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RE: Tripping solar panel breaker

I could not find any reference to bypass diodes in the specs for my panels but in a general explanation of bypass diodes I read that most panels have three. They are located in the junction box on the panel. Here is the diagram of the Solarland box. I’m assuming the three sections are bypass diodes.
EMD360 05/12/22 09:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Tripping solar panel breaker

I don't know why you have to fuse panels. Apparently you don’t if wired in series. The amps are not high enough to damage the wires if there is a short circuit. That’s what the windynation site that was shared explained.
EMD360 05/12/22 02:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Tripping solar panel breaker

As I understand it series wiring means the panels have to both be working at the same efficiency to get maximum power from them. So partial shading impacts the total power available more. Most campsites have at least partial shade. So I opted for parallel wiring. Am I wrong about that? I believe I read that was the case.
EMD360 05/12/22 09:21am Tech Issues
RE: Tripping solar panel breaker

Just for illustration, a photo of the equipment. Black box below is the transfer switch. Notice I had to downsize at the controller because the heavier wire would not fit. height=500 width=600
EMD360 05/12/22 07:08am Tech Issues
RE: Tripping solar panel breaker

I’m using the Midnite solar baby box and breakers. I usually leave the RV plugged in but I decided to leave it unplugged a couple of days to run on solar during our sunny spring days. I guess it’s a good thing because the panel breaker opened at day 2 and I didn’t notice until day 7. That when I finally had no power. I used the lights and awning during that time. We boondocked last fall but we were in partial shade so never tripped the breaker. Should have checked the batteries. I have a Victron Cerbo. It keeps a history of solar production and battery charge because those two are Victron products. If I had bought the more expensive Victron inverter it would monitor that too. (I have mifi in the RV that reports these readings to the app.) They are lithium so I don’t think they will have lasting harm. The BMS just shuts them down at 11.4 volts. I think the panels have 10 ga lead wires. I know I checked when I bought them that they were heavier wire than cheaper panels. I used 8 ga from the leads to the breaker. And 2/0 for the system side even though the breaker box was not really built for that big wire. I used brass reducers to connect to the breaker. I had to drill a second set of holes for the 8 gauge wire. It was flexible enough to connect to the panel side breaker. So I’m set for up to a 40 amp fuse on the panel side. I wired in parallel so I did increase the amps. Maybe they expected serial so the recommended breaker is smaller than I need. An oversight on my part. I liked parallel to maintain best power in less than ideal conditions.
EMD360 05/12/22 06:47am Tech Issues
RE: Tripping solar panel breaker

Thanks I checked the windy nation chart and I used 8 ga wiring so I’m good for 30 amps. That’s what I ordered. With 25% additional amperage range 20 would not be enough. Wonder why the kit came with 15. It’s a 30 amp Victrom.
EMD360 05/11/22 04:46pm Tech Issues
Tripping solar panel breaker

Last fall I installed two Solarland 180w PERC panels. I had ordered three 100 watt but changed my mind and bought the two 180’s. Unfortunately I didn’t resize my order for the panel breaker which is 15 amps. The 100 watt panels were rated for five amps each but these are at 9.42 each. So now that we are getting really sunny days my panel breaker is tripping. I thought ok I’ll have to replace it with a 20. But I was watching the power when I was trouble shooting and thought I might have briefly seen more than 20 amps. Would a 30 amp fuse of these two panels be too high? The MPPT controlller is Victron. The system side breaker is 40 amps.
EMD360 05/11/22 03:38pm Tech Issues
RE: New Solar Install

