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RE: Soft Spot in Floor, Can't Find Leak!!!

Your shower pan is leaking, or the drain on the shower is cracked. We had this happen in a previous TT, the water ran under the linoleum making a wet spot that looked totally unrelated to the shower. It turned out to be the ring that tightest under shower pan drain hole to the P-trap. All I had to do was tighten that ring and we never had the problem again. Check there first. If not there, check to make sure you have no water pipe leaks in the wall behind the shower. The easiest way to determine if you have any leaks or drips in the water pipes is to run water with your on-board water pump turned off, and unplugged from city water. If the pump flutters on-and-off in a routine rhythm, like once ever 5 minutes, once an hour, or something like that, you have water dripping somewhere as the source of your problem. Start with the shower and shower pan. Make sure the drain is sealed and make sure there are no cracks in the shower pan.
DutchmenSport 10/20/19 10:05am Tech Issues
RE: Cuts to the Senior discount coming?

Um... I take a different view on this. The fact is, more and more RV's have been sold in the last few years than ever before. All time new highs in RV markets have reached an unbelievable peak. There are definitely more RVers than campsites available. For the National Parks and such, this is a money maker. But as the baby boomers are now "booming" into retirement, own more RV's than probably any other "group", perhaps this is 'their' way to keep the revenue coming in. Say 100 sites go for $25 a night. That $2500 a night. Now, if 100 "seniors" use those same sites at the discount price, say... $15 a night, that's now only $1500 for the same space, the same time, the same number of sites. When "seniors" were not the pre-dominate camping group age, it was an incentive to help keep the campgrounds full. Better to collect $15 a night than nothing. So, the discounts were offered. Now that the demand for those same campsites, that were once empty years ago are being fought over, why not make the price the same for everyone, and eliminate the discount program based on "age". Once baby boomers reach the time they are beginning to loose ranks due to nursing homes and death, the numbers will decrease. Campsite may not be filled to capacity with Millenialists or whatever group follows the Boomers. Those discount programs may return again. I don't think those "senior" discounts was ever about serving humanity, it's always about keeping occupancy at 100%. Just my opinion ... which probably doesn't mean very much here. Note: I am a morbid skeptic! I'm a conspiracist. I still think our own gov't was responsible for JFK's assassination and they are covering up alien and UFO technology. I have never believed our own government has been "for" the people. They have always been for themselves, using the people for their own benefits and advantages, power, control, whatnot. So, it only makes sense to keep those campsite occupied. It's never been about serving the citizen, it's about padding pockets. It's business for them. And we pay for it willingly. (no problem with that, but the "intent" for the discount program ... in my opinion ... has never been for the consumer, it's all about having "some" money coming in, opposed to nothing at all). My opinion, you have the freedom to carry your own.
DutchmenSport 10/20/19 09:45am General RVing Issues
RE: I think I'm stuck.

Agree with others. Go to the lot and winterize it yourself. That way you know it was done right.
DutchmenSport 10/20/19 09:28am Travel Trailers
RE: rv furnace

My Montana High Country 5er's furnace has always acted a bit funky since we got it a year ago. Especially if running out of propane (since I keep one tank shut off all the time and fill the empty one immediately as possible.) Or, if turning on the furnace the first time after not running for a while, the results are the same. The blower comes on, and it attempts to fire two times. The third attempt at firing and it starts. Before tearing things apart trying to figure it out, check to make sure the furnace is getting the propane, lines are bled out of air. Here again, simplest solution is to lite the stove (If it's gas). Otherwise, just keep repeating attempting to turn the furnace on. Between each failure, turn the furnace off at the thermostat, wait about 30 seconds and then flip it back on. If after the third attempt it fails again, repeat. It might take a few times of this to get the air out of the gas line. If you have done this already multiple times already, then something else is going on. Someone else will need to chime in.
DutchmenSport 10/20/19 09:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How cold can you go?

Guys, my question was strictly related to whether the pipes and tanks would survive if we camped with water. ... My strongest advice for you is this: if you have ANY doubts or concerns at all... winterize your water and sewage systems in your camper. And then if you want to continue using the camper with no water on-board, adjust your camping style. Repairs are a pain in the neck if you pull the wrong card here. It's better to take the absolute known card (water freezes at 32 degrees) than gamble on getting the Ace and end up loosing in the end. Besides, camping with no running water a time or two will help expand your camping skills. It will help make you more adaptable, teach you something, and provide a stepping stone to use your camper a whole LOT more in cold weather. You may grow to like it better than warm weather camping. You won't know until you try! Good luck! Happy birthday to the little tyke!
DutchmenSport 10/20/19 08:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Another "Yuk" thread, or OMG, or what are they thinking?

