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RE: Dump Station Observations

The frequency at which tanks fall out of TTs and 5ers negates me willing to tow another 1000 lbs home more than 50 miles. You will find when reading septic recommendations most say do not dump large amounts all at once into a home system. 1000lbs is a lot of black waste. You sure your camper holds that much or are you full of some of that?? Lol And I’m talking black tank. A “leaky” valve on the gray tank, rig parked in the back 40 while eating a leisurely lunch can take care of some of the grey water weight if you’re that concerned
Grit dog 12/03/20 10:28am General RVing Issues
RE: E rated tire with max psi of 65?

@Burb. I’d say 285-75s or 295-70s would be more ideal based on your OE rims. And that’s about the point where capacity maxes out without going to 12” range width tires which “should” have wider rims. FWIW, I ran 275-65-20s last set on the 07 Ram with OE 20” Ram wheels. Mainly because I’m cheap and that size isn’t so popular and $200/tire was hard to pass up for Firestone MTs. Those were all that was needed to hold up the white whale on the old Dodge. So know that you can get by with anything from the 275s on up.
Grit dog 12/03/20 10:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: E rated tire with max psi of 65?

And we’ve all had experiences we learned from. I learned about the right width rims for tires and right pressure for treadwear at the same time, same truck, 1 set of tires. Put a nice set of 33-12.50 mudders on some 17x8 rims. Bit narrow but not bad. Then moved to Phoenix and kept them aired up more than needed, for mileage (good roads, smooth), minimize scrub on the super hot pavement etc. thought they were the worst tires ever. Wore out in maybe 25k miles of kid carrying duties. Just the center of the treads. Getting new tires, and commented how bad the Mickey Thompson s were and tire guy asked what pressures. I told him and he pointed out the error in my ways.
Grit dog 12/03/20 10:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: E rated tire with max psi of 65?

We are all knowledgeable, but does not mean correct every time! If you read Burb's link, it has some good info, concerning his tires, tread, etc. It does show a little more on road capable, than off. Do you truly know Capri, or just read of his own drum beating? Hope no relationship involved!:) Roger Marble was more knowledgeable, and also had more RV type experience. Too bad, he was banned here! Grit...just curious...why does it often take a day or more, for your posts to show up? Your post above, did not take that long, but was blank for a while? are a knowledgeable gear head, and like me, a person who has over used trucks, and tires, while I don't recommend either. Jerry Idk why my posts show up late to the party. Haven’t really noticed. But one above may have been in quarantine by the mod! Lol I don’t know Capri, but everything he’s posted that I’ve read appears to be truth and in depth knowledge. But this is the internet. I could be more FOS than the next guy. Opinions are worth exactly what they’re worth. Although I’ve learned a lot from the “right” opinions and a fief amount from the “wrong” ones too! Cheers MFL! And the rest of ya too...
Grit dog 12/03/20 10:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: When is weight distribution needed?

Pulling some weight off the front axle of a heavy diesel is not an issue. Does the same truck handle worse with a gas engine that weighs 500lbs less? There’s your answer. You’d have to have a he!! Of a tongue weight to loose 500lbs off the steering tires. Let er rip!
Grit dog 12/03/20 09:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 Ram 3500 H.O.

"Most of us on this forum know that the Powwrstroke is a better engine than the Cummins so our opinions are not affected by advertising." HUH??? I think he mis spelled it. He meant Cummings! Lol
Grit dog 12/03/20 09:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Holtville LTVA fire

Poor fellar. Living in a van, then it burns. Horrible. Hope he perserveres!
Grit dog 12/03/20 09:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Does anyone use an aftermarket Tire pressure system?

