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RE: Chevy Shake

My wife and I were actually very close to pulling the trigger this week on a 2017 GMC Yukon Denali with the 6.2L and 8 speed auto, and I started to do some reading on them. The "shake" is actually a very common issue on the 8 speed auto and appears to be due to torque converter issues and in some cases due to improper fluid from the factory that costs in the neighbourhood of $600 to do a double flush to remove the fluid and then get the proper fluid into it. In any case, we have decided to pass on it (shame because it's a beautiful truck otherwise) and look for a 2018 and up with the 10 speed auto. Uh oh! You’re gettin the itch to ditch that 01? Man, I saw one, 03 Tahoe I believe, recently for sale with only like 77k miles. And the price was right. I thought hard about bombing down to Portland to pick it up. But it had already been for sale for a few days and not sold, and it was a used car dealer disguised as a private party. (Those guys are easy to spot. And there’s always a story to reinforce it if you didn’t pick up on it just from the pics and description). So I passed. Have looked at a few of those types of sales in the past and there’s always something hinky about the vehicle.
Grit dog 03/06/21 10:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Better ride when not towing?

It is hard to believe that this simple concept seems to be lost on so many... not the OP in particular, but the majority, in general. Not pertaining to rough ride but to knowing how tire pressure affects a vehicles ride and handling.... I did it again, in Dallas during that snow a couple weeks ago. We stopped to help push a guys suv up a hill , stuck at an intersection on a slight incline. Was too slick for me and the 2 kids w me to get any traction as well, so I let a bunch of air out of his back tires (clueless jack wad didn’t even get out and help, or get out and stop me from doing it) and off he went. No push needed! Drove a rear wheel drive sedan 650 miles , mostly through a blizzard to get out of Dallas. First thing I did when I filled up w gas is dropped the tire pressure to about 25psi all 4 tires. That car scooter through the snow and tracked like a one horse open sleigh!
Grit dog 03/06/21 10:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Better ride when not towing?

Well, I’m a man of my word! I got your $20 the next time I’m passing thru Oklahoma! Or hit me up if you’re in Seattle. :C But in the mean time, the right pressure is based on weight and you appear to be categorizing all 4 wheels the same. Go outside, set your fronts at 50-55lbs (assuming stock ish size tires) and the rears to 35psi and take a quick test drive. 65 is acceptable but stiff up front and still rock hard on the back of an empty pickup. You would want to air up a bit in the rear when hauling the TT but 65psi will handle the full tongue weight of a wavier trailer than yours AND a bed full of stuff.
Grit dog 03/06/21 10:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevrolet exits all ICE production by 2035

Oh, the opinions abound here! But fwiw, security waits at airports have been virtually non existent for the last year. (Not because everyone is in their Jetsons cars
Grit dog 03/06/21 10:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bed level of new trucks

Yup, they make low bedrail trucks. They’re called flatbeds or hauler beds. BUT I see your point. Wonder what % of trucks are bought to haul 5vers or GNs? I could see a market for factory low rail “pickup beds” for sure. But then again I’m the person that thinks HD diesel suvs and work trucks with 9’-10’ long beds would also be cool, useful and popular! Guess I’m not the typical target market!
Grit dog 03/06/21 10:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bed level of new trucks

I just saw an add for a Chev Off Road and the add says it is lifted 2in. From the factory Like this one.... It’s still short. Just not a total pavement pounder like most GM half tons.
Grit dog 03/06/21 10:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fog lights on w/ High Beams, New GM trucks

One might think, one topic that wouldn’t get resistance on a forum made up mostly of senior citizens ( generally eyesight and night vision degrades with age) is better vehicle lighting that DOESNT affect other drivers. But I should have known better.....
Grit dog 03/06/21 10:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fog lights on w/ High Beams, New GM trucks

