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RE: Breakaway Switch Confusion.

Sorry Gdetrailer, I was creating my last post when you posted yours. Thank you for your reply. Its all good! :)
Gdetrailer 08/12/20 08:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Breakaway Switch Confusion.

what came off it, 2 wire or 3? Most are two wire and makes no differance on which goes where it's an on off switch. Pin in it's off pin out it puts 12V to the trailer brakes. 2 wire doesn't care what wire is used for what. 3 wire, well sort of does matter IF you want the diagnostic LED to work.. LEDs are polarity sensitive so don't wire it backwards and hooking up the power on the lead that goes to the brakes will result in the LED being on 100% of the time..
Gdetrailer 08/12/20 08:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Breakaway Switch Confusion.

That's good to know GD. But seems to be complicating the system! No reason to have an LED when you can see if the plunger is out. Ahh, yes, on the surface one would think that the LED serves no real needed purpose because conventional wisdom would make the assumption that the breaks should work when you have the plunger in your hand.. Sadly though, may not ALWAYS be the case. These switches live 24/7/365 fully outdoors, rain snow, sunshine, high temps and freezing temps.. They sometimes fail, moisture seeps in from the outside and can corrode and damage the contacts rendering the good looking switch on the outside completely DOA when you need it the most. I have had to replace one myself when I didn't bother to test the breakaway switch before hauling the RV for the annual state safety inspection.. Failed inspection means I pay for that inspection but do not get sticker until I FIX the problem and have to haul it back to that station to have the repair checked.. Making a 30 mile round trip now 60 miles. I have often contemplated adding a LED somewhere on the trailer tongue so I can quickly test the switch without the need to hook up a vehicle and pulling or having to grab a jack, jack up a side to test the system.. I actually didn't realize a manufacturer made one with a diagnostic LED.. Might have to consider buying one of these the next time I need to replace one.. I actually keep a spare switch while traveling..
Gdetrailer 08/12/20 08:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Breakaway Switch Confusion.

Instead of arguing perhaps do an Internet search.. What are the functions of a three wire breakaway switch.. "What are the Functions of the 3 Wires on Hopkins LED Breakaway Switch, # HM20059 Question: current brake away has only 2 wires, this one has three,black,blue,and white. will this still operate correctly? and how to wire into only 2 wires? asked by: Terry Expert Reply: You are correct, the Hopkins LED Breakaway Switch, # HM20059, does have 3 wires. The white wire is the ground wire and should be attached to the trailer frame. The blue wire on the switch will connect to the electric brake wire coming from the trailer side connector. The black wire goes to the break away battery. This part is just a switch, if you need a new system, I recommend Engager Trailer BreakAway Kit with Charger and Tester, # 20099. I have included a link to the installation details for reference. If you just need a replacement 2 wire switch, you can use Hopkins Replacement Break-Away Switch, # HM20010. On this switch, one wire splices into the electric brake wire coming from the trailer side connector. The other wire connects to the break away systems brake wire." Hopkins LED Breakaway switch HERE "LED indicator on breakaway switch lets you know the battery powered, emergency breakaway is engaged. If the plunger is removed the LED light is illuminated, indicating that there is power passing through the switch. 7" Long wires. Features: Durable pin and vehicle hook-up cable Weatherproof design LED test verifies power is being transferred to the trailer brakes Light indicates that the breakaway circuit is engaged Specs: Works with Hopkins, Tekonsha and Tow Ready Breakway systems 7" Long installation wires 48" Long cable 90-Day warranty A crucial component to a breakaway system, a breakaway switch is what activates the trailer brakes should your trailer become disconnected from the tow vehicle. 20059 LED Break Away Switch" The ground is needed if you wish to use the LED light indicator which is built into the switch. The LED lights up when the PIN is pulled to indicate if the switch is working and sending voltage to the brakes. That's it, switch will still work fine even if you do not ground that extra wire, just don't expect the LED to light in that case.
Gdetrailer 08/12/20 04:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thinking about investing in Crypto currency?

