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RE: Free Natioan Park enterence

... how the heck do I get on a base. I don't have any VA card at all. I would love to use a base campground sometime. Base access for Exchange, Commissary and MWR campgrounds isn't authorized for all veterans. It was only available to veterans with the MoH or 100% service connected disabled. The new change in January, also extended in person Exchange, Commissary and MWR facility access to a new group. That group is limited to Purple Heart recipients, former POWs, Veterans with a VA rated service connected disability and VA recognized PCAFC caregivers. If you're in one of those new groups, you can now have access to use those service in person. One quick note that this is for the Veteran and does not extend the same privilege to the Veteran's family unless that person is a VA designated caregiver. Lots of Veterans have been surprised when attempting to access the base with family members. It's a bit more flexible for camping as bases usually issue a Visitor's Pass to family members for MWR purposes when the Veteran has a campsite reservation.
ItsyRV 11/22/20 08:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 30 foot limit

I have read/been told that I should not get a motor home over 30 feet because some places, like national parks,have length limits. How often is this an issue? Thanks, Alamo47. Here's the issue. Not all campsites can accommodate "large" size RVs in all their spots. Some can fit small RVs, other spot will hold medium size RVs and other spots large RV's. Additionally, although there may be "long spots", the roads to that site may limit size. Since spots usually are limited to max size, the more longer spots that are taken means the less long spot availability. Nothing says a long spot can't be occupied by a dinky RV like mine, but a mondo toy hauler probably won't be allowed to occupy a vacant 24 footer spot. So, it's just a matter of sensible travel planning. Usually there are spots where or near a location, but maybe not in particular campground or in a particular area of the campground during a particular period of time. To be honest, most campgrounds can accommodate various sizes (a few may have size limits but they are the exception) just the vacancy of certain spots could be the bigger issue.
ItsyRV 11/08/20 09:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: HDMI Cable

Go to the Winnebago's tech site. Click on the link for "Wiring Diagrams Motorized". Click your "Year range" followed by "specific year". Click your "model and sub-model". Next pick "TV Coax Wiring Diagram" to see the schematics of how the systems connect. This will let you know if there's something else acting as a junction point between the cable ends. You don't want to be yanking on cable not realizing a splitter or grounding connector or other item is connected to what you think is a single straight cable. Next pick the "TV/DVD Wining Installation". This will bring up an exploded view of your entire entertainment system, how mounted, where all the pieces are. It generally will give you a good idea how the wires are routed and through and where in the cabinet and coach they go.
ItsyRV 11/08/20 09:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Grrocery Delivery in Yuma?

Delivery can always be an issue if the contractor has many drop offs and you're the last one on the route. I preferer the Kroger store pickup. If you have their card, all coupons, discounts and cash incentives apply to your pickup order. I like the notice for out of stock and the offer of picking a substitution. At some stores, the double length parking slot makes picking up with your RV doable. I am a bit leery of their shoppers ability to pick the best produce and have clearly had them just grab what was on top of the pile. Not to mention, the fuel points are tacked on right away so while one is putting away the groceries, the other can be pumping your up to $1 off per gallon in the RV. Heck, saving $35 at the pump is nothing to sneeze at.
ItsyRV 10/10/20 02:57pm Snowbirds
RE: Military campground, base access

Could have been due to special orders to reduce access to the base due to Covid. Even Lackland stopped allowing individuals without military ID or CAC access to the base unless a sponsor got them a one day pass. They just opened the base back up on 28 Sept. When a DV registers their VHIC with the base access center (visitor center), the barcode on that VHIC will operate like a CAC at the gates. The problem is not all facilities' systems are designed to read the VHIC barcodes or they are not interconnected for VHIC system integration. That is why you can register for access using your VHIC at a base Florida and that registration propagates to allow entrance in Washington, but it may not allow you access at another base in Florida. Another issue is that some VHIC's lack the code for DOD access. In those cases, entry controllers have to issue a pass; they won't deny you access just your card can't serve as an entry ID with readers. But all this isn't really the issue as spousal access was never part of the PHDV Equal Access Act. It was only for qualified veterans and their VA registered caregivers. If a person already had access (100% SC DV's, retirees, dependents, etc) this has nothing to do with them; it's only the new group of eligible veterans and their caregivers for access to Exchanges, Commissaries and MWR activities.
ItsyRV 10/06/20 09:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Military campground, base access

