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RE: Dogs

Well, dogs barking at the every end of their leash will most certainly keep (most) folks from cutting through the campsite! (That solves that problem). And will keep most people from snooping around looking for easy 5-finger-discount items too. (And that solves another concern). It's amazing how folks shy away from a barking dog! I'm not making "excuses" for the continuous barking, but I am saying there is some value to the controlled barking though!
DutchmenSport 07/15/19 11:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Downsizing from 38 ft Diesel Pusher

There are many previous posts and threads about the differences between a 5er and a TT, but I think all of the differences can be summarized into these simple categories: 1. Ease of hitching and towing 2. Storage 3. Height and Steps (or lack of) Coming from a life-time of TT experience to my first 5er was a very difficult learning experience for me. But, after 9 months of 5er ownership and thousands of miles of towing and usage now, the 5er is not so daunting any more. However, in many ways, I really miss the simplicity of the TT, instead of the new 5er with all the electronics on it. However, new TT's are becoming just as complicated, technology wise, as the most robust 5er's are now. I'm enjoying the 5er now. Which one is better? easier? I cannot say one over the other. If you have the correct tow vehicle and hitching system, both tow marvelously (mine always did with a 1 ton diesel dually.) The only thing that still catches me off guard with the 5er that I did not have issues with the TT is the height. Going from 11 feet to 14 feet high is a huge difference. But, once settled into the campsite, sitting in the front living room, over the king pin, looking "down" on the world is awesome! (there again, there are always trade-offs) Consider the usage of your tow vehicle when not towing. Consider the amount of storage in both types of trailers, and consider your age and navigating steps in a 5er that don't exist in a TT. Bad knees? Don't get the 5er. Good knees?.... well, they might wear out sooner than you anticipate. Which every way you go, do an over-kill on your tow vehicle. You'll not regret it when towing. Don't skimp on the vehicle.
DutchmenSport 07/15/19 09:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Securing batteries in forward compartment (Security)

My Montana has the standard CH750 lock on my battery access panel under the king pin. I wondered why they used a more robust lock on all the other outside hatches and then used the CH750 on battery and generator compartment? I don't know why. But, you can always swap out the existing lock with a more robust one that will look the same and not draw attention to it. You can check with any RV dealership parts store and they should have replacement locks for the standard CH750. I would not attach something like a hasp with a padlock. That's definitely an attention getter. But the best way to protect the batteries from theft is to simply keep them hidden, out of sight. Don't brag or rag-on with your RV neighbors at the site that you have these batteries and ... make sure your camper is fully insured. Remember the old expression, "Loose lips sink ships." Tell no one what you have, and no one will ever be tempted.
DutchmenSport 07/15/19 08:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Owners Manual

There may be exceptions, but RV owners manuals basically are a joke, if they exist at all. Keystone uses the same basic "owner's manual" for almost every Keystone camper they manufacture under their brand. (Same basic one in the last 3 of our campers). Being a 2000 model, chances are slim you'll find anything (but maybe not impossible). What does exist are the manuals for the various appliances in your RV, refrigerator, trailer frame, axles, stove, water heater, furnace, and microwave if you have one and any other appliances you may have. New campers (like mine) didn't even have these manuals included. I had to search each one out via on-line internet to piece meal all the components of my current camper. I had no clue how to operate either television, no instructions included. No clue how the refrigerator worked (all electric), how the ice maker worked, or anything. Everything is now on-line internet item-by-item owner's manuals for each specific item in your camper. Frustrating ... ABSOLUTELY YES. Forget about getting anything like wiring diagrams or plumbing schematic or anything like that. RV manufactures absolutely do not publish those type of documents. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but "it is what it is." Your biggest source of help is the internet, appliance and parts manufacturer web sites, and YouTube videos. Yours being a motor home, you might get lucky and still have an owner's manual on the engine and chassis. Ford-Chevy-or other may be able to help you with that if you don't have the basic operators manual for the main chassis.
DutchmenSport 07/13/19 03:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Metal roof

Any way to spend a few $$$ and simply lay a new roof with a material that never needs maintenance, like rolled roof shingling? Something like this?
DutchmenSport 07/13/19 11:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Campground Breakers - EDITED

Simple answer, yes .... breakers do wear out if tripped and/or flipped on and off a lot. (some are more resilient to off-on / and-or / being blown where others are not.) Age and wear does play a factor.
DutchmenSport 07/13/19 10:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best way to clean tri-lam?

