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RE: Fulltime family of 4: 2019 year in review

Sounds like you have had some great experiences and experienced a life style that so many of us dream about. Sounds like your kids are growing up and learning a lot of things in ways "stick-n-brick-home" kids will never know. And sounds like you and your family are really happy! And I think that's wonderful! There are always those who will try to discredit you and your lifestyle, no matter what it is. The most important thing is, you are doing what works best for you and gives you and your family the greatest amount of joy! (screw everyone else) Thanks for sharing! I hope your next year is even more fulfilled than the one you just experienced.
DutchmenSport 12/20/19 11:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Pickup driver caught after cops find him hauling 53? trailer

I wonder if the driver could have gotten away with it if he used a farm tractor as the tow vehicle?
DutchmenSport 12/20/19 10:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Typical problem we all see in RV parks.

Considering you are living in a "community" with other people living in the same "community" and this is your "home", you can expect people to live their normal lives. If you were living in an apartment complex, you'd have the same situation going on. The only difference is, stick and brick buildings are a little more sound proof. Bottom line, they are doing nothing wrong, illegal, or immoral. They are well within their own boundaries to live their own lifestyle the way they want. The park would be way out of line if they tried to segregate groups of people into different sections. That would fall under the category of "discrimination". If they separated the active working group from the not active working group, they've just opened themselves up to a can of legal worms. Even if they designated different sections of the park for working and non-working and then let individual decide where they wanted to park, they would be opening a can of legal worms no one want's to eat. It would be no different than designating different sections of the part for different color of skin, religion, nationality, or even sex. When you live in a community, you have to accept the unconventional lifestyle of others, or else, simply, look for another place to live. What would happen if the neighbor who runs their vehicle engine in the morning started complaining about you for cooking steak in the evening and the aroma is filtering into their yard. And they are strictly vegetarians! How would you feel. Would you quit fixing steak for Supper because the smell blows to someone who is offended by the smell of meat? Think about it.
DutchmenSport 12/20/19 07:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Crushes Truck

Oh, my bad. Using my PC at work and didn't see the few previous posts. Had some slack time, checking my i-phone and the video popped up. Tried to update on my work computer but didn't realize someone else already found the video. Anyway, we got the follow up. And, I'm of the opinion, as someone stated much earlier on this thread, if they'd spend more time on what they are actually doing and less time trying to make a video, this incident might have never happened. Their story though. They have to live with it!
DutchmenSport 12/19/19 11:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Crushes Truck

FYI, "they" put on YouTube the follow-up video. Part 2 starts where the first part left off. I can't copy the URL right now, but search YouTube: RV Crushes My Truck on 1st TOW! Biggest RV Living Full Time Mistake! (PT 2)
DutchmenSport 12/19/19 11:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Who can be the last poster?

I'm surprised this thread lasted this long!
DutchmenSport 12/19/19 09:20am Around the Campfire
RE: Motorhome, 5th Wheel or Pull Trailer

The worse I experienced with windy weather was when we traveled with a Chevy Lumina Mini-Van towing a Starcraft Venture pop-up. That combination in wind and semi-trucks blew us all over the road. The bigger we got, the less we were pushed around. Next combination was an 24 foot travel trailer we pulled with a Chevy 1500 Suburban. Wind and semi's were not as problematic and the pop-up, but we still knew we were not the biggest rig on the road either. Move forward to a 3500 dually (which we've had 3 now), towing that same 24 foot trailer and all of a sudden, wind and semi's were no longer such an issue. Moved to a 31 foot, then a 35 foot TT, and now a 41.5 foot fifth wheel. So, from my experiences, the bigger you get, the less you feel the wind. However, I think the bigger factor is NOT how big or small the trailer is, the BIGGER factor is how sturdy is the tow vehicle. Dually's are very stable. It takes a lot to shake them around, even when pulling a large trailer. Simple law of physics. It take more energy to move a 14,000 pound hunk of metal than it does a 4,000 pound chunk. The heavier the vehicle, the less the wind is felt. But there is also a point where too-much-is-still-too-much ... for even Semi-trucks can get flipped over in high wind. Now, I have no experience with a Motor Home. But I would imagine, they handle pretty well against the opposing wind forces and semi-truck's suck and pull vacuum effects, simply because of their sheer weight.
DutchmenSport 12/19/19 08:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Visiting Family in Memphis, need safe rv park

