 02/07/21 11:43am Class C Motorhomes
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