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RE: Level Mate Pro

Best addition I ever made. Mines going on 5 yrs now. Get the Andersen style levelers (the curved triangle ones) to go with. Pull into your spot. From the driver seat fire up the app and see which side is low. Have your helper put in the blocks, pull forward until the app says you're level (side-to-side). Set the brake, get out, unhitch, and then watch the app as you raise/lower the trailer to front/back level. Done. With the Andersen style, it is only a really unlevel site where I have to break out the legos, and even then the app tells you what height you need to build them to.
Flapper 02/02/21 09:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Home dryer help needed

1. The dryer is expelling air outside whether gas or electric. If in a smaller space, it can lower the pressure in the area (a bit of a vacuum) and cause air to come in from other places - like your furnace, stove, hot water heater, etc. exhaust vents That runs the risk of carbon monoxide build up in the home, from those other appliances. Problem becomes much more prone in a smaller home - like a mobile home. 2. Most places have changed codes to not allow the pleated dryer vents, although they can't prevent them from being sold. Too much build of of lint, which can cause a fire.
Flapper 02/02/21 09:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Bay Of Fundy / Nova Scotia

My wife has always wanted to see the land of "Anne of Green Gables". Years ago we made the attempt, but had to cut trip short due to other family obligations, so never even made it over the border. Fall of 2019, we started out from Minn. again, but food poisoning turned us back. And there was that hurricane that came ashore right at the CG we had booked for that night.... Rebooked for last early summer, but everything shut down. One CG would not refund, but we have a credit waiting. Things are looking poor for this next summer, also.... I'm pretty sure "Anne" is pulling out all the stops to prevent us from ever taking this trip.....
Flapper 01/16/21 04:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Need advice for Rochester, MN

If you are looking to while away a couple of hours, try Quarry Hill Nature Center on the east side of town. Just a few minutes from any of the Mayo facilities. Of course it is winter, and it all depends on when it last snowed, but should be a good spot to do a short stroll (or longer, depending on weather). Dogs have to be leashed. Check out the old sandstone "caves" (actually old food storage for the old State Hospital). You may want to give a call ahead about whether they have cleared some of the paved walking trails if it has just recently snowed.
Flapper 11/24/20 10:22pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: State Farm Insurance coverage for roof water damage

If you can see a tear in the roof from a foreign object, like a tree limb, it may be covered. If it is leaking due to lack of maintenance at sealed seams, probably not. Precisely what I was told by my insurance company (not SF) when side delamination happened, and it was due to water intrusion from the roof. In my case, they sent an adjuster, and the dealer showed him the unknown tear from probably a branch. No argument, since it was due to hitting something. Unfortunately, the cost to repair was so much, they just totaled it. Dealer said they see the problem a lot - but most of the time, the claim is denied since it was "lack of maintenance", and not due to striking something.
Flapper 10/28/20 10:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Most dont sanitize water heater?

I have found from servicing home water heaters, that its the anode rod going bad that is the cause of the rotten egg smell. OK, then what causes the egg smell in an Atwood water heater that has no Anode rod? Doug Bacteria. Naturally occuring in some water sources And they love hot water! Had my Atwood do this once. Had sanitized in the spring, but then for the rest of the summer used just CG water. All previous trips the water seemed fine. But then it sat for a couple of weeks unused, and a couple of days into the final two week trip the smell came. No idea which source they came from. From further research, not in any way a health issue. But the water does smell bad. Re-sanitizing fixed it.
Flapper 06/21/20 09:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Andersen hitch

I had one, and the only real issue was that it is not suitable for big trailers. Mine's 34 ft, with a tongue of 900+. I was easily able to get full weight transfer back to the front of my F-150. But, with that long of a trailer, it is easy to overpower the friction in the cone, so wind/truck suck were bad. Great concept, and I wish it would have worked out for me. For those with small to mid-size, I would recommend.
Flapper 05/15/20 08:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Yellowstone Lodges and Campgrounds to open in June

Although retired now, I owned restaurants, and managed restaurants, my entire career. All independant, none associated with any deep pockets. Once, when a patron was loudly upbraiding me in the packed dining room about the "outrageously" high prices of our sandwiches, I lost my cool, and said, so all could hear: "Ma'am - over 60% of my costs go to paying wages, taxes and benefits of the people you see working. Point out two of them right now, and I will immediately fire them, so you can pay less for your sandwich." That stopped the complaint. To turn that around, and to echo Gov. Cuomo: Dead is dead. From the next 100 people you see, pick the two you want to die, so that the businesses can stay open. These are terrible times, with terrible choices. But one is much clearer than the other. If I was back in that situation, there would be no choice. Somehow, someway I and my family would get through. And those other two people would have the opportunity too.
Flapper 04/24/20 09:42pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Question about having camper setup in near freezing temps.

