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RE: Leveling a Class C?

I have Air Lift 5,000# air bags on the rear of my 24' Class C. I added them to deal with the extra tongue weight of my single axle cargo trailer . When loaded to 2,600# {which is about as heavy as I ever load it} the tongue weight drops the rear of the coach 1.5" {undoubtedly lightening up the front end... and not in a good way}". Inflating the bags to 50 psi {they are rated for 100 max} brings the coach back up restoring the 1.5" drop and leaving the tongue of the trailer dead level at the manufacturers recommended ball height of 16". An unexpected side benefit of this system is that when not towing I keep 25 psi in the bags to keep them deployed as per the recommendation of Air Lift and my ride and handling, while always good, got noticeably better. The heavy duty Bilstein shocks seem to work very well with the bags and while I never tried to add more than 50 psi I doubt this would raise the coach much if any. :C
Desert Captain 11/21/20 01:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leveling a Class C?

Sounds good... You da man! :C
Desert Captain 11/20/20 07:48pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leveling a Class C?

Phil, I have to agree that your last photo does not show a good situation. It looks like the weight of your front axle is not properly supported. Methinks that center of the wheel {axle} should be centered on the ramp, no? :h
Desert Captain 11/20/20 06:15pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leveling a Class C?

Phil, I have yet to encounter such a challenge... just lucky I guess. As noted the most blocks I have ever had to use was 2 high usually under one side {under both rear wheels on that side} and once an a while one or two under one of the front wheels but blocks are cheap and I have more then I've ever needed. I've got a couple under one side of my cargo trailer as one wheel sits in the gravel with the other up on my newly paved asphalt driveway. I have another under the tongue jack sitting on a 2 X 10. Never had Leggo's as a kid, too old I guess but I keep finding ways to use them now and I am almost 69. :B
Desert Captain 11/17/20 06:27am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Carrying a Motorcycle with my 2000 Shasta Sprite?

I've posted this pic before in other threads but thought the OP might not have seen it. This was taken just west of the Hoover Dam last summer as we were returning from our 3 week Yellowstone/Grand Teton trip: :C
Desert Captain 11/17/20 06:18am Class C Motorhomes
RE: I now hav e AC power in my driveway...

DC ... you probably mentioned this and if so, I missed it: What about a dump station right next to your RV to empty it's tanks? We have that here in our backyard and it sure is nice to be able to dump the tanks before and after trips right here at home. P.S. I've even located some good mobile mechanics that will come right to my backyard and repair/maintain both the Ford chassis and Winnebago coach. Phil, No need... just one half a mile from my driveway is the Giant {brand} gas station out on highway 260. They sell a lot of gas to the RV crowd that passes by both going and coming up and down 260 to access the Mogollon Rim. Their business is greatly enhanced by the free dump stations {2} that they have. I don't even need to get on 260 as the back exit from their parking lot empties out onto Granite Dells Rd which is how I get to my place. I have been using their dump station for years, usually when returning from our many camping trips up to the Rim and this time of year the only two dump stations up on the Rim are closed until May. On Sunday afternoons the wait can be an hour or more but I just roll up there mid morning, mid week and have it all to myself. Like the man said... Location, location, location! :B
Desert Captain 11/17/20 06:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leveling a Class C?

It sounds like a lot of folks are making this way too hard... :S A simple 4 way bubble level that you can see from the drivers seat will usually get you pretty close to level {site permitting} and then a couple of blocks on one side or the other does it. Works for me but, As always... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 11/16/20 08:15pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: I now hav e AC power in my driveway...

Alas, we have no pool...but do have a nice Jacuzzi out back on the gazebo {I'd like to meet the guy who built the gazebo, the headers are 4 x 10's} next to the BBQ, and the smoker {life is good!.} The kegerator currently holds Landshark Lager but that is subject to change... Thanks for all of the kind thoughts and yes we are having waay too much fun. PS: As you may have already guessed this is my bride... of 50+ years who just celebrated her 70th birthday and she still loves to ride with me every week on the Indian Springfield. :)
Desert Captain 11/16/20 07:55pm Class C Motorhomes
I now hav e AC power in my driveway...

One of the many reasons we recently moved from Tucson up to Payson was to find a place where we could park all of our toys {Car, truck, Motorcycle, Class C, Cargo trailer and Rzr} on our own property... which has long been a fantasy of mine. We found the right property and for the last couple of months have been scrambling to make it our own. Today my electrician came and installed a dedicated dated 30 amp outlet {in its own box} right below the breaker panel on the corner of the garage. This is about 15' from where I park our 24' Class C in the driveway. The temperatures dipped pretty good last week so I went ahead and winterized but had to run an extension cord from the garage to the coach utilizing a 20 amp adapter {definitely a band aid solution} so that I could plug in my 1300/1500 watt AC heater. Set on 1300 and low fan it keeps the coach around 50 degrees even when the outside temps are in the mid to upper 20's. Since the converter will have power as well I can run the tank heaters as much as I like. Now the coach is plugged into its own dedicated 30 mp circuit. I've drained all of the fresh water but keep a gallon next to the toilet in case it is needed {though can't imagine why it would be}. :h I have plenty of propane in the tank so the furnace is ready to go also, we are having our kitchen remodeled at the end of the month and it will be functionally down for the better part of a week. I plan on doing all of our cooking and eating out in the coach that week and the space heater and the furnace {35,000 BTU's} will be getting some work to support our presence. I just had the driveways asphalt paved a couple of weeks ago and it is a huge improvement over the dusty, slippery {think 900# of motorcycle}.Here is a shot of the longer, north driveway looking out to the street from the detached garage {aka Man Cave"}: I always dreamed of having my very own private RV site right here at home and now we do. Best of all out is surrounded by tall pines and Oak trees and sits at 5,000'. :B
Desert Captain 11/16/20 02:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Four Corners/Durango