Nice to have a local vendor. But I ordered mine from the experts at Northern Arizona Wind and Sun. They have been selling solar for decades and have a useful website that answers questions about solar (and wind). They can be relied upon to have fair pricing on their solar choices and their packages offer complete systems. I ordered my system there with some substitutions. I have 2 180 W PERC panels (Solarland SLP180S-12 180 Watt 12 Volt PERC Cell High Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Panel) and Victron MPPT controller plus the DC breakers, box and fuses. I was trying to get the highest power I could from limited roof space and the measurements of these panels yielded the best performance for the space. I ordered the wiring from Amazon. Before the basic install I put in a Victron Battery Monitor with built in Bluetooth, a Progressive Dynamics 9155L converter/charger a Progrssive Industries electricity monitor EMS for surge suppression, and after I added a Renogy 30 amp DC to DC charger. Then I decided to add an inverter and because the Victron was so expensive I ordered a Samlex Pure Sine with a wired remote controller. Then I installed a transfer switch to keep the inverter from trying to charge the batteries. That is a Go-Power T-30 amp. The inverter is a bit large for my system. 3000 watts But I can run it down the road and use it for short microwave use or to pump up the Intex boat or charge a computer without running the generator. I bought two 105 amp hr LION Energy batteries from Cosco and they are amazing. They hold the charge well. Have a temp sensitive BMS so they don’t charge when it’s too cold and if I don’t ruin them should last a decade. I’ve also been reading this forum for for 12 years and learned a lot from the experts here. So I asked questions about the install logic and read about each piece of equipment and figured it out. Since I enjoyed this project so much I installed a 5G hotspot added to my cell phone bill. I installed a Victron Cerbo that reads the battery monitor and solar controller data and a WiFi temp stick in the battery compartment. I also added a Govee WiFi temp sensor for the interior. Like all things RV it’s addicting.
EMD360 03/21/22 05:23pm Tech Issues
RE: New Gear and Technology

Lithium batteries. I went from Lead Acid to AGM and now lithium are amazing. Hold a charge a long time, don’t degrade in storage, and deliver more of their amp hours of full power so that I can run an inverter off just 210 ah. Hope they last as long as advertised.
EMD360 03/19/22 09:20pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Membership

EMD360 03/10/22 01:08pm Good Sam Club
RE: Pre trip preparations...

Nice pre-trip reminders. Absolutely beautiful park. Good to be there before the most visited season. We were there last week and had one gorgeous day and one socked in sleeting and snowing day. Our grey water valve did freeze but the black didn’t. Luckily we only had a little bit of water in the tank. I’m going to figure out how to prevent that in the future. The water pump in our Minnie Winnie 25b froze on the way south and I used a battery warmer pad to keep it from happening again. It’s 120 volt so need to have an electric hookup. Also ran the furnace and an electric oil heater in the bathroom with the cubboard doors open. Left the hot water heater on all night too. I made a small mistake with my meds though. Didn’t have as many morning boxes as I thought I did. So maybe next time I’ll take all the meds and not just fill the boxes. Could have been a worse mistake. The watchman campground is beautiful. Sites are level and not too close together. Had one young male group that did not realize how loud their voices were though. Kept up their partying until after quiet hours. But could have been worse!
EMD360 03/09/22 11:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Membership

I can’t understand how to use regular good Sam membership for gas discounts. As I read it the credit card is not required but a swipable membership card is. Am I reading this benefit wrong? For Pilot/Flying J.
EMD360 03/09/22 10:27am Good Sam Club
RE: Soncio CO Ridiculous Good Sam Tire coverage decision.

