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RE: Motor Home GPS Phone AP

I have an old CoPilot RV app that allows me to input the height of the RV to avoid low bridges and propane restricted tunnels. I paid $6.99 on sale. It is way better than my previous Garmin's which had to be updated and costs a small fortune. It can switch between RV travel and tow car travel.
Gjac 06/16/22 07:28am Technology Corner
RE: Quiet door latch

I'm not familiar with how your latch is made but the one I have and many others on here have is the Trimark door latch. The latch itself is made from a Zinc alloy some call it pot metal which is very weak and breaks easily especially when constantly slamming the door. I have replaced or repaired mine 3 times over the years. The last repair was adding a steel plate to join the broken pieces together and it is holding up well. If the latch itself is nonmagnetic it is made from this zinc alloy and not steel.
Gjac 06/16/22 07:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Charging 6v golf cart batteries?

What is the max amp output on your charger? For my 2 6v GC batteries I charge at 40 amps, when batteries are 50% depleted. You can buy a portable 40 amp charger for about $100 or so. Depending how your trailer is wired, and the age of the trailer most will draw from the battery when plugged into shore power and the battery acts like a filter. When you are plugged into shore power check the voltage at your batteries you may already have a built in charger. If so your voltage should read 13 volts plus. Most trailers and MH's have a built in charger. Maybe someone on here is more familiar with your trailer and give you a more detailed answer.
Gjac 06/06/22 01:11pm Tech Issues
RE: 2004 Class A gasser

For your choice of a 2004 MH all things being equal I would go with the WH chassis. Ford did not come out with the higher rated engine until 2006. The Chevy engine in the WH chassis had more HP than the Ford and more torque at a lower RPM and a better transmission. Check for maintenance records and that recall notices were performed.
Gjac 06/01/22 08:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Nearly impossible to get Class C Chassis serviced?

The problem is worst when you break down away from home, especially in summer when many people are traveling and can't find a shop to work on it. Think about waiting 1.5 months to get an appointment while on vacation. The larger your MH the harder it is to find a place away from home.
Gjac 05/31/22 09:49am Beginning RVing
RE: Winter 2023

I liked San Padre Island. You can camp right on the beach or stay in a NF CG. We stayed in the CG. The sand is hard packed and we drove our tow car on it, many drove their RV's and camped right on the beach and fished. I also liked the hill country also, interesting caves in that area.
Gjac 05/29/22 05:12am Full-time RVing
RE: I Need auto park brake mechanic near Waco.

Check the green pressure switch they often leak and require replacement. If you take off the access plate you can see it look for transmission fluid on the switch. Also check the fluid level.
Gjac 05/25/22 08:07pm Tech Issues
RE: catalytic converter stolen

Just had mine stolen in my car 2 days ago at a mall about 4:00 PM. That same day when I talked to the cop that made the report, said 5 were stolen in the same area that day. He said these are organized rings doing it. Muffler shop that replaced mine said he replaced 40 since the beginning of this year. Cost $1480 to replace it, my cost was a $500 deductible. You would think that it would be done at night away from people and cameras, but this is happening in the middle of the day in parking lots because the closeness of the parked cars blocks the view from what they are doing.
Gjac 05/13/22 03:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: My key fob quit working

Batteries Plus will fix and reprogram older key fobs. Newer ones require going back to the dealer.
Gjac 05/10/22 06:17am Tech Issues
RE: onan marquis 7000 generator /no start

I don't know what kind of choke you have but mine is a Bi-metal spring that opens up once the engine warms up. What kind of a choke do you have? Try adjusting or resetting the choke to where it starts. From your description it only starts when the choke is closed or on. From there it should open as the engine warms up. How old is your genset?
Gjac 05/08/22 01:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Small Class C on a Ford 350 vs Transit chassis

If the PC is 3 times what you paid in 2007 that would be about $180K.I many have exaggerated a bit. A brand new PC 2100, fully optioned as they are all built today, I have seen priced at Camper's Inn for around $160k. I don't know if you can negotiate downward in this currently hot motorhome market. Wait until the COVID craze has passed. I am all but certain the prices will drop dramatically on new and used motorhomes of every brand and kind. It is NOT a good time buy a new or used motorhome, only a good time to get out from owning one. I don't know about towables. Every time I drive by my area RV dealers, their lots are loaded with them which tells me they are over-stocked. Maybe the prices on them have come down off the clouds to help move them. I really don't know, just an assumption on my part. Yes, that was my plan to wait. I think not only prices will come down but people that bought RV's on a whim will have to sell them, depending on how bad this recession is. It is a good time to research and see what is out there and what would fit the way one likes to camp/travel.
Gjac 05/07/22 09:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: onan marquis 7000 generator /no start

the fuel is just a dribble......i did bypass the pump and put a inline electric pump on it straight to the carb......did the same thing.... Are you saying the inline pump produced just a dribble also?
Gjac 05/06/22 03:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Small Class C on a Ford 350 vs Transit chassis