I had the factory one on my truck disabled. :) Not to hijack the thread, but was goin to say the same thing. I programmed out the screen popping up telling me my pressure is too low when it actually is correct! I actually like TPMS, TPIS, but one thing to remember is yes it will alert you to a slow leak, but it’s never called anyone and said “you’re about the have a blowout in 30 seconds, pull over!”
Grit dog 12/03/20 09:46am Truck Campers
RE: Dodge 1999 3500 Lamarie dually

Just a quick look on CL within 200mi of here, and there’s literally dozens of nice looking potential cream puff older duallys. Have to find the person who’s given up on their 20 year old truck being worth $15-20k but such is life. May even consider the cost of shipping across the border. If you find the right one around here, there are many knowledgeable members of this forum in this area you may be able to get to check them out for you. I’d go scope one out for you for 1 quart of good dark maple syrup from back East!!
Grit dog 12/03/20 09:43am Truck Campers
RE: Dodge 1999 3500 Lamarie dually

FWIW, parts availability both body and mechanical are imo, not an issue for most anything from the last 40+ years. As long as it’s not some defunct pos platform like a K car! Lol. Until recently, our daily’s were 10+ years old and have a 35 year old truck and a 47 year old jeep and have had little to no issue getting virtually any part needed for any of them. Am having issues finding the right gas filler hoses for the 86 GMC though. But that’s about it.
Grit dog 12/03/20 09:34am Truck Campers
RE: Dodge 1999 3500 Lamarie dually

^ Well that’s good to hear and appears that you are making a much more informed decision than I had assumed. If you’re comfortable with the mechanical condition, then that’s the most important part of the equation. Good luck if you purchase it. Thanks for your input. I am not sure If I will buy it because I am perfectionist and I know it is a 20 year truck but I want my truck without rust and perforation. I will use this truck mostly for a truck camper. Like you said previously, I could spend major bucks for the body work and probably later on for the drivetrain. It will be a sunken cost. My final question is: even with a perfect body, is a 3500 2x4 V10 dually of that year worth about $ 10000 CAD or $ 7500 USD ? I guess if the engine was a Cummins, then the answer would be YES ? Thanks Again, You are correct. Although a V10 perfect shape decent miles would probably bring $5-7k us or so. 2wd kills the price. Since across the border travel and transactions are somewhere between difficult and impossible, like I suggested earlier, look at the wet side of lower mainland BC. Those will be the “good” trucks in Canada. Just watch out for ex oil field trucks if you’re looking at newer models. If you’re a perfectionist, then the truck you’re looking at will always be a heap. As soon as you “fix” what you were proposing, rust will pop up elsewhere. You’ll keep chasing it and sinking $ and time into it. IMO it’s never a winning proposition to repair rust on a daily driver. Only if the entire vehicle is tore down, and /or it becomes a garage queen. Otherwise you’ll keep chasing it. And the mechanical stuff is more of a challenge with everything rusted up on the chassis.
Grit dog 12/03/20 09:30am Truck Campers
RE: Dodge 1999 3500 Lamarie dually

Pricing is always regional thing, but what I can compare is me selling pickups in California. 16 yo diesel trucks with no signs of corrosion, no leaks - sold for $4000 range. High mileage, but both were famous 7.3l powerstrokes. My 2006 dually with "not so famous 6l" trade at 10 years of age for $4200. Again, no corrosion, no leaks. Maybe you should consider travel? You’re delusional. Send me adds of decent 16 year old diesels, even 6.0no trucks, no rust, running and no leaks for $4k and I’ll wire you the money for 10 of them, so I can get rich selling them. My old Dodge was a special case, last of the 5.9, 6 speed handshaker, mega cab and BLACK and I just got $27k for it with 180k miles. Even old OBS Powerstrokes go for $7-15k around here depending on condition. I do agree, with traveling for the right old truck though. Cheap airfare and the internet make it much easier to find what you’re looking for.
Grit dog 12/03/20 09:22am Truck Campers
RE: the ultimate truck camper truck.