I have a feeling that some people aren't taking this thread seriously... :) :) :) That's OK. To each his/her own. ;) To clarify a bit, the gloves were not new, and she was holding the second glove in her teeth by the cuff while she was spraying down the sewer hoses, inside and out. That also means she was touching the hose with her bare hand after all. See the illogical logic in the using gloves? She probably would have functioned a bit easier without them and then just washed her hands when she was completely done. But, there again... to each their own. I just don't see the logic in gloves if the gloves spread whatever contamination the user is attempt to prevent touching them.
DutchmenSport 10/20/19 07:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Campsite Sanitation - Beware

Just curious??? If your campsite has a picnic table on site, do you wash down the table first before using it? Bird poo, racoons, bugs, even the previous occupant and black hoses on the table???? Just wondering if you wash it down first. (for what it's worth, we do, after we saw a racoon on the top of our table when we pulled in, something like 35 years ago! Been doing it ever since.
DutchmenSport 10/20/19 07:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Black Tank--Borax?

ScottG's device is probably one of the best to use. I have the store bought version and it shoots water 30 feet from the wand, very powerful. If the camper sits stationary, this is the item to use. If you travel, the sloshing of the tank with laundry soap, or almost anything used in the laundry or washing dishes will clean the tank and sensors. It's the vigorous sloshing against the sensors that cleans them.
DutchmenSport 10/19/19 05:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Boycott campgrouunds that allow campfires.

An observation... considering I'm currently sitting around a campfire at Summit Lake State Park in Indiana, enjoying a fabulous Indiana Fall afternoon! FYI, leaves are really beginning to peak right now. If you want to see the leaves at "peak" time, this week and probably next week is the time to drive through central Indiana. Brown Count is probably going to be fabulous starting next week. Meanwhile, back on topic: I just went back and read the entire closed thread. Do you know it lasted 169 posts! Now THAT hasn't happened on these forums for quite a while. Coodos to EVERYONE that posted! And yes, I found the thread extremely enlightening (pun intended???? - campfire light ... um you know ... heee, heee! -- ) Now, a true story... off topic. I shared this a few years ago, but I still laugh at it. We had our first TT, an 18 foot Dutchmen Sport Lite, towed with a 1500 Chevy Suburban. We were camped in Tennessee at a campground. Sorry, I absolutely do not remember where it was. The campground was nested in a valley with high hills on all side. It was literally in the bottom of a bucket and virtually every campsite was full. It was nearing dark and the campfires started up. We had one too. Well, green fire wood, wet fire wood, who knows, our campfire (store bought from the campground) wasn't lighting very good, causing a lot of smoke. Next thing we knew, the smoke was penetrating all the open windows of the travel trailer. Didn't think too much of that, after all, that's part of the camping experience. But what happened next, still has us laughing when we talk about it. The smoke alarm INSIDE the camper went off. Not realizing it was the campfire smoke causing the problem I rushed into the camper expecting a fire. (I know that was pretty stupid), but this was our first TT, one of our first trips, and definitely the first first time the smoke alarm ever sounded. Inside the TT there was no fire, but it sure was campfire smokey! I attempted to fan the smoke detector, but nothing stopped it, as the camper was too permeated with smoke already. I ended up yanking the batteries out of the detector. Well, we got a good laugh out of that, and learned something right then about campfires, our camper, wind direction, and firewood! Standing at the fire pit, looking a smoldering smoke, all of a sudden, the neighbor camper smoke alarm sounded. I thought it was because of our smoldering failing attempt at a campfire. Nope! Those folks had a smoldering smoke fest going on in their own fire pit. Standing there looking bewildered at our neighbor camper, the next camper over, and then one across the road, and then one down the road, and then up the road, and the other one, and the other one, and the other one, all started blasting that high pitch sound of their smoke detectors inside their campers. It was then I really looked around, and realized there was a smokey cloud that was now settled over the entire campground. With no wind blowing, it soon became like a thin fog and everyone running around with smoke detectors in their hands and batteries in the other. Actually, it was quite humorous! To this day I never forgot the event, and to this day, I've been keenly aware of where the "smoke" is blowing. And oh! for what it's worth! We had that camper for about 3 years after that. And the campfire smell never left the camper, no matter how much it was air out, floors and walls washed, and bed linens changed. Especially in the Spring of the year when the camper was opened up after being closed up all winter, the first "wiff" was always a strong smell of campfire smoke. After a while, I began to actually like the smell. Meanwhile... we had Smores last night and having ribeye over the fire tonight! Yum!
DutchmenSport 10/19/19 02:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Keeping ice cream frozen

