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RE: timbrens

The differences between them and airbags are that they do nothing until contacting the axle and they are more abrupt and support more weight than airbags at low pressure which yours likely are. Have only used them as half tons to effectively double or more what the truck could carry without bottoming out, and ultimate comfort was not my goal, but found them to be quite durable and simple. I guess effective, but not as luxurious as airbags is a good description.
Grit dog 01/22/20 11:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla camp mode

That's great. With my generator humming I may even be able to get the battery charged up enough to drive back home when we're done camping. Hauling fuel and a generator along to charge my electric truck seems to somewhat defeat the purpose, though. No, silly. Can you imagine a Tesla rolling down the highway with a Honda 2k and a jerry can of unleaded strapped to a hitch rack off the back bumper? No self respecting leaf lickin, tree huggin, courderoy wearing, liberal environmentalist would be caught dead like that. The camp mode is for when you’re camped out at the charging station napping before the next 150mi leg of your journey to your next campsite, I mean charging station. Not like you can plug these things into trees ya know!
Grit dog 01/22/20 05:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cruise testing, I would be uncomfortable

^ That's funny!
Grit dog 01/22/20 07:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need Help with Utility Trailer Decision

If you go with a wood deck, I would request 5/4" PT deck boards. They will last longer that even PT 3/4" plywood. Make sure the floor can be replaced without having to dismantle the sides. Every wood floor utility trailer I've ever seen or used has 2x lumber for the flooring, so no issues there. (or thicker if a heavier trailer) Enclosed trailers typically get plywood or some variant of.
Grit dog 01/22/20 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Why aren't Truck Campers popular in W. Pa.?

I have a Northern Lite 10-2 on a GMC 3500. When I weighed it ready to camp, the stock rear wheels and tires were right at the limit. I had to go to 19.5's to feel safe. It handles well now, no more sway. Most truck sway is in the sidewalls of the tires. No way would I use a 3/4 ton to carry most of the campers out there. In fact, I don't know why they even make 3/4 ton trucks. Either get a real truck or a little grocery-getter 1/2 ton. Sorry, but I'm rather highly opinionated. I guess that's an understatement. Only my opinion, didn't mean to offend anyone. Do you realize that most 3/4T and 1T srw trucks are essentially the same truck?
Grit dog 01/22/20 07:33am Truck Campers
RE: 4 season camping

IMHO there is no such thing as a 4-season camper, ie. one that can be used in the dead of winter. It's not a house. One option might be to buy a 3-season camper and rent a cabin for the really cold times and locations. Dick, the weather is different here in the winter than in IL. Way warmer in the areas that the OP is talking about. All the coastal areas are rarely below freezing in the winter. Weather hovers in the 40s most of the time. And the Cascades at the ski areas are only just enough colder typically to turn the rain into snow. In all my winter mountain outings in the Cascades in the last 8 years, we ski and snowmobile, I can think of 2 "cold" days, like zero or single digits in the morning and far more days where the snow turned to rain or vice versa during the day. RVing at the ski hills or snowparks is fairly common and popular out here due to the generally mild temperatures.
Grit dog 01/22/20 07:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

^Sway = a little wiggle probably. Everyone's definition and sensitivity to the sensation of a trailer is differnet. That and not all half tons are made the same. Unlike the progressive rate coils on the 2500's, the linear rate coils on the Ram 1500 are soft compared to the suspension setups of the other two. I have a friend that tows his 6k trailer with hos Ram 1500 Ecodiesel. He could not stand the squat and sway with the stock coils and installed after market progressive rate coils from TufTruck. Unloaded ride got a little harsher, but loaded ride was way more stable and almost zero squat with his trailer hooked up even without the WDH hooked up. The good thing for him is since he mainly only tows the trailer twice a year down to the cost in spring and buck up in the fall, he can very easily swap out the coils back to stockers when he is not towing. It literally only takes him about 10 minutes to swap. Ya, theres probably alot to be said for beefing up the rear suspension on the Ram 1500s. I like Rams and I wouldn't buy a newer 1500 if I was going to work the truck unless I planned on giving the suspension some help. That said, the gentleman also said that he can live with it, meaning he likely understands sway and SWAY! But then again, I consider it a decent tow if the trailer isn't trying to pass the truck! For the OP, he either needs to gain more confidence in his rig, set it up better, understand how it reacts, or just over truck himself into a rock solid towing situation for peace of mind. Nothing wrong with that. I understand the luxury and virtues of having more truck than needed, but also understand that it's not always in the cards or necessary either.
Grit dog 01/21/20 06:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone with the Ford 6.2 Carrying TC

It will do fine. Not sure the new trans is offered with the old engine though?
Grit dog 01/21/20 06:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Camping in Minnesota

