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RE: Toyota Tundra vs Ford F150 Hybrid Fuel Economy Tests

Who buys a p/u for it's fuel economy? Range is a very important item to me. Doesn't fuel economy have something to do with that?
Groover 01/28/22 08:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: My new ride

My brother has a similar 2017 model with the 2.7 and loves it. Fuel economy is great. Pulls up to 7,000lbs with no trouble. I have two models with the 3.5 and the 2.7 seems to have nearly as much power with significantly better fuel economy. It will run just fine on 87 Octane, no need for premium. I have found that if you want an expert on the troubles with these engines you have to find someone that doesn't own one. The owners seem to be blissfully ignorant of the myriad issues the non-owners report.
Groover 01/25/22 07:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Price breaks on new Pickups?!

$3k off a $60-80k sticker price...whatever. No kidding, it doesn't even matter at that point. I need to upgrade the wife's ride at some point but I really want the market to cool off first. Maybe later this year. I am optimistic that this is the first sign of cooling off. Maybe I can get a discount from list price as well.
Groover 01/12/22 10:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Mystery Battery Draw While Parked UPDATE

One of my most puzzling problems was a Ford Taurus with a battery drain. I eventually took it to a dealer and they announced that it was a bad battery and replaced the one it. That battery was fairly new and I did not buy that story so I demanded the old one back. I took it home and put in my 1991 F250 with a motor 2 1/2 times as big. The batter did fine in that truck and was still in it 3 later when I sold it. The Taurus was also doing fine with the Ford battery. Obviously the old batter was good and just as obviously putting a new battery in the Taurus fixed it. I have no explanation for that.
Groover 01/11/22 07:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Price breaks on new Pickups?!

Those offers are great IF you only need a little 1/2 ton The Ford offer includes all F series trucks.
Groover 01/10/22 09:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Price breaks on new Pickups?!

I received the same notification.... Gonna use mine towards my 2022 F150 work truck... My SMALL PRINT says "must be used before April 4th 2022" Same deadline here. I feel like that is a rather large window of time. My dealer has let us such discounts on ordered trucks as long I commit to the order before the deadline so I am looking at the second half of March to place an order.
Groover 01/10/22 07:42am Tow Vehicles
Price breaks on new Pickups?!

With all of the automotive production issues I expected it to be year or more before any discounts were offered. Then I got an email from Ford offering me a $3,000 on any new pickup or Expedition. Partial text below. " Allow us to sweeten the deal to get you into a new Ford. Simply take this personal code with you to your local Ford Dealer and choose one of these blockbuster offers. That’s it. Because we like to keep things simple. It’s the perfect time to head in, but it won’t last long. This Exclusive Cash Offer expires on A?p?r?i?l 4, 2?0?2?2." I thought that was an aberration but then I saw this article about discounts on the new Siverado! Silverado discounts "The Chevrolet Silverado discount offers prospective buyers a $500 or $750 cash allowance and package rebates that equate to savings of up to $3,250 for select model ranges of the 2021 model. Those looking to buy the more modern 2022 1500 Limited model will have access to a $500 cash allowance and package rebate that can amount to $2,000 for a total saving of $2,500." It seems that things are finally getting better for truck buyers!
Groover 01/09/22 12:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric Chevy Silverado Debut

Yes agreed. But I don’t think you’ll see DC fast charging at campgrounds or hotels. In my opinion it wouldn't make sense. At campgrounds and hotels the client is there at least overnight so they have all night to charge. Equipment outlay for the campground is minimal compared to DC fast charging. It would be difficult for the operator to justify the expense of the DC fast charge equipment. And I’m not sure how many clients would use it. I know I certainly wouldn’t pay a premium to fast charge. Let it charge while I sleep. If someone is in a hurry just go find a Supercharger or DC fast charger. JMHO. Not an expert. Digging up the campground to put in extra service isn't easy or cheap and providing that much service to every site could mean a huge increase in the power supply for the campground without a clear need for it. Putting in a fast charger would require much less digging and would clearly define the amount of power needed. I feel sure that we will end up paying the for the infrastructure and power used no matter what the approach is. At least, that would be the case if I was the campground owner. Though I am sure that there are some I have yet to see a fast charger near any campground.
Groover 01/06/22 02:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric Chevy Silverado Debut