So, what you are saying is: 2 doors are for the refrigerator. 2 doors are for the freezer. One of the freezer doors sides keep things colder than than the other. The side of the 2 freezer doors that keeps thing colder is the side that has the ice maker. Does the other side of the freezer keep things frozen? Considering ice cream does seem to require a lower temperature, that yes, it make perfect sense to keep it in the compartment with the ice-maker.
DutchmenSport 10/19/19 01:20pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: What happened to all the posts

There were several months, especially earlier this year, where, no matter what was posted, there was a rash of bashing going on. Not just bashing the subject at hand, but actually bashing the poster. This is why I dropped off for a while. I noticed, beginning around January of this year that posts were way down. OK, so maybe I went over-board, but decided to post responses on virtually anything I had some kind of personal experience with or first hand knowledge, regardless of how many time the same subject came up in the past, or who was asking the question. Anything to keep the forums alive. It seems the more I posted the nastier some folks got. And it wasn't just me, it was some other folks too that were getting hit pretty hard. Moderators didn't make any sense at that time, seemed to let thing slip through, were deleting that that didn't make a whole lot of sense. On top of that, the forums themselves have been having problems for quite a while. There was the Captcha issue going on for the longest time (which I've not run into for quite a while), then later the on-going "An error has occurred" problem. Then there were those posters who gave their formal "farewells" to the forums for many reasons including, their age and giving up RVing, selling their RV and not replacing them, personal bashing, connectivity issues with the forum sites and issues with the forum sites. Others seem to have just quietly stepped aside. I think folks are reading the forums, but are extremely reluctant to post anything for negative rebuttal reasons. But, you are correct. Activity (actual posting) is way down. Meanwhile, die-hards like myself keep coming back, keep posting, keep putting anything on here to help keep the electricity turned on. I'd hate to see these forums completely die because of in-activity, so I'm doing my best (even if I am long winded!)
DutchmenSport 10/19/19 12:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need help. New to rving

More than likely, it's the electric heating element. But you need to figure out why its not working. If you have not flushed your water heater in a long time, it's possible sediment (lime build-up and minerals) has built up from the bottom of the tank to the top. Once the mineral build up touches the element, the element shorts out. Same thing happens in home electric water heaters, they why they need to be flushed out ever 2 to 5 years, and the #1 cause of water heater failures at home, causing replacement water heaters essential. The minerals are just too deep, touching the bottom heating element. If not this, then chances are, the power was turned on to the water heater when it was empty. It only takes a couple seconds and the element burns out if it's not in water. One more thing, is the water heater double switched? Check at the water heater (outside) and make sure the rocker arm switch is actually "on." Check inside the camper to make sure the inside switch is actually "on". It might be just that simple. Good luck.
DutchmenSport 10/19/19 12:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Boycott campgrouunds that allow campfires.

OMG, this is ridiculous. Is this the Republican vs Democrat rebuttal at the Presidential election or something like that. Just a couple days ago the thread to boycott campgrounds that did NOT permit fires. Now this! No, boycott anywhere for me. As I've always said, there is no right or wrong way to go camping, only different. Thank the Democrats and the Republicans (yes, pun intended) that we have options! and don't have to be locked into one way of life or the other and the freedom the choose! It's really this simple. Go where you want. No one is forcing your arm, and both types of campgrounds are appreciated by those who use them. Sheesh! I certainly hope the OP is truly making a jest here and not serious!
DutchmenSport 10/19/19 12:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ins and outs of mice :)

Cat. Works well.
DutchmenSport 10/18/19 08:44am Tech Issues
RE: Covering up holes in paneling

Cover them with a small chalk board. At night, write on it your current location, and campground site number. When you wake up in the morning and have that instantaneous, "Um... where am I?" moment, you can look at the chalk board and remember immediately. It might also come in handy in the event of an emergency, if you are in a panic and need to call 911. Well... it's just an idea...
DutchmenSport 10/18/19 08:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Yet another reason I won't let my dealer touch my trailer

