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RE: Another Reason To Not Have Airbags

Could I ask, what is the difference between Sumo Springs and Super Springs? Sumos are an extended rubber bump stop essentially. And super springs are add on leafs Thanks. Can either be used on an SUV pulling a trailer? Yup. Sumos can be set to not engage until some sag in the suspension and there are a couple different durometers for the amount of "support" you're after. Super springs and add a leafs are 100% on all the time. Look at the different options in detail and figure out how they work. And unless your SUV is a Ford Excursion or built before the millennium, I'm not sure how you'd put add a leafs on it.
Grit dog 04/06/20 09:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Advice on new Gas Tow vehicle

[email protected]? Shoot, that’s awesome! Could pull 4.56s and have good cruising rpms too!
Grit dog 04/05/20 06:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Reason To Not Have Airbags

Could I ask, what is the difference between Sumo Springs and Super Springs? Sumos are an extended rubber bump stop essentially. And super springs are add on leafs
Grit dog 04/05/20 06:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Reason To Not Have Airbags

Sounds like you need a weight distribution hitch. For a 7k trailer and a dually? Mmmmkay buddy!
Grit dog 04/05/20 06:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Reason To Not Have Airbags

I know this has been discussed to nauseum, but I am currently towing my cargo trailer that is combined weight of about 7K LBS, and some stuff in the bed of the truck and of course fuel and two bodies. I have a slow leak in the air system which after a day of traveling, it squats the truck and puts more weight on the front of the tandem trailer wheels. The truck handles the squat fine with a dually, but it causes for concern. I just add air and go at this point. Timbrens won't do this and I will be dumping the air system depending on what I find, and switching back at some point. Hopefully its just a small hole in the air line. If you have a 7klb trailer that even remotely squats a dually, you either need to re-think how it’s loaded or it’s well over 7klbs. So your system has a leak and that’s a reason to not have them? If your tires have a leak is that a reason to not have tires!
Grit dog 04/05/20 06:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Reason To Not Have Airbags

My air bag had a lot of excessive air, way too much in fact. Enough to float 100 heavily laden trucks down the road. But the problem went away after I divorced her.... :B Rofl Bob!
Grit dog 04/05/20 06:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with Hemi 6 speed manuel

G56 has a nice low first gear. 3.73s, dang, that trans combo would work much nicer with 4.10 or even a bit deeper. It’s still an upgrade from the 545rfe mush box.
Grit dog 04/05/20 06:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with Hemi 6 speed manuel

Just bought a 08 Hemi 6 speed manual and wondered if anyone else is towing with this combo. Towing around 10k. Rare truck and not too likely to find others with that combo. But it’s a great bulletproof combo save for the clutch and the clutch is smaller than the diesel models. It’s a known weak point behind the diesels. What gears? It isn’t going to tow any “more” than the auto truck, but it will be nicer to tow with than the slush box.
Grit dog 04/05/20 12:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: this 20 ton bottle jack? this air compressor?

Too much thinking.... You have an OE Jack that is capable of lifting a wheel at the rated load of the truck, at a minimum. You can buy any bottle jack of sufficient capacity and have some cribbing, which one needs to level up a truck and put under jacks on a TC rig anyway. And with those 3 items, if you can’t change a tire, your best to stay in cell service and have a roadside assistance membership. Nothing more to consider really. Good tip on the old Ford OE jacks. Didn’t know they were 2 stage hyd. Sounds like they could be handy.
Grit dog 04/05/20 12:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Carrying a Honda 2000i inside generator compartment

Sounds like a good idea, probably. It's designed to carry generators, but I'd make sure it's designed to "run" generators on. I'd ask the question to moryde. If it won't vibrate apart if used in this manner
Grit dog 04/05/20 10:39am Truck Campers
RE: Battery time. 6V?

^And I would too. They're only like $130 now. But they don't fit where I need em to fit. The point of my thread was I found good capacity 6v's in a different shape "box" that actually fit. Otherwise, Duracells or Costco batteries would be in there instead.
Grit dog 04/05/20 10:31am Truck Campers
RE: Replacement for Onan 4000

I would say that the folks that do not exercise their genny with no issues are just lucky and the minority. We have a whole house generator, wired to it's own sub panel etc. It starts itself up weekly and runs 2 minutes without a load and then 15 minutes with a load and then removes the load and shuts down a minute later. Why do you think the engineers designed it to do that? Personally I want to know that my things are going to work when I need them to. And that means periodically running them and proper maintenance. Storing them for months on end without doing anything is rolling the dice. That's my opinion of course and YMMV. Maintenance aside, do I want to know in the spring while prepping for a trip that mice have chewed a fuel line or wire? Or do I want to know that when I have time to fix it? Put simply if you don't properly maintain things and ensure they work the risk of failure when you need it increases exponentially. No people who don't maintain their generators (or anything else) properly are lucky if they don't have issues. While house system is designed to different parameters. It has large fuel reserves and is designed to operate automatically and presumably to preserve more critical systems than a portable or rv generator. When my Honda 2k sits for more than a month or so, it needs a shot of fuel to start, everytime. Doesn't mean it's being destroyed by not being run. Like I said earlier, frequent "exercise " is a bandaid for other measures. Proper layup eliminates or greatly reduces the "need" for other measures. Theories presented by those who don't know much more than "gas n go" are not based off of fact, but rather the workarounds learned to prevent the bad situations. Just like "Onans" are junk moniker. Carbs, oil sensors and fuel pumps top the list and are likely the greatest majority of issues. But those things are only a big deal if you just "expect" something will work and not have an issue here or there. Example, we own a wakeboard boat. Considered the top quality in that realm. The OE fuel pumps are junk for some reason, or were for about 15 years running. People say that's junk and cost me $1500 on a $100k boat. But if you know what you're doing, it's a $100 part and a 1 hour fix with basic hand tools and you're good for another 500 hours.
Grit dog 04/05/20 10:26am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Chevy C-5500 Kodiak Duramax potential safety issue!

