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RE: Ram Reduces Max Tow Ratings

The point was Ram hasn’t just randomly revised and lowered their tow ratings, regardless of whether those yootoob ding dongs think they have or not. But it is good for clicks! They did succeed at that.
Grit dog 02/03/23 08:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Effect of no absorption on LiFePo4?

If I've posted something that isn't correct please feel free to correct it. I'd like to know if I'm spreading wrong information. Not you, bud.
Grit dog 02/03/23 07:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Effect of no absorption on LiFePo4?

Who is judging if the thread and questions are worthwhile to discuss? And then posts this drivel... Well I try to stay away from the unprovoked personal attacks, but I can understand your jealousy of me/my truck. It’s ok…as unprofessional as it might be on your part. But I’m not sorry if it’s just triggering you because it gets HORRIBLE gas mileage! Lol.
Grit dog 02/03/23 07:52pm Tech Issues
RE: How to keep a TC from being stolen when not on the truck?

This be a funny thread…
Grit dog 02/03/23 07:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Ram Reduces Max Tow Ratings

Wow, I could expect cabin fever to be setting in, in the PNW or AK. But not in Texas…. I just gotta figure out how these folks make money just being try hards on YooToob, lol.
Grit dog 02/03/23 01:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 24 feet versus 26' dilemma, have to decide fast

Uhh this horse has been dead for a while now….
Grit dog 02/03/23 01:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Recurve R3 vs Equalizer E2

I bet the E4 will work awesome! Since ya kinda don’t need a wdh anyway….
Grit dog 02/03/23 09:13am Towing
RE: Roadtrip by car vs RV, a couple of thoughts...

Y’all crack me up!
Grit dog 02/03/23 09:08am General RVing Issues
RE: 1" to 3/8" thread adapter?

So it’s NPT for the big side? What about the 3/8 thread? If it’s NPT then you could just bush it down. That pipe cap will only get maybe 2 or 3 full threads due to the thickness of material. Is that enough to hold it?
Grit dog 02/02/23 08:34am Tech Issues
RE: New Super Duty on order

Sucks gas? No way! Just ask the 20mpg empty guy who posted here a couple days ago! Lol
Grit dog 02/02/23 08:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Super Duty on order

3.73s will pull 12k fine. But get 4.30s because you can and it will pull better for basically free.
Grit dog 02/02/23 08:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: New (to us) 2500 Suburban

Was thinking about this yesterday as I was following a new Escalade El and a new Burb Premier side by side down the road. Burb had a hitch stuck in the receiver. Thought there’s a guy who probably wishes he had a HD to haul all his wifes **** on camping trips!
Grit dog 02/02/23 08:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: New (to us) 2500 Suburban

But as dad pointed out. Just another reason our govt, as great of a country as it is, is so utterly wasteful it’s sickening……can’t wait to support them again this year soon (tax time….) $3.6M a piece to make 10 HD Subs? Just like the old $1000hammers! Isn’t this what Duraburb does for like $50k BYOS ( bring your own suburban), minus the bulletproof glass and cool radios?
Grit dog 02/02/23 08:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Wiring 4 awg charging wire to upgrade 8 awg factory wire.

You want to connect to the opposite terminal on the ACR from the one that goes to the batteries like I said earlier. But the easy way to figure it out is check continuity of the existing wiring. Mine has 4 awg on both the line and load terminals - and yet, the wire from the truck is only 8awg. Odd. But I am of the understanding that I should remove the ACR completely and replace it with this MPPT/DC-DC charger. If so, I would just move the load cables from the ACR to the charger and run a new 4 or 6 awg directly from the tuck battery straight to the line, or incoming, terminal on the charger. Am I misunderstanding? Ok yeah that’s weird as I can’t think of where the 8ga in would be spliced to a 4ga before the ACR. ACR should be first thing in line. It’s just an automatic disconnect from the truck 12v power. ACR is just a voltage sensing relay. If it sees +13.6v or charging voltage when the truck is running, from the source it latches and provides power. If not it unhooks from the truck when the engine isn’t running. DC DC charger could run after the ACR but ii presume they already perform that function.
Grit dog 02/01/23 11:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Old truck, new look…

^This ones “loose” too. Got the trademark Mark VI cold piston clearance and sometimes it gulps a little oil. Another skill for the boy. He’s never experienced any of our vehicles that “use” oil. Never heard or seen me harping on checking oil. Now he’s got an old Tahoe that inhales oil (gotta fix it I think faulty pcv) and this truck. Good learning experience. He got a Low Oil light in the Tahoe once. Told him his truck doesn’t have that nanny. It’ll run fine until it doesn’t….
Grit dog 02/01/23 05:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New (to us) 2500 Suburban

Perfect vehicle! LS and 6 speed trans….. And folks say they wouldn’t sell if someone made a HD suv again…. If HD SUVs were selling well before, the manufacturers never would have discontinued them. Don't give me this baloney about EPA or whatever... They would have found a way to make it work if there was enough money involved. I agree with you. 15 years ago. And I believe the newer crew cab pickup market played a hand in it too. And about emissions standards. Heck give ‘em a 11k gvwr and kick them into the next category. Now they’re all used up. The few nice ones left are disappearing quickly. And big SUVs are as popular today as they ever were. I still think at least one of the big 3 could clean up for a few years making a 3/4-1ton long wheelbase suv again. Big gasser and a big diesel option. For me? Nope. But they’d sell like hotcakes in UT, ID and AZ at a minimum! No one with more than 3 kids can buy a new rig capable of pulling a big trailer for over a decade now.
Grit dog 02/01/23 05:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel to Gas Power Observation

^Agree, not even a contest. Like comparing the taste of a basketball and a watermelon just be use they’re both round and the same size. A good exhaust brake on a smaller displacement diesel will blow the doors off the biggest gasser under your hood in grade braking. Hands down.
Grit dog 02/01/23 05:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel to Gas Power Observation

^At least GM will get a 10 speed to go with the lowest powered gasser, next year. But bottom line all the gassers now with 8-10speed gear boxes pull real well compared to anything in the past. 10 speeds is the practical limit though. Actually 9 is. My 10 speed half ton is only about 150rpms between 9 and 10. Virtually imperceptible and it never really downshifts to 9th. If you need a downshift from 9th it hits 8th right away.
Grit dog 02/01/23 02:36pm Tow Vehicles

No beatings here. Again, I watch fuel economy about as much as I watch what I eat…(in the Mc Ds drive thru atm). But I have hand calculated a few times on a few vehicles. Usually when bored on a road trip and never been way out of whack like some claim. Although I know how to properly adjust for tire size etc.
Grit dog 02/01/23 02:29pm Towing
RE: Diesel to Gas Power Observation

^What he said.
Grit dog 02/01/23 11:30am Tow Vehicles
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