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RE: Great Tow Capacity - Bad Payload Capacity... Increase PL?

The payload capacity is kind of a meaningless number on a sticker found on the door jam of your truck .... that can't be changed. If you want to increase the capability of your truck so it can handle a 3200 lb pin weight you'll have to upgrade your rear suspension. Install a set of air bags. This is the real answer from someone who knows and works trucks. The speculation from the rest of the peanut gallery (aka, the RVnet anti-airbag mafia (you know who you are, lol)) is just that...speculation. True story from a different dodge cult member forum: Guy buys new 2019 Fiat 2500 with factory air suspension and brags about what he can tow, shows pictures, etc. The reality is that he has been overloaded for years. Everyone tells him that he's overloaded. A few months into the 2019 ownership, factory airbags blow out while driving on the highway, and the full load falls on the rear suspension bump stops. He demands that Fiat replace the air bags under warranty. Then, he sells the repaired 2500 and buys a Fiat 3500. All the dodge cult members are happy because the idiot gets a new Fiat 3500. Moral of the story. A cult member is a cult member and air bags might not be the correct solution. Imagine caring this much about something so unimportant.
IdaD 07/28/21 07:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: 1/2 ton towing a 5th wheel

I was careful with the weight rating on my aftermarket wheels to be sure I didn't de-rate my truck. As Shiner says, same goes with tires if you change the size or type. My take on a half ton with a fifth wheel is you can do it with the right combo but there aren't too many options that will fit the bill in terms of the particular half ton or fifth wheel. That said, beef up the tires and supplement the suspension and you can probably cheat a little on your official payload rating. At the end of the day you'll probably be happier just upgrading to an HD truck, though.
IdaD 07/21/21 08:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: New ram 3500. Are my weights ok for this truck.

Did you by chance get your weights hooked up but without the WDH attached? I'm curious how much your front axle unloaded without the WDH.
IdaD 07/21/21 08:44am Tow Vehicles
Toy Haulers Under 12' Tall?

I'm in the early stages of a toy hauler search. I'm not sure at this point whether we'll go for a fifth wheel model or a bumper pull model. However I am curious if you guys have any tips on bumper pull models that are under 12' tall? Reason being we have a shop in the back with a 12' tall garage door on it. Our current fifth wheel is parked outside because it won't fit and it isn't a huge deal to me, but parking indoors over the winter would be appealing if it's an option. However most bumper pull models I'm seeing seem to be at 12' or higher. The only one I know of under that so far would be ATC but I think those are a bit more than I want to spend. I'm probably going to buy used which also complicates the search a bit. Any tips would be appreciated. Edit to add a bit more detail: Would like to be in the 30-35' range. We're open to separate garage or combined models. Needs to accommodate 2 adults and 3 kids who probably aren't real open to sharing a bed with siblings. Definitely want two drop queens in the back and a north-south bed up front.
IdaD 07/15/21 02:26pm Toy Haulers
RE: I refuse to double tow.

Seems like a toy hauler would have been an easier solution.
IdaD 07/15/21 12:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Brakes for 2017 F350 DRW

I changed the pads on my 2015 CTD at about 75k. They still had some life left but I already bought the replacement pads and they're pretty cheap, so I swapped them out. The rotors were fine and should be unless you ruin them by running the pads down too low. At 34k miles I don't imagine you are very close to needing to change anything, but everybody drives a little different.
IdaD 07/14/21 04:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can I safely tow a Fuel 362 with 2020 2500HD 6.6

The latest GM 2500 HD diesel can have 11,300 GVWR and 6,600 RAWR, so is a bit of a game changer in that class. Not seeing actual truck figures, or trailer GVWRs, I am thinking a dry weight of 12K will be likely limit of truck capability. Jerry It's really only a game changer on paper. That ballpark of RAWR has been common on 3/4 ton trucks for years, it's just the payload that's been artificially hampered by the 10k GVWR. My assumption on the newer GM trucks is you can still order them with a 10k lb GVWR for all the reasons one might want that configuration. Can't really answer OP's question without more info, though.
IdaD 07/12/21 01:36pm Toy Haulers
RE: Size Matters???

