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RE: New generator for new rv. Recommendations

“has the remote shut off feature. It’s really nice not to have to crawl out of bed or go out in the rain to kill it.“ (and secure it...out of sight) And some morning very soon your generator will gone, gone, gone. Grumpy much?
Grit dog 02/23/20 12:33am Beginning RVing
RE: Please help me check my capacity math

Yes, you're all of the above. Safe, legal, responsible, and fine. Enjoy the camping!
Grit dog 02/22/20 11:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: toad versus no toad

The best person to answer the OPs question is the OP. It's not like they're new to RVing or pulling a toad along with. Only they can decide where they like to camp, what they like to do for activities, how long they stay in one spot, etc. Every RV setup is a compromise. That is a given. Personally with the TC when were not towing the boat to a "destination", if it's something like a big NP or somewhere else we will be spending a few days or longer, I unload the camper so we have the "toad." We are drivers. We go places and do stuff a lot of the time. Having to break camp multiple times, plus the burden of driving the while house while doing whatever, to me, is less desirable than unloading the camper. I'd think hooking and unhooking the toad would be a lot easier and not a burden to tow.
Grit dog 02/22/20 02:53pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is Ram Ditching Aisin Tranmissions

I can see it now....the next AMZ OIL commercial. Using Amzoil ATF is like adding 2 extra gears to my transmission!
Grit dog 02/22/20 02:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Ford Raptor towing

Timbrens are the cheap and easy solution and they make them for the Raptor. But in order to control much sag, it seems you'd defeat the purpose of the Raptors soft, long travel suspension when not towing. If you have the truck for show, not go, then that's the economical solution. Bags are the answer to maintian suspension performance when not towing though. And they don't seem cost prohibitive if you can drop $60-70k on a pickup, basically for its suspension. I'd hate to give up what I paid 10 grand extra for, to save $1000 on accessories. But to save money, can you just buy manual fill bags, considering you maybe won't be towing often? Only takes a couple minutes to air up before a trip.
Grit dog 02/22/20 02:12pm Tow Vehicles
Ford Drivers!!!

Or Built Ford Tough, could be the name of this thread. If anyone needs a front tow hook for a new Superduty, I have one laying in the back of my truck. Found it on the job, along with some indiscernable pieces of plastic, where someone KO'd about 5 pieces of temporary jersey barrier last week. On a straight stretch of road I might add.... Based on the parts left over, it was a '17-up Superduty. Tow hook looks brand new except for a big scrape on the face of it. Can't understand how it came off the truck though. It's a 1 bolt hookup it appears. Driver must've lead with the tow hook and hit the barrier hard enough to shear the mounting bolt? Anyway, saved it. Looks like it could come in handy for something...
Grit dog 02/22/20 01:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is Ram Ditching Aisin Tranmissions

^ZF already has one and it's not the 8HP variants in the rest of the Chrysler line up. Correct, the 8hp is tapped out for duty behind 1000ft lbs. Ram has already been testing it. Called the Powerline iirc. It's "true medium duty" as someone on here used to profess all the time. Our 07 will be old enough to drive itself by the time it comes out! That's a long time for Ram to take to step up their tra mission game....
Grit dog 02/22/20 01:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Chevy 6.6 Tow Review

^Well there's an @ss for every seat, my dad used to say. GM was certainly not interested in one upping the competition with the new 6.6 gasser, but I'm sure it's ok based on the outgoing 6.0s. Just underwhelming from a performance and numbers standpoint for an all new model. Regarding looks, IMO, ram and ford haven't made an ugly duckling truck in a long time, but Chevy/GMC, thank god they offer the same truck with different front clips. Sometimes the Chevy looks kool, sometimes the gmc....but when one gets smacked with the ugly stick, at least the other usually looks decent. I like the look of the new GMCs although the grille area looks a little busy. Can't understand why GM took a good looking truck in the '19 half tons and ran it into a wall to make the '20 HD look though.
Grit dog 02/22/20 01:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 6.4L 8 speed vs Ford 7.3 to carry truck camper

How many places are you going to ask the same question?
Grit dog 02/22/20 01:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pickup truck advice

Short distances with a lightweight small TT can be done with mid size SUVs and midsize pickups. Either truck you describe will be more than well suited for that duty.
Grit dog 02/22/20 01:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Manual or electric trailer dolly?