One thing is for sure everything is a tradeoff especially with a small MH. In a larger Class A, storage is better, FW is usually 60 gals or more, more living space inside and at least a Queen bed. People complain about the ride on both the C and A Ford chassis and many suspension mods to fix the ride, that is why I started looking at the Transit based MH. I would prefer a naturally aspirated engine also, and 350 HP vs the 310 hp. I purposely chose a new Rav 4 over the new CRV because the CRV had the turbo, however many people like their 3.5 engines in a truck and vans. Cost is another tradeoff. If the PC is 3 times what you paid in 2007 that would be about $180K. Is it twice as good as a similar sized C and worth the extra $100k? Like you said what are the inconveniences you can live with and get used to get something else that is more important.
Gjac 05/06/22 10:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Small Class C on a Ford 350 vs Transit chassis Do you know what the Pheonix Cruiser costs?
Gjac 05/05/22 07:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: onan marquis 7000 generator /no start

Sounds like you need to adjust the choke. Did you remove the inlet hose to the carb to see how much gas is squirting out? Is it a steady stream, is it intermittent with air coming out also or does it come out as a dribble?
Gjac 05/05/22 06:32pm Tech Issues
RE: onan marquis 7000 generator /no start

You said than no fuel is getting to the generator. Did you verify this by disconnecting the fuel line to the carburetor and turning over engine and seeing if any fuel squirts out? If nothing comes out, I would insert the fuel pick up line into a gal of gas and do the same thing. If no fuel comes out check the fuel pump. This of course assumes your fuel level is high enough to reach the pickup tube. Gas in your mouth will tell you that as someone has already suggested.
Gjac 05/05/22 07:19am Tech Issues
RE: Small Class C on a Ford 350 vs Transit chassis

The Phoenix Cruiser 2100 is similar to that BT Cruiser 5210, but is 11" shorter, 3" more narrow, and 5" lower. Its beauty is that it fits in a regular parking spot. It is also "fully featured" just like typical class C motorhomes. Nothing is micro-sized to get everything to fit. You can take a real shower, have a real fridge and freezer, a real furnace and all the rest. Adding the "quality" of a Phoenix Cruiser and model 2100 would be my recommendation. If you cannot afford a new one, consider a used one. The main disadvantages of the PC 2100 and BT 5210 is the lack of storage, 26 gals FW, 138 WB and sleeping arrangements. The PC is on a 450 chassis I imagine the ride would be rather harsh without some suspension mods. I could not find a price on a new PC, have you seen a price to compare? The list price on a Transit CBT was $89k.
Gjac 05/05/22 06:43am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Temperature sender/sensor... 7.3L

So the one has 5vdc. THe other is ground and measures about 10 ohms from it to something on the block. When I ground and open the +5v line the gauge reads zero hot to pegged hot (grounded). If you set your meter to ohms and touch the positive and negative lead together what do you read? This is what you should read when you touch the terminal end to the engine block to check ground. Your meter may be off some that is why I say it should be the same.
Gjac 05/03/22 07:06am Tech Issues
RE: 1989 Ford 460 E 350 not running, need help

You are all great, thank you for the input. To expand on the second paragraph as someone suggested, it is when I rev the motor in neutral that it settles. And other than the rattle that settles, it seems “normal”. As far as the behavior when driving, it slowly, gradually loses power until I’m creeping along in the shoulder, then the tow truck. My thinking tells me if it was a catastrophic failure in the engine, as was my first thought, then it wouldn’t run at all. My home made other demands on my time this weekend (can you say garbage disposal?), so I have not gotten under the rig yet. If I understand your post correctly, it starts fine runs fine for a while then gradually loses power until the engine dies? How long does it run fine for at hiway speeds? Hours or just until engine comes up to temperature? When was the last time the in tank fuel pump was replaced? How many miles ago?
Gjac 05/02/22 07:52am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Temperature sender/sensor... 7.3L

I didn’t try measuring that since it is a 2 wire situation. Ground matters in this situation? Yes one wire is positive and has volts which you measured, the other should be the ground wire. Set your meter to ohms and measure from the terminal to the engine block and see what you get, if anything.
Gjac 05/01/22 07:59pm Tech Issues
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