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RE: Fresh Water Tank Overflowing When Turning

Seems the obvious place for small items so you don't have to go hunting for them. Then again great minds think alike. Do you keep your 30 amp to 15 amp adapter for shore power inside the outside refer access panel. My shore power cable pulls out below and just aft of the fridge. Most of the time I just leave it on the 30A plug ready to hook up the generator. Our campground is bookdock style, no power, no water, blue Johnny Rocket poopers.
Fisherman 10/26/20 08:12am Tech Issues
RE: Fresh Water Tank Overflowing When Turning

I keep the plug and cork in the silverware drawer in the trailer so I don't lose them. Hahahaha, did you see me putting my plug in the cutlery drawer.
Fisherman 10/25/20 05:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Weight Distribution Install Question! Help!

Is that a tent trailer? Why would you need a WDH unless you're towing it with an a low capacity vehicle.
Fisherman 10/25/20 05:45pm Towing
RE: Best RV repair company, roof replacement Oregon

Well I can only guess that you had a pressing #2 to do that kind of damage without wondering what that racket was behind you.
Fisherman 10/23/20 06:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Fresh Water Tank Overflowing When Turning

The 1-1/4 in line would be the gravity fill on most of the older trailers. Do you have a gravity fill? If so my guess is that the tube has become disconnected. I really doubt the line is disconnected otherwise the flood would be inside the trailer. More likely is that the fresh water holding tank is under the bed or similar place where the outside location of the fill point would prevent installing the fill point without having the hose visible through the wall inside. My fill point is about 2 inches above the tank, just under the sheet of plywood on the bed.
Fisherman 10/23/20 04:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Fresh Water Tank Overflowing When Turning

It's one of those thing called centrifugal force. A full coffee cup with no lid will spill if you apply the brakes. Same thing. Go get a tapered wine bottle cork, put a stainless screw in it with a short piece of string and insert it into the fill port. Problem solved, mine does the same thing.
Fisherman 10/23/20 01:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Portable Satellite Cable Storage..ideas??

If you go into most any store that sells coax you will find that they are bundled in about the size you are wanting to use. No problem! Sure that's right but I would believe once the cable is sold to someone for installation it's installed permanently and not rolled up after every weekend. Kinks and bends should be avoided, that's what learned from an electronics acquaintance.
Fisherman 10/22/20 07:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Breakaway cable replacement

Don't overthink it. Just route it so it doesn't get caught in WD bars or safety chains.
Fisherman 10/22/20 04:41pm Towing
RE: Suburban Furnace has 2 Amp Phantom Load when off

“My generator is not working so I was dry camping.” Generators are not considered a “hookup.” Consider solar. And what does your solar have to do with his furnace situation, absolutely nothing.
Fisherman 10/18/20 08:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Pigtail not fitting....

We just purchased a new tow vehicle (same make/model as our former TV, just younger) and the trailer's pigtail won't seat firmly into the socket on the truck. It's a 'blade' set of pins and the amount of pins and location of them are all matching and the pigtail goes in just fine but no amount of jiggling or pushing makes it go all the way in. We've tried a little WD-40 and that didn't make any difference. The plug cover (which is hinged to pull upon in a downward fashion) has a plug 'stop' that braces up against the pigtail in the right place but doesn't hold it securely at all. A few jiggles down the road and I'm sure this thing will disconnect. A search yields up that many people have the same issue and just use small bungee cords to secure the pigtail to the plug-cover where the 'stop' is. Not sure that this is the best answer. Do we need to replace the pigtail so that we get a secure/full seat on it when plugged into the new truck or is this as good as it's going to get? If it worked fine in your old truck, I would be suspecting the newer truck and its trailer plug connector. Make sure the blades are on the proper side of the socket in the bumper, might just be a very small amount of adjustment needed.
Fisherman 10/18/20 08:12pm Towing
RE: Fresh Water Pump

Well think about your brilliant idea for a moment. You have park water coming in and the fresh water tank pump fighting with pressure already in the pipes, something has to give sooner or later. Why not fill the fresh water tank and use the pump alone.
Fisherman 10/17/20 05:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Advice on inverter size

I use a 300 Watt pure sine for the TV and Satellite receiver and it has never even kicked the fan on. For those that run the coffee pot and toaster from an inverter, it's going to take a lot longer to charge the battery than the 10 minutes the generator would be running to make coffee and toast.
Fisherman 10/17/20 05:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Junk Food Breakfast Cereals

Try Natures Path cereal, mostly organic with very little sugar added in the product.
Fisherman 10/17/20 07:32am Around the Campfire
RE: eu2200 with eu2000

As for pairing up non identical or brand units it can be done. My son a an EU2000i and added a B&S 2200 inverter and they work fine together. Funny thing is his Honda will power up his compressor while the B&S will not even though it has a higher rating.
Fisherman 10/15/20 09:35am Tech Issues
RE: Unlikeliest of engine swaps!!

A dirty 2 stroke DD is not a mileage maker by any stretch of imagination, he would have been better off with a 4BT.
Fisherman 10/15/20 09:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cell phone signal Booster ?

Sometimes it's also the provider coverage. North of the border we have 2 main carriers with a number of spin offs riding coat tails. I can use my we boost with my cell phone on my company provider, make calls and text while others with the other carriers get nothing even using my booster. If I take my chip and put it in my sons phone, it will get the signal but can't use it, doesn't recognize his number or plan.
Fisherman 10/15/20 09:22am Technology Corner
RE: Bizarre water problems

That's all the free stuff the trailer builders give you. My plumbing had a pile of wood chips in it. You would think those idiot employees would have a little bit more conscience when building these units. Hate to see what's in the hot water tank.
Fisherman 10/14/20 06:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Headlights aiming up when towing?

I would say it's pretty obvious. At night, park your empty truck 25 feet from a clean wall on level ground and mark the center of the high beam on the wall. Measure it. Do the same with the trailer hooked up and do the same. I'll bet you'll notice a serious difference.
Fisherman 10/12/20 03:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Any full timers use a roomba style vac?

I can't believe anyone in their right mind would spend that amount of money on a gimmick to encourage laziness. For the modicum of square feet of actual floor space in any size RV, a small vacuum cleaner would suffice.
Fisherman 10/12/20 09:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Why is that ....

A lot of people like to read their own verbal diarrhea and the longer it is, the happier they are. If I wanted to know how to build a rocket, I'd consult NASA, not RV forums. Is the sky green? Yes _____ No ____ Verbal Blah Blah_______
Fisherman 10/10/20 06:03pm Around the Campfire
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