My point being that folks driving fast enough to need high beams and have fog's on at the same time might be distracted subconsciously by stuff lit up to close to do anything about at those speeds...and try to do something that might cause an accident Thought PSA, but that got lost to most here... Nope, not a PSA but thanks for playing. Driving in the dark anywhere where there are critters that jump out at you randomly, having more light up close and a wider beam lighting the shoulders/ditches is not subconscious distraction, it’s self preservation of your vehicle.
Grit dog 03/06/21 10:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Unnecessary Warnings Shown on Products

It’s all about liability, as absolutely ridiculous as it sounds. Some days, I’m thankful that everything that could possibly harm a person hasn’t been outlawed for some stupid reason. I recall, as a kid, a buddies dad cut himself seriously with a chain saw. This was about the time that the first saws with blade brakes were coming out. I know this because we cut a lot of wood and I was running a ported McCulloch 7-10 manual oiler at about the age of 11! Dad climbed into a tree with his brand new happy homeowner Craftsman saw and proceeded to cut his leg badly. He was not experienced in this and was totally unsafe. He sued Sears and got a decent settlement as I recall, because the brake “didn’t stop the chain fast enough”. Kicker is unless a kickback causes your hand to hit the brake, it doesn’t stop. He just cut through a limb and the saw came to rest on his leg under it. No chaps either. This is the world in which we live, where survival of the fittest has been replaced by protect everyone at great expense from their own stupidity!
Grit dog 03/06/21 09:54am Around the Campfire
RE: Unnecessary Warnings Shown on Products

Regarding that McDonald's lawsuit mentioned earlier by Paw Paw 'n Gram, where a lady spilled hot coffee on herself and sued the company; that to me is a frivolous suit. As far as I remember, no employee spilled the coffee on her; she spilled it on herself. While I'm sorry for her injuries, how in the world could she blame anyone but herself? If she had spilled coffee on herself at home, who could she blame? The stove manufacturer for making the coffee so hot? Lawyers take all kinds of cases, no matter how frivolous! Don't you love 'em? :R You might consider goggling "McDonalds hot coffee case" After reading the facts of the case, you might not consider the case frivolous. In short McDonalds knew for many years the were keeping their coffee near scalding, and that it was causing injuries. They ignored it, Not trying to be snarky at all, just saying the facts and urban legend are very different Typical bleeding heart response..... Coffee too hot for you? Wait a few minutes to drink or get coffee somewhere else! And don’t spill it!
Grit dog 03/06/21 09:43am Around the Campfire
RE: And so it begins. (In North America).

Great, we can't allow someone to start a business on their own property, does that belong in this country? Do we want the European style controls? Some people do. Baaaaaahhh! (That was a sound of a sheep) And this has been more prevalent in the liberal Meccas of our friends to the north, than in the US, for some time. But we are catching up here, unfortunately. Saying there’s less gas stations in your town as an indicator is like saying there’s less farms, so people must be eating less. You’re twisting statistics. North American oil consumption hasn’t appreciably dropped through 2019 in fact it was fairly level from prev few years ( more than 5 years ago couldn’t possibly be effected by EVs). 2020 has a slight dip and so will 2021. Hello, COVID. That ones obvious. Bottom line EVs aren’t even a blip on petroleum consumption yet. They may or will in future years, but Reisender is just spinning facts. And it’s not unrealistic to believe that rich city dwellers are and will be more supportive and the target audience in recent past and recent future, for EVs. That makes sense. Live in your little bubble. Drive mostly short distances. It all makes sense. The proliferation beyond that is also possible but Reisender really just posted this to start another internet peeing match, not unlike other threads he’s started.
Grit dog 03/06/21 09:24am Around the Campfire
RE: Who’s still using a 7.3 diesel truck