I have a carry it all mindset. I'm not looking to compromise or make do. With that in mind I want a large RV with lots of space, lots of storage and lots of carrying capacity. A genset or now days A/C capable solar is a must. I want the ability to be totally self contained if necessary. I don't want to fear or struggle with hills or mountains going up or down. I want my entire experience to be relaxing. With all those factors in mind I have a diesel dually truck and a 40' 5th wheel. You're fooling yourself if you think a dually and 40' fifth wheel doesn't involve compromises. You can't get that setup to most of the spots I camp, and the truck stinks off-road and in snow/ice. Obviously you can be comfortable with those compromises because they may not bother you, but they're certainly compromises that would be deal killers for other folks.
IdaD 07/11/21 04:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Size Matters???

I have a mental block for trailers over about 34-35'. Which is complicating our search for a toy hauler. For primitive camping where we live we can handle longer trailers, but we do also like some state parks and in those campgrounds the longer rigs are tougher to accommodate. For two people I think I'd lean shorter, and lighter since you're pulling with a gas truck.
IdaD 07/11/21 12:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck - family of 5 and 65lb dog

Putting a dog or cat in a kennel and putting them in the trailer would not be a bad ride for the animal - where do you think horses ride? Back in the 1980's I rode more than once in the front of a gooseneck horse trailer from Western WA to Boise. Not a bad ride at all. We laid on the bed and even had a small port-a-potty if needed. More recently had a sick horse that we had to haul about 4 hours to the vet. She was trying to lay down so I rode in the trailer for over an hour to try to keep her up. Not talking about the issues with the horse, the ride was not bad at all. You can't tell speed and can't feel most curves. However, you really feel the start and especially the stop. The exhaust brake on our Diesel truck can hit hard on some decelerations and I really felt that. The only issue is heat, but only an issue if a hot day, an open window can solve that. Other than that, if an accident occurs you most certainly will lose the pet. Same problem with horses and people haul them all over the country. I think a horse trailer is built much better than an RV, but they look pretty bad after an accident. Look at this guy being all reasonable about animals. I think lots of folks would be more broken up over losing a good horse than the family dog or cat... :B I would agree that stock trailers typically have much stouter frames. The upper portion isn't going to fare too well depending on the accident though. Not that camper trailers do either.
IdaD 07/09/21 04:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Mazama and Sumitomo tires

I didn't realize they split with Toyo. I've always thought Toyos were really good tires but pretty overpriced at least from Les Schwab. Of course everything is pretty overpriced from Les Schwab. They are useful when you need something and you're stuck in a small town, though. I've been happy with Discount Tire for the last several years.
IdaD 07/06/21 07:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help with choosing our 5th wheel (and truck)

Good luck finding what you need with inventory being so low this past year and not looking like it's getting any better. But, with some effort, you should be able to find what your looking for, just might pay a lot more than you would have a couple years ago or in another year when people are dumping their RV's because they can't find a spot to camp with it since many parks are booked solid through the summer and into the fall. Maybe start making plans to boondock a lot initially. Yes, we're actually hoping to go off-grid and boondock, not just because of the campgrounds issues (which we've read about). We would need to figure out a way to get a stable internet connection though since we'll be working from the RV. I'd give some consideration to Toy Haulers. Even absent toys, you could utilize the rear garage as a bedroom for your 17 year old and lots of them have a half bath back there. Toy Haulers typically have their own fuel tank and on board generator, plus much larger tanks, which would facility the off grid use you're anticipating. Just food for thought.
IdaD 06/26/21 07:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Favorite Brand of 5th Wheel Toyhauler.

