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RE: Class C - with ability to tow

I would recommend that IF you plan extended stays in the rv that a class c is really not what you want. Had a guy I know buy a new 24 ft C kept it about 4 months was not happy with the size as they had to fold the bed to bring in rear slide, the dining area was small and the over all construction left a lot to be desired, paid around $70K for it and traded for a bigger class A (he has also gotten rid of it as they went back to a house). Overall they lived in the rv's for a little over a year. We have a 28 ft which is big enough for 2 but no way with a large dog. Ours is on a E450 chassis and we do tow a 3000lb car. It handles it well, but not so sure on a 4500lb or so jeep. Yes we have 5K receiver but as others have posted it may not really be able to handle that weight in reality. Mainly they are lower weighted due to extensions on the rear frame, so that is something to think about. I would recommend that you consider a small class A some are around 30-32 ft or and would be better for you if you do plan extended stays. Most will still be with V10 or the new 7.3 or whatever it is. You will not have the concerns about the jeep either I dont think. You need to research a couple to see what their limits are. BTW the class A the guy bought had the v10 and got almost the same mpg as the 24 ft class c as well as what we get. Another thing to consider is how well the thing is insulated. Our c is not well insulated and it is a name brand, this is summer and cold weather I am referring to. If you will be in az we still get cold here particularly at night. day times temps may be nice but the cold is still here depending on where you are going to be. We are in tucson and it has been 80-90 day time and high 40-mid 50's at night. and its not winter yet. So do the research, my BIL has a dp adventurer and he indicated that the lpg went fast when they stayed out in the thing again particularly in the evenings and night. I think most c's only have an 18 gal tank for propane?? Whatever you decide make sure to research well before you buy.
Hank85713 11/15/21 03:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Valve extenders

Try find the LONG stems from like the Tire man used to sell. I bought a set a couple of years ago but forgot where I put them so I ended up with using extenders. One after a while would not allow air into the tire (?) and the others were always low after a while. Found the stems while cleaning up some storage space and had them installed, put air in last May and when O checked again this week had only lost 1-3 psi since. A lot easier to air up, but are PIA for shops to use a spin balancer, They do require some rubber plugs to keep from vibrating but they came with the KIT. Check camp world they may have them. I remember seeing them at one time along with spare rubber wheel inserts. I run Alcoa rims. Also check amazon and ebay for the things.
Hank85713 11/05/21 10:37am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 07 E450 Class C rear air bags better handling while towing

You will need to play with pressure settings in both tires and airbags when you get them. We bought 1 year old winnebago aspect (class B+/C) and when we left to come home it had terrible handling (about 400+ miles worth). Tire shop would not put air in rear airbags and could not check inflate rear inners! Yes this was a major tire store! Anyhow got home and check and rear airbags were basically empty, tires were set to high psi reading except for inners. I have had airbags on several vehicles and have had to play with them all. Found that the front on rv need to run 55-60 and rears 65-75, airbags 55-60. Running OEM shocks (have new monroes but havent been able to install to high heat temps over summer). Anyhow as noted above the 80psi max is way too high for most for a good ride/handling. There was a magazine road test on the winnebago some years back and they were harsh on the handling but I cannot locate a copy of it anywhere. we run a light load with max weight around 14K, do not run full water tank (about 1/3d) and keep black/grey drained. So it will be up to you to experiment and Yes I do recommend airbags if none installed. posted another item but it has not been posted to the board. Happens often it seems. Anyhow if you do install airbags go for adding a built in compressor so you dont have to crawl around to add air and can also do on the fly to further help with your efforts. Stabilizer bars may help but really are not the cure all IMO.
Hank85713 10/06/21 02:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Steering problems w/ 30 ft Winnebago

Most of the above can be true, however there are things that you need to check first. Yes I own a 12 aspect. Check tire pressures, do not use the 75psi on sidewall or whatever is on door jamb. I run mine at 60-65 for fronts, 70 for rears. Depending on load what airbag pressures do you run? Again mine is 55-70 again depending on load. Have you weighed the rig mine comes in around 13500 we travel light. 1/3 tank water, empty black/grey tanks (all located over and back of rear axle). When 1st got ours it did wander but I had to experiment with the above settings to get it to stabilize. I have new shocks to install and I got a new steer stabilizer but havent gotten around to putting on since we are not going to travel again this year due to the virus. There was a road test back around 10-11 on the winnebago and these were also complained about, however I havent been able to find it since I read it years ago. PM me if you have questions
Hank85713 09/24/21 09:48am Class C Motorhomes
has anyone stayed at:

My daughter asked me about this place have never seen or been there (rv park). So need to find out if anyone has and how was the place? Thanks
Hank85713 09/21/21 10:25am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Small Class A vs Large Class C

sounds as if the A's are what you are wanting. Most c's will not an island bed unless you get one in a slide. Also most c's lack big storage areas. We have a 28 ft winnebago, has a bed in slide for walk around (very tight on rear side, not a lot of storage space but adequate for what we have to carry. A's to me are too big for us. When we were looking the dealers pushed the small A's but I drove a school bus of various sizes and any A to me would not necessarily be fun to drive in most areas. Yes ok in rural areas but thats about it IMO. too much tail swing to worry about is main thing. Many rv parks have narrow roads and that is another thing in itself. The smaller c is like driving a van but still has its share of issues. So I would recommend a smaller A since that appears to be what you desire, ones in your price range out here are 15-20 years old or so. My BIL bought a 01 winnebago Adventurer DP just found out it has the cummins with the weak and cracked block and has had fuel issues which required new fuel pump. We suspect that is why he was able to get it cheap! He is also having AC issues with rear unit so no matter just get what fits your needs and happy hunting.
Hank85713 09/10/21 01:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1984 Ford Honey

I just looked at local craigs list and found sever 1990-92 class c's for around $10K each. I think you need to look for something newer as other have indicated for a few $$ more!
Hank85713 08/11/21 06:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: F-450 V10 Battery cover?

Yes it is an insulator and my dealer said its mainly for cold weather and he advised to take off here in Az. I have had them on several vehicles and took all off and suffered no ill effects afterwards. So its your choice to use or take off since its really not needed.
Hank85713 06/24/21 08:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Wiper blades

I use dawn dish soap to clean the windshield followed by application of a silicon car polish. Cleans the crud better than anything else I have used. As to rainex its ok but the silicone I find is much better as it seems to fill the glass imperfections making it very smooth and lasts longer than the rainex. The use of microfibre towels is also needed instead of just any rag, Tshirt etc. The microfibre towels also work well with the polish to apply then wipe down. Dirt-dust will be removed just by turning on the wipers without the spray and a damp rag is all it takes to clean the windshield again. FYI I used the above on school bus windows for over 10 years, they stayed cleaner longer even in Az heat and dry.
Hank85713 06/16/21 10:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 1991 Ford IDI engines/trucks for towing

check this site out supposed to be free:
Hank85713 02/17/21 06:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2011 Jayco Melbourne 29D

dont own one, almost did however. Wife like it the best of all the B+ rigs we looked at. I liked the driver compartment the best of all rigs looked at, power seats that no others had. Biggest shortcoming I saw was lack of storage on outside. We ended up with a winnebago aspect but would have liked the melbourne better I think. BUT the lack of storage was a killer. overall it drove the same as the aspect so I would guess it is very similar in milage and stuff. We get about 8 on average have gotten a little higher all depends on where traveling so that is pretty typical mileage for a C. Cant help with wear and tear items sorry.
Hank85713 01/25/21 06:14pm Class C Motorhomes
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