Late March early April expect snow, probably the heavy wet stuff... and lots off it. I wouldn't if I were you. Good luck! :C
Desert Captain 11/13/20 08:17am Beginning RVing
RE: Leveling a Class C?

If you need to level the rears on a Class C be sure to support both tires on whichever side you are lifting. There is no problem placing blocks or other lifting devices under 2 or even all 4 rear wheels so long as both on each side are supported. In seven years I have never had to go higher than 2 yellow leggo blocks high and properly centered your tires are not going anywhere. :C
Desert Captain 11/13/20 08:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 30 foot limit

Whatever your length, wherever you go please know that lying about your actual length is never, ever acceptable. I'm sure all of us, if we were being honest, myself included, would love to have an RV that is a bit to a lot larger than what we have but... Buy what you want, hopefully what you can live with but lying about it makes you someone that no one really wants to be. As noted many length restrictions are based not just on the site length but but on the access roads in and out. Not only do you risk damaging your RV on overhanging trees, encroaching boulders etc. you know you do not belong in a 30' site with a 30'+ RV. additionally you likely will creat problems for fellow campers. I have seen access roads partially to fully blocked by folks who simply did not even come close to fitting into their site with their RV/TV encroaching onto the access road. That might work until a neighbor has a heart attack at O'dark thirty and emergency vehicles can't get in {and God help you if that happens}. :S Years ago when I was attending San Diego State a professor brought in a guest lecturer to discuss integrity, honor etc., as I recall he was a retired judge. He droned on for nearly an hour stressing that it was never, ever acceptable to lie. He pointed out that integrity is like virginity... once it is gone it is gone forever. Fnally in conclusion he hit this point one last time wrapping up his lecture with the following: You must remember that it is never acceptable to lie... unless someone asks you to help them move. :B
Desert Captain 11/11/20 06:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: White Knuckle Trip

I know nothing of that particular rig, but I would point out that unless the engine is turbocharged, you lose a lot of power at altitude. I know that stretch of road goes from 5,000 feet to 11,000 feet, and non-turbo vehicles suffer greatly at those altitudes. That is one reason there are so many diesel recommendations here; diesels are almost always turbocharged and suffer no loss of power at altitude. That loss is roughly 3 percent for every 1,000' of elevation. Do the math... at 8,000' you have lost 24 percent of your flatland HP. As noted turbocharged engines are immune but for most of us its can be a significant challenge out here in the west. There are lots of gremlins that could be hurting the rigs performance from clogged fuel and/or air filters to simply needing a tuneup. You should expect better performance than that. Good luck. :C
Desert Captain 11/09/20 07:24pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Do we have to winterize if we use our RV during the winter?

I had been putting off doing my "Arizona" winterizing but we had a dusting of snow last night and a few flurries through the afternoon. With the forecast calling for sub freezing temps from 11 through 8 tomorrow morning I finally decided it was time to "Git er done." Drove over to the nearby Giant gas station and their free dump sites and drained both tanks. I then drained all of the fresh water from the coach and drove around with the valves open until the remaining water in the lines had cleared the coach. Added the RV antifreeze to the sinks, shower, and about a quart each in the black and gray tanks. Parked our 24' Class C back in the driveway and hooked up a small AC heater, put it on low {1,300 watts} with the fan at the minimum setting. I opened the lower drawers and cabinets and for good measure turned on my tank heaters. This is probably overkill for a long night at 26 - 30 degrees but it could easily get a lot colder without warning. I'll check the coach before going to bed and of course in the morning when I will turn off the heaters and expect this to work well. Film at eleven... :C
Desert Captain 11/09/20 07:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do we have to winterize if we use our RV during the winter?

Thanks for your reply! I saw another post where someone said it's best to run hot water through the shower and sinks, and flush the toilet, at night and in the morning, also. What do you think? Two different ways to go... if you are living {camping - traveling} in the rig then flushing toilets and running hot water certainly could not hurt and would be easy to do. If you are not and the coach is not immediately available {as in your driveway vs a distant storage facility} then these methods probably would not be all that doable often enough to effect much protection. Once I have drained the fresh water from the rig the only thing that goes down any drains or the toilet is the pink RV anti freeze. When we are ready to travel again I just refill the fresh water tank and turn on the pump and we are good top go - with no need to flush the antifreeze as it will just be pushed from the traps into the black/gray tanks. As always... Opinions and YMMV :C
Desert Captain 11/08/20 12:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do we have to winterize if we use our RV during the winter?