If your access to the facilities MWR is based only on the expanded eligibility under PHDVEA, (disabled veteran new access privilege), that is for the disabled veteran and their VA registered caregiver. Spouses are allowed but at the discretion of the facility commander. Some allow spousal escorted access, others do not. Some will extend a multi-day visitor pass for RV camping, others require a daily pass. If your spouse can qualify as a caregiver, that has been the way many couples have received authorized access for their spouse just like for them self. For what it's worth, there was never anything in the PHDVES Act that automatically allowed spouses of the newly eligible veterans to have base access. It was always just the eligible DV and their VA registered caregiver. Spousal access was always at and still under the complete discretion of the facility commander.
ItsyRV 10/06/20 12:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: No Overnight Parking in one Rapid City, SD, Walmart

No overnight parking is not a Walmart policy. It is a town ordinance. Not according to municipal code 17.50.225 Temporary overnight recreational vehicle parking. Overnight RV parking is allowed if the location is zoned correctly (all walmarts are in approved zoning in RC SD). Due to issues over rule breaking, Walmart's have been placing their own restrictions up to and including temporary no overnight parking camping policies when they think it's best for the store. It's probably easier for the store to say "municipal ordinance" instead of fessing up it's their own decision.
ItsyRV 10/05/20 06:52pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: King Jack Directional Antenna Protection

Maybe you could put a sturdy plastic tub over it to spread the load. Yeah that's what I see. People use those large round bottom hanging plastic planters. Since they are round bottom, when placed over the antenna they form a dome. I have also seen laundry baskets and the plastic tubs. Here's it's usually the summer covers (winter we're out and about locally) so those thinner plastic items tend to get too soft, but in colder places, they should hold up very well.
ItsyRV 09/30/20 05:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Arkansas SP $40 Dog Fee - REALLY ??

As a dog owner, I also would be upset at the fee. Not because of the amount, but because it was hidden and not disclosed upfront. It would be the same as making a reservation at a campsite but hidden in the terms and condition was a $40 fee if you use the electricity. Pet owners are generally a very responsible group, but like everything, there are those few who are so full of themselves, they hurt all pet owners through their irresponsible actions. We've all seen the aftermath of those irresponsible pet owners so we cant; deny it exist. So if the campground's only real ability to curb these bad acts is to price all pet owners out, that's life; just put that price upfront so we know ahead of time.
ItsyRV 09/30/20 05:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: 1995 Fleetwood Flair 22ft

It is a Chevy chassis with a 454 engine. Here is the id. Grab your VIN and go to your local GM/Chevrolet dealer parts dept. Ask them if they can run a (I think its the VIS report) to retrieve the RPO codes for your chassis. With your vehicle's RPO list, you can find put exactly what type of braking system and components were installed at the factory for your chassis. Or, you can check around the drivers/passenger area to see if the original RPO sticker was attached somewhere. Once home, you can do an internet search for GM RPO codes and check each of the codes to see what was installed on your chassis at the factory,. Since you had only a chassis, you won't haver all the extra RPO codes that deal with paint colors, door trims, etc. As an FYI, here's a list of RPO codes. AC DELCO GM RPO Codes
ItsyRV 09/29/20 05:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2-way refrigerator operation without a battery

I have a basic question I can not find the answer to. I have a Dometic 2 way fridge (propane/120volt) in a 1985 Airstream. I can not get the fridge to run on either 120 volts or gas. I do not have a battery at this time.(I am on shore power) Do I need a battery to run the fridge even though I am hooked up to shore power? Is the battery required in order to "complete the circuit"? I assumed since I am on shore power the fridge should work either way even though I do not have a battery. An important think to consider is what was (as in OEM), may not be what is (as in changes over the years). As a result, you'll need to do a bit of looking as it could be a simple fix. Let me give you an example. My refrigerator needs 12 volts to operate the control functions. It needs standard AC power or propane to cool down. If you read the specs and owner manual and refrigerator manual, removing the battery would not cause an issue with the control function while on shore power as the converter supplies it. BUT, over the years an issue arose that required abandoning the converter 12 volt circuit to the refrigerator, water pump and furnace. In it's place is a fuse block connected to the coaches' battery setup. What that means is when the battery is removed, I must still connect all the positive cable together and all the negative cables together in order to complete the circuit. My point is no amount of what the refrig supposed to do or what the converter supposed to do or what is this or that matters since its nothing but connecting two cables together to make the circuit. The manuals wont show that. In my case, all a person has to do is look at what was (battery in place with all terminals bridged together) when thigs worked compared to what is when stuff stopped working (cables not together without battery) to see it's just a modification over the last 25+ years.
ItsyRV 09/27/20 11:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Are DMVs operating in your area?

