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RE: Gulf coast trip

Any availability at the State Park? One of the best in the nation. We were there last Oct/Nov for 2 weeks, this past Oct. for three days, and will be there for all of Jan 1-March 31. Full hookups at all sites, great walking/biking trails, beaches, fishing pier, dog park, fresh water lakes, and lets not forget alligators! Full on nature right in the middle of Gulf Shores/Orange Beach. Easy access to shopping, restaurants, and all else the area offers.
Flapper 10/23/22 04:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Garmin RV 660

Just updated mine to the latest/greatest for the last trip from Minn to the Gulf Coast a week ago. Didn't look at the restaurants, and mine has always shown lanes (maybe it is a setting that got turned on in yours?). It does seem to have gotten some quirks. Like the map shows a turn to the left, yet it tells me "right turn ahead". It seems to have had many "official" Interstate rest stops go missing, to the point where we used Google maps to find if there is one ahead, instead. Seems to like to use local street names much more (that are not signed in actuality anywhere), rather than major route designations ("Bramble Way Road" rather than "Hwy 10", etc.)
Flapper 10/12/22 09:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winter Battery Storage

If they are fully charged they won’t freeze at zero. As they self discharge over time while sitting there they could. A discharged battery will freeze at 20* F. A trickle charger or something similar (solar?j will help to keep the batteries fully charged. ^^^^THIS^^^^ Folks don't take batteries out of their cars for winter when not using that car for several months in the winter, why should one drag the batteries out of their RV for winter? Fully charged batteries will not freeze even in sub freezing temps for weeks at a time. Simply put, no need to go to the work and hassle of removing and storing the batteries inside your home, garage or basement as long as you have fully charged the battery and have disconnected the battery from the RV electrical system for the winter provided you do not have access to power while in storage. If you have a RV with a modern multistage converter and you have power available, you can even just plug the RV in and let the converter take care of the batteries. What you don't want to do is leave the batteries connected to your RVs electrical system without having some means of charging. The RV electrical system has 12V devices like the stereo, water heater, fridge, furnace which all draw a small amount of power even when they are turned off.. Those small draws will flatten your battery in a matter of a week or two.. Hence the need to plug RV into power or disconnect the batteries for storage. x2 on this! If batteries routinely froze at 0, none of us in Minnesota would ever be able to drive our cars! Fully charged batteries won't freeze until -73F. For 20 yrs, I have just fully charged the 6 various RV and boat batteries I own, completely disconnected, and left outside in their respective boats/RV's. Ditto on the vast majority of boat owners in our region. Nov-April, and in the spring mine have never been at less than 85% of charge, and usually above 90%. Batteries do self discharge over time, but cold slows them way, way down. In Minn, even with the summer, the average temps mean over a year before they get to 50% self discharge. MUCH faster in Texas or Arizona in the summer - then it may be 3 months. For places that get snow, just fully charge, disconnect and forget until spring.
Flapper 10/09/22 10:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: LFP/LiFePO battery asleep?

I'm with the "failed BMS" suggestions. Such a low level of discharge permanently damages the battery, with no recovery possible. BUT, a reputable company (such as Renogy) should have a low voltage safety built in to the BMS - preventing over discharge. So no matter which issue - failed BMS or over drawn cells, it should be a warranty item for them to replace....
Flapper 08/26/22 08:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Looking for 5 star RV Park

This is about as North as you can get: About 20 min. from the Canadian border, in Voyagers National Park. But your last post clarified a bit - you want longer term, and low cost. At $95-$175 a night, you'll need both arms and legs....
Flapper 06/29/22 06:06pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Low Battery Voltage

CCA is not a very valid test for our use of a battery. That is a rating for how big a burst of power a battery can put out in a very short time (like for turning over an engine). Slightly more meaningful, but not much, is how many times the battery can pass the test without recharging. I've seen many that can pass the test once, but have no lifespan at all for longer term lower draws. Other than putting a know load on it, and periodically monitoring the voltage over time, there isn't any quick way to test for it's ability to deliver rated amp hour capacity. If you have the meter, and time, you may want to swap with a vehicle battery and see how that does over time. But periodically monitor, so you don't over discharge your test battery and ruin that too....
Flapper 06/29/22 05:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: AGM Deep Cycle batteries

Per the other question - just like flooded batteries, fully charged AGM's won't freeze until they get to -74F. I have two Grp 31 AGM's in my boat, that is stored "indoors" but at outdoor temps all winter here in Minn. (Oct to May). This will be year 12 for them. Yeah, I'm pushing my luck, but they have been amazing. Came out of storage this spring still at 95% fully charged. I always just fully charge, disconnect all cables at one terminal, and forget about them till spring.
Flapper 05/14/22 09:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Tow Vehicle Advice Needed for Novice

In general, from most restrictive to least, the order is: Hitch rating - can it support the expected tongue weight, with or without weight distribution. Easy to spec the right one, if your vehicle does not have one yet, from a decent hitch shop. Existing hitches may be the first limit you hit. Payload capacity - From the door sticker. How much can the vehicle carry. Everything added since it rolled off the assembly line counts - floor mats, running boards, other dealer options, tools, dogs, old french fries, all passengers, sometimes the driver, your new hitch, tongue weight of the trailer. This is the one that usually causes the most problem. No way to increase, except to get a different vehicle. Towing - what the vehicle can pull. Usually the least restrictive limit. ALL vehicles can tow a lot more than they can proportionally carry. If you are shopping based on close to the max tow rating, you will be WAY over the payload capacity. Since you have the trailer, best is to get total weight, ready for camping, at a truck stop, and also find the current tongue weight. Then start estimating all the other stuff that will go in the tow vehicle. If it accommodates it all, you will have no issues at all with what it can pull. If you do not actually have the trailer, find out what its GVWR is (the max it is designed to weigh). Assume 15% of that number will be tongue weight, for your payload calculation. That will be a "fat" number, that leaves with a fair amount of fudge room if you misestimated other things.
Flapper 03/10/22 11:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Fuel consumption too high?

For my truck, with a 32' fifth, I got 10.5mpg average over 14,000 miles. Now same truck, 34' tow behind trailer (same weight), I get 8mpg after 10,000 miles. I blame it on much poorer aerodynamics with the tow behind.
Flapper 12/28/21 10:19pm Travel Trailers
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