I'm seeing similar temps here in central Arizona {at 5,000'} and the short answer is "Yes". An occasional dip into the mid to high twenties is not likely to damage but... if it drops into the 20's and stays there for more than a few hours or so things will begin to freeze, and not in a good way. I haven't had the need to blow out the lines and refill them with antifreeze but I do drain all of the water from the coach {and then drive it around for about 5 miles with the drains open and that chases most of the water from the lines down and out} and fill the traps {sinks and shower} with a cup or two and put about a quart in the black and gray tanks. Our class C resides in the driveway and has AC power 24/7 so anytime the temps are headed south I can just run a small electric heater set to around 50 - 60 degrees. Opening drawers and cabinet doors help circulate the warmer air. Also the rig has tank heaters and I will turn them on anytime the temps are going to stay below 30 for any length of time. We usually use our coach throughout the year but this is our first winter up at 5,000' so I will adjust the above as needed. good luck. :C
Desert Captain 11/08/20 10:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Moving on up... to the mountains!

Thanks Phil, It has been a whirlwind experience but we are finally getting settled in with most of our upgrades/improvements either complete or at least under way. Our Fire danger is still rated "Extreme" but we have some serious weather coming in starting tonight. We are expecting thunderstorms/heavy rains through next Monday and probable snow as the lows will be in the upper 20's to low 30's. If we get a couple of inches the fire danger should be mitigated somewhat. Yes I plan to winterize the coach probably this weekend even though we won't see prolonged sub freezing temps for a while. Sadly we have no immediate plans for the coach as we have already canceled what would have been our 9th consecutive Quartzsite trip... talk about a super spreader event just waiting to happen. :S My southern Arizona method has always been to simply drain all of the fresh water from the coach and then drive around for about 5 miles which chases most of the water in the lines out the drains. Never felt the need to blow out the lines but if I choose to go that route I have my new, 135 psi compressor to get the job done. I followup with the pink antifreeze in each of the traps {sinks and shower} and the black and gray tanks which will get drained. The Giant gas station half a mile up the road has free dump stations so dumping is easy and very convenient. I have an electrician coming next week to put in a 30 amp outlet and will keep the coach plugged in so I can use a small electric heater as needed. I can run the tank heaters anytime it is going to get seriously cold and it does here often in winter with temps in the teens not unusual. The last step in my southern AZ winterization is to restock the bar... but I already have that covered. :B
Desert Captain 11/06/20 08:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Moving on up... to the mountains!

We have been in the new house for a month now and are getting settled as we continue adding upgrades {curtains, blinds and the kitchen remodel is underway but a month out from completion}. A huge improvement was having both driveways paved. Caught a great deal from a local paving contractor, he wanted to keep his crew busy and had an opening in his schedule. Between the short driveway on the south side long north side we have 78 yards and at 12' wide that was a lot of asphalt: This will really help keep the dust down and make moving our toys around a lot easier. :C
Desert Captain 10/31/20 09:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Ford V10 vs Chevy Gas

I see a lot of the V10s for sale but fewer of the Chevy it seems. I remember the V10s had some issues spark plugs or heads ... not sure when the issues were fixed. Whats your opinion or experiences with the two.... I've stayed away from the V10s but would like to remain open minded. You see lots of V-10's vs Chevy's because there far more V-10's out there, the difference is huge. It is not just the motorhomes, look at any airport shuttle, EMS ambulance and host of other commercial applications... Ford domintaes this market and they all have been running the V-10 for 20+ years. The spark plug issue on the V-10 disappeared almost 20 years ago. The V-10 is probably the most bullet proof, reliable big gasser ever produced, yes they are thirsty but so is any large gasser. For the record the chevy 6L V-8 has a little more HP but not as much torque and it is torque that gets the job done but frankly they are more alike than different when it comes down to powering a small to medium sized motorhome. As always... Opinions and YMMV :C
Desert Captain 10/24/20 01:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Maximum towing

"You can tow to ratings." No you can't... Very few if any trucks out there can actually, safely, tow to their so called max towing capacity. The problem is they all run out of payload long before reaching that magical, mystical towing capacity number. There a lot of nonsense numbers posted above, your actual tongue weight {aka hitch weight} should be at least 13 percent of the actual weight of the fully loaded trailer. Less than that and you are setting yourself up for some serious sway issues. Don't forget to add 100# {+/-} to that hitch weight for the weight of the weight distribution hitch itself. A trailer that actually weighs 7,000# fully loaded for any given trip should have a tongue weight of 910# + 100 = 1010#. This number comes off of your max payload before you load anyone or anything into the truck. I have seen a number of nicely equipped Ram's with less than 1,000# of payload {4 X 4 and crew cabs are very heavy} yet they carry that mythical towing capacity of 9,000# or more. You cannot have it both ways. As always... opinions and YMMV :C
Desert Captain 10/23/20 07:31pm Tow Vehicles
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