Yup, towing range IMO will be reduced to peanuts on either brand. Again, IMO, useless. Charging? Well that's a debate all in itself, but while on last outing last fall, CG owner told us he's expanding and installing HD power to those sites so folks can charge their EV vehicles. Guess ya can't with standard power (I'm not an electrical expert by any means). He went onto say that he say one camper w/ a lil genny running to charge up his EV. Makes a lot os sense doesn't it??? No idea on towing. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Although I don’t think most 1/2 ton owners tow heavy trailers much. Re he power. Most EV’s are charged with “standard power”. Usually a 14-50 Nema Stove plug commonly found on a campground pedestal or less. My guess is many campgrounds will upgrade by either doing what KOA is doing and putting a 40 amp EVSE on the pedestal or having a bunch of EVSE’s or maybe just extra Nema 14-50 plugs somewhere in a parking area. Should be a good revenue stream for those that do. JMHO. More power to the campsites would be nice but a few high power chargers in a common area might be easier to put in and would bail out those that need a charge in a hurry. Charging a pickup on a 50A 240V outlet could take 10 to 15 hours.
Groover 01/06/22 12:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla with a generator on a hitch haul

rjstractor, I found 24 kw to move 100 miles, on the wobbly wide web. (model 3 Tesla) However I did not know that when plugged in the tesla won't move. I guess that is a good safety feature. Don, a Model 3 doesn't go 100 miles on 24 kilowatts, it goes 100 miles on 24 kilowatt/hours. I think you're confusing the concepts of absolute power output (kw) and power output over time (kw/hr). It's kind of like the idea of torque and horsepower. Since the car takes 24 kw/h to go 100 miles, that little generator would need to run for just over 9 hours at 2.6 kw to produce that much power. So the car would be moving at about 11 mph. That's assuming it was able to put all that power into the car battery, which it can't. To move the car at highway speed (60 mph) for 100 miles, the generator would need to produce the 24 kw/h in 100 minutes, which requires a generator with a power output of 15 kw. That's a pretty big generator to pack on a hitch hauler. :B That is also more than you can put in at 240V. Without higher voltage you are capped at 12kw.
Groover 01/03/22 06:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla with a generator on a hitch haul

A horribly expensive, impractical and dangerous way to charge an electric car. Of course, the only thing dangerous about it is having 10 gallons of gasoline on your rear bumper ready to be spilled in even the slightest accident.
Groover 01/02/22 09:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Whose quote, and why is some random vlogger quotable? Would the CEO of Volkswagen be a quotable source? Business insider article Here is another article that might be easier for you to access: Electrek on VW CEO comments "Interestingly, Diess seems to have some important information about Tesla’s expected production efficiency at Gigafactory Berlin: Tesla has long been appreciated for the software, range, and acceleration of its cars but has had problems with quality. The production was ridiculed. But our main competitor is learning fast. The quality is getting better, the customer feedback more positive. And in Brandenburg, Tesla wants to build half a million cars with 7,000 people – direct and indirect. And with an impressive productivity: expected 90 units per hour in one line, 10 hours per car." He didn't mention how short and automated that one line will be due to the use of 3 major megacastings making up the majority of the frame.
Groover 01/01/22 09:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

