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RE: pocket knife

Always have my pocket knife with me. Also have one of these... Credit Card Knife
Fizz 01/21/22 02:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Old laptop working after 24+ hrs of fiddling

... slow by modern standards but it works. Now that it is stable, do a backup ! Write down he license number. Find a "retail distribution" of your version of Windows. Feel free to over write he factory backup partition. You may have to manually install some drivers. Getting rid of "bloatware" makes a big difference. Install a SSD ! You will be amazed at how fast it will runs. Thanks but too much bother. All bloatware is gone, temp, recycle etc all cleaned out. It is what it is.
Fizz 01/18/22 04:40pm Technology Corner
Old laptop working after 24+ hrs of fiddling

I have a 9yr old HP laptop that died on me last year. It was old so I bought a new one. Last week came time to do or die for the old one. It would take over 45 min to boot up and be dead slow after that. I would click a choice, go away for 15-20 min waiting for the response then click the next option. After 5-6 hrs (I swear) I finally reached the update option. It took till the next day, over 24 hrs of run time to get it updated. The screen was blank for hours at a time, do or die. It's now running as it was new... slow by modern standards but it works. UPDATE Still doing updates, five today. Seems like you have to check for updates after each update even though it's on 'auto update'. It's like they are all sequential and can't do some updates till all previous ones have been done... or something like that.
Fizz 01/18/22 08:59am Technology Corner
Skating in Ottawa

The canal is open for skating the full distance, 7.8 Km Mind you it's -28C wind chill today with a stiff north wind. Going down too -41C overnight.... NO thanks.
Fizz 01/14/22 10:11am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Android and Linux

Thank you Dutch. I actually understood that :)
Fizz 01/08/22 05:20am Technology Corner
RE: Where are all of the snowbirds?

people post their opinions, which is what most of these threads are about...opinions. Then a disagreement. Topic goes off topic with rants and attacks. Moderator steps in....another set of opinions and closes the topic down. The whole forum has degenerated like that. We lost many, many good members because of a few individuals.
Fizz 01/04/22 02:08pm Snowbirds
RE: Ins and outs of DNA testing
Fizz 12/31/21 07:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Play back content to laptop via HDMI?

Lots of answers here....
Fizz 12/20/21 10:23am Technology Corner
RE: Rv Reno.

Start with the easy stuff and judge as you go.
Fizz 11/27/21 07:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: WiFi Booster

We have a Wilson Cell Booster at the cottage and the tower is 8 miles away. The signal gets boosted from one bar to three and sometimes four bars.
Fizz 11/27/21 07:14pm Technology Corner
RE: Early Television

The kiss of death. If this graphics popped up while watching your favorite show you knew TV was over for the night. Only one station in town and it could be down for a few days sometimes. width=240
Fizz 11/24/21 05:38am Around the Campfire
RE: Can't user 5er again this winter - replace red goo in pipes?

Once again Fizz bows out and fades away. After 20 yrs he should know better than try to answer a simple question and leave it to the experts.
Fizz 11/01/21 01:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Can't user 5er again this winter - replace red goo in pipes?

We seem to go through this discussion every year. Antifreeze is not used to protect the plumbing. It is used to flush out the water, the only liquid that expands when frozen. Once the lines have been filled with antifreeze and flushed out the water it's perfectly ok to drain it into a bucket and use it to fill all the P traps. Antifreeze and water mixed 50/50 will freeze into a soft slush but will not expand enough to do damage. I've been winterizing my cottage for 35 years, all copper pipes, no problems using this method and it always gets to -30F for a couple of days in Feb.
Fizz 10/31/21 02:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Vax Passports

Get the vax, don't get the vax, either way it is none of anyone's business or do they have the right to ask. Due to your obvious lack of education I'll point out too you why your lack of vaccination endangers all around you. Typhoid Mary
Fizz 10/30/21 07:10pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Use it or Lose it

Have you tried writing a letter in long hand lately? I learned to write back in the day of fountain pens, filled out pages of notes etc over the years. Now I sometimes stumble signing my name. The words are there but the dexterity is gone.
Fizz 10/22/21 02:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: Dogs Amazing Sense of Smell

Read somewhere your dog knows you're soon to come home from work when your scent in the house has faded to a certain level. He starts to get anxious after that.
Fizz 08/04/21 11:40am Around the Campfire
RE: Can I rent your RV?

An RV is not simply a bedroom on wheels. How long did it take you to 'learn' it. All the systems, components etc. You don't pick that up in a weekend, especially if it's not yours.
Fizz 08/03/21 02:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Olympics......

I stopped watching the Olympics a while back. You seldom see 'live' events anymore. Everything's highlights, cut & paste clips.
Fizz 08/03/21 01:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: America the beautiful

Having problems posting pictures ?? Try this app, specially built for this forum....
Fizz 07/23/21 09:36am General RVing Issues
RE: How old is too old?

Two things were touched on. Anxiety at the thought of travelling. What use to be a mild challenge now leads to over thinking and worrying. It's just not fun anymore. Physical condition. I can't sit for more than an hour without stiffening up. I can change a flat tire but I need a nap after :) I walk for an hour everyday but hills kill me. Mainly it's overcrowding everywhere, campgrounds & roads. The trailer is permanently parked a the cottage and used as guest quarters.
Fizz 06/26/21 07:30am General RVing Issues
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