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RE: Remote measurement of fridge and freezer temperatures

This one from Acurite has worked well for us since 2016:
Dutch_12078 05/28/23 06:19pm Tech Issues
RE: How do you measure the ambient temperature?

We have a wireless temperature sensor located in our large propane bin that's open to the outside air. The temp displays on the "atomic" clock on the wall in our living area along with the indoor temp, time, and date.
Dutch_12078 05/27/23 10:47am Tech Issues
RE: What happens when you overfill tanks.....

I know if you overfill your fresh water tank, generally, there is an overflow and it dumps on the ground. What about your grey and black? Does it just start to come out of those things that drain there? Yes... The grey tank will typically back up into the shower or tub, and the full black tank will not allow anything to flush and may back up the vent pipe making for a nasty surprise when the toilet flush valve is opened.
Dutch_12078 05/21/23 08:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Connecting 2 batteries together

No... Two 12-volt batteries must be connected in parallel to still supply 12 volts, but at twice the amp/hours. "Daisy chained" would supply 24 volts, possibly burning out most of your 12 volt devices.
Dutch_12078 05/21/23 08:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Distance between the two RV?

There is no defined spacing requirement, although zoning and permitting may have some input on that. Site spacing is up to the individual park owners. Some parks prefer to cram as many sites as possible into a given area to maximize income, while others allow more space aiming for happier guests that will return more often. The spacing can also be a consideration in the pricing. More space, higher prices.
Dutch_12078 05/19/23 08:49pm Beginning RVing
RE: Class A Motorhome Gasser

The only occasional problem I'm aware of with the early R100 transmissions Ford used with the Triton V10 engines was an occasional check valve failure in the transmission cooler bypass line on the side of the body that led to overheating. The quick and easy fix was to just crimp the steel bypass line so the fluid always went through the cooler. The longer fix was to buy a set of bypass eliminator fittings and remove the bypass completely. In 2003 Ford eliminated the bypass. With the exception of doing the bypass crimp about 5 years ago and replacing the starter a couple of years ago, our 2001 F53 V10 equipped motorhome has performed quite well for about 65,000 miles.
Dutch_12078 05/17/23 07:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Florida State Park Reservation window changes

We already have our GA and FL state park reservations in place for Jan, Feb, and Mar '24, but this will likely move us out of FL to GA only for '25 on. I really don't see where there was a need for the law, since we typically see at least 50% of the sites filled by FL plates anyway in the winter. We really don't mind spending our money where it's more appreciated though.
Dutch_12078 05/14/23 07:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Poor cell service

Some phones have the ability to use an alternative network or even satalite service for 9-1-1 Emergency (SOS) calls. This is a new feature of the latest phones.... All US cell phones have had the ability to make 911 calls without a service plan since the 1990's. All that's needed is a connection to any cell tower serviced by any carrier per FCC regulations. How Can a Smartphone Always Make Emergency Calls?
Dutch_12078 05/06/23 06:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Lighter weight power cord

Southwire makes a 50 amp cord that's quite flexible. It's sold under the Surge Guard label.
Dutch_12078 04/30/23 05:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: 38 gallon honey wagon?

Following this conversation as we stay in a lot of state parks. Question - where do you put the tote when not using it? In a bin? Here's where carry our 27 gallon tote. It's hard to see, but I use a small block and tackle to raise and lower the tank from the supports. width=450
Dutch_12078 04/25/23 06:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: ez pass/toll pass placement on class A

My I-Pass automatically refills when my balance hits $10, so I never worry about running out. Same here. My EZPass is connected to my credit card, just automatically maintains whatever need to be maintained. There is no running out or refilling. I thought all toll passes were setup like this. You're dead wrong about not running out. I can assure you it's possible and has happened. The computer systems of ezpass update in the overnight hours so if you're traveling through tolls and your low balance triggers a replenishment from your CC it's not posted until overnight. The low balance can be below zero quickly and you're going to get penalized. I've gotten notices on my phone from my CC company within a few minutes of passing through a toll booth that my E-ZPass account has been replenished. The charge may not have shown up on my account online until later, but E-ZPass has never charged me a penalty.
Dutch_12078 04/23/23 06:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: ez pass/toll pass placement on class A

We have two NYS issued E-ZPass transponders for our motorhome, one coded for just the motorhome, and one coded for when we're towing our toad. Other E-ZPass states have never had a problem reading the currently used transponder, and the NYS Thruway charges us passenger car per axle rates under their "Motorhome Plan" instead of the higher "tall vehicle" per axle rates.
Dutch_12078 04/21/23 06:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Securing a Regular Microwave in an RV: Affordable Solutions?