That's a sad commentary on our society when one of the criteria for an RV park is that it be `safe'. I'm 65 years old now and when I was 16 I made my first (alone) road trip from Indianapolis to Dallas. I wanted to stop (about mid-way) in the Memphis area for an overnight in a motel (long before I had an RV). I was warned by LOTS of people back THEN, that Memphis was NOT the place to spend the night at all! It was simply too dangerous. And sad, ... since 1971, I've never heard anything different that the conditions there have improved. Unfortunately, yes ... our society IS that bad in some places.
DutchmenSport 12/19/19 08:17am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Refrigerator question for you class A campers

If you have an all electric residential refrigerator in your camper and don't have shore power, the only way to keep the refrigerator running is with an inverter and a battery bank, or else the refrigerator is plugged directly into a generator. In our world as it exists today, you have two methods to keep your batteries charged; solar or generator. If you don't run your generator to keep the batteries charged, solar is the only other method. Pick your method: generator or solar. There's really no other short-cut.
DutchmenSport 12/19/19 08:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: The smell of a dead mouse..

Sorry to inform you, the smell will never go away. We had a mouse get in the house and evidently it died inside one of our walls in a bathroom area. For over 4 yeas we had this hideous dead mouse/urine smell in that bathroom. Finally, we decided to remodel and expand the bathroom into another room and the entire 2 rooms were completely gutted. Guess what we found? Yep, the body, and WOW did it smell once the wall was opened up. Got it all cleaned out, bleached the "snot" out of the studs, and eventually sealed up the walls with new dry-wall and insulation. No more smells sense. (FYI...I also sealed those walls so tight, not even air can get into them now ... let alone a mouse!) Smell gone. Good luck though with the cover up.
DutchmenSport 12/19/19 07:59am General RVing Issues
RE: What is going on with this roof?

If the walls are rotted, more than likely the roof is rotted too. If you really want to spend the time and money on this project, then get the camper under roof and tear into it. You should start where you know there is decay and start stripping back from there. If you start with the wall, and stripping them out, I almost guarantee you'll find rot on the floor and the ceiling too. Which means you'll be tearing out some of the roof and some of the floor. Don't try to patch anything until you've identified all that wrong first. Clean out all the rot, THEN being the rebuild... Floor first, walls second, ceiling third. Personally, as suggested above, I'd dump this camper and chock it up to bad experience and get something that is ready to go. You are going to invest a LOT more time and money into this camper than you can imagine. And then, if you decide to sell it, you will not get your investment back out ... not at all. Upgrades, fixes, cleanliness, improvements, do not add value to RV. The value is based on age, not your emotional or financial investment.
DutchmenSport 12/19/19 06:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Awning Cost

We had a second awning installed on our 5er a year ago. We scheduled the work with our dealership. We also had some other warranty issues, and wanted a minor repair done. The biggest challenge for the dealership service department was how to run the wire to power the awning. And then, where to run the switches. We also had LED lights installed. They did a great job running the electric wires that powered everything, and everything went through the fuse box/converter too. Because we wanted the awning over the back door (which is on the opposite side of the trailer), we wanted the switches near the back door. They ended up putting the switches in a cabinet in the bedroom, but near the door and a window on that side too. The total price for the lights, the awning, the labor, and replacing the little amber porch light with a different LED light, because the awning interfered with the original light ran us about $2000.00 Was it worth it? Absolutely YES! We use the back door on the opposite side as our main entry door a LOT more than the front door in the normal location. When camping, the normal front door is the "front". When home (and we use our 5er 24x7x365), the back door on the opposite side is the "front". The back door gets used a LOT more than the traditional front door. A lot! So, the price of the awning and lights was worth every penny for us. EDIT: FYI, the added 2nd awning is 16 foot long too.
DutchmenSport 12/19/19 05:53am General RVing Issues
RE: F150 vs. stupidity

I always said, "There is no right or wrong way to do camping, it's just different for everyone." Well, in this case ... I think I finally met my challenge on that statement!
DutchmenSport 12/18/19 10:47am Truck Campers
RE: Getting cold {er} in southern Arizona...