Mosquitoes are always around near water in MN. By late August that are not so bad. By mid spetember they are not that much of a problem. In rural states like SD and WY keep your gas tank more than half full and you will be fine. ^What he said. Skeeters usually tail off quite a bit by mid Sept unless it's remained extremely warm. In many years of driving Western States, I feel its never been more than about 100mi to a gas station. However, the easiest peace of mind ever is an extra can of gas if it's of concern to you. Good luck in your travels!
Grit dog 01/21/20 06:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Camping in Minnesota

Gas stations are few and far apart in SD, NE and MN. I suggest you stay home back in Indiana to be safe. Man, don't be a dink to her.
Grit dog 01/21/20 06:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Low clearance - cut this off?

From that perspective it doesn't look "that" low, but it also doesn't look like you're using the wd bars, or the front end has a leveling kit? Trailer has leaf springs? If so, make it easy, flip the hitch, which will raise it slightly and remove the low hanging encumbrance. And if the trailer sits a tad nose high, it won't really hurt anything. That's what I'd try fist before going through the trouble of sawing off a solid 2x2 bar.
Grit dog 01/21/20 12:14pm Towing
RE: No! I’m not top heavy.

^ Oh yeah, it's 14' or darn close to it. Those really don't seem like a great solution to me, but they must be for some, I don't even like worrying about my 12' tall camper much less something that's over height. Heck there's a couple freeway overpasses in the Seattle area that would give that Razor a haircut! (I've replaced the girders on them for the highway department. They get hit semi regularly)
Grit dog 01/21/20 10:57am Towing
RE: Low clearance - cut this off?

Pictures can be deceiving, but your sig pic looks like that truck is sagging more than expected with a HD 4x4. Especially if the wd bars are doing anything. If that's not the case and the truck isn't sagging then it won't hurt anything trimming the bar. I am taking the RIG out next month and will get a profile photo then, and a photo up close of the hitch. Right now the trailer is tucked away and I won't pull it out for a photo session. Thanks to you (and all the others) for the input so far. How much was the back of the truck sagging when you did have it hooked up?
Grit dog 01/21/20 10:53am Towing
RE: Need Help with Utility Trailer Decision

For an open trailer, a wood deck will last many years and has some advantages to a steel deck. For what you're using it for, flip a coin and get what you prefer. Neither will be heads or tails better or worse overall, but you may be replacing boards 5-10-15 years down the road. A good coat of stain or penetrating sealer goes a long ways too. Steel deck advantage, IMO is really if there is more use/abuse to the deck, it'll hold together longer than a wood deck, but for homeowner use hauling small equipment around, you won't put that amount of wear n tear on it.
Grit dog 01/21/20 10:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Need Help with Utility Trailer Decision

^ Although not the OP's question, I would consider an enclosed trailer as well, if you are putting any real miles on the trailer traveling with the RV, for a couple reasons. With an ATV comes extras, gear, gas cans, spare tire, etc and having the security and extra storage of an enclosed trailer is very welcome for not only the atv stuff, but the rest of the rving "stuff". Also, if traveling in inclement weather, the machine isn't getting soaked and covered with road grime. Yes you can buy a good trailer-able cover for a couple hundred bucks, but it'll also require replacement every couple/few years due to wind/sun damage if it sits outside. Plus if you buy it right (like most any utility/cargo trailer), they retain their value quite well, which helps take the sting out of the extra cost of a cargo trailer.
Grit dog 01/21/20 10:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Can we pull a TT with our ‘20 Suburban

Rent a motel. Cheaper in the long run and no dirty sheets to change either. ???
Grit dog 01/21/20 08:57am Travel Trailers
RE: rough country Lift good or bad?

Lotta $ and some craftsmanship into those trucks. Maybe some guys "thing" isn't Edsels, Hudsons and Hupmobiles either.... Naw you're right, they're stereotypical bro dozers. But that Ram would be pretty sweet if the skinny jeans tires got swapped for the right size donuts.
Grit dog 01/21/20 12:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

^Sway = a little wiggle probably. Everyone's definition and sensitivity to the sensation of a trailer is differnet.
Grit dog 01/21/20 12:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Check Me....I am OK with this set-up

And putting 4 adults in the cab of the truck doesn't run you out of remaining payload at 1550 lbs, lol. That's ridiculous. But it's the world some folks live in....
Grit dog 01/21/20 12:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Check Me....I am OK with this set-up

I think your good to go! ^ This. And you basically have a F350 already, just lacking the towing power of a diesel, but I wouldn't expect a significantly different experience with basically the same weight and only a few feet longer. Nor would I expect a "1 ton" srw truck to handle the load any differently, apples to apples.
Grit dog 01/21/20 12:28am Tow Vehicles
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