I tend to agree with the other posters here. You are calling "foul" on a dealership you used from 3 years ago and over 11,000 miles ago? Um... I don't think so. I no longer have a travel trailer, but after many years of TT ownership and 3 different TT's at that, I always checked my WD system over carefully. After 10 years and on the 3rd TT, the hitch head bent (age, wear? who knows?) It was a Reese old style, bars with chain and separate friction sway bar. As soon as I realized the hitch head was not straight any more, I got a new WD system immediately. Went with the Equal-i-zer. I can't blame the original dealership for the bent hitch head after 10 years of use. But I am glad I inspected everything, almost every time I hitched up.
DutchmenSport 10/18/19 08:15am Towing
RE: This is revolting

I think the OP is saying, this is revolting because there now needs to be a dedicated team of people to clean up graffiti, that there is so much graffiti there are teams of people needed to restore "things" back to what they use to be. Revolting that so much damage is being done. Revolting that ignorant people think it's cute or funny or get a thrill defacing public property. The job description sounds too demanding for a 64 year old with artificial knees though. If I were 40 years young ... well ... sounds like an interesting experience. I get angry picking up cigarette butts from around the campsite I'm on. I'd probably go ballistic looking at a rock formation in a National Park with spray paint all over it!
DutchmenSport 10/18/19 07:55am Around the Campfire
Another "Yuk" thread, or OMG, or what are they thinking?

Left the house yesterday heading for the State Park. Got confused, heading for the wrong park. Realized it, made a detour that landed us at I-69 and Highway 3 just South of New Castle. There is a Flying J at that location. Normally, I don't use Flying J's, but since I was nearing half a tank of diesel, went ahead and pulled in for a fill up. Pulled in and saw a tow vehicle and trailer pulled up to the RV gas/diesel pump, and there was a dump station right there also. Nice trailer and appeared to be a solo woman. She was dumping her tanks. I scanned the car pumps and saw diesel on the end pumps, nearest the RV station, swung around to get in line. There was a car parked at the diesel pumps and no one in the car, so had no choice but to wait. I'm getting concerned by now wondering if we'd make it to the campsite before dark, wondering when the driver of that car would ever come out of the store and move. Meanwhile, my wife was watching the solo woman go about dumping her tanks. It became apparent she was being very thorough, perhaps dumping and cleaning up for winterization. She was really taking her time. Then my wife said, OMG, UNBELIEVABLE... LOOK AT THAT! I looked over at the dump station and I said, "What?" She said, look at her mouth! Oh... eeeeoooowww! YUCK! OMG! OK. I am one of those people that never use gloves at the dump station, and really, I admit, I get my laughs at folks that do use gloves, especially what they do with those gloves and their sewer supplies AFTER they dump and storage. But this one took the cake, as the expression goes. Oh yes, she had gloves that were dedicated for dumping the tanks. They were a grey soft knit winter style glove. She was proceeding to rinse the sewer hose (in a very appropriate manor, no problem there), but dangling from her TEETH ... yes ... her teeth ... was the other glove! OK, now you have a new mental image that will stick with you all day. My wife had her phone in her hand and I said, quick.... get a photo of that. But by the time she got the camera, she had turned around and we missed the opportunity.... Well, have a great day. And oh... we did make it to the campsite, parked, and set up and still had about 20 minutes of daylight left! Fantastic site... we're on site 40 at Summit Lake State Park (Indiana). We've tried to get this exact spot for 3 years straight now. It's that popular. We booked it a long time ago. This was the first week-end available for this site... probably in about 3 years trying.
DutchmenSport 10/18/19 07:22am General RVing Issues
RE: slide out question when fifth wheel is parked for the summer

There's folks living in their RV's and the slides never come in. I guess we all view common sense in a different way. Wonder what will happen if thev evwr do retract the slides?
DutchmenSport 10/17/19 02:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Boycott “No Campfires”

Haven't had a fire in the fire pit at home for the last several weeks now. The field behind the house started drying out (beans this year, corn across the road), No fires once things start turning brown. Sparks and ash in a drying corn or bean field could burn the entire field. We've got to use our heads here. Fortunate, it was combined yesterday. But corn across the road is still up. Need to wait just a bit longer for fires at home. But soon coming! Think and act wisely... Fire needs to be highly respected.
DutchmenSport 10/16/19 05:46pm General RVing Issues
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