Why the HELL would you winterize in the 30's??? He did it so he'd have a reason to restock the BAR!
DutchmenSport 12/17/19 12:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generator in Class C Rental

Well, here's my opinion. Assuming the price of gasoline is $2.50 a gallon (US), and the on-board generator uses 1 gallon an hour, for the $225, you can run the on-board generator for 90 hours. That means over a 14 day period, you can run the generator for 6.42 hours each day and will cost you $225. If you rent, you have to pay the $225 for the generator and then still pay fuel. If the price of gasoline is $2.50 a gallon and the generator burns 1 gallon every 4 hours, to run the rental generator for the first 90 hours, it will cost you $56.25 for fuel and $225 for the rental for a total of $281.25 If it were me, I'd just use the on-board generator and have nothing else to worry about.
DutchmenSport 12/17/19 09:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Getting cold {er} in southern Arizona...

"restock the bar!... I always carry a spare gallon or two ..." Ahhhhh!!!! Nice!!!!!! (want some company?)
DutchmenSport 12/17/19 08:23am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Crushes Truck

Ouch! Now that hurts!
DutchmenSport 12/16/19 10:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Elkhart tours

I always suggest for anyone who will be in the Northern Indiana area to stop in on Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury, Indiana. It's not that far from Elkhart and well worth going there for lunch or dinner. They are closed on Sunday. You won't be disappointed. Explore the little shops and just have fun. Jayco, Coachmen, Shasta, and Starcraft RV manufacturing plants are also located in the Middlebury address. Might consider an factory tour from one of them too. Grand Design is just North of Middlebury, right off of I-80 and US 131. On your way there if you take Highway 20, you'll probably pass Riverside Retro RV, Dutchmen, and KZ Manufacturing. And there are still several RV manufacturers in Elkhart. You can travel the East-West back country roads that parallel Highway 20 and you will see Amish homes, horse and buggy, and several small business run by Amish families. Here's a link to some interesting sites in the area: Click here. If you don't mind driving the other direction, to South Bend, there is also the University of Notre Dame. To see the chapel there, by itself only, is well worth the drive.
DutchmenSport 12/15/19 05:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Looking at new 5th wheels....does anyone build a ?????

Longer than what your requirements are, but everything else fits your criteria. Click here. We have a Montana High Country 5er with the front living room. The opposing couches fold out to become beds. In our 5er, the 2 couches can sleep 4 people. Looks like this floor plan has the same arrangement, so you could sleep 6 easily. I've not seen this specific model, but I have seen other Alpines with the upper kitchen with the full wrap around dinette. They are impressive. We first saw this in an Alpine (front kitchen), and were so impressed with it, we ended up getting the front living room in a Montana model because we did NOT want the center island either. Good luck in your search. You may have to go longer to get what you want. But the bottom line is, get something comfortable for YOU and your "significant other" and don't worry about guests ... at all. They can always sleep on the floor in blow up mattresses and be tickled pink! Here's a YouTube video on this model, you might enjoy: Click here.
DutchmenSport 12/15/19 11:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ceramic Heater Safety

Maybe my head is in a different atmosphere or something, but in all my life, I've never had any problems with any kind of electric space heater, except once or twice. Maybe it's because I use some common sense when operating them. Over time, and because of marketing, the old style red-hot wire heaters were replaced with the more modern ceramic, square box, style heaters, or fan blown heaters, or the oil-filled heaters. The bottom line is, what's being manufactured today is simply much, much more safe than what was manufactured 30 or 40 years ago. Used with some sensibility, and all of them should work without issue. I have experienced failure in the oil filled radiator style heaters twice. In both situations, the heating element would not shut off. The thing just kept heating and heating and heating. What was the result? The heater itself was OK, but the electric wire running to it was extremely hot! After two bad experiences with the oil-filled ones, I quit using them all together. Fortunately, I was right there when I realized something was wrong. So, now migrated to the little square ceramic style heaters. Never had an issue with any of them. I think it's more important where the portable heaters are placed, more than the brand or style you get. We have 3 places we position the heaters. The first is on top of the stove. After all, that location is designed for heat, and it's high enough and in sight enough, nothing should ever bump or tip it. The second location is on a counter top. Never on the floor. Again, it's high enough it's in sight all the time, no threat of tipping, and in the open. Just make sure nothing is placed in front of them, or right beside them. The third location is the bathroom shower with the door open. Yea, bathrooms get pretty cold! I think, all the contemporary models and brands and styles are good. Mechanically, there is only so much heat electricity can produce regardless of the new-fangled claims. The difference is how the heat is disbursed from the source... fan or radiant. So, in my opinion, go to Wall Mart, find one that fits your price range and one that is appropriate for the size it will be used in, be smart in where you place it in your RV, and just enjoy.
DutchmenSport 12/14/19 09:20am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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