^ That. While I'm not familiar with the Kodiak chassis, vehicles are not programmed to die mid stream for virtually any fault or default. But like anything, especially older vehicles, stuff happens and it is a potential safety issue, separate from an old coolant hose connection coming loose.
Grit dog 04/05/20 10:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Battery time. 6V?

^ Thats a good deal. But there’s no worry about maintaining them if you’re set up right. Which is the same way to be setup regardless of how much the battery costs
Grit dog 04/04/20 12:36pm Truck Campers
RE: this 20 ton bottle jack? this air compressor?

Update - someone pointed out that I’d need to jack up the truck/pop up truck camper combo from the axle, (?) so I’d need a * cradle * to do it safely. (?) Yes this kit is expensive, but it comes highly recommended by a number of people, as being very safe. I hope to be traveling and RVing for many many years to come, and safety is priceless to me. thoughts? Never mind the price. :-) They are currently 20% off, (back ordered 2 weeks) so the 20% off takes the sting out. and happy to support a small business. Do I want to add the UNIVERSAL BOTTLE JACK BASE ? $40. Also I understand I should carry a basic jack stand with me, to put in place, after the corner is jacked up, to be extra safe. Any recommendations? Bonus points for an Amazon link (yes it will be weeks ‘till I get it) Thanks! I’d suggest getting off the internet, getting a $25 bottle jack from harbor freight, some cribbing and go crawl under your truck and practice rather than trying to learn how to do everything via YouTube. Internet might not work where you need it!
Grit dog 04/04/20 12:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Want to drive through Mexico, looking for truck advice

A totalled truck of that discription is worth 10K or more.?? Good point though. Salvage title trucks if they’ve proven themselves for a while And depending on the previous damage can also be a good buy. More truck for the money.
Grit dog 04/04/20 12:30pm Truck Campers
RE: RV living and registering child for 1st grade.

Consider home-schooling if its an option. We're in year 2 of it, its wonderful. But you don’t live in cousin Eddys RV. Personally the only up side to this recent mandatory “home schooling” is my boys are getting a lot of my menial tasks and projects done for me! They’ve now maintained the sleds for summer, a couple oil changes, pressure washed everything in sight and will be demo-ing a deck here in about an hour!
Grit dog 04/04/20 09:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Stimulus Check , what are you going to do with yours ?

If I see it before my small business goes belly up I will use it to pay expenses. if not who knows. Been shut down for two weeks so far and it was just extended another month. What is your business S Davis? BTW, tried to support a small business, but the feller couldn’t come through on a lumber order, so I still kept it local but not small business and not box store **** lumber!
Grit dog 04/04/20 09:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

Since older folks are the hardest hit, they should be wise enough to take even more precautions and not affect the rest of the country as much. I’m good with the social distancing for the most part but think it’s going overboard a bit now. However rules and regs have to be applicable to the lowest common denominator of society and our “risk” for those that don’t live in population dense areas and have outdoor jobs or limited outside interaction or greater than sweater weather IQ are less at risk. Nursing homes? Idk, if you’re there, your number is almost up anyways. Sounds cruel but it pained me to see my grandma and others in the nursing home and I wished for her, as she did as well (we talked about it when she was coherent enough), that she would die. One good case of covid would have spared her years of dimentia and agony. Promoting healthy lifestyles and medical advancements are great for longevity of life, but postponing the inevitable for many who’s race is already run, is a part of the drain on our economy too. If I’m 80 sitting in a nursing home, I’ll hope something pulls my plug for me.
Grit dog 04/04/20 09:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Battery time. 6V?

^Which is why I bought the Mighty Max ( there are other same size different branded). It is only 200ah vs 225-240 of true GC batteries but same advantages as GCs and just as much power as 2 group 27s. Cost, $190-200 ea for Agm vs good group 27s flooded which are $150-180 and 27 AGMs which are $250-350. Unless they don’t last, they hit the sweet spot for compact size, storage capacity, Agm and price. And it don’t cost anything to switch over. (I did have to build a jumper wire as the ones from the 12V setup were a bit too short.) Only a 1 year warranty, but 10 year design life.
Grit dog 04/04/20 09:15am Truck Campers
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