Just another form of gambling.. The "house" ALWAYS has the "odds" and will win more often than lose. The "gambler" will often lose MORE than "win". Gamble only as much as you can afford to lose..
Gdetrailer 08/11/20 03:31pm Around the Campfire
RE: First barrage with the dealer

That's one way to look at it. The other way is that I remember growing up camping in a pop up and how much I disliked being cooped up in bad weather. I love my kids and want them to enjoy the experience. I don't know about you, but I hope that my kids have an easier life than I did... not a harder life. Thankfully, I don't have to raise my family by your standards and you don't have to raise yours by mine. We spent a lot of family time together when raining. That is what board games, books, a few toys, small portable radio for music and imagination is all about, have a lot of fond memories from those experiences. We HAD to learn to "get along", we HAD to learn to share (not much space for a lot of "stuff either"), we HAD to learn cooperation. We didn't have cellphones, tablets, laptops, game devices, DVD players which are all single person devices and activities which ISOLATE them from in person human interaction. Family time is about connecting and bonding with your family, otherwise I am not really sure as to why folks spend the money on a cramped RV, after all you only are going to have only 300 square feet of space in say a 35ft RV. Sure, there were times when we had a fight or two, those fights were for only a few minutes and we HAD to learn to resolve our differences, but in the end, my brothers and sisters ARE still my family. While I am the only sibling that does camp, they have other interests which take their time and resources but we do all stay in touch. Sorry that you did not have such a good experience, perhaps you can use some of my point of view as something to consider.. Your kid's WILL grow up fast and then they will be gone from your camping experience in a flash. My only child is now in College but we have been camping since she was only 2 yrs old.. Granted it is only one child, but I wanted her to see life outside the comfy home life. Yeah, she does take a lot of electronic stuff but she does enjoy board games on those rainy days. When they are young, it can be a challenge of frustration camping but they are only young once and it does not require a big RV but they do require you as a parent to take time out of your schedule and perhaps play board games, read some books with your young kids and so on.. I AM thankful that my parents squashed us all into that little camper.
Gdetrailer 08/10/20 05:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: First barrage with the dealer

Other than full-timers do people really buy travel trailers to "Live in"? I use a camper to sleep in while I am visiting interesting and fun places. Then I am out of the trailer. Families have enjoyed tent camping for years in smaller spaces than a 25 foot travel trailer with sleeping for six. If you take longer trips and plan them in advance, you can't control everything. With a 7, 5 and 1.5 year old, rainy days can get messy and require staying indoors. Having a larger camper with sufficient room for the older kids to do a puzzle and the toddler to be contained and play is worth the extra cost in my mind. Generally we are outside, but you can't control everything. Folks now days are soft. Grew up with Mom and Dad packing all SIX of us kids into a STATION WAGON and TENTING as far as Florida the first couple of yrs we camped. The Dad bought a pickup in 1970, put a cap on the back, made a bench and table and all SIX of us kids road in the back as far as Florida and camped. Then Dad found a used 1960s TC and all SIX of us kids road in the TC.. We camped like that and it didn't kill us kids or our parents in the process. We even survived Hurricane Agnes while camping at Disney Florida. Now days parents are so bothered by their own kids they try to find the biggest monster to tow in order to keep the kids far, far away..
Gdetrailer 08/10/20 04:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air conditioner supply shortage?

Though you don’t state the running amps, either way your genny problem may in fact get resolved by adding a soft-start (or competing brand easy start - both are SCR devices) to your air conditioner, in lieu of the OEM start capacitor...Sounds like your tech didn’t offer this as a possible solution... Sounds more like the "Tech" didn't FEEL like "dealing" with the A/C or perhaps customer? OP may have made a "one and done" rant post..
Gdetrailer 08/10/20 03:05pm Tech Issues
RE: First barrage with the dealer