...There is a difference between a delayed product and presenting a product that does not actually function as presented... So the moral of the story is if you cannot build the product as presented (aka - Semi with all that range towing 80k lbs) then you just keep delaying the product and everything is good. Wow - and anything said by the CEO verbally or in an electronic manner is only his opinion, and not to be considered actual. And by the way, the real Super Trucks will have more deliveries very soon! If you want to do something useful why don't you go get righteous with NASA and their Space Launch System? You are actually helping pay for that with your taxes, it is many billions over budget, at least 4 years behind schedule with no definite conclusion in sight and Elon's SpaceX can already do most of their missions for less than 25 cents on the dollar. SpaceX's new rocket expected to start flying early next year will make the SLS totally unnecessary.
Groover 12/22/21 10:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

I hope that the Hummer is more reliable than the Chevy Bolt.
Groover 12/19/21 01:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Antifreeze in transmission 2010 Duramax??

If you will be honest I am betting you are more than satisfied with your 6 speed auto. My 6 speed transmission were a huge improvement over the old 4 speeds and I was satisfied with them until the 10 speeds came out. I would really like to have a 10 speed transmissions now. Of course, a lot of the need for more gears depends on how powerful the engine is and how much you are towing. Both of the 6 speed transmissions I tow with are being used at or over there rated capacity and the Cummins in the motorhome was detuned to 300hp to avoid compromising the Allison 1000. My F150 with a 6 speed has plenty of gears when towing less than 6000lbs.
Groover 12/17/21 01:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Antifreeze in transmission 2010 Duramax??

The Allison 1000 transmission that is used with the Duramax is probably one of the best heavy duty transmissions ever made and unmatched in any other brand truck, While it may have been underrated and extremely reliable at its rating it is no secret that the Allison 1000 held GM's tow rating back for several years. GM finally had to scrap it and build a new transmission to stay competitive with the competition's tow ratings. I have an Allison in my motorhome on a Freightliner chassis. It is only rated to pull 5,000lbs because of the rating on the Allison. I have often wished that they had put a stronger transmission in it.
Groover 12/17/21 06:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are chips coming available?

Samsung is building a new chip plant near Austin Texas for a mere $17 billion. It is expected to take 3 years to build. I hope that we can wait that long. It is a shame that we are relying on a foreign company to build that plant. We still may not be independent of other countries even after that plant is built. Samsung Texas plant
Groover 12/16/21 08:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Are chips coming available?

What few people know is the fact that Ford DID try to design their own chips but could not get any of the major "fabs" to play along ! Ford Microelectronics was founded in 1982, while Ford still owned Ford Aerospace (a minor defense/weapons contractor) and long before they spun off Visteon. They closed shop in 1999. The only thing that they had a hand in designing was the EEC-V chip (aka 8065). The EEC-IV chip (8061) was designed and fabbed by Intel. The commercialized version of this chip was the 8096. In the 22 years since Ford gave up on their own chips Tesla came along and made it work. Ford has been losing market share and Tesla has been gaining. The old companies are finally starting to learn some valuable lessons from the upstart and are coming out with some cutting edge products. I just hope that they are more successful than GM's EV efforts so far.
Groover 12/16/21 07:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are chips coming available?

the auto makers are profitting from this so called chip shortage. If they weren't thay would charter a cargo plane and go get them some chips. How many chips could they load on a 747 cargo plane? It's the same with all these other shortages. If the companies weren't profitting from the shortage they would fix it. Go get them, from where, exactly? There are, well were, no chips to be "gotten." Several companies have been trying to bypass the boats but in the process created a new logjam. Chicago freight congestion
Groover 12/16/21 07:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertuck - Can we take another thread?

Getting run down EV's going shouldn't be a big problem with a little preparation. All you need is to have a small generator or portable battery pack to get the electronics awake in the event that the batteries are totally run down. In the few minutes that it takes to get them up rig install the towing eye and lash the EV to a tow truck or other handy vehicle with adequate charge/fuel and tow it away. If the towing vehicle has enough extra towing juice use regen to in the stranded EV to quickly charge it up enough to make it independent. While it is not recommended I have seen several tests where people did just that and it worked well.
Groover 12/14/21 07:35am Tow Vehicles
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