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RE: Confused and Frustrated

If you are going to mostly set up in one spot for months at a time, a trailer is good. But if you are going to be highly mobile, seeing the country, if you are going to be traveling a lot like you say, I would consider a truck camper. 1, 2, or 3 slide. Advantages: Almost no set up/tear down when you stop for the night, or when you leave. You can park just about anywhere a car parks; Easy to pull off the road suddenly when you see something of interest, or make a quick turn around and go back to it; Capable of off roading for great boondocking opportunities. You don't need to tow a car because you have the truck; Only 1 vehicle, 1 engine, 1 set of tires to maintain. In many states, the truck camper has no licence, registration, or annual tax. Most of the time, you just leave the camper on the truck, and take your food, your clothes, your bed, and your bathroom with you when you go sightseeing, shopping or on day trips. You can easily take the camper off if you want to leave it at a campground and go somewhere without it. When the truck needs service, take the camper off in the parking lot of the service garage and stay in it while they service the truck. Truck campers with slides often have more usable space than a class C. The bigger truck campers have larger holding tanks than a typical class C, for boondocking//dry camping. It is very worthwhile to check out some truck camper dealers like Lance, Eagle cap, Arctic Fox, and Host for some very full-time worthy campers. Here is my camper in a single parking space at Coco Beach: At the Griffith Observatory. No Class C or trailers were allowed, but pickup is: Boondocking off road on public land in Wyoming:
Hemi Joel 06/06/20 10:36pm Full-time RVing
RE: Looking into a Truck Camper

it doesn't meet all of your requirements as far as the exterior, but the Arctic Fox 1150 is a very sturdy, reliable, well insulated, four season camper with one slide that will sleep five. Two in the bedroom, two on the dinette, one in the fold-down bunk above the dinette. If they are well taken care of, delamination shouldn't be an issue. But that is a big if. I had an Arctic Fox 1150 for several years and it was an awesome camper that I would not hesitate to take to Alaska.
Hemi Joel 05/26/20 04:11pm Truck Campers
RE: New Shock Time

I'm just relating my experience, which is with a big camper on a 1 ton dually and trying to help others. It doesn't matter to me if any one buys Bilsteins or not. But I think they are a huge waste of money. Not that they are a BAD shock, but they cost almost $100 each, yet they perform they same, or slightly worse than any $25 non-adjustable gas shock from Monroe or Gabriel. I wasted the $400 on the Bilsteins because I believed it when I read on the misinformation superhighway that they were superior to other shocks, and that they would work awesome on my truck. Those recommendations were possibly based on the point that someone else made: if you replace a worn out shock with a Bilstein, you may think it is a great shock. Because it is an improvement over worn out OEM shocks. Or else their requirements were less. If you have a fairly light camper with less dampening requirements, the Bilstein will probably work out fine. But the same would happen with a $25 shock. Dampening requirements vary greatly among different trucks with different campers. And the requirements also change when the camper is off the truck. How can the same shock that is specified for a 1/2 ton truck, that works without being too harsh when the truck is unladen, still be expected to control the suspension of a 1 ton dually with a 3000+ pound camper in the bed, with the center of gravity shifted aft of the rear axle? The same part # shock is specified for both applications, and in my situation, it created a major shortcoming in the shocks performance. They were just too soft to control the load. That is why I like the Rancho 9000. It can be adjusted to work for my specific application, and it works. And they are about the same price as the non-adjustable Bilsteins. Also, by taking off my front Monroe Gasmatics and putting on the Bilstein 4600, driving the truck for a year, then putting new Monroe Gas matics back on, I confirmed that the Monroe has noticeably more control than the Bilstein. (for 1/4 the price) . I'm going to be putting together another camper hauler truck. It will be a 68 Dodge crew cab on a stretched 93 dodge Cummins dually chassis. And I will for sure figure out how to adapt Rancho 9000 shocks onto the front, even tho they are not available for this application. I might have to weld some custom mounts from the frame to the control arms, outside the coil spring.
Hemi Joel 05/24/20 05:23pm Truck Campers
RE: New Shock Time