Oops I didn’t mean government sets MSRP... Let me re-word my question correctly: Displaying / publishing a MSRP is mandated by government isn’t it? Prove it. . What is the “Monroney Act” ? That "act" only applies to AUTOMOBILES. It does not apply or include Travel Trailers, 5th wheels, slide in campers, popups or even tents which are a completely different thing from an AUTOMOBILE. Automobile means a PASSENGER CAR, PASSENGER TRUCK, PASSENGER MOTORCYCLE. In other words something the a person drives and carries PASSENGERS. See HERE I suggest you read it carefully as it makes ZERO REFERENCES TO A RV. "The Federal Automobile Information Disclosure Act Overview of the Federal Automobile Information Disclosure Act The Federal Automobile Information Disclosure Act, or “Price Sticker Act,” requires automobile manufacturers to place stickers containing certain information on the windows of all new cars. The Act is commonly known as the “Monroney Act,” in reference to Mike Monroney, the Act’s chief sponsor in the United States Senate. The stickers required by the Act are often called “Monroney stickers.” The Act requires the manufacturer to affix the sticker on the windshield or side window of any new passenger car or station wagon before the car is delivered to a dealer. The Act prohibits the removal or alteration of the sticker prior to the sale of the car. Therefore, only the buyer of the car may remove the sticker. Contents of a Monroney Sticker The sticker must clearly and legibly state: The make, model, and serial or identification number of the car The final assembly point of the car The name, location, and place of business of the dealer to whom the car is to be delivered The name of the city or town at which the car is to be delivered to the dealer The method of transportation used in making delivery of the car, if the car is driven or towed from the final assembly point to the place of delivery The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the car The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for optional equipment installed on the car The amount charged to the dealer for the transportation of the car to the place of delivery The total amount of the last three items listed above Penalties The Federal Automobile Information Disclosure Act provides civil and criminal penalties for violations of the Act. A manufacturer that willfully fails to comply with the Act may be fined up to $ 1,000 for each violation. A person who willfully removes or alters a Monroney sticker from a car prior to its delivery to a buyer may be fined up to $ 1,000 and imprisoned for not more than one year." I have taken the liberty to highlight CAR in bold to make a point, a trailer is not a PASSENGER CAR, therefore your argument holds no weight and is a null and void argument. MSRP is a price SET by the MANUFACTURER of said item not the Government. Government does not REQUIRE MSRP to be shown. That price can be $.01 or a BILLION Dollars if the manufacturer wants to. Doesn't mean they have to give you any information.. The ONLY exception that I can think of that might fall under that "act" would be in the case of a MOTOR HOME which is a RV that has a MOTOR VEHICLE OR MOTORIZED VEHICLE AND RV and can carry passengers.
Gdetrailer 08/09/20 04:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: First barrage with the dealer

Oops I didn’t mean government sets MSRP... Let me re-word my question correctly: Displaying / publishing a MSRP is mandated by government isn’t it? Prove it. Provide a direct link to exactly WHERE it specifically states that a MSRP is mandated to be shown/displayed/published. Even IF there was such "mandate" the MANUFACTURER SETS the MSRP so in reality what difference would it make. Things like a RV are something that must be negotiated by the Dealer and the buyer in spite of what MSRP is unless you do not mind paying MSRP. The dealer and buyer must come to an agreement with a price between the invoice and MSRP that both sides are happy and comfortable with. The downside with the whole process is only the dealer has both Invoice and MSRP pricing leaving the buyer to kind of guess at the prices. But why worry about publishing the MSRP? The dealer posts it, the dealer will tell you it, but it doesn't mean you MUST pay MSRP. It is the INVOICE price that also should be transparent and the difference between the two is the negotiating room which is not published. Invoice on RVs is private between the dealer and manufacturer, buyer will never know what that is. There is nothing illegal about keeping Invoice price secret. Dealers must turn a profit, there is no way a dealer will be able to turn a profit if they buy at Invoice and sell for invoice. If you do not agree with that then perhaps you should try starting and running a business and buy all materials for invoice (wholesale) and then sell them for the same wholesale price you bought them for.. You will not stay in business for long. The OP needs to temper their expectations of what price they are willing to pay, it is possible that the OP's expectations may be higher than real world reality. Some of that comes from folks spouting off that everyone should get XX% off the MSRP. Some cases you "might" get that, more often than not you are never going to see a high percentage off like is typically spouted by most folks on the forums. Op needs to set a REALISTIC price goal that they are 100% satisfied that they can live with. Sometimes that means getting some prices elsewhere and or walking away from a deal and let the dealer sweat.. OP most likely has shown their hand and acted desperate that they NEED to buy immediately, this puts the dealer in control instead of the buyer.. They smell desperation they will not be willing to negotiate. Hence the reason to walk away. As long as the buyer can negotiate to a out the door price (all costs) BELOW the MSRP they should feel good about the deal. It is where the funny business of getting a price then the dealer starts tacking on additional costs to the bottom line driving the out the door price above MSRP that is a problem.
Gdetrailer 08/09/20 01:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: First barrage with the dealer

