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RE: Selling Fifth Wheel Hitches - How To

Simply use email until you feel the person is legit. Read - delete, read - delete, skip, etc. Legit?? Return e-mail, negotiate, etc. A "GPP" - GENUINE PITA PROCESS...:S *IF* you have the time to waste - more power to ya....:C ~
Dtank 01/16/22 04:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Selling Fifth Wheel Hitches - How To

I hate Craig's List because of the scammers, but, I placed an ad there recently. Nothing but scammers, so far. Anyone have thoughts on how to reach potential interested buyers (??) Thanks, VERY easy solution: To eliminate scammers, dealers, tire kickers, etc. AND eliminate phone calls at "in-opportune" times (early AM, etc.) - also no need to reply or "filter" e-mail you receive. Here ya go - example is Craigs List. Get a "voice mail ONLY" answering service. Cost is usually about $8. per month - sometimes requires a minimum of 3 month subscription. You use that phone number for/in your advertisement. (NO e-mail) On your outgoing message (what callers hear) is a brief repeat of what you have for sale. (The one I use has a maximum outgoing message of 5 minutes - I only needed about one minute). Advise the callers it's voice mail ONLY, leave their phone number, and you will return calls in the order they were received. Don't return obviously bogus calls! When you call them use a "burner" cell phone, like a TracPhone flip phone. The person/s you call do *not* have your "real" phone number to bug you - unless and until the caller passes the "litmus test" as a serious buyer! (And - NO, I didn't skip to the callers that offered more than asking price) BTW - your flip phone is handy to leave in your vehicle in case of a break-down, etc. - normally "off" (If you pay annually it's about $7 per month). Here's two of my CL success stories: #1. (both before Covid). 20 ft TT for sale. Listed on CL about midnight, and turned in for the night. Next day about 5PM, I checked my voice mail. WOW !! - 95 calls ! Although some were repeat callers who didn't catch on to - the phone would not be answered. Some were what the OP called "scammers". Two even offered more than the asking price. #1. I returned the first call (caller left his number at 2AM !!) He was a serious buyer - was at my home (from about 50 miles away) by 9PM with "asking price" CASH in hand. Done deal - in less than 24 hours! #2. CL again. Aluminum fishing boat. Same procedure. About ten calls. Again, first caller purchased boat the day following the listing for/with the asking price in CASH. He was closer - about 5 miles away. Done deal, the day after posting the ad. Before listing either of the above, I thoroughly researched what was at least a "reasonable" asking price for each (via comparables, in equally nice condition) - no trades, cash only. When the item is sold - post a NEW outgoing message to that effect. Hope that helps - sure worked for me - and will be my "go to" plan for anything I wish to sell in the future!!....:C ~
Dtank 01/16/22 04:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Whats wrong with this 5th Wheel Tow Vehicle?

Nice truck. It would change the world as to blind side backing. We prefer the outer sites in a loop, this would solve that problem. In the US anyway. Nope. Unless it is duel control. Just for snots and grins, park your car on the wrong side of street, put a car in front of you, then check your sightlines as you pull out. Want to do that every time? "......Unless it is duel control." Definition of "Duel Control": The DW offering "how to" *advice* (LOL) on driving techniques, maneuvers, etc. .........The duel to see who is really in control..:@ :W .
Dtank 12/28/21 12:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chinese Pickup towing a lightweight 5ver

Or - maybe USA "piece workers" for RVs..:S .
Dtank 12/28/21 12:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Coach Net has wrong name on my account

Update Well it has been a week since Dec 8th and two phone calls to the same agent and one email and nothing. Makes me wonder?? Any one having issues besides the one post above this one. JimR I wrote to David Ostlund the president of coachnet a week and a half ago via email to inform him of the issues I had with their "service" where we were left on the side of a very busy highway, just feet from traffic for 29 hours. I never got a response. I then contacted their customer service, same story... no response. Next, I contacted their sales department... again no response. Oh... I've been a subscriber for about 25 years... this will probably be the end of my dealing with them as they don't seem to care and were totally infective in getting us towed off the road. . Maybe you might have better luck in trying to contact the president of coachnet.... his email is [email protected] US Rider. US Rider is an EMS for equestrian folks The only ERS that will tow a trailer with LIVE animals! When I first signed up with them, I checked and double checked the policy, which indicated I did *not* need to be towing a horse trailer. I did *not* need to own a horse. They would tow both the trailer and the tow vehicle. (You could be towing something *other than* a horse trailer). Now to *YOUR* call: So, I still had some "reservations" (doubts) about the coverage. Sent an e-mail. Not only did I receive an e-mail reply, I received a letter (by USPS) and an invitation to call the Director of Operations, US Rider Equestrian Motor Plan (Who, in 2014, was Linda Lee). soooo - I did !! The clarification reply: Abbreviated by me - "Any trailer you tow with a motorized vehicle will be available for all USRider emergency assistance services up to the limit of the membership". and "We also invite you to look at page 2 of the Agreement under the DEFINITIONS heading. "The term 'Horse Trailer' or 'Trailer' shall mean a non-automotive vehicle that is towed by a Motorized Vehicle". Wish I could relate service calls vs response, but I have never had a need to use them. However - the *personal* attention to my questions "sold" me on their plan/s. Hope your choice will do likewise.
Dtank 12/22/21 05:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: For those with no bathroom access during travel mode.