My next door neighbor just bought a GD Momentum and it's very impressive. Seems well put together and they bought it used but not more than about 5 years old? I can't remember the model year. It's around 35-36' but has a shorter garage. I definitely like the interior height inside but that thing is tall and that could cause some clearance problems in some less developed areas. I'd like an ATC, though. Those things are just built super well. Utilitarian but nice. I'm a big fan of the all aluminum exterior and roof. I know they make TT and GN style models but I'm not sure if the latter come as short as you are wanting. I think an ATC is a trailer you can buy and maintain and it'll last indefinitely, which is not the case with most other styles.
IdaD 06/26/21 06:34pm Toy Haulers

Small gas motor with the wind resistance of a hybrid, I don't think I"d expect much better. We used to tow a pop up with a Pilot that had a 3.5 and we got 14ish but that was lower and wasn't dragging the wind. The only tow vehicles that get decent mileage are diesel and decent is relative.
IdaD 06/26/21 06:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Helper springs or air bags?

I have had very good results with Timbrens. They make a kit, FR1504E, for your truck and you can remove the supplied spacer to adjust the ride. Ditto: Timbrens work great on my F-350. No messing around with air compressor. C.B. x3 I probably have a little less than 1" of space between the Timbrens and axle unloaded, and it settles down with a heavy load. I think it improves the heavily loaded ride quite a bit without being overly harsh. About $200 and zero maintenance. On a Ram 2500 specifically they also ride outside of the coil springs so they effectively widen out the suspension on the axle.
IdaD 06/25/21 11:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: fuel additives

Not me, but I've never used that kind of stuff on anything. It's always just seemed like a waste of money.
IdaD 06/23/21 01:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck - family of 5 and 65lb dog

We have the exact same family configuration and a fifth wheel - 2 adults, 3 kids and the same size dog. The dog generally goes in a crate in the back of the truck. If it's really hot out, we'll lay a sheet down and flip up the center console and let her ride up front. The back seat floor would be another option albeit a little tight unless you have a Megacab. Honestly I'd be fine throwing her in a crate in the trailer too but I admittedly put the dog on a lower level of importance relative to the humans in our family. Heavy duty SUV's are old and hard to find at this point, and I didn't want to do one of the heavy duty vans. The newer crew cabs are comfortable enough for 5, imo. Get yourself fixed because a fourth kid really complicates things.
IdaD 06/22/21 09:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2022 Toyota Tundra Reveal

I think the last gen Tundra has been a good truck, and I've got no real issues with the way this one looks. I'm sure it'll sell well. I do wish Toyota would make a genuine HD truck but I don't see them trying to make that leap. As half tons go I'm sure this will be a nice truck, though. There are only so many ways to style a pickup. You can be innovative like Tesla and design a visual turd, or you can do what everybody else does and apply lipstick to the same basic shape.
IdaD 06/21/21 01:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 2500 CTD and GM 2500 Dmax up the Ike.

Not much info there to base any decisions on. I have been disappointed with TFL tests recently. They seem to be more about entertainment than anything else. It's almost as if YouTube incentivizes channels to try to maximize views...
IdaD 06/14/21 04:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: When to change oil

I do both fuel filters and the oil and oil filter each spring. Both tend to show 25-35% left at that point, give or take. I run full synthetic and use the stratapore (?) Fleetguard filter. No issues yet. I did finally buy one of those aluminum filter plugs and that's a gamechanger for the 4th gen and up Cummins trucks. It's still a stupid place to put an oil filter but the plug sure helps a lot - no mess and it makes it easy to pull out a filter full of hot oil. I have switched from the Stratapore to Donaldson-AMZ/OIL oil filter as they filter even better and are US Made. Simply remove intake tube and RnR filter from the top it's very easy and no spilled oil. This is easier. Do you pre fill as Cummins recommends? If so how in the HE!! do you raise the filter one handed after removing the plug and not spill a drop trying to thread it on? Do what you want but I get to check my turbo and I kept from having my truck blowing a boost hole and leave me stranded by removing my intake hose to change oil filter. I know you don't instantly drop your oil filter right after your drain plug because if you did you would have oil flowing out the top. So while I am letting my filter drain back I remove my intake all of two minutes and do my air and fuel filters. So time savings is not an issue. Also it cost's me nothing to do my method and don't need to pack another tool. The filter sits upright just fine once you get it through the fender hole. It would be no problem to set it in there, spin off the cap and twist the filter on when it was full. But I don't pre-fill it, I was taught not to and old habits die hard.
IdaD 06/10/21 02:30pm Tow Vehicles
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