My shock story happened back when i had the Arctic Fox 1150, not the Eagle Cap. Still a big heavy camper that needs a good stiff shock.
Hemi Joel 05/23/20 07:15pm Truck Campers
RE: New Shock Time

I replaced my 140,000 mile, 20 year old rear shocks, and 50,000 mile Monromatic fronts with the magic big dollar Bilstein 4600's. Due to internet recommendations. They were worse than the old worn out shocks. Worse thing I I've ever done to my truck. I ended up taking them off and selling them on facebook for a 75% loss. I put Rancho 9000 adjustables on the back, and Monroe gas matics on the front (because rancho 9000's aren't available for the front of my truck) I love the ranchos on the rear, they are awesome. THe monroes on the front are way better than the bilstiens, but still a little soft.
Hemi Joel 05/22/20 09:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Best Truck Camper AGM battery?

How about this one? I know nothing about it, except it is cheap for a group 31 AGM. ebay AGM That battery is made offshore, I would much rather buy “made in America”, and support American workers. I found some reviews on Amazon where the purchasers claim to have tested the battery, and it only provided 50% of the rated amp hours.
Hemi Joel 04/26/20 06:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Best Truck Camper AGM battery?

How about this one? I know nothing about it, except it is cheap for a group 31 AGM. ebay AGM
Hemi Joel 04/26/20 03:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Car breaks down on a trip. What to do with your camper?

I was on a trip to Florida from my home in Minnesota, planning on about 6 weeks. When in Kentucky, my 1993 Dodges flywheel (flexplate) broke and left me stranded in the middle of a winter cold snap. I was also pulling a trailer loaded with a car. AAA got me towed to a garage, arriving Saturday evening. The shop owner met us there, and opened the gate for my trailer to go in, but I chose to stay out in the parking lot with the camper. At the time, I didn't know what was wrong with the truck, but the shop owner said they would check it out monday. I thought maybe the crankshaft was broke, so sunday I searched craigslist looking for a truck to buy, or maybe a used Cummins to swap in. I found there are no good deals when you really need one! I also checked out rental cars in case I needed to leave the truck there long term for major repairs or for sale as a repairable. I figured I could drive the car to FLorida, enjoy my vacation in motels, then drive back to Kentucky for the truck when it was fixed. Or See if I could store the camper there long term while I flew home and searched for a truck and came back when I had one. SO I had lots of ideas. As it turned out, on monday they figured out it was the flex plate, and they had it replaced by tues night. So I was able to load the camper back on it, hook up the trailer and resume my trip. The shop, Markhams in Princeton Ky was awesome, and everybody was so kind to me. Camping in the lot sunday: Broken flexplate: Fixed and ready to go:
Hemi Joel 04/24/20 12:00am Truck Campers
RE: Do you drink.......

I drink out of the campers fresh water tank. I am careful about where I fill up. I make sure that whatever set up I am getting my water from seems sanitary. I have had a tank of water or two that didn't smell the greatest. And when I have filled up with city water, I don't like the stench of the chlorine. So now whenever I fill up away from home, I put one of those big blue campco charcoal filters on the hose as I fill. That seems to work pretty good.
Hemi Joel 04/20/20 06:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Project B.I.G. Built-in Inverter Generator

I got sidetracked fixing my Bobcat skid steer so I can get my spring clean up done around our hobby farm. I'm almost ready to get back on project BIG.
Hemi Joel 04/16/20 07:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Project B.I.G. Built-in Inverter Generator

Awesome build! Curious on the sheet metal bits, where edges touch other surfaces, folds etc. Will vibration cause noise? That's a very good point, so I'm going to make sure the sheet metal shroud dosen't touch anything. I think I'll seal it to the base with rubber roofing membrane that won't transmit vibration. To insulate the cabinet, acoustic ceiling tile seemed like a good idea. So I picked up some glass and some perlite panels. THe first thing was to test them for fire resistance and they passed by not catching fire. Then I glued the glass panels to the 3 sides and the top of the cabinet, then added a layer of perlite to the back and top. The back is adjacent to the basement, the top us directly under the living room floor, the front is an exterior wall and the back is adjacent to the battery compartment. So the top and back are most critical. The front and back are tight for space, so I'll just use the one layer of glass. I'll put some asbestos between the exhaust pipe and the fiberglass for insurance. I'm also going to add a few screws/washers to each panel just in case the glue doesn't hold up.
Hemi Joel 04/05/20 07:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Project B.I.G. Built-in Inverter Generator