Reconsider your plan Matt. I don't see a walk behind dolly maneuvering a trailer that size on a pseudo off road surface or however you described it. 950lbs is too heavy to latch onto a 4 wheeler or side by side too. Skidsteer (sketchy without a ball mount, but doable if you're ok with chaining the hitch into the bucket) or a small vehicle/jeep with a front ball. I have an old CJ5 that I used for exactly this purpose for a few years when we had a hoist that the truck couldn't get the boat into the side loader garage. Friends/neighbors have anything similar you could use?
Grit dog 02/22/20 01:31pm Towing
RE: Thinkg of an Arctic Fox 990 - discount % off new?

Short answer, no nada is not a great comparison all the time. However if you're seeing dealers selling the SAME thing for considerably less than pp seller, one of 3 things is going on... 1. There's something real you're neglecting in the comparison. Or 2. The pp seller is overpriced. Or 3. Watch your @ss and your wallet when you go to that dealer because they're out to get both!
Grit dog 02/22/20 01:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Trucks payload capacity and tow capacity ratings

are you saying to subtract my 250LBs of tongue weight from the 1600 payload making the camper shell must be 1350LBs or less? also why do I hardly ever see a truck camper towing anything, I starting to think TC folks are mainly offroaders. yes, if you're hooked on "rated capacities."
Grit dog 02/22/20 01:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Trucks payload capacity and tow capacity ratings

Just becasue you don't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. There are a large % of TCers that tow. It's actually one of the primary reasons to go TC over Class C. So you can get the towing power of a big diesel pickup vs the anemic power of gasser or baby diesel Cs. I won't even attempt to follow your train of thought in your recent threads other than it appears you're trying to compare many different types of RVs. Seems odd is all, where you're considering a 20 year old conversion van in one thread, a C in another and a new 1/2 ton Chevy with a "shell", presumably like a Capri camper shell, as typical pickup shells are only a couple hundred lbs.
Grit dog 02/22/20 01:03pm Truck Campers
RE: Trucks payload capacity and tow capacity ratings

Payload weight includes what is on the trailer hitch, tongue weight. Tow capacity is overall trailer weight including tongue weight. You don't get to double dip. Well, you can, but the weight cops will lash you with a wet noodle on here! Lol
Grit dog 02/22/20 12:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Ram 3500 DRW 6.4 8sp for TC?

That will be an Absolutley fine, dare I say ideal truck to haul a big TC and also tow light/moderate if that's in the plans. Personally I think you're thinking right, looking at tradesman for the cost savings, especially if resale is part of the equation. If it is, a Laramie-longhorn type dually with a gasser will have bad resale due to the lack of market for a huge truck with a small engine.
Grit dog 02/22/20 12:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Registration Rant

To me the whole thing about this subject is there are entities that think they can charge beyond a reasonable amount taking advantage of those paying. On the other hand, most people do understand business and it's usual level of fairness....that fees or expenses are normally based on actual costs plus a reasonable amount of profit. Fees in Oregon have doubled every ten years which used to be $20 for 2 yrs back in the late 70's. If you made the same $20 an hour back then you were doing well, not getting rich but well. Now if you made the same 185 dollars that registration costs today, you would be able to save well over two thirds of your income. I say this for another way to look at it. Based on this discussion, what do some of you think is a most reasonable amount for truck registration? That's a nice theory but vehicle registration is a government tax/fee structure not actual cost plus reasonable profit. What's the sales tax in your state? Are your reg fees too high now, considering that?
Grit dog 02/22/20 12:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Travel Trailer Advice

Advice: Read some of the 100s or 1000s of threads in here asking the same question. You have the same truck and looking for the same trailer and some will tell you that you can't tow much more than a popup camper due to the magical payload number and others understand trucks and will advise otherwise. Good luck camper shopping!
Grit dog 02/22/20 12:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2013 Ram Diesel Cooling System Service

I’d probably go fleetgard oat. Hoses? I wouldn’t bother with unless you have a specific issue. This isn’t 1967 anymore. Coolant hoses last a lot longer than 7 years. Since back in the 80s-90s maintaining vehicles from the 60s-80s, I have yet to lose a coolant hose on anything under 15-20 years old. (Knocking on wood now)
Grit dog 02/21/20 11:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2013 Ram Diesel Cooling System Service

^No kidding...... If Amsoil made bacon and maple syrup, you’d be 400lbs!
Grit dog 02/21/20 11:18am Tow Vehicles
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