In addition, there were licensed third party DMV services in major cites like Vegas that can handle new registration. The cost was the same except they tacked on a small service fee and charged for some services (like notary) that wasn't necessary if done in-person at the DMV office.
ItsyRV 09/27/20 11:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Germs while traveling

For one time use, buy those vinyl food handler gloves at something like $5 for a gazillion. I've been using them for years while refueling, checking fluid levels, messing with sanitary stuff and anytime I don't want to touch something with my bare hands. They won't hold up to rugged use, but for opening bathroom doors, pressing buttons on stuff, and even handling merchandise in stores, you can't beat the price and convenience. And even if they do get a split, that is easily solved with soap and water!
ItsyRV 09/27/20 11:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best Route Gallup to Monument Valley?

Also, make absolutely sure you check with any establishment you plan on visiting that is within the Navajo Nation as Health Emergency Orders could shut down tourist sites, gas station, restaurants and even restrict travel on some roads. These orders could be planned and announced or they may be imposed as an immediate order without advance notice.
ItsyRV 09/27/20 10:59pm Roads and Routes
RE: 1992 Falcon Chevy Chassis

Don't know about the complete RV's owner manuals, but she can easily get the chassis manual. Just go to any Chevy dealer's parts dept and have them look up the manual number for her specific chassis model. With that, commercial manual houses like faxon or the motorbookstore should have original or copies for sale of the GM shop manuals. I was able to get a compete set of original GM shop manuals with all supplements on a CD and they threw in a copy of the original chassis cab owners manual from an online manual house, and, since mine is a Winnebago product, they have all their owner manuals available. May have to go on a prolong hunt until one pops up.
ItsyRV 09/24/20 11:59pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Personal property ins.

Did you ask your current insurance company for the cost to increase or add additional coverage? Just like with a home, you may be able to get a musical instrument rider or addendum that increases (for a cost) the dollar amount they will cover. Unless they already told you they absolutely will not increase the dollar amount no matter what you pay, most standard policy limits are just routine but can be increased.
ItsyRV 09/10/20 11:34pm Full-time RVing
RE: Is my RV a Chevy Express 3500 or 4500?

What does the RPO sticker GM puts in the vehicle say for your unit? Also make sure the VIN on the RPO sticker matches the VIN on the dash. Don't decode from any VIN listed on any other paperwork (coach sticker, RV build sheet, etc) as only the dash and RPO VIN numbers are from the factory.
ItsyRV 09/04/20 11:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1978 Chevy Itasca for $4800

It reads like they invested too much money into the chassis portion and had nothing left for the coach. Surprisingly, the chassis portion is not that complected to repair except finding parts can sometimes become a real PITA. So you can imagine the hassles with the coach portion. In looking at the pictures alone, I would not spend the money on that unit as I see potential money pits. I also question how much attention to basic proper care and maintenance has occurred in the last few years. As someone mentioned, she looks tired and I will add, a bit beat up.
ItsyRV 08/29/20 11:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Will honda 2000 start a 15k BTU air conditioner?

I have a low profile a/c, but the only available unit is the regular coleman Are you looking for In-Stock Off-the-Shelf today or within the 10 day window? Buddy ordered one over this weekend and his email yesterday said delivery next week Friday.
ItsyRV 08/27/20 01:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Scottsdale in winter.......

She is in the Northern end of Scottsdale and has a WalMart nearby, but the freeway is right there with all it's sounds just waiting to ruin my sleep. I am from the quiet woods of oregon so it's going to be an experience I'm sure. You can not park an RV overnight in that WalMart (or any retail location) parking lot in Scottsdale. If you do, expect a nasty 1 am wakeup call from the police and if they are in a bad mood (you parked within eyesight of the many NO Overnight RV Parking signs) they will issue a ticket as well. Now, a bit of a local secret. Westword of Scottsdale has RV spots. If there are no shows going on while you are visiting, they rent the spots out like normal camping spots. It;s pretty basic as it;s scattered along the edges of parking lots or on the sides of arena or display buildings, but it's cheap and unknown. My friend comes down in the winter to visit but he always plans his visits during the Good Sam show so he gets a preferred packaged spot, discount rates and access to the show. Also as mentioned, you have McDowell Mountain, Cave Creek and Lake Pleasant regional parks through Maricopa County Parks dept. Reservations won't be taken until 6 months prior to the date so be ready to jump that first day to get the best sites.
ItsyRV 08/27/20 01:18pm Snowbirds
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