My suspension mods to my F350 are: 4” lift leveling kit (prior owner advertised 6”) Air bags, 6 leaf 3600# rear springs, rear sway bar. You have pretty much the ultimate dream truck 7.3 Superduty! I edited out to suspension for reply but the rest of those mods are 99% increased power, durability, and stability. Heck of a find! You also have about the best suspension you could have for hauling a top heavy camper, with only a slight disadvantage to being lifted, but better than most with OE springs and suspension. First, you don’t have a leveling kit, not with a 4” lift. You have lifted front springs. Most of which are ultra stiff compared to OE springs. Presuming the PO didn’t use super flexy off road springs in that setup to pull his 5ver. Second you mention leveled. By the look of the truck, the rear probably only has 2” taller blocks under the heavy duty leafs, so less “lift”. 3600lb springs are STOUT. Last you have leafs at all 4 corners, compared to front coils under every Dodge and Ford since the mid 2000s. Stout Leafs at all 4 corners, while sacrificing comfort, absolutely shine at resisting body roll, which is the most prevalent undesirable handling characteristic when loaded too heavy. And last, it’s not that heavy of a camper, comparatively speaking, and there’s no doubt that it probably handles as well as any rig out there when loaded. Save for the noise, great truck, couldn’t have spec’d one better for hauling a TC!
Grit dog 03/06/21 09:02am Truck Campers
RE: Who’s still using a 7.3 diesel truck

... snipped ... Hopefully, that gauge (EGT) will prolong the life of the engine. That gauge and all of the other mods will not prolong the life of your engine as much as your driving habits will. You’re right, the gauge doesn’t protect anything...very astute observation..... However it’s generally implied that one would “use” said gauge to keep from operating the engine at higher than safe egts. Lol
Grit dog 03/06/21 08:49am Truck Campers
RE: New F350 owner seeks TC information

My rig is dope, it handles fine. When I’m rolling down the Baja peninsula and all the haters be posting about raised trucks being death traps from the safety of a KOA campground, I’ll be even happier about my setup. Truth!
Grit dog 03/05/21 11:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Travelling from Nevada to Alaska in the Middle of Winter

Alright Pip, make with the pics man! We here keyboard mushers carried you all the way to AK, basically on our own backs. We demand payment!! LOL
Grit dog 03/05/21 03:09pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Travelling from Nevada to Alaska in the Middle of Winter

With no response from the OP for over a week, my conclusion is they are under mandatory quarantine measures, and then having to conduct in-processing protocols after that which also takes a lot to get settled in. Mandatory quarantine involves taking away your phone and internet?? ROFL...
Grit dog 03/05/21 03:08pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Boarder Crossing

The Canadian government has already dropped broad hints that further land border restrictions are coming, like those imposed on travellers arriving by air. Just as with the restrictions on air travellers, there was a lot of logistics to get sorted out before the policies, the same problems of organizing quarantine hotels, meals, parking for oversized vehicles, etc, etc, need to be finalized first. I see there's lots of censorshit going on here recently.... I'll this rate, my kid may never get to play hockey in Canada again. That is, thanks to the wonderful leadership of the supreme leaders of both of our countries...
Grit dog 03/05/21 03:03pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Boarder Crossing

Will be crossing from Michigan USA to Ontario Canada. Which is a easier to cross , Detroit or Port Huron? Thanks I don't understand the question. Why wouldn't you just cross whichever one had the shortest wait directly before you were crossing?
Grit dog 03/05/21 03:00pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Fog lights on w/ High Beams, New GM trucks

I question how full manual control of the fogs is possible with the Boostauto or DIY diode mod. IIRC, Boostauto doesn't claim the ability to turn off the fogs when high beams are activated and it doesn't make sense that it would be possible. Last 2 trucks I did, the fogs were automaticlaly on with the high beams. Just like this one. Regardless, if you have your brights on, it's for more light and the more the better!
Grit dog 03/05/21 11:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fog lights on w/ High Beams, New GM trucks

On my trucks, the fogs always come on w high beams, as the diode jumper sends signal to fogs when high beam is lit regardless of whether fogs are on prior to or not. (Switches for lights are up stream of the jumper location) Agree, though, it's a nice convenience to have a little more light when the high beams are on. The no high w fog "rule" is one of those outdated regulations like 10k gvwr in 3/4 ton trucks. Something about 4 beams total lit at once forward facing. Heck my truck has 6 beams on hi beam with no fogs lit.
Grit dog 03/05/21 08:58am Tow Vehicles
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