I've had good success with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the fabrics of all my camper awnings. After cleaning your camper fabric, try using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser as a follow up. Make it good and wet and simply wipe it over the material and let it dry. I have found the chemicals in the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser prevents black and mold growth. One cleaning on my awnings a year and I never have mold or black (dead mashed bugs are a different matter though.) Anyway, it's something you might try. Remember, with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, never scrub a non solid or painted surface. Wipe only, no hard pressure. (If in doubt, test a small area first, see what happens). FYI, when we our tent camper (pop-up), I'd clean the fabric, then when dry, spray the dickens out of it with tent spray sealer. It seems to help, until I discovered the Mr. Clean, and then I never had problems again. Good luck.
DutchmenSport 07/13/19 10:50am Truck Campers
RE: Replacing dinette with free-standing table & chairs

My last 2 campers, both had stand alone, free standing table and 4 chairs. Both campers the table was screwed through the feet to the floor. In my previous camper, I turned the table 45 degrees to make better passage and removed 2 chairs. Eventually, the table and chairs came out completely when we got a true household, 3 seater, 2 recliner couch. That trailer came with hooks already on the floor to strap tie downs to so the chairs would not move. I added more and had them all over. They were so small, and because they were in carpet, you never noticed them at all. They actually came in real handy on the hide-a-bed couch where that bottom drawer kept coming open when in transit. My current camper has the same hooks for the chairs, and I've added a few more in different spots in the current camper too. Buy the way, these are actually picture frame hooks. You won't find them in the hardware section at any Hardware Store or Wall Mart. But you'll find plenty where the picture frames are located. They are very, very strong, and take a very short screw. Here's some photos of the Outback TT, 2 campers ago:
DutchmenSport 07/13/19 08:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas TV for a year long trip

Sounds like you've already made up your mind and covered all your rational and excuses. Just do it now. I don't think anything anyone says will change your mind. Do-able, yes.
DutchmenSport 07/12/19 12:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cleaning black streaks

Ah yes, WD40 works well too. I forgot about that one. It also works well for removing tar splatters and anything oil related.
DutchmenSport 07/11/19 09:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Cleaning black streaks

Mr. Clean magic eraser. Wipe wet, do NOT scrub. Test a small area first, if in doubt. Do not scrub. Wipe!
DutchmenSport 07/11/19 08:56am Travel Trailers
RE: New style entry steps

Love ours, but does take a mind adjustment to appreciate them. Dirt, no problem: sweep them before closing up. Short foot length: carry extra blocks for extra support. And by the way, Mor-Ryde sell longer feet inserts, which we just ordered 2 of them. Uneven ground, now too long: extra lumber under the tires to raise the entire height of the trailer. It's all about adjusting your way of doing things and knowing the limitations of your rig.
DutchmenSport 07/11/19 08:39am General RVing Issues
RE: MORryde step question

Wow and I thought the fact that they dumped debris and water into the rig when retracted was an issue. Not being able to close the door is a serious deal breaker. If you are prepared for it, it's really not an issue. It just takes a little time to learn the limitations of your rig and to analyze the campsite parking pad slope quickly. And to have enough lumber to accommodate any situation.
DutchmenSport 07/10/19 07:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: MORryde step question

My only suggestion is one you've already arrived at. Put some blocks down to lift the whole coach off the ground. Interesting thought about lifting the whole rig. Definitely could work if you carry enough blocks. The challenge there is if the rig has a leveling system- you're more likely to run out of stroke on the legs. And I got chastised for carrying LOTS of treated lumber in my last TT, you should see the stack of lumber I carry now for this very reason. I've had my 6 point levelers error out so many times because of extending legs to the max. Boards under tires are the only way to raise the rig so those steps will come down.
DutchmenSport 07/10/19 06:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slides on a slight incline

If they had to be deployed perfectly level only, then all of us would be in trouble. Each camper has their own stress point where too much IS too much. Evidently yours has no problem on a "slight" incline. Try to keep as level as possible, but don't sweat it.
DutchmenSport 07/06/19 04:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Black Water Tank Treatments