To reassure yourself, fill an ice cube tray, and find a thermometer, and put them in the freezer of the RV. While it will be below freezing, it won't be as cold as your house fridge. Check how long it takes to make cubes! You'll be surprised at the time it takes. And the warmer it is outside above that temp, even longer.
Flapper 04/11/20 09:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: coronavirus...put it into perspective

This presentation (very short) by Chicago epidemiologist Dr. Emily Landon should be required for everyone: The two key quotes: "If we let every patient with this infection infect three more people and then each of them infect two or three people, there won’t be a hospital bed when my mother can’t breathe very well or when yours is coughing too much." and: " Why ask so much of people for just a few hundred cases? Because it’s the only way to save lives. And now is the time. The numbers you see today in the news are the people who got sick a week ago. And there are so many people who got sick today who haven't even noticed that they got sick yet. They picked up the virus and it'll take a week to see that show in our numbers. Waiting for hospitals to be overwhelmed will leave the following week’s patients with nowhere to go. In short, without taking drastic measures, the healthy and optimistic among us will doom the vulnerable. We need to fight this fire before it grows too high. But these extreme restrictions may seem in the end a little anticlimactic because it’s really hard to feel like you’re saving the world when you’re watching Netflix on your couch but, if we do this right, nothing happens. Yes. A successful shelter in place means that you will feel like it was all for nothing. And you would be right. Because “nothing” means that nothing happened to your family and that's what we are going for here."
Flapper 03/21/20 11:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Recreational Border Crossing

Thanks Flapper and MDKMDK. We have been wanting to visit the area & check out the Fundy tides for quite some time. If it gets canceled due to circumstances, we'll just (hopefully) adjust, and keep a similar itinerary in 2021. Maybe even add a Gros Morne trip if we can squeeze it in. My wife insists it is all Anne of Green Gables fault. She REALLY doesn't want us to come visit! Hurricanes and now Pandemics.
Flapper 03/19/20 07:14am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Recreational Border Crossing

I made reservations for Fundy NP, Cape breton Highlands NP a month ago, and was planning on a few Provincial Parks in Nova Scotia as well. Wait & see is all we can do. They'll probably refund the money due to circumstances. Yep, me too - have a few reservations in Fundy, NS, and PEI. Last year Dorian canceled the trip for us. Now this. Not actually canceling yet, but since trip is mid-June to mid-July, odds are pretty good I will be doing so in a month or two. Probably will not bother with the April 2 reservation opening date for one of the CG's I wanted to get in to....
Flapper 03/18/20 09:42pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Montana vs. Arctic Fox vs. Grand Design

I've only had a Jayco, and now a Grand Design. Both from excellent dealers. While there are some reports of poor customer service from Grand Design, I have also seen many, many, many for outstanding service. In my limited experience, a couple of calls to Jayco were immediately turned into a "talk to your dealer" directive. NO attempt to assist, or provide any information. For GD, there were reports at the time with greased brakes on some units when I was waiting for my newly ordered unit to arrive at the dealer. I called, and they immediately sent me an authorization letter to give to the dealer to remove/inspect/repair as needed - this before I had actually bought the unit, and before they issued a later recall. In five different calls for information, they called me back very quickly and gave detailed answers each time. One time the rep even going out to their lot in a full-on blizzard to investigate how a unit was wired! Last fall I called to get specific part information for a wonky thermostat. I was long out of warranty. Just wanted the mfg part number. I got an entire replacement parts kit at home, two days later! They are well known for authorizing any certified repair place/mobile tech to work on their units (except Camping World!). The Winnebago purchase happened several years ago, and all my contact has been subsequent to that. They've grown really fast, for a reason. And I expect that contributes to some of the reports of less than perfect service. Is the product itself superior? NO - as related above, they are, at best, only slightly better than the competition. But they do, generally, continue to provide superior after sale support direct to the customer.
Flapper 03/03/20 02:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Nova Scotia

Yep, waiting for the Graves window to open too. Had reservations there last fall (and then Cape Breton and Cavendish). Had to cancel a week ahead due to illness on the road. Good thing - our first night at Graves would have been the day Dorian made landfall.....
Flapper 03/01/20 12:16pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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