I used some high temp form-a-gasket and attached it to the muffler. Then I installed the outer cover for the shroud, and threaded an elbow onto it. After the generator is in the camper, I will thread a pipe into the elbow, cut to the proper length, then another elbow to a tailpipe out the back.
Hemi Joel 04/04/20 07:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Project B.I.G. Built-in Inverter Generator

THe spark arrestor was attached to a flange at the exit of the muffler with a couple of little metric screws. Since I need to attach the exhaust pipe to it, I drilled and tapped the flange out to 1/4-20. Then a made up an exhaust pipe flange out of some 5/16" steel plate, and welded a 3/4" pipe nipple to it, at just the right length to reach thru the shroud. I ground the mounting surface flat and smooth for a good seal.
Hemi Joel 04/04/20 07:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Project B.I.G. Built-in Inverter Generator

I have quite a pile of left over parts: The dimensions of the generator, all stripped down are 19" x 15" x 12.5" tall. It weighs 55 lbs. THe plate that came with the camper weighs 23 lbs. By the time I get done with this, I expect to add 65 lbs to the camper. There are 2 fans, one for the engine, and one for the generator. They both exit the same side, and the muffler is located within the shroud for the engine cooling air. So I got some 12 x 2.25 rectangular duct and made it into a shroud to route all the cooling air out the bottom of the mounting plate and into the atmosphere.
Hemi Joel 04/04/20 07:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Project B.I.G. Built-in Inverter Generator

I made some more progress on Project BIG today. I decided that I don't need the outlets on the control panel, since the generator will be hard wired to the campers electrical system. So I pared it down to the essentials, and cut down the control panel. I was planning to mount it in the generator cabinet, and use the wireless remote to operate the generator. But the thought has occured to me of extending the wires and mounting this inside the living space...
Hemi Joel 04/04/20 07:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Battery time. 6V?

My theory on rv batteries is get the cheap ones and don't worry about them. Then I can spend my vacation time enjoying the trip, and not fretting about preserving several hundred dollars worth of batteries. The 6 volt deep cycles from sams club were about $75-80 each last time. They were used and abused and 3 years old in my Arctic Fox when I sold it and still working fine.
Hemi Joel 04/04/20 10:18am Truck Campers
RE: Extra Batteries and Inverters

Are you using a relay or something to disconnect the converter when the inverter is on? How about the air conditioner? Are you disconnecting that when running the inverter, or do you have a huge inverter and battery bank to run the AC?
Hemi Joel 04/03/20 08:56am Truck Campers
RE: Project B.I.G. Built-in Inverter Generator

I will make sure that the carbon monoxide detector is in working condition. If we have co issues in the camper, I will use the venturi, or some other solution.
Hemi Joel 04/03/20 08:38am Truck Campers
RE: Project B.I.G. Built-in Inverter Generator

Mike, I'm going to add some insulation to try and mitigate the Db's in the camper. I made some progress on it tonight after supper. I took the base plate out of the generator compartment. I ended up having to raise the camper of off the truck to get it out. The top of the plate had 2 layers of plywood with a white coating screwed and caulked in to form a nice floor for the cabinet. I had to take those out. As a pattern to drill holes in the base to mount the generator, I cut up the original base from the generator so it would fit into the recess. THen drilled the holes. The rubber cushioned vibration isolator feet are now fitted to the base. I cut down the bracket for the inverter, and mounted it to the base, right in front of where the vent in the door is. More bracing will be needed for the top. I'm not 100% sure I'm going to keep it right there. It allows access to the oil and spark plug, but not the carburetor drain. I'm not sure on the air filter access either. Maybe I'll put a remote valve on the carb drain? A little more study is needed. . I felt like my work tonight went very well. I hope it keeps working out!
Hemi Joel 04/02/20 10:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Extra Batteries and Inverters THis should be helpful
Hemi Joel 04/02/20 07:29pm Truck Campers
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