I finally found the information on tire coverage. I was reading the wrong brochure. I needed to call a different number than road service to get prior authorization for the tire replacement. Because I could not figure out who to call I didn’t get in touch with them in a timely manner. The incident was on a Saturday night and I didn’t call until we arrived at our destination on a Thursday morning. Any further damage after a road hazard is not covered so they could still claim the tire ran flat and was not eligible for replacement. Leakage from a valve stem is not covered. Because they were closed during the incident I needed to keep the bad tire. I’m pretty convinced even if I had the tire would not have been paid for. There are too many exclusions. I suppose I made the assumption that a flat tire was a flat tire and not having a spare was a reasonable decision. We had a spare on our 2003 22’ Itasca and never needed it. I’m not sure what I will do. Platinum Complete is obviously a waste of money since there are so many loopholes in tire coverage. But even though I asked the roadside person how to file a claim I was not given the correct information. Especially that I needed prior authorization and to retain the tire. Although we were on the road and are pretty full without extra space for a bad tire. The fee for after hours service would not have been covered either. I am glad we had someone come out and replace a bad tire so we could get back on the road the next day. I was pretty angry with the insurance company but after reading the exclusions I realize even if I had kept the tire which I thought was unreasonable and even if I had the correct information regarding who to call first it would have delayed the repair resulting in delaying our trip and deadline to arrive for my son’s wedding. I suppose I should apologize to the insurance adjusters who I spoke with angrily. Many of my objections were fair about keeping a bad tire for inspection without prior knowledge or access to the policy restrictions. But I agree with the claim denial now as this insurance is not applicable to regular rv travel. I’m sure they mostly deny such claims as ours was probably not unusual. Knowing if a tire has been damaged by a road hazard in time to stop and take care of it is practically impossible. Any other course of action is not covered by the run flat policy. There are a host of other exclusions including stuff that can’t be proven like tire inflation and rotation.
EMD360 02/28/22 11:26pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Soncio CO Ridiculous Good Sam Tire coverage decision.

Too soon old too late smart.It seems so unlikely that the tire was anything but damaged on the road. Keeping the tire was not an option. Yes obviously they can deny based on what they didn’t know for sure. By the time the tire was off the rim it was dark and cold. Obviously not the rim, obviously not the condition of the tire. I took the photos they told me to take at the time. Later they said I should have taken a photo of the road hazard damage. If the onus is on me I thought I did my part. I had no idea the language was so specific and designed to eliminate a road hazard as the cause. The roadside assistance card has no information regarding the insurance claim process. Had to call multiple times to get the information from Good Sam. Surely cancelling this insurance as worthless.
EMD360 02/28/22 03:22pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Soncio CO Ridiculous Good Sam Tire coverage decision.

Oh boy. Got off the phone with Soncio they say the only way I can prove it was a road hazard is to produce the tire. Also they said Good Sam made the final determination not to cover the tire. There was run flat damage and a valve was loose. They don’t cover either one and I can’t prove a road hazard caused either one. I can prove it was a Michelin tire verified to be in good shape by my truck service company in January. I should have kept the damaged tire. Where in a loaded RV said tire was supposed to be kept is not explained. Where I was supposed to take it is unexplained. How they can have such a loophole is unexplained. How they can prove it was anything but a road hazard that cause the flat is unexplained. What else could cause a tire to get flat? Tread was good, date was 2017. They are so sorry but it is not covered. I was very happy with Good Sam roadside. They were kind and polite and returned my call with a dispatcher almost immediately. Got a tire guy out after 5 on Saturday and he fixed it. Part of the tire replacement invoice included tire disposal. Of course we didn’t know they would expect us to keep the damaged tire. In fact we didn’t know who to call as the only info on the Good Sam card is the good Sam number. Had to call several times to figure out what to do next. Apparently there are other reasons a tire can go flat other than road hazard although assuming one of those is responsible is rather unlikely, a tire flaw? It was a Michelin tire not a recall. Not covering a tire that ran flat without us knowing or a valve that may have gotten displaced due to that flat is kind of catch 22. Apparently there is fine print, terms and conditions that render this insurance useless if on the road and experience a flat from a leak vs a blowout. Well I can cancel I guess. I just paid for renewal never dreaming the tire problem would not be covered. I’ve had Good Sam coverage since we bought our first RV in 2009 and only had one issue on the road before. Yes I called Marcus. They sent me to Soncio. Thanks a lot. Soncio said they emailed Good Sam and Good Sam said no to coverage. Should I take their word? My word is apparently not good enough for them. So frustrating and infuriating. I have paid several times the cost of this replacement over the years. Obviously for nothing.
EMD360 02/28/22 02:30pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
Soncio CO Ridiculous Good Sam Tire coverage decision.