I have found by experience that using black tank treatments is a waste of money, especially if you move your camper opposed to sitting long-term on a season site. If your camper is on a seasonal site, then yes. I think the treatments help cut down on odor. But I have found that just flushing the tank keeps odors at bay just was well. If your camper is in "transit" (not seasonal), then probably one of the best ways, in my opinion, to keep it clean is to dump everything before hitting the road. Then add about 5 gallons of water and about a half a cup of Dawn Dishwashing liquid. The bouncing on the road and splashing of the water in the tank will clean the tank and keep it from smelling. Do this every time you move the camper from home to campsite, to campsite, to home, and you'll never have smelly tanks. Other folks use different kinds of dishwashing liquid, laundry soaps, floor cleaners (like Spik n Span or Mr. Clean products) and even some bleach. Be careful if using bleach, you want to flush your tank after bouncing down the road real good. Bleach is not the best for your dump slide valves and over time can cause deterioration. I use bleach very seldom in the tanks, as Dawn does a great job deodorizing and cleaning. I will use the black tank treatments over the winter months when the camper sits idle, with RV antifreeze in the black tank. This is about the only time I use it. Holding tanks are not septic tanks. They only hold the contents. If you experience a poop pyramid, filling the tank with water and Rid-x and letting it sit for a month will help dissolve the pyramid and break it down. But as a treatment between dumps, every few days ... nah... you're tossing your money ... literally ... down the toilet.
DutchmenSport 07/05/19 10:13am General RVing Issues
RE: You Tube Great Source of RV "How To" Info

"Half the stuff on You Tube is questionable at best. I guess you need to find that out." I have used YouTube for countless RV related issues and agree with the statement above. You really have to weed through the videos to finally "hit" the one that actually address the situation. But, if persistent, it can (usually) be found. The question is, how much digging does one have to go through to find the one video that actually hits-the-nail-right-on-the-head? Case in point: My Montana 5er (purchased September 2018) has the Lippert 6 point leveling system. I've returned the camper back to my purchasing dealer to get it reset when an error occurs. I read Lippert's information on-line, tried every option they had and nothing worked to clear the error codes. I then turned to YouTube and spent countless hours watching and then attempting to fix my issue. Then just about a week ago I stumbled onto that ONE video that actually addressed the error codes I was having and actually walked and demonstrated how to clear it. DUH! It was so simple (if you know the right sequence of buttons to push). But, it took 9 months to finally find it. Yea, there's lots of information on YouTube that is...(well, to be nice) .... "really not THAT helpful", instead, detrimental to the cause. But for the actual ONE that has the solution ... well ... it's worth it if it save a repair bill. PS: Personally, I really enjoy watching the videos from "Big Truck, Big RV" where the narrator does walk through on new campers. It's fun looking at new and different models without having to drive to a dealership or go to an RV show.
DutchmenSport 07/04/19 01:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Front Cap Fading

Our previous TT, (Outback) front cap started fading after 1 year of ownership (new). It was just out of the one year warranty when fading and discoloration started. I attempted all kinds of fixes and it seem it only made it worse and worse. I finally consulted with my purchasing dealership and they told me the paint itself used was inferior, not automotive grade and nothing would fix it except to repaint it. They contacted Keystone and after some back-and-forth negotiations, Keystone agreed to pay for the repaint. However, I had to pay for new graphics. The deal was struck and about 4 weeks later we had the trailer back. Before repaint: And here's what it looked like after we got it back. We had this TT for another 4 years and when we traded for our current 5er, that front cap still looks just as good as when it was first painted.
DutchmenSport 07/04/19 10:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Topic Closed - Are you joking ???????

I read the original post before it was removed. From what I gained out of it, the OP had only one motive, and that was to use every social media outlet available to tell his story. After I read it, and some of the comments before it was deleted, it left my jaw dropping. I thought ... WOW!
DutchmenSport 07/03/19 10:49am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Residential refrigerator service?

When we first got our Montana High Country in September 2018, I could not figure out how to get the ice maker to work. I contacted my dealership and they told me I needed to contact the manufacturer of the refrigerator, which happened to be Samsung. I did contact them, and after some initial miss-communications, connected to the right people. They told me they would send a service technician to the location of the refrigerator for service. I made sure they knew it was brand new AND in a Fifth Wheel trailer RV. The tech was not rattled by that information at all. Well, long story short, by describing what was going on with my refrigerator, he ended up diagnosing the problem over the phone and I was able to fix it myself. Bottom line is, at least if you have a Samsung, they will service the refrigerator, .... and by the way ... he assured me if they came out to service it, there would be no charges since it was brand-spankin' new. I'm glad I continued to push a little over the phone, because the solution was very simple, and he told me that many people before me had the same problem. Problem - solution: When the ice maker is off, the ice light icon is on, lit up. When the ice maker is on, the ice light icon is off. OMG! who would have thought. Since them we've had bushels of ice!
DutchmenSport 07/02/19 01:30pm Fifth-Wheels
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