That would be a deal breaker for me. X2!! 3X.... My wife would behead me Hmmmmm looks like you are with most other posters, no "head" would be a deal breaker - so you need to... BE-headed for travel....:W ~
Dtank 12/21/21 01:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Aluminum Boat above cab and hood

Add the steel structure to carry a "Boat ??" ....then add the boat up front on your 2500 GM front axle. I see lots of snow birds going south with a set up like that but the boats look very small and lite weight. Ya' sure don't want to overload the trucks front axle/tires. I also see plumbing guys or other service folks doing garage over head doors with full length over head racks that sit at the back of the bed and on the trucks front frame rails. This gives a better overall front/rear axle loading. And I see boat transport folks usually a one ton srw/drw with a full bass boat/trailer 300 hp merc on a over head rack and pulling another off the bumper. let google be your search friend. Excellent "bottom line" above!! Go to the source = Give Eide Boat loader a call...:S Check with folks that build (construction) racks for pickups! Design your own - I did (long ago - as I was too cheap to purchase an Eide).
Dtank 12/21/21 01:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Centermatics or Balance Beads ???

My trailer bearings are sensitive to wheel offset which the Centramatics increase so I wouldn't use them. You must have a different set of Centramatics than I have seen. Mine are thin sheet metal, 1/16" perhaps. I don't think your wheel bearings will notice. :h I am not thinking the minimal thickness would be an issue. That was what I thought also - until I tried the CMs. I have a two wheel drive 2005, 1-T Dodge Ram. I bought the CMs, but I was not comfortable with the amount of "thread/s" remaining -"showing"- on the (front wheel) studs when the CMs were mounted. (behind factory Aluminum wheels). Returned them. Nice lady in TX with a great Southern Drawl, said she had heard from others with similar problem. No such problem with the Balance Masters - which are still on my (the same) receipt indicates I installed them Feb. of 2012. Maybe the CM metal is thinner now? Tires have never shown any abnormal wear patterns. BTW - thanks for the reminder! Had meant to put a pair on the rear wheels also....:W ~
Dtank 12/20/21 06:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: PullRite Super Glide hitch question

Ok... I didn't know they made the Superglide in 2010 or so. Thought that was a newer hitch, but know I see on their website they have the traditional series and the ISR series. Looks like prior to 2008 require Conventional Grease 2008-2009 uses something called Slip Plate After Dec 2009 to current calls for WD40 Like I said.. didn't realize the Superglide was that old. Mike C.B. has it correct. The: "prior to 2008 require Conventional Grease" Partially correct - they required white lithium grease (yes attracted dirt!). Still have a spray can of it. Then: Slip Plate - in spray cans by Superior Graphite Corp., "Heavy Duty Dry Film Lubricant (for) wherever you have a problem of sliding friction, or unwanted build-up and sticking" was the answer *AND* substitute for the greasy kid stuff -also- approved by SG. Kinda looks like you're "painting" the way tubes black due to the graphite. Get a "wear spot" where you can see metal - just spray a bit more. BTW - cans of Slip Plate have a laundry list of potential uses for Farm, Home & Industrial uses on the cans. Great stuff! No doubt there are other brands (now) of a similar product. When: SG came out with plastic covered way tubes - WD 40 was the lubricant specified by SG. Always: If all else fails, read the directions for whatever product you have! Don't believe what someone tells you on an internet forum. *Verify* the information! PullRite has an outstanding Tech Line - which was very helpful when I installed mine in 2005! (And - my SG still works just fine!) :C .
Dtank 12/19/21 08:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Stop using AIOW please!

The only thing worse than obscure acronyms is the misuse of their and there, your and you're, sell and sale, etc. Like fingernails on a chalkboard! Somebody didn't pay attention in 3rd grade :C Don't forget (probably #1 )Advice-Advise, To-Too and my favorite, people who use Are instead of Our. We all have our quirks. Well...... WTF...... What's The Fuss ?? Just interpolate and continue on!... :) .
Dtank 12/19/21 10:40am General RVing Issues
RE: The RV Demand Continues

From the Business JournalHome Travel A major RV maker now has more than $18 billion in backlogged orders and says its dealers may not be fully restocked until 2023 RV maker Thor Industries has a $18.07 billion order backlog. Demand for RVs has remained strong since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. CEO Bob Martin says it may continue restocking its dealerships into 2023. Drivel...:R CEO Martin has been inhaling the smoke (from whatever he's smoking) - and "blowing smoke" when he exhales to a writer at "JournalHome". I'll guess Thor will continue "restocking it's dealerships" into 2024, 2025, 2026, etc. - ad infinitum! So much baloney - or is that bologna :@ Of course - if you're a believer - you better get your order in *quick* before they're all gone!...:E ~
Dtank 12/15/21 11:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mouse in the house