Help! I cannot believe our tire coverage claim was denied! We had a flat tire when we arrived at a campground miles from home. First I tried to reinflate it with no luck. So I called the road assistance I have had for over a decade with no claims. When Good Sam separated tire coverage I added that each year. I had a wonderful rep help us get the service we needed to replace the tire. Then we got a call back from the service center who contacted the local vendor and sent a technician even though it was about 4:30 on Saturday. The technician arrived a little after 6:30 and said the tire needed the replacement tire we had ordered. He told us the valve was loose and he replaced both the tire and the valve. The rep called us back to ask how it was going and told us since we had the tire insurance we should take photos of the tread depth and the dot code. Neither the dispatcher who did the arrangement and included the tire disposal fee nor the rep seemed to have any idea that the tire had to be retained for insurance replacement. Also that is a pretty ridiculous requirement when on a trip with no room for a ruined tire. So a Soncio claims adjuster in Colorado has denied our claim! Apparently a loose valve is not covered although what came first the valve or the flat? I don’t mind if the valve replacement is not covered. That was $9.50! I can hardly believe that they have such an unreasonable loophole! Having to keep a ruined tire on the road or get some kind of authorization from the very people I called for the issue? I replied that the decision was unacceptable. How can I be reimbursed? Whom should I call?
EMD360 02/28/22 11:59am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Replace converter/charger with PD9245C

I had this same issue. How did the converter power the dc side? It turned out the dc power is from the battery bank and I did not replace those wires. It seems to work! My wiring story. Twinsprings Blog
EMD360 02/22/22 12:30pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Battery upgrade, maybe solar option also

I added all the power upgrades. 360 watts solar, Progressive Dynamics 9160 charger/converter, Progressive Industries power protection, Victron MPPT 30 amp solar controller, transfer switch, Renogy DC to DC converter and two Lion energy 105 amp hour batteries. Then I installed a 3000 watt Samlex inverter. I wanted enough wattage to run the microwave comfortably. According to the rules I don’t have enough batteries for 3000 watts but we only run it briefly. Also added the Victron battery monitor and the Victron WiFi remote reporting device-Cerbo. Then I splurged on a hot spot for the RV and a temp stuck to monitor the battery compartment. Several lithium battery monitors just cut off charging if too cold. The Lions stop charging below 32°. I also have a battery warming pad that I can plug in if it really gets cold. We drove down through Colorado and New Mexico last week and didn’t worry about the battery power at all. Temps got into the teens one night and 20’s another two before we got far enough south. I did all the install myself and the total cost was about $5000.
EMD360 02/18/22 08:11am Tech Issues
Tire Valve Disconnect Flat

First night out on the road about as far south in Colorado we could get when we pulled into our campsite with a flat outer drivers side duallie! First I tried to reinflate it thinking I didn’t get a TPMS warning. But it would not inflate so I called Good Sam Roadside. I’ve had this insurance since 2009 and used it just once before. When they separated the tire coverage I added it. So the claim rep was very well spoken and had a little humor which I appreciate. I got a call back from a dispatcher almost immediately. Their job is to contact a local vendor and locate the replacement tire. We obviously ran it flat. About a half hour later they called back saying a tech was on the way. Would arrive in about an hour. It was getting dark and the temperature was dropping. The man who showed up a little more than an hour later was very nice. He had to use hand tools to remove the tire and it was about 20° and dark so he worked with his truck headlights and phone flashlight. I sat in the warm cab and checked on him as he worked. The valve had come loose from a good tire. I just had the RV in the shop in January and got a bill of health for the tires but I’ve read that an extender can get caught and pull off the valve. First time for everything right? So my Good Sam coverage really came in handy last night. I could have called around and tried to get someone out after dark on a 20° night or I could have Good Sam do it for me. I prefer the latter. And the TPMS? I forgot to turn it on in the hubbub of leaving home. Quite an oversight. On the other hand I’m glad we got to a campsite. Better than waiting on the highway for help. But what if I had known earlier? May not have destroyed the tire.
EMD360 02/13/22 06:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Laundry room in a closet in a Class C

I do lose storage I normally use for the inflatable boat. But I moved several items to the storage area under the couch. There is a large space there that I had not been using. I also stopped carrying some stuff. Always a good idea.
EMD360 02/12/22 11:29am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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