Had a 1974 GMC with the 454 for years..Awesome truck.. Dads second truck when I was growing up was a ‘74 Camper Special 454. As a little kid I loved that truck. So did dad I’m pretty sure. It was our hot rod, complete with dual 3” chrome side pipes! Sadly it was a pile of rust in under 10 years.... thanks Chicago!
Grit dog 12/03/20 09:15am Truck Campers
RE: the ultimate truck camper truck.

Need the “like” button for spectras last post! That’s some serious wheelin for a big truck on stock suspension! Idk about new trucks not being that tough. I think you’ve already proved that wrong. Your white truck is still basically like new with how many miles. Bottom line, “most” trucks are durable. The biggest variable is how they’re taken care of...
Grit dog 12/03/20 09:12am Truck Campers
RE: New project - 2016 AF 1140

I was not familiar with the 1140 model. I like that layout....with the “spacious” kitchen. If you’re only adding about an inch to the height that ain’t bad. AFAIK, all the older flat roof AF campers are the same height and the newer dome roofs are as well, but a few inches taller. Ours was just over 12’ to top of AC on a stock height 3/4 ton Dodge with 34” tires. Would clear 12’ door with no air in the bags, so your measurements sound right. Cool project.
Grit dog 12/03/20 09:06am Truck Campers
RE: When is weight distribution needed?

Short answer, you’re good. Long answer, still good. Unless it’s one of those trailers that just pulls like c rap, but not likely.
Grit dog 12/02/20 10:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: the ultimate truck camper truck.
Grit dog 12/02/20 10:01pm Truck Campers
RE: the ultimate truck camper truck.

I'm grateful that they don't build them like they used to. Eh they’re pretty tough. Redoing a 86 Camper Special right now. Super solid truck. I love that old commercial btw. Wish ours was a 70s model!
Grit dog 12/02/20 10:00pm Truck Campers
RE: New project - 2016 AF 1140

Nice camper! Be careful of the solar panels and low overheads. You’ll be over 13’ tall for sure. Looks like you got it from the Northwest eh?
Grit dog 12/02/20 09:47pm Truck Campers
RE: E rated tire with max psi of 65?

Where are all the tire engineers when you need them? My wag is that these tires are designed as onroad/offroad, so even though e-rated, a lesser max pressure is best for the hybrid use, that the tread and sidewalls are designed for. JMO, but I'd not use a wider tire, than what the rim is designed for. Jerry So here I am. It's a long story why some E Load Range tires have a max pressure of 65 psi, but it deals with the burst pressure - ergo larger sized tires will have the lower pressure. It has nothing to do with onroad/offroad. This is not unique to E Load range tires. And just to assure some folks: The burst pressure of a tire is many times the max pressure. Tires do NOT burst based solely on the pressure. They will burst if they hit an object hard enough, regardless of the actual pressure in the tire. They'll also burst if cut deep enough to cut cords! One of our hundreds of tire engineers showed up! Thanks for chiming in. While you SAY burst pressure the reason, then add that burst is many times the max pressure, it would seem that 80 psi rather than 65 psi, would not cause burst. I disagree with the off/road design, as provided in OPs link, not being a factor. In my experience with off/road motorcycles and the oem tires, they are designed to use lower pressure. Not sure if CapriRacer has off/road experience, or schooled knowledge of this particular tire, or just making a wag of his own? Google, our modern day TE may have best answer, for anyone wanting to search! ;) Jerry No, Capri is knowledgeable and correct. And real world, Burbs tires aired up a bit over max, while not the healthiest for tread wear maybe, likely handled better than at 65psi. I’m no tire engineer, just a dumb gear head civil engineer who has been thrashing light duty trucks for a lot of years in construction. And as part of that, when I have a new 1/2 ton with piddly P or XL tires and am hauling heavy trailers, I’ll air up the 44 or 50 psi rear tires about 10 psi or so over max and enjoy the better handling aspects of a stiffer tire with the load. That said, I do understand buddy pressure anecdotally and realize that there’s an increased chance of a blowout from a road hazard.
Grit dog 12/02/20 09:25am Tow Vehicles
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