I know in 6-12 months the market will be better, but we are trying to get some trips in before a big trip in November. I am going to start looking at some campground options in the next day for our potential "shakedown" trips. We tend to keep things for a long time (i.e. every car we have owned we sold close to 200K miles), so not worried about selling in a year or two and necessarily being upside down. We also plan on paying more per month than what ever the financing ends up at... I know he can sell to someone else without issue as when we tried to put a hold on a unit it was gone in the 30 minutes my wife and I discussed. The subsequent one we now have the hold on happened to be inbound. I contact 40 dealers in a 5 hour radius of us and we only got 5 in-stock used or new units that meet my weight, length, and sleeping requirements. 2 were too small... Nobody knows what the market will be in 1 day from now, let alone 6-12 months from now it may be better, it may be worse. Seems to me you are putting way to much "pressure" on yourself by lining up camping "opportunities" and not having a RV to camp in. STOP. RESET. You are driving yourself crazy because of the pressure that you are putting yourself under. The proverbial "putting the cart before the horse". PUSH OUT your camping until you actually physically have a RV, then do a few "backyard" camping in your driveway or literally in your back yard. Heck, my DW and I have been camping for almost 20 yrs and this is the first year we have PUSHED out all of our camping until next Summer due to the C thing. You are not missing one thing other than the pressure, headaches and misery you are putting yourself under. If your REALLY feel you MUST camp this year, start looking at USED RVs, there are PLENTY of used RVs OR EVEN RENT A RV once or twice. Dig around CL, always plenty of those on CL to choose from. This also gives you a chance to review what you like, don't like or find you might want in a new one and allows for you to have more time to strike a deal that you can live with for a new unit.
Gdetrailer 08/09/20 11:14am Travel Trailers
RE: First barrage with the dealer

MSRP is a government mandated requirement isn't it? No. That would be GSRP, GOVERNMENT SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE. Last time I checked, we ARE still United States Of America and government does not set the prices or "mandate" the prices we pay for things like RVs.. Pretty much USA works on SUPPLY AND DEMAND unlike some other countries. Not enough supply for the demand and prices stay high, too much supply and prices drop. RV manufacturers just like any other manufacturer has TWO prices, Suggested Retail (MSRP) and INVOICE (the price the DEALER pays to buy from the manufacturer). INVOICE ALWAYS LOWER than the RETAIL. Dealers goal is to get RETAIL OR MORE whenever possible. There are times when the dealer CAN sell for less than Invoice, typically happens when manufacturer is trying to clear out old or slow moving models. At those times Manufacturer may offer dealer certain "Incentives" like cash back or "spiffs" to dealer to sweeten the deal. Those incentives in the RV world are not offered to the public unlike auto sales. Dealer may also get bonus money from manufacturer at the end of year depending on how much sales were generated for the manufacturer. No matter how much they whine about not making money on a sale they do have wiggle room in the price between Invoice and MSRP to earn enough money to pay sales people, keep the lights on, pay lot rent, pay inventory carry costs and yes even make a profit. Dealers do pad the bill by adding on extra charges like DOC prep fees and in the case of the OP, Freight??? Those are pure profits..
Gdetrailer 08/09/20 10:56am Travel Trailers
RE: First barrage with the dealer