When the OEM Sharp MW in our motorhome failed, instead of paying $300+ for an "RV" replacement, I found an $88 Hamilton Beach 1000 watt MW at Walmart that was the exact same height and width. I easily transferred the vented surround front panel from the Sharp to the Hamilton Beach, and with just some small shims to get the height just right, installed the unit using the original screw holes in the cabinet frame. That was about 6 years ago, and the low cost unit is still working perfectly no matter how many times we've driven over the rough sections of I-88 in NY and I-81 through PA...
Dutch_12078 04/09/23 05:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Travel Humor

I either don't watch enough TV, or not enough youtube. :) Okay, I give up. Who is he? That's Jim Cantore, the fellow from the Weather Channel we always see standing outside reporting on the big storms.
Dutch_12078 04/07/23 05:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: Twist-on sewer valves…

No concern about possible black water mixed into the gray tank/lines? Do you worry about the grey and black water mixing in a sticks and bricks residence? It all shares the same drain pipes and vent system. In the past many areas allowed grey water to be dumped on ground, where it could be used by plants. But going back forever, one of the first signs of "civilization" was control of human waste. (A century ago, for many homes the control was just a pit, with small building with hole in floor.) In the modern home, all the waste water goes out the same pipe. The less dirty water helps carry and break down the solids. (We have all heard of the issues RVers have because not enough water in black tank. Think about how fast that issue would develop in house, where waste must move a long ways. Notice when you go to dump station they mix back together?) It has been a while since I have been anyplace dumping greywater out of RV on ground. I suspect it has a lot to do with understanding what drains from a kitchen sink is pretty dark. I have heard talk about RVs no longer need 2 waste tanks. OT. The house where my draft notice found me, toilet, bathroom sink, and Grandma's bathtub drained into a septic system. The field was under part of the area around hen house. (BTW, daytime menfolk where expected to use outhouse) The kitchen sink drained to daylight in the orchard, where chickens cleaned the water. The shower in basement drained into the garden. Of course if you're going to be somewhere that allows grey water dumping on the ground, you wouldn't want to mix the black tank contents with the grey. And yes, black and grey contents have been mixed in general usage for centuries, so it doesn't concern me if combining my tanks to extend the capacity helps make to the next dump station.
Dutch_12078 03/25/23 04:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Twist-on sewer valves…

No concern about possible black water mixed into the gray tank/lines? Do you worry about the grey and black water mixing in a sticks and bricks residence? It all shares the same drain pipes and vent system. Sticks and bricks housing does not STORE waste water, it all gets flushed away immediately. Simple logic. You've never heard of a septic tank? In an RV the waste tanks are vented to the atmosphere, similar to the way residential plumbing is vented with the black and grey often sharing the same vent piping.
Dutch_12078 03/25/23 04:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dish Network Satellite Channels

See if this link has what you want: DISH Network Channel List 1-999
Dutch_12078 03/24/23 06:45am Technology Corner
RE: Twist-on sewer valves…

No concern about possible black water mixed into the gray tank/lines? Do you worry about the grey and black water mixing in a sticks and bricks residence? It all shares the same drain pipes and vent system.
Dutch_12078 03/23/23 08:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Awning arm does not release.

If lifting up a bit on the handle on the stuck arm releases it, make sure the stop at the bottom of the arm is not damaged. I've replaced a number of damaged stops for folks that let the arm drop slightly and jam. I use nylon bushings from any good hardware store to replace them. If the old nut and bolt are badly rusted, replace them too.
Dutch_12078 03/20/23 10:31am Beginning RVing
RE: Insurance recommendations

We were full time til one year ago. Had Progressive insurance and they were always pretty good til now. We had something break out our skylight and when turning in a claim they told us they don’t even have an adjuster in Yuma. Have to wait for them to come down from Phoenix. We could tell from our conversation that it would be several weeks so we just did it ourselves. Anyway we would like to change insurance and maybe find someone who had actual adjusters in yuma. Any ideas? I'm surprised they didn't just ask for pictures. When both halves of our windshield were damaged, that's all Progressive needed to start the claims process. They didn't blink at the $7600 cost, and I never saw anyone until the glass company showed up to do the work. The claim was originated last fall in upstate NY, and due to supply chain delay issues and our travel schedule, the work wasn't done until last month at our then campsite in Florida. Everyone was very cooperative about scheduling, etc.
Dutch_12078 03/14/23 06:40pm Class A Motorhomes
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