Your location's name is apropos... Ahhh - someone else called Paradise CA, "Pleasure" CA on National News - definitely *not* apropos!!...:S A friend was trying to re-locate there, as both his adult daughter, adult grand-daughter & families (inc'l great grandchildren) each lost both their homes. He was living in his 5th wheel in a campground there, while house hunting. He had found two homes, but both had structural defects. He was in the process of paying for a 3rd inspection prior to the fire. His "only" loss was his 5th wheel & numerous belongings. The two homes he had considered, as well as the 3rd "potential" were destroyed also. All of the above "self-rescued" - some with some *very* close calls! :)
Dtank 12/14/21 09:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sailun Recall

I believe these tires were the best you can get because they were new and not many were on the road…fewer issues. Please define what you mean by: "....they were new and not many were on the road.." :@...:h .
Dtank 12/12/21 05:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Advice on Toy Hauler Selection

You might have more luck getting answers by posting in the Fifth Wheel section. Better about in the *Toy Hauler* forum (here) !! :W..:W..:W .
Dtank 12/12/21 05:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: cruise ship crewman buying rv and tow or towed in no.amer.

Suggest the Cruise ship crew who (may) wish to see the USA via RV, to post their normal home port/s in the US. How often do they return to those ports? It will help with finding the RV they wish to use - as well as storage options. FYI - a friend has a son (US citizen) who works on a Cruise ship. His normal ports are New York - and Great Britain. Off season he (sometimes) shares an apt in NYC with others. BTW: (Gee Whiz vaue) Her other son is a Los Angeles County Firefighter.
Dtank 12/10/21 01:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Converting Honda generator to propane

Several years ago I converted my Yam 2400i to a Tri-Fuel kit from "Central Main Diesel". CMD sells all types of generators, large and small, for a multitude of uses (including commercial apps). Thy also sell "pre-converted" generators - such as Honda 2000. Since Honda won't honor warranties for converted gens, CMD provides a 2 yr engine warranty (on new gens sold by them). Double check on that one - as I already had the gen to be converted. Tell them what brand (etc.) of gen you have - they will quote you a price. At the time, the conversion was about $100. - which included everything. If your generator was "used", you sent them your carb, which they converted (as part of the kit "package"). If new, they required a refundable core charge - as they sent you a new carb. Now, the "kit" is about $160.:) Caveat: I use that gen with natural gas -or- propane. It will never see gasoline - as I'm in So. CA....and ethanol free gasoline is a pipe dream! It's my emergency (home) backup usually on nat gas. Camping, I use gasoline powered Champion gens. As stated I'm in Calif - CMD is in Maine! Service was great, my carb was returned in about 2 weeks. Gen works great, I mounted the reg on the exterior of the Yam. They advertise it takes "minutes" to set up. I'll say - getting everything "just like I wanted it" - took about a 1/2 hour. Very - :C ~
Dtank 12/01/21 09:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Residential Refrigerator question

Needed a solution fast. Came up with this home made solution. C.B. The images were better than great....excellent!! :C
Dtank 11/22/21 03:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: For those that like this style air compressor

Horrible freight has put one on sale for Black Friday Small comp OK, now let the haters begin. If you hate Harbor Freight so bad why do you bother with sales ad's? How do you come to the conclusion the original poster "hates Harbor Freight"..:h .
Dtank 11/21/21 12:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer Springs in Mexicali, Mexico??

Beware! On some trailer springs, the centering pin is "off center" !! Example: Your spring is 50 inches long. You would/might think the pin would be in the middle - 25 inches from end to end. Not necessarily so! It may be at 26 inches! Meaning one end is 26 inches long - the other is 24 inches. (Measure one of the remaining springs to see how it's "oriented"). Found that out the hard way...but an "on center" pin will work in a pinch....for a while! Actually, it worked for a long while - until I discovered "why" it broke a 2nd time! Suggest you "jury rig" your axle (Mexicans are very creative!) and return to the US. Find a "Spring and Forge" shop to make new springs for you -or- make real sure springs from a trailer supply (utility trailers, etc.) are exact measurement for what you have - as well as the number of leaves. Save old (good) spring/s for spares. ~
Dtank 11/14/21 06:15pm Toy Haulers
RE: RVs over 10 years old are valueless

I have a 15 year old 5th wheel in perfect condition, but I am no longer allowed in RV parks - the same parks which allowed me in last year. They're all citing "the 10 year rule." Therefore, this 5th wheel serves no purpose anymore as I cannot travel with it. I am done RVing. Rant off. Bet there's *lots* of folks that will PM you to see if you are selling your "Mission Impossible" RV !!..:W Some know how to "play the (10 yr old) game" - some don't..:S Happy Motel-ing to you!..:C ~
Dtank 11/14/21 05:03pm General RVing Issues
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