So a couple basic questions: 1) Do I believe the $1,000 profit and if true is that typical/reasonable for an RV sale? 2) If I calculate out the total cost (MSRP + freight + fees), the current offer from the dealer is 19.25% off...while I know in the "ol'days" 25-30% could be the norm, I question if it is now. For reference the other two models are the: - Gulfstream Kingsport Ultrlite 247ABH - Jayco Jay Flight 224BH I am opening up the flood gates to the thoughts and opinions of all of you... Thank you. RVs are difficult to gauge on pricing. You will never see the "invoice price" as it is proprietary and the dealer is not allowed to publish or show you as part of their agreement with the RV manufacturer. Factory SETS the "MSRP" which is why it is "Manufacturers SUGGESTED Retail Price" as a recommendation. Dealer can sell it for pretty much any price they wish to but they MUST sell it for MORE than what it costs them to buy, have shipped and the floor costs (loans they may take out to buy inventory). Taxes there is nothing you can do to get out of those.. Fees, some places pad the fees with excessive "doc" or "paperwork prep", those you might be able to negotiate some what. So, in reality, the dealer is giving you some song and dance, there is no reason for the dealer to add on additional freight charges. There is plenty of wiggle room from what the dealer pays for the RV AND the shipping cost to get you well below the MSRP. Freight on your side of the deal should be transparent, you should not be seeing that and any dealer tacking that on is padding the price of the RV.. Find a different dealer and get a second price.. And by the way, they DO make much more than $1,000, that is an old tactic often used by car dealers.. They would never be able to stay open if that is all they made on a $20K sale..
Gdetrailer 08/08/20 09:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Converter 2001 Fleetwood Prowler 26ft

Did you check UNDER the breaker panel? Assuming you have a combo 120V breaker and 12V fuse panel.. Most breaker panels will have a hidden section under the breakers, typically you will need to remove some screws to remove the entire front door and lower panel which will reveal the converter.. You may have an older transformer based converter or a more modern style single stage switching power supply. There are replacement multi stage switching power supply converters which are kinder on your batteries that should fit inside the space where the old one was. Should look a bit like this when you remove the entire front cover.. height=300 width=300 The bottom section IS the converter.
Gdetrailer 08/08/20 08:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Opinion on model of TT

ford truck guy..I have actually been to a lot of previous shows and hope to see one the year if the big C settles down. I'm still leaning towards a trailer that's a couple of years old..Let the previous owner deal with the depreciation and repairs hopefully. lynnmor..IT's the 3.5 EcoBoost, with trailer package bringing it to 12700 lbs. And Deb and Ed..Thanks for the link I will have a look. Cheers Al Ah, yes. But the limiting factors on a 1/2-ton are payload and rear axle rating. Both of these can be found on the driver side door pillar. I had a F150 with the 3.5EB. When it was time for a new truck by the time I added all the heavy tow options to the F150 I made the jump to the F250. X2! I know the Eco brings a lot to the table with the turbo but unfortunately adding the Eco option PLUS Max Tow/Payload options you are now at the same price or higher than a nicely equipped F250 with a 6.2.. For instance, we ordered a 2020 F250 4x2 XLT valuepackage Supercab short bed. Has 3,500 lb payload without any needs for any packages like Max Tow/Payload to boost the cargo rating. Our price out the door was $45K with taxes, title, destination charges.. 4x4 would add some cost at about $3K but that is still cheaper than a F150 with Eco and max tow/Payload. Not going to get a F150 Eco with Max Tow/Payload for less than that price.. I HAVE configured a lot of different combinations of F150s and you would have to lose Max tow/Payload and Eco to get under the price I paid for my F250. Folks get scared of the size, well F150s now days SHARE the same cab and bed as F250/350 so no difference there.. There is a difference in Height, F150s are a few inches lower.. Mileage, well yeah, F250 6.2 isn't going to get you 20+ MPG EMPTY, but it does do pretty well at 16-16.5 MPG empty.. Towing mileage, well that is where even the ECO falls flat, you won't be getting 20+ MPG towing, no, you will be much closer to 9-10 MPG which is exactly THE SAME as a F250! Kicking the turbo in really sucks down the fuel under heavy loads..
Gdetrailer 08/08/20 09:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer "dolly"

Oh thank god! I was worried about your wife! Yes you would want a powered trailer dolly! Even POWERED trailer dollies can be questionable. You MUST have a decently FLAT surface for them AND they MUST have some sort of BRAKING system or Brake controller to control the trailer brakes. Most powered movers are not good on grass, some might work on gravel but ideally NEED to be used ON PAVEMENT. The BETTER designed movers are not cheap either. But myself, there is no way I would be willing to put my body in front of a trailer weighing above 500 lbs using even powered dollies, my life is more important than any silly RV. Not sure why OP thinks they need one, a front mounted trailer hitch on a vehicle CAN turn a trailer on a dime and it will cost far less than any powered dolly, not to mention not putting ones body into harms way. Personally, I would attempt to find good parking that does not require convoluted and difficult moves. Myself, I am lucky to be able to pull right through my front yard and park the trailer.. Not quite so lucky with my Flat bed trailer, have to drive slightly past my driveway and back it in and down the sloped driveway and into a parking spot beside my garage.. Many ways of getting it done and if this is the first trailer for the OP, PRACTICE is key to moving a trailer into tight spots.. Find a large open parking lot in a shopping center after hrs or before hrs and practice fitting it into a parking space.
Gdetrailer 08/07/20 09:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer "dolly"

Disaster averted!
Gdetrailer 08/07/20 07:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air conditioner supply shortage?

When all the OEM's shut down in April, that also meant RVP which are made in Wichita Kansas. So, once the Elkhart Indiana factories started back up, there IS a shortage of RVP AC units as RVP had to start back up also and start producing units. There is a shortage of all appliances due to the Covid 19 problem. Doug X2 on the home fridges and appliances shortages! Right now folks better hope that none of their home appliances quit, difficult to find any store that can order fridges.. Most are selling only what they had in their warehouses and as they run out, you are out of luck.. Heck even something as simple as buying Diet MT Dew or Diet Coke it is getting difficult to find some versions and brands in stores right now..
Gdetrailer 08/07/20 07:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Air conditioner supply shortage?

Aluminum, steel, copper and even many plastics are increasingly getting short on supplies due to many companies getting shut down. Most A/C systems will use a lot of those materials and may be having issues getting enough of those materials. Additionally, the A/C manufacturers themselves may be operating on very limited manpower due to mandatory 6ft spacing on the Manufacturers production floor like pretty much every other business now days. This results in far lower manufacturing production. You do not mention what gen you are using and does your A/C work from normal commercial power? Did your gen previously operate the A/C without problems? Reason I ask is if the A/C operates fine on commercial power then the issue might just be your gen OR other loads that may be running in your RV. If your gen is a 2Kw gen, that is a marginal at best size which may or may not be enough to consistently handle a 13.5K A/C unit. Some folks have been able to get 2Kw gens to work, but in reality to do that they must turn off the converter, the water heater element, set the fridge to run from gas only.. Realistically you need at least 3Kw gen to reliably start a 13.5K A/C with other loads turned on in your RV.. Did your shop give you a starting and running current number of the A/C unit?
Gdetrailer 08/07/20 04:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Trailer "dolly" height=300 width=300 While the pix I am showing is not the one in your link (Etrailer pictures do not hot link very well) that looks like an extremely sketchy and absolutely dangerous device. Are you on 100% flat land? Any slight slope and you will find yourself easily outmatched by even a several thousand pound trailer.. Once it starts rolling, not much a 200 or 300 lb person will be able to stop.. Even on absolutely flat land and on concrete or asphalt, do you really feel confidant that you will be able to even start to roll several thousand pounds? I use hand pallet jacks all the time at work, on concrete which is flat and level, it is back breaking work to move a pallet weighing over a thousand pounds. This device has no brakes, depends on your own body weight to lift and hold the tongue. Unless it is an empty boat trailer, these types of devices should be passed on. Really, if you must hand move your trailer, you WILL want some sort of electrically powered mover WITH BRAKE CONTROL. Otherwise, I would suggest a decent lawn and garden tractor with a hitch or put a hitch on the FRONT of your vehicle..
Gdetrailer 08